Plans after college

I want to work with animals, I am in all the class to help me get started in the line of working with Animals. I love a sorts of wild life and I can name animals from A-Z, but it takes a wile to scan through my mind to find the animal that fits the letter. I can tell of an Aye aye, a lemur on Madagascar and a foosa, the only predator on Madagascar. I can tell you of many thing why the animals should belong her and shouldn’t be killed for sport. I lived with aimless from the smallest bug to the biggest horse on my land. I love all anaimls all over the world from the smallest meerkat to the biggest creatures.There are many jobs for animals. There are Animal care societies, Animal care center, zoos, and there are places like the ASPCA, that help abused animals and stop them from getting hurt. There is the Humane Society, where they help hurt and abuses animals.518c8b79c07673a85cf8055729232d6b 580892_406076716117887_1116497628_n images 9ad4765c795cf50ae63c7e140e1ad9ff stop-animal-abuse 1a8c3262fb3f7af9623cf3b1e525d33c 100a6d60ba7be1b758b9aa51d26e1fac popupe01 79d956cb7d8294401fb26108898132ed quotes-about-animal-abuse-and-animal-rights images-1

images images-1 images-2Respect.001

I wan tot give the animals of the world a voice and help stop this animal abuse form the world and I hope you will to. I will speak up and help, you should to. STOP ANIMAL ANUSES AND CRUATY. They have feelings to. They have that right to live without being in fear for human kind.

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