About me


Name’s Misty Crump, I go by Mist. I’m 18, I love any thing gore and blood related. I’m the only one I know that writes books at my age. I love hanging out with my Friend Alex, also the Alpha. I love all animals and I love my friends and family. What I do for fun is drawing and writing. I have an orphan cat named Saber. A dog named Star.I have a big hart when it comes to my family, friends and my animals. Many people will try to throw me to the dirt, but I get back up and keep moving for what I now is right. I don’t discriminate to others, I love all colors of gods world. I think the people of the organizations that are a all for discretion should go off to a land that are shielded to the hole world and see how they feel after, Because that is how the people that get bullied feels. Alone, afraid, and knowing that know one will help them.


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