Darkness Within

Darkness Within

By: M. Lynn. C.


Chapter 1 The Beginning of Evil


In the depths of the world long far from the humans. Demons and all the mythical creatures lived along with each other. One day there was a young demon wolf born to the last of his kind as he grew he learned the ways to live. As a vampire princess was born as she was loved by everyone. She was beautiful and was lovely as a white rose. The two children grew as they soon was a war between the demon and vampire as the leader of the wolves was the little boy and the young girl was the leader of the vampires. as the war started they all fought. Many died in those days. The innocent, the weak, the poor, and the selfish ones were all dead. The demon leader came to tell his father that him and his troops had won the war. He came to his home to see his mother crying and his father’s lifeless body laying on the ground. The boy ran to his father as he saw marks of a vampire. The boy stood and came to his sobbing mother.

“I will revenge my father and your husband.” He said as his mother shook her head as he did not listen. Once the girl came home she found her father sitting at his throne with his hand over his face as she glanced over to where the blood moon shone through the old windows down onto a woman. The girl dropped her sword as she saw the the woman was her…. mother.

“Father who done this!” She shouted as she saw the marks of teeth and claws. the girl stood and ran from the castle and called two men as she ran. The boy and girl soon met at the border of their two worlds.

“Your people killed my father and left my mother in tears and pain!” He shouted.

“Your father brutally killed my mother!” She shouted as she sent her men to kill the boy. The boy shifted and ran slaughtering them. The man ran at the girl as he pinned her down.

“Well I guess I have you in a bind.” He said as she looked at him with no emotion. “Oh don’t look at me like that.” He said as he sniffed her. “You smell as good as roses.” He said smirking as she slapped him. He turned his head as he laughed. He looked at her as he leaned down to her ear as he shifted back to his man form. “You are beautiful.” He  said as he licked her neck. She shoved him as they rolled and she was on top of him.

“You think that I would ever fall for something like that or you!?” She asked shouting as her fangs showed as she glared at him.

“No, but maybe this will.” He began as he planted a kiss on her lips. Her eyes widen as she pulled back as he smirked and wrapped his arms around her. Her eyes soon turned to magenta as she leaned down to his neck, sniffed and bit down.

Weeks after that incident. They kept see each other and keeping it a secret from their families. One day the boy’s witch cousin came to see him as she saw him with the girl.

“Huh, I knew it, the bones never lie!” She said running up to the two lovers.

“Huh, you can’t tell anyone.” The boy said standing up as his cousin nodded.

“I will never tell a soul.” She said as they talked all day as they went their whole years together a secret till the day of marriage. The boy told his mother as she was happy for him and the girl went to tell her father as she did, but her father was not happy for it.

“Umm, sir if I may. If she has a child with this man she will have one child or two that would have the vampire gene in them and they may have full blood gene within he or she.” One of the vampire’s men said bowing to the king. Her father gave her his blessing in hope that one child would be the next King to his people.   


One spring night on a blood moon, twins were born to a vampire and demon. One was a little girl called Konya and the other was a little boy that was called Briar. They were beautiful children, but dangerous. Their mother knew how much their power would be so as the moon rose she woke as her eyes shimmered red as the moon was soaked with blood. She kissed her husband that was sleeping as she went over to the children’s crib. She smiled and picked both up. She kissed both and walked from the room to the hallway leading to the door. She opened the door and went out of the house as she looked as she saw the vampires from her father walk up as she bowed to them. They looked at the children and smiled as their eyes glowed bright red. They stepped aside as a black car drove up as she stepped into it with her children. She looked at the house as the vampires got in and they drove off. Once at their destination they went into the Vampire King’s castle. The vampires led the mother to her father as they came to two big doors as they opened. She took a breath and walked up to her father. She looked at her two infants,

“I am sorry.” She said kissing them as the little boy opened his eyes to show bright red ones like the other vampires. She came up to her father, bowed as her father stood, walked to her and grabbed the boy.

“This boy will be the next king of my throne. His eyes a bright and full of power!” He shouts as The little girl growled as she opened her eyes to show one red and gray eye the other was Gray and black. Of a true hybrid. The King looked at her with disgust as he picked her up and sat the boy on his throne as their mother gasped and held out her arms, to see her father hold the girl by the neck. “This one is neither Human nor Vampire, She is a hybrid to the Demon king, She is not one of us, and she will never be!” He said as his daughter looked at her father in fear and terror. “Men, I want you to take this thing to the end of our realm and leave her.” He said holding the little girl by the neck as his daughter shouted at him.

“No, She is my daughter, my flesh and blood, father!” She shouted as an other vampire grabbed her and took her down a dark hall as her father didn’t even care.

“Now my son, you will be the next king and be strong. I will teach you everything you need to know.” He said picking up the boy and lifting him in the air as he laughed and smiled. “Bow to your future king.” He said as the vampires bowed and cheered. One male vampire took the girl to the edge of the realm. The vampire stood there as he looked at the child’s eyes shimmer as he signed and took her back to her father. The man came to a mansion in the woods as he opened the door with a crack as he walked up stairs to the forest themed nursery as he laid the child in the crib. He then summoned a teddy bear that had a black eye patch over the left eye and a vest. He gave it to her as he smiled as she hugged the bear. The man left as he vanished back to the king.

“She is dead my lord.” He said as the king nodded as the crying of the mother echoed through the halls.


Years went by as the child turned 5 as she was homed schooled. She held the bear as her father fell into depression knowing that his wife and son was gone. When Konya, the only child turned 17 her father let her attend a school for demons and mythical creatures. The morning she started school she got up threw on her new uniform of a red jacket, white shirt with a black shirk and gray shoes. She pinned her hair up in a bun as she parted the pink to the right side. She came down the stairs as her father had his truck keys as they walked out the house. They got in as they drove down the road as they came to the town. They came to the school drop off area. Konya looked at the kids as her father kissed her head.

“Have a good day and keep that teddy with you.” He said as she nodded and squeezed Teddy . She stepped out of the truck as she walked up the stairs to the intent of the school. A girl stood with another as one had pink and black hair as she had gray wings. The other one had red hair and horns as both of their eyes were red. They looked over to see Konya walking up the stairs. Konya looked as she saw two girls in the same uniform as her, but were gray and not red. They walked to her as they saw her teddy.

“Hi, I am Ki Rem Smith, and this is Brooke Fay Lynn.” She said as Brooke bowed.

“Hi, I am Konya Reon Catchiban.” She said bowing.

“Ki, Brooke, come on the council are meeting now.” A boy said walking out of the school that was dressed in a grey uniform with black shoes.

“Oh Eiji, this is Konya.” Kai said turning to see him as his white hair and horns caught the sunlight.

“Hi,” Konya said bowing as she walked by them to get to her class. She came to her class of art as she sat at a table by her self as a boy walked in as he had rainbow hair and a blue uniform on for a lower class. He sat down at a table of girls. Konya sat as she had her teddy on the table as she slightly giggled as everyone rolled their eyes. The teacher told the kids that Konya was new and to respect her. The bell rang as Konya stood and walked out of the class. Two taller boys that was in a black uniform came up. They ran by as they yanked Teddy from Konya’s arms. They started to toss the bear back and forth.

“Give me it back!” She shouts as the two laugh. Eiji walked by as he saw what was happening. He grabbed the bear as it was thrown and gave it to Konya.

“Should you be in your class?” He asked as the two walked off.

“Umm thanks.” Konya said as she put the plush to her face. Eiji patted her head.

“Come on.” He said as he guided her to the student council hall as they walked in. Konya saw the two girl from out side reading, the boy from art class playing chess with a ghost girl, and girl doberman setting on a desk. Eili walked in as he sat at his desk as he moved a chess piece. The doberman jumped down and walked to Konya.

“Hi, I am Zira.” She said as she was about to poke the teddy.

“I am Konya.” She said as she pulled teddy from Zira’s fingers. Konya looked around as she saw a witch book. She went to it as she read it.


In the years when Konya was in her youth she slept as her father watched her sleep. He looked at the moon as it was a blue moon as  the door knocked. The father stood as he walked to the door as he saw the outline of his cousin, Gwedel. He opened the door as she glanced over as she hugged him.

“Jearaco!” She shouts as Konya woke as she broke out in a cry. Gwedel looked down the hall to Konya’s room. Gwendel walked down the hall as she saw Konya sleeping. That morning Gwendel woke as she went down to the kitchen as she cooked bacon and eggs. Konya woke to the smell the food as she walked down stairs as she saw the woman and her father setting at the table.

“Umm, dad who is that?” She asked as Gwedel turned holding a plate of food.

“Oh, I am your aunt Gwedel.” She said as she put the food down as Konya sat and ate. After they ate her father went off to work as Gwedel and Konya went down stairs. “You are my only niece and I will show you the way my mother taught me.” She said as she grabbed a witch craft book.


Chapter 2 New Life And Love


The bell rang as Konya came out of her memory as she stood putting the book back as she walked out of the hall and out of the school. She looked around as Eiji came up to her.

“Your father told me to tell you that he was called into work.” He said as Konya nodded. “I can take you to your house.” He asked.

“Umm, no I can walk home.” Konya said as she walked down the sidewalk. She went past a church as she heard chanting as she saw a boy walk out. He was dressed in a faint blue jacket with a white shirt with blue pants, he had black boots, a cross with a ruby in the middle. He had light faint brown hair and was part up and down. His eyes were faint yellow and gray.

A little Pomeranian ran up to Konya. It jumped at her as she caught it as it wagged it’s tail and licked her face. The boy saw the girl and his dog as he saw that she was a demon. He remembered or a witch telling him of a, “girl as pretty as a White rose would cross your path. She would be your White rose.”

“Leo!” The boy said running up to Konya. “Well I see you have a new friend.” He said smiling. Konya smiled as her plush slipped from her arms and landed on the ground. The boy picked up the plush. “Here we will trade.” He said giving Konya the plush and she gave him the dog.

“Thanks, I am Konya.” She said bowing.

“I am Urei.” He said brushing his wavy bands aside just to have it fall back. Konya bowed as she walked off.

“Here let me walk you home.” He said as Leo ran after them barking.

“No I can walk myself home.” Konya said as she held her plush.

“I can walk you home. I don’t have anything to do.” He said as Konya gave up. They walked down the street as the lights of the town turned on. They came to the edge of the town as three boys walked up from the shadows of the woods. Konya stopped as Urei and Leo down stood in front of Konya. A boy appeared in front of Urei as he wore all black as his eyes were red and his hair was black. Leo barked and snarled as the vampires laughed.

“What you going to do you little pest.” She said as Leo growled as he was surrounded by blue smoke and shifted into a hellhound as he stood tall and strong as Konya stepped back in shock. The vampires smirked as they ran at Leo as he let out a ground cracking bark and ran at the vampires as he ripped off their head. Leo down went around the vampire in the middle as more appeared. Urei looked to see Konya standing there as he protected her. Urei took out his book as he read it in the church’s words as he held out his arm turning two vampires to ash. They all fought with the vampires as the man vanished and appeared behind Konya as she turned. The man grabbed her hand spun her and held her in an embrace. Konya gasped as he held her.

“Your so light on your feet.” He said as he licked her neck. Konya’s eyes widen as her hand flicked and her nails grew. She twisted around with the vampire as he loosened his grasp. She hunched down, flipping as she turned to face him. She stopped as she had one hand on the ground along with her feet. Konya’s eyes were glowing gray and black as she ran at the man. She made like copies of herself as they all ran at him. The man looked at them as they all jumped, shifted into magenta-purple wolves as they all combined with the one in the middle as she pinned the man down and she growled. Konya snarled as the man laughed.

“This is not the end, come men!” He shouted as the vampires all vanished into black smoke. Konya shifted back as she picked up her teddy as Leo turned to his cute little dog and Urei looked at Konya.

“You were amazing.” He said as Konya dust off the teddy as she looked at the two.

“I need to get going.” Konya said walking past the two as she went up her driveway. Urei and Leo looked at her vanishing through the ash grove of trees as they turned and walked home. Konya walked up the driveway as her phone rang. She picked it up as it was Ki.

“Hey, what is it?” Konya asked.

“Can I come over?” She asked.

“Umm my dad is not home yet.” Konya said as she walked into the house.

“Oh, alright I will see you tomorrow.” Ki said as Konya hang the phone up as she walked through the halls to the stairs and went up to her room. She sat Teddy on the bed as she changed into her blue tank and black shorts. She sat at her desk, got her homework out and finished all of it. She went down stairs to get some tea as she made a glass. There soon was a knock on her door. Konya walked to the door as she cracked it to see…. a little boy with a box of cookies.

“Hi, I am the little munchkins and was wondering if you would like some cookies.” He asked holding the box up covering his face as he gave a devilish grin.

“Umm sorry, not right now.” Konya said as she was about to close the door as the boy hit it as it swung open. “Huh?” Konya looked shocked as she stepped back. The boy’s eyes turned red as he showed his grin. Konya gasped as she grabbed the door and tried to slam it shut. She ran as the door swung open again.

“Hahahaha, you want to play hide and seek, hahaha” the little boy said as Konya ran up stairs and into her room. She grabbed teddy as she sat in her closet. She got her phone as she called the only number that was on her phone.

“Hello, hello?” Konya whispered as she heard a bark on the other line. “Huh, Leo, give the phone to Urei.” She said as Leo grabbed the phone and ran through his house running to Urei who was in the shower.

“Hello?” He asked wrapping a towel around his waist.

“Urei, there’s an intruder, and my father isn’t home yet.” Konya said as Urei ran to his room.

“I’ll be right over.” He said throwing the phone on his bed as he pulled his pants on and his jacket as he ran out of his house as Leo ran. They ran to Konya’s house as the door was full open. “Leo, get the intruder!” Urei shouted as Leo ran through the house. Urei ran as he opened his book, “Show me where the white rose is.” He spoke to the book as his book turned into a map of the house as there was a white rose on the top floor in her room. Urei closed the book and ran up stairs as Leo smelled for the little boy as he found him looking in closets. Leo growled as the boy turned and laughed. Leo ran as him swerved the boy’s attacks as Leo growled cracking the ground as he turned bigger as he’s jaw opened wide as he jumped as his claws were draw as he jumped onto him. Leo snarled as he bit down onto the vampire’s neck ripping out his juggler as the vamped vanished into ash. Leo turned back to his little dog as he ran to Urei, that was walking to Konya’s room

“Konya, Konya, it is me, Urei.” He said as Konya sat there she closed her eyes as she opened them as they were gray and black as she saw Urei walking into the room. She stood as she opened the door of the closet as she looked at him as the red filled in the black. She smiled as she new that the vampire was gone. She soon heard a old truck drive up, same on the brakes, as Jearaco came running up to see the door wide open.

“Konya!” He shouted as Konya heard her father and she down the stairs as she hugged her father.

“Dad!” She said tears falling from her eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asked as Urei and Leo walked down the stairs. Jearaco glanced up to he him as he got in front of his daughter.

“Dad, it is alright he is a friend.” Konya said as Urei bowed.

“Hello sir, I am Lindo Urei Soga.” He said standing up as Leo barked. Jearaco signed as he walked to Urei.

“Thank you for saving my daughter.” He said shaking Urei’s hand.

“No problem I just live down the road, in the house on the corner.” He said as Jearaco thought of a plan for his daughter to be save.

“How would you like to walk Konya to school. I have work in the morning and you live just down the road.” He said as Leo barked happily.

“I would love to.” Urei said as Konya looked at her father then at Urei. “Well, I better get home I have my studies to do.” Urei said bowing and walked out of the house down the dirt road and to his house as Leo followed behind.


Chapter 3 Bad blood


The sun rose over the trees as Konya woke to the smell of Coffee. Konya got out of bed pulled her pants down pulling on black pants as she slipped on a white shirt and her red jacket. She grabbed Teddy as she walked down as her father left for work as she fixed some coffee. Konya sat on the couch as she drew demon forms of her friends as she drew Urei in the back with Leo. Her phone went off as it was time to head to school. She got her bag and walked out for the house locking the door. She walked down the road as she saw leo running to her as she smiled. They walked through the ash grove as she came to the end of her road as Urei walked up.

“You ready?” He asked as he had a bag on his back.

“Yes.” She said as they began to walk. Ki and Thorne walked as Thorne turned around at the sound of barking.

“Huh, why is Konya walking with that kid?” She asked as Ki looked around.

“Isn’t that Lindo Soga?” Ki asked as they turned and walked.

“Yeah he is part of the church.” Thorne said as Konya saw them.

“Thorne, Kairi!” She shouted as they stopped and turned. Konya walked up to them as Leo ran up behind her.

“Hey you two, you know Urei?” Konya asked as Urei walked up.

“Yes we know him.” They said as Thorne walked ahead as she went around the corner.

“Don’t mind her she is just upset, from a Church boy.” Ki said as they looked at her.

“Why?” Konya asked looking at Urei and Kairi.

“It started with my grandfather. He took me to that church trying to release the evil within from my body.” He said as he took off his blue jacket and pulled his white shirt over his head as he showed the girls his burns from the holy water. He put his shirt back on as he sticked his hands in his pockets.

“Why would the church do something like that?” Konya asked holding Teddy tighter.

“My grandfather was the act of my cruelty. As my grandfather told me many time before, “Your mother is a insult to our family and she had no right to run off with that thing.” That thing was my father. When I was only seven my grandfather heard of heathen children born. He dropped everything he was doing at the church and came straight to where we lived. He knew that his daughter disobeyed his orders and went of with a ghoul. He came to the house as he opened the door, walked in, went down the hall to where my sister mother slept. He looked down them as he grew hatred and took a silver knife out of his pocket.…… He soon faced his hand down stabbed my mother and my unborn brother.  My sister started to cry as he turned and stabbed her. My father ran in and I stood behind him with tears falling as I saw my life flash by as my mother fell to the floor and blood soaked my sister.” Urei said not affected by what he told the girls. “Well come on you two.” He said as they all walked down the street. They came to the school as Urei waved to them as he and Leo walked to the church and the two girls walked into the school and went to the student council hall. Konya an Kairi walked into the library as they saw Zira reading, Sky playing chess, Zane setting with Thorne, and  Eiji setting at his desk working on papers. Kairi walked to Eiji as she grabbed his sweater and threw it on as she sat on his desk as he smiled at her. Konya walked as she climbed the ladder as she found witchcraft books and read it. She sat as her legs hung off of the balcony. *Bark Bark bark!* The shroud of a little dog came down the hall followed with shouts and yelling. Eiji stood as a dog ran through the doors. Konya looked as it was Leo. Leo ran as he went under a table. Konya stood as she held the book and walked down. She came to a table setting the book down.

“Leo, what are you doing?” She asked as he barked. “Leo where is Urei?” She asked as a gold door appeared as it opened. Zira ran to the door as she saw a boy walk out that was dressed in faint brown pants with a yellow cream tank type jacket that was long in the back and short in the front. He had the same yellow cream boots on as his hair was choppy and blond.

“Sullivan.” Zira said bowing as the man did the same.

“Leo, come.” He said as Leo ran to him an Konya stood. “Konya.” He said walking to her taking her hand and kissing it. She stepped back as Leo barked angrily.

“Oh, I am sorry, she is Urei’s.” He said bowing. “Come Leo,” He said as Leo ran through the door with Sullivan. Konya stood there as Kairi walked to her.  

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“What, oh nothing, I guess what that man had said, “Oh sorry she is Urei’s.” Konya said looking at Ki as she held teddy and picked up the book as the bell rang. Konya walked out the hall as she went to her class as she sat and two boys sat next to her as they had red eyes. A boy walked in as he leaned to Konya’s ear.

“After this class meet me and my men out in the woods and if you move or run off my men will attack you.” He said as Eiji walked in. He grabbed the collar of the man’s black shirt.

“If we have a problem you will speak with me and me only. She is the new student counsel.” He said as the boys that were setting got up vanished along with the man that Eiji was holding. Konya turned as Eiji walked out from the class as Ki ran up to him and held his hand and they walked to their class. Konya sat there as she got her books out and read. Kairi and Eiji walked into their class as they sat down and took notes. Kairi looked at Eiji as she soon spoke.

“What were you doing in that Witchcraft class?” She finally spoke.

“There were some vampires upperclassmen messing with Konya, so I stopped them.” He said as Kai smiled.


The bell rang as Konya stood and walked from her class and out into the hall and out of the school as she saw that Urei wasn’t there waiting for her.

“Huh, maybe he already walked home. She said as she turned on her phone to see a missed text. She opened it as she saw that Urei texted.

“Konya, I am sorry, but I will not be able to walk you home.” He texted as She sighed. Ki walked up.

“Hey, I thought Urei was going to walk you home?” She asked.

“He sent me a text saying that he could not.” She said as Konya and Ki walked down the road.

“Konya, come on.” Gwedel said driving up in a white car. “Your father wanted me to take you home.” She said as Konya looked at her aunt. Konya hugged Ki as she got in her aunt’s car and Ki waved. Eiji walked up to Ki and they walked home. Gwedel drove up the driveway to the house as she parked. Konya got out as she went into the house. She walked up stairs to her room as she went to her room as she changed into a black tank and pink pants. She sat at her desk as she was drawing. She looked out of the window as she saw Urei standing by a tree. Konya stood as she walked down the stairs as she walked to the back door and walked out side.

“Urei, what are you doing here?” Konya asked walking to her. Urei said nothing, but stood there smiling at her. “Urei, what is it?” She asked as she could now see his smile. Urei walked to her as he touched her neck where her brews was from the vampire king. Konya felt his warm hand on her skin as Urei leaned to Konya’s neck as he went to kiss it as Leo barked his earth cracking growl as he came running through the trees. He shoved Urei off of Konya as Leo pinned him to the ground. “Leo, what are you doing?” Konya asked as Urei started to laugh as he shifted into a skin shifter. Konya looked at the man laughing as Leo snarled.

“Konya, did he hurt you?” Urei asked running out of the tree as he saw Leo setting on the vampire.

“Urei!” She turned to see him as she hugged him.

“I am alright.” He said as Leo barked as Urei hugged Konya back as he looked at the man. He got his book out as he opened it and spoke in the words of the church and the man turned to ash.

“Konya!” Gwedel said running out to see her standing with a lovely cute boy and a dog. She smiled as she walked up to the two. “Well who is your little friend.” She asked looking at Urei.

“I am Lindo Urei Soga, mam.” He said bowing.

“Well what a gentleman. Would you like to stay for dinner?” She asked as Konya looked at her aunt.

“What no he has to get back to his home.” Konya said as Urei smiled and looked at his “White Rose”.

“I would love to.” He said looking at Gwedel as she clapped her hands together.

“Good, Konya go show your friend around the house.” She said as Konya nodded as they all walked in and Leo ran in as he jumped on the couch and fell asleep. Konya walked up stairs as Urei followed her.

“Konya you don’t have to show me around.” He said as she nodded.

“I know, I am sorry for my aunt. For her being a witch she can sense if something is going to happen. She new that my father and mother would be together.” Konya said as they walked to her room. He sat on the bed as she tied her hair up.

“No, leave it down. It is more… beautiful that way.” Urei said as Konya looked at him as her face turned a bit pink. She put the hair tie down and brushed out her hair. Urei stood as he saw the drawings on her desk. He walked to them flipping through them. “These are so good.” He said as he came to the one with all of the student council kids in their demon form. He saw him and Leo in the back as he smiled.

“Come on you two dinner is ready!” Gwedel called up to them. They walked from Konya’s room as they went down the stairs and to the dining room. They sat as Gwedel brought their food to them. She soon sat and ate.

“This is really good.”Urei said eating as Konya ate.

“Well I am glad you like it.” Gwedel said as Urei’s phone rang. He turned it on to see his grandfather.

“Oh, well I better be going. Thank you for the food.” He said bowing and heading to the door. “Leo let’s go.” He said as Leo ran to him. Konya walked to him.

“Well I will see you tomorrow?” She asked as he opened the door.

“Yes, I will be here to walk with you.” He said smiling at her then kissed her forehead. He walked out of the house picked up his phone and walked through the woods. Konya stood there as she felt the worm wet kiss on her head. Gwedel looked at her as she was putting the dishes up.

“Konya go on up to your room do your homework and get ready for bed.”Gwedel said as Konya nodded and went up to her room. Her father soon came home as he ate as he waked up stairs to Konya to see her asleep at her desk. He picked her up and carried her to the bed. Laid her down, walked from her room and to his as he laid on his bed.


Chapter 4 First Date


At Urei’s home he was in the shower as he got out. He went to his room closed his door as Leo laid on the bed. Urei pulled his shorts on as he laid in the bed as he rolled around to see the book. He grabbed it and spoke to it.

“Show me my white rose.” He said as it show him a real moving picture of Konya sleeping in her room. He laid the book on his chest as he fell asleep. His grandfather walked in took the book from his as he saw the picture of Konya. Grandfather looked at it as he closed the book as he sat it on the nightstand.


That morning Urei’s grandfather walked in opened the blinds and Urei woke as Leo stretched. Urei got dressed in his blue jacket and white shirt as he pulled his pants on. He walked from his room to the kitchen as he got some rice cakes and walked out of the house. He walked to Konya’s house as she was still sleeping. Konya slept as her phone rang.

“Konya get up you need to get up.” Urei said on the phone. “Leo go get her up. She is going to be late to school.” He said as Leo ran to the house and barked his earth cracking bark. Konya woke and looked at her clock on her phone as she jumped out of her bed. She pulled her clothing on as she ran out the stairs putting her shoes on as she slipped and fell down. She stood and ran out of the house, through the woods and ran right into Urei as she fell on top of him.

“Oh sorry.” She said as she stood and helped him up. She caught her breath as she tied her hair up. They walked as Leo ran up to them. Konya walked as Urei stopped her.

“Konya, here, this ring will protect you even if I am not there.” He said slipping a gold and purple ring on her finger. As Konya didn’t have her teddy. They walked to the school as he waved and walked to the church. Konya walked in as Leo ran after Urei.  They walked into the church as he went to his room with his books. He studied as Leo was chewing on a chair. Urei was studying as an elder walked in as Leo growled, then went under the chair. Urei stood as the elder took him to a room that other stood there and one was holding a jar. Urei knelt as he closed his eyes as one man poured holy water on his back as he shouted out. Urei’s back tensed up as he shouted and his eyes turned from yellow and gray to red and black. He shouted as he raced up and bit down on a man’s arm as he ripped the flesh off. The men grabbed him as his eyes glowed red and black. The man poured the rest of the water on his back. He shouted as he relaxed and his eyes turned back to yellow and gray. He clinched his right eye shut as he stood. He walked to the table as he put his shirt back on as he got his jacket. He walked to his study as he through the jacket across the room. He sat, opened his book read and opened another book that showed pictures as he spoke softly. “Show me my White Rose.” He said as he saw Konya setting in her class as she was helping a white head red eyed ghoul with his work.

“That is it, you got it.” She said as the boy smirked.

“Well that was easier then I expected.” He said in a British tone. He was dressed in a black jacket with black pants and shoes. His hair was white, shaved and parted on the right side. His eyes shimmered red with black around them. Zira walked up flopped her head down on Konya’s shoulder.

“Huh, oh Zira, have you met Collin?” She said as Zira opened on eye and looked at Collin as she saw his red eyes and white hair. She smiled as she walked to her seat.

“Alley, would you like to show us what you been working on?” The teacher asked as a girl stood as she had black and purple hair as she walked up. Read from her book as she summoned a dark hell beast. It shouted as Konya stood fast.

“Mis, Nuckly, it is dark magic.” She shouted as the girl laughed and her eyes turned from purple to magenta. Konya gasped as Zira shifted into her hellhound doberman as Konya came to the row of seats as she summoned smoke and her magenta-purple wolf as the beast ran killing the wolf as Zira jumped at the beast.

“Konya run!” She shouted as Konya ran from the class and the teacher grabbed the vampire that was laughing. Konya ran as the beast threw Zira to the wall and ran after Konya. Collin came to Zira as she stood and ran out of the class as Collin snuck out of class and ran after Zira. Konya ran around the corner as she stopped. She summoned her Magenta-purple wolves as she shifted and waited for the beast. It ran around the wall as they charged at it. Konya and the others pushed it back as they rammed him into the wall as Zira jumped onto the beast as she ripped it’s juggler. Collin showed up as his eyes shimmered bright red. Konya turned as the ring on her finger laid on the ground as Collin picked it up.

“Ummm, Konya, is this yours?” He asked as Colin looked at her as she turned.

“Oh thank you.” She said putting the ring back on.

“Huh, Konya, did Urei give you that?” Zira asked walking up to them.

“Yes, He said it would protect me.” Konya said as the beast vanished and the bell rang. Konya, Zira, and Colin walked out the school as Urei stood at the wall as he saw Konya. He ran up to her as he grabbed her hands.

“You alright?” He asked as Konya nodded.

“Yes, I am fine. Why?” She asked as he looked away.

“I… I heard that you were in trouble.” He said as Leo barked. Konya looked down as she picked him up.

“I am fine, it was nothing I could have handled.” She said as Zira and Collin were talking. Collin and Zira walked as they were getting to know each other. Konya walked as she wasn’t afraid of what might lie in the shadows. Urei walked with her as he saw a little smile on her face as Leo sat in her arms panting and wagging his tail. They walked saying nothing. They came to the house Konya sat Leo down and walked up the ash grove as Urei grabbed her arm.

“Konya, umm, I was wondering if you would like to go to the fair with me?” He asked as she looked at him.

“I would love to, I never been to a fair before.” She said as he smiled as they walked up to the house. Konya unlocked the door as she walked in, up the stairs to her room. She changed out of her uniform to her silver tank and black shorts with her slip ons. She came down the stairs as Urei stood at the bottom.

“You sure look like a white rose now.” He said smiling as Konya laughed.

“Well I am ready, let me just call my father and tell him.” She said as she got her phone and told her father that she was going to the fair with her friend. They soon walked out of the house, down the ash grove to the road. They walked to the bus stop as they sat there. Konya looked at her ring as she rubbed her eyes. Leo sat in her lap and Urei sat there looking for the bus. Konya soon laid her head down on Urei’s shoulder as she closed her eyes.

“Konya, huh, hmm.” He said smiling at her sleeping face and brushed her bangs from her face. He kissed her head as the bus came up the road. “Konya, come on.” He said as she woke.

“Oh,” Konya said as they walked on the bus as they sat in the back and they went to the fair.  The bus stopped as Konya saw all the lights and rides. They walked to the entrance as they bought tickets and went on a roller coaster as Konya closed her eyes as they went down the big hills. Urei looked at her as he grabbed her hand that was clenching onto the bar. Konya looked at her hand as she felt something warm as it was his. Once the ride stopped Konya got out of the car as she ran to the fence as she took a breath. Urei came to her as her face was red.

“You alright? He asked brushing her bangs from her face. “If you want we can do something else.” He said as she looked at him smiling masking her sick face.

“Umm, come on.” Konya said taking his hand and running to the building with all the animals. Konya stood as she saw the horse, goats, sheep, and many other. Konya ran to a black and white horse as Urei smiled at her. “Their so pretty.” Konya said as she ran to the others. Urei came up to her as he grabbed her hand.

“Now don’t run off from me.” He said as she laughed as they spent their time looking at all the animals. The sun went down as the lights shimmered in the night as they went on rides. They got on a haunted house ride through as Konya laughed when the people dressed up in costumes. Konya walked as there was a man that was dressed as a vampire and jumped out of the coffin as she screamed and grabbed onto Urei’s arm. “It’s alright it is not real.” He said laughing as she buried her head into his shoulder as they walked past him. They came to the end as they walked to the ferris wheel. They sat down as Konya looked out as Urei looked at her smiling.

“Huh, Urei I can see my house from here and yours.” She said standing as Urei held out his hands.

“Konya sit down!” He said as Konya looked at him as the wheel stopped, jerked her as she fell into Urei’s lap. She looked at him as his face was pink and her face soon turned as she jumped off him and sat across from him. She sat there in silence as Urei looked at her. “Konya, you having fun?” He asked looking at her.

“Yes.” She said setting there looking at him. He stood and sat next to her. He smiled as he grabbed her hand that was setting in her lap.

“Konya you don’t have to be nervous with me.” He said as she looked at him. The ride stopped as they stood and walked off. They went to the exit as they waited for the bus. They got on went to the back as they came to the bus stop. Konya walked to her house as Urei walked with her to the front door.

“Thanks Urei, that was fun.” She said hugging him as he smiled and hugged her back.

“I am glad you had fun.” He said as he pulled away and looked at her. He brushed the bangs from her face as he slowly leaned down to her as he was about to kiss her as…… The door opened as Jearaco stood there.

“Excuse me, but it is past Konya’s curfew.” Jearaco said crossing his arms as Urei turned his head to him as he bow.

“Sorry sir.” He said as he looked up at Jearaco.

“Father, we lost track of time.” Konya said as she walked up and smiled at Urei. Urei turned and walked off to his grandfather as he stood out at the door waiting for him.

“Urei, where were you. I call the church and they told me that you weren’t there.” He said as Urei walked up.

“I was at the fair.” He said walking past his grandfather and went up to his room.

“Konya you know the danger of hanging out with that boy.” Jearaco said shutting the door and following her to the kitchen.

“I know, but I am as dangerous as him, there are vampires that are after me. Thanks to you and mother.” She said turning to her father as her eyes were gray and black as she clenched her fist. “He promised me he would protect me from those things!” She shouted as her father as she stood there.


Chapter 5 Cold dead murder


The door opened as they heard a voice down the hall that got closer.

“Cousin it is young love. You do know it when you see it.” Gwedel said walking through the doors. “The bones never lie.” She said hugging Konya and Jearaco.

“Aunty what you doing here?” Konya asked.

“What, can’t I visit my cousin and little rose.” She said smiling.

“Konya, go get ready to bed.” Jearaco said as Konya nodded and went up stairs. She sat on her bed as she looked out of the window as she drew in her book.


Urei sat at his desk in his room as his eyes soon flashed red and black as he held his right eye as he ran down the stair out of the house and down the street as he saw a girl walking with her dog. Urei ran at her pushed in the shadows of the alleyway as he devoured the woman and the dog ran off. Urei’s grandfather walked up and took his book spoke in the church as Urei turned as his eyes flicked back to yellow and gray. They got home as Urei stripped into his shorts as he knelt and his grandfather poured holy water onto his back. Urei shouted as his eyes flicked back and forth. Urei knelt to the ground breathing as he was sent off to his room as he went to his bed.


The sun rose as it shone through Konya’s window as her phone went off.

“Hey Konya, you want to come out with Sky, Eiji, and me?” Ki asked on a text as Konya woke and replied. She got up and slipped her red shirt, black pants and shoes as she pulled her hair back in a loose bun. She walked down from her room as she walked out of the house. She texted her father telling she was going out with friends. She walked down the ash grove as she turned down the road and saw Urei’s house as there were bars on the windows. She walked as Leo ran up to her. *Bark, bark, bark* He said running to her. Konya turned to see leo following her. She smiled as they walked down the road to the cafe as she walked in. There was ghouls as Colin came up to her.

“Hey Konya, fallow me.” He said as he took her to the back corner table where Sky, Eiji, and Ki sat as Zira was serving them coffee. Konya sat there as she order the special “Ghoul Coffee”. Colin brought it to her as she thanked him as he went back to the coffee maker and made more.

“Alright, since we are here, what are our plans.” Sky said drinking his coffee.

“We are going to the library to study up on our skills and new skills.” Eiji said as everyone nodded as Leo sat under the table pouting. Konya sat there drinking her coffee as she could taste the hit of blood. The door opened as a man walked though and came to Colin.

“I need some coffee.” He said slamming his fist down on the desk as his eyes flicked red and black. Colin nodded and gave him a cup of it as it had more blood in it them Konya’s. Leo looked to see his master as he ran to him. The man looked down and pet leo’s head. “Hey leo, grandfather does not know I am here.” He said standing and drinking his coffee as he sat at a table and pulled out his book as read it. Konya turned as she saw Urei. Eiji looked as he looked at Konya.

“Don’t call to him.” He said as Urei’s grandfather came in as he smell the coffee.

“Lindo!” His grandfather said as he came up to him grabbing his arm. “You know the rules.” He said as everyone one in the cafe looked at them.

“Get off me! I am a ghoul and you will not stop me from leaving the house and the church!” Urei shouted standing as his eyes flicked to red and black as Leo started to bark.

“Take it outside, I am trying to run a cafe.” Colin shouted walking to the two. Urei walked from the cafe as he and his grandfather went to the alleyway as Urei ran at his grandfather as the old man took out his book and chanted spells to stop him. Urei dodge the spells as he went into the shadows and jumped onto his back. The old man threw Urei off and casted a spell as Urei was thrown to the wall. Urei fell to the ground as his grandfather spoke.

“Sorry my son, I tried to help you, but you would not listen.” He said as Urei looked at his grandfather walking away as Urei showed his kagune of two neon tails as his eyes were blood shocked with red. The black swarmed around the red. Urei ran at his grandfather dodging the spells with his tails, one went to the other side of him and spun around his grandfather’s legs threw him up and rammed him into the ground and walls. Urei smelled the blood as he took his other tail and stabbed his grandfather through the heart. The old man let out a gasp and spit blood as the tails ripped the man in half. He fell to the ground as Urei ran to him still controlled by the ghoul as he soon devoured his own blood. Leo came running out barking as he ran into Urei as his eyes flicked back to yellow and gray as he saw his grandfather lying on the ground, blood poured all around him as he shouted as he moved back as he could not believe that he had murdered someone. He got up as he ran to his house as his grandmother was standing there as Urei ran past her and up to his room. He ripped his shirt off ran to his grandfather’s room grabbed the jug of holy water and tried to pour it on his back as the tails vanished as the holy water hit his back. He shouted as he fell to the floor dropping the jar as he cried out. His grandmother came up to him as she saw the ghoul was stronger. She knelt to him as she picked the jar up.

“Lindo, stop hurting yourself. You are better than that.” She said petting his back.

“I killed grandfather in cold blood!” He shouted as tears fell from his face.

“Did you mean to kill him or was it just the scent of the blood?” She asked as he sat up.

“The blood, I went to the cafe from the lack of blood then grandfather came in.” He said as grandmother sighed and hugged him.

“It is alright, I am here.” She said as there was a knock at the door. Grandmother walked down as she opened to see her son-in-law’s brother.

“Hi Ellen.” She said smiling as Ellen bowed.

“Charlie, what are you doing here?” She asked as Charlie walked in.

“I wanted to see my nephew.” She said as she saw Urei standing at the top of the stairs with his shirt off.


At the cafe the four stood as they went off to the library. They walked through the doors as Sky went to a bookshelf, along with Ki, Eiji, and Konya went to the top of the case as she got witchcraft books. She sat there as she read as her phone rang.

“Konya come down to the front of the school I will be there to pick you up.” Gwedel said on the phone as Konya stood.

“Sorry you all, but I got to get home.” Konya said as she went pass them as she walked out of the room and out of the school. Gwedel stood there as she smiled at Konya as they got in the car.

“We are going on a trip.” She said as they drove to the lake as they walked to a clearing as Gwedel taught Konya new spells. Konya mastered her skills went her phone went off. She picked it up as she saw that it was a text from Urei.

“Konya, I am not going to be walking with you for a while I have some business to take care of” He texted as Konya looked at it. Gwedel looked at Konya.

“Come on, you need to train with the water.” She said as Konya put the phone up and walked with her aunt.


Chapter 6 Mama


Urei walked down the stairs to see his uncle.

“What are you doing here?” He asked as Charlie looked at Urei.

“I come to teach you how to control your ghoul, Lindo, I heard that you had murdered someone dear to you and you have a little friend.” He said as Urei looked down.

“Go on Lindo, I think you could use some time with your other family.” Ellen said as Charlie and Urei walked out and went out to a truck. They got in it and drove down the road out of the town, past the lake, and to Charlie’s mansion. They drove up and they walked in a a demon butler grabbed their luggage as they went to the living room.

“So who is then girl, tell me everything.” Charlie said as Urei sat down.

“She is beautiful, Kind, loving, and adores new things.” He said as he opened his book and spoke as it showed a picture of her smiling as she held leo.

“Hmm, she is lovely.” Charlie said, “So lindo, how did it feel killing your grandfather?” He asked as Urei looked at his uncle.

“I was not in control of what was happening, and no one calls me Lindo, it is Urei.” He said as Charlie smiled.

“Alright then shall we start your lesson?” He asked as they stood. “Alright sit on the floor clear your mind and relax.” He said as Urei did as he said. Urei sat there as he thought of his kagune. His tails appeared and they grew as he lost focus and thought of Konya as he soon shouted out from the pain of the tails. “Urei concentrate, you want to protect your love don’t you?” Charlie said as Urei nodded. “Now try again.” As he said that Urei successfully controlled the ghoul kagune. “Good. Now let see if you can use them.” Charlie said as he showed his kagune of two ice wings appeared. They stood there as Charle shot ice shards from his as Urei shielded them from hitting him. They went back and forth many times while Urei was becoming more ghoul them human. As soon they finished their first lesson Urei’s yellow and gray eyes were no more.


At the lake Konya and her aunt were using the water to help them with spells.

“Konya, summon up an animal with the water.” Gwedel said as Konya moved her arms as the water moved with her as she closed her eyes as she didn’t make an animal, but she made Urei. “Hahah, Konya, not quite, try again.” She said as Konya swiped the water as it fell back into the lake. She tried again as she made a bear as it growled and ran around her. Konya laughed as her eyes shimmered gray and black. As she smiled at the bear it shifted into teddy, then her friends, Leo and Urei, then the vampires that are hunting her, then to a little boy that sat on the ground grinning and holding out his hands to Konya. Konya stopped smiling at him as she saw that Gwedel was looking at the little boy. His eyes shimmered magenta as he had the same brown hair that was parted on the side. “Konya, get rid of him!” Gwedel said as Konya looked at the boy and walked to him. She knelt to him as she took his hand as a memory flash in front of her face.


“Hahaha, Come on Reon!” A little boy said running and a little girl ran after him as she held a little teddy. She fell as she cried. “Huh?” The boy said as he ran to her. his eyes shimmered magenta when he saw the blood on her knee as she covered it with Teddy.

“No, Briar.” She said as she stood.

“Briar.” A woman said walking up as she was in a green and gold dress as she had a wolf mask necklace as it had a green stone in the middle.

“Konya.” A man said walking from the woods as he held out his hand to her.

“Huh a, daddy.” She said running to her father as she held teddy. Her father took the bear from her and sat her on his knee as he put a bandage on her cut. She smiled up at her father as she saw her brother talking with her mother.

“Briar, I told you to not have your sister get hurt.” She said as he nodded.

“But we were playing.” He said to his mother.

“Then go play with your other friends.” She said pointing to manakin like kids. Briar looked at them as he put his head down. Konya and her father to the swing as she was swinging and laughing as Briar bowed to his mother and ran to his sister and father. Briar pushed Konya on the swing as they took turns. their mother looked at them as she sat on the bench as she was looking at the black birds in the fountain. Her husband walked to her as he brushed the hair from her face as he kissed her.

“The children are fine, they know their place.” He said as his wife kissed him back as their twins were laughing and running through the statures of the kids. The memory faded as Konya heard the voice of a little boy.

“Reon, Reon!” Come on!” He said as Konya turned to see the little boy as she smiled and they ran through the rose beds as their mother walked up.

“Konya!” She shouted as Konya stopped and turned to her mother’s call.

“Hi mom.” She said as her mom crossed her arms.

“Konya, I told you to stay from my roses. Go on.” She said angrily as she pointed away from the roses. Konya bowed, held teddy tighter and ran off. She sat on the grass as she looked at Teddy.

“Teddy, why is mama always mad at me?” She asked as she hugged teddy. the memory froze as it went black.

*Bark Bark* a little dog was barking as Konya picked it up and it was licking her face as she was smiling. Briar was reading as Konya ran up as her mother sat there plucking her roses.

“Mama, look at him.” She said as the dog wagged his tail.

“Konya, take that dog back.” She said as Konya looked at her mother then hugged the dog.

“Mama, I want a pet, brother has one.” She said as her mother stood.

“Konya I said no.” She said as she order the butler to take the dog from Konya. She cried as the man took the dog.

“Mama, no I want a pet. Mama!” She shouted tears falling as Briar stopped reading and looked at his mom and sister.

“Konya go to your room.” She said pointing to the house as Konya looked at her mother with anger and tearful face as Konya turned and ran off to her room as she slammed the door of her room, fell to her bed and cried. The frame faded as another filled.

“Teddy, you sure this is a good idea?” Konya asked as she walked down in the seller. Konya found a room with old books as she found a knife with a red stone on it. It was a black blade and hand engraving on it. Konya grabbed it as she walked up stairs with teddy in her arms. Konya walked to the study were her mother was with a man that had red hair. Konya looked as the man kissed her mother and bit down on her neck. Konya dropped the knife and ran up stairs as she shut the door. Her mother heard the knife hit the ground as she stood. She walked to the doorway saw Konya go around the corner. Mother walked up stairs as she came to Konya’s door, opened it to see Konya setting on the other side of the bed on the floor.

“Konya!” She shouted as Konya fell over. Her mother ran to her to see a manikin of a child from the yard. Konya ran at her mother as Teddy sat on the bed as Konya drove her mother to the window and pushed her as Konya looked out of the window with Teddy.

“Huh, Mama?” She asked as her eyes turned back to red and gray and her mother didn’t move. Konya stepped back as the scene flashed in her head of her pushing her mother out of the window. Konya fell to the ground outside of her room.

“Teddy what have you done?” She asked angrily and threw Teddy to the wall as she buried her head in her knees. Briar walked up as he was rubbing his eyes.

“Huh, Reon?” He asked coming to his sister. Konya cried as she pointed to the window as Briar walked to the window and saw his mother.

“Mom, mom!” He shouted as he turned as his eyes were magenta and he ran at Konya. He wrapped his hand around her neck as he was hitting her head on the wall. “What have you done!” He shouted as Konya tried to pull his hands off of her. Their father walked through the hall, ran to Briar and grabbed him off of Konya.

“Briar, what are you doing?” He asked as Briar pointed to the window. Konya stood as Briar stood by his sister.

“Dallen!” He shouted to his wife as he turned to Konya and came up to her. “Konya what have you done?!” He shouted kneeling to her and holding her shoulders.

“I-I…..” She started but cried as her eyes turned to gray and red.

“Dad, it is alright.” Briar said as he placed a hand on his father’s shoulder. Their father stood, walked down stairs, and got on the phone to Gwedel as Konya sat there and Briar looked at his sister. Her eyes turned back to gray and red as she grabbed Teddy as she hugged him. Briar stood and walked down the stairs. He went outside to his mother and knelt to her.

“How are you dead, you are a vampire?” He asked poking her head. He heard movement in the bushes as vampires walked out.

“My lord. Come with us.” They said as one picked up his mother as Briar looked up at the window as Konya looked down from it at him. Briar turned and walked with the men as they vanished into black smoke.

“Sure you all can come and live with me in my cabin.” Gwedel said as Konya looked down the stairs and sat on the step. Her father turned to see his daughter setting on the stairs with her teddy.

“Konya, where is your brother?” He asked walking up the stairs.

“He went off with mother and vampires.” She said standing taking her father’s hand as they walked to her room. He closed his eyes, sighed, and packed Konya’s bag. “Daddy, where we going?” She asked as she sat on her bed.

“We are going to live with your aunt.” He said as he went to his room packed his clothing as Konya ran to her brother’s room, grabbed his sketch books and the knife that she had once held. She cut a hole on Teddy’s neck and stuck the knife in it. She ran to her father.

“Daddy, Teddy has a hole.” She said as he patted her head and stitched up the hole and gave Teddy back to her. They walked down the stairs, down the hall and out of the house. They got in his truck as they drove down the driveway as Konya looked back at the mansion. The memory faded to black as Konya stood there at the lake as the little boy had vanished into mist as Gwedel ran up to Konya. Konya stood there as her eyes were gray and black then changed to gray and red. She fell to her knees.

“I lived a lie.” She said looking at her hands. “I killed mother, not grandfather, I took my mother from my father and brother.” Konya said as tears fell from her face as Gwedel saw the little girl that had first come to the cabin, scared, alone, and afraid.

“Konya, It was not your fault. you and your brother were strong children, your mother did not listen to my warnings. You have people and friends that love you” She said as Konya looked at her aunt.

“I want to go home.” She said as Gwedel looked at her. “I want to go home to the mansion.” She said as her aunt nodded. They walked to the car and drove to the mansion that was hidden by trees. They came to the front as it was covered in vines. They stopped as Konya got out, walked up the front stairs. She looked at the doors as she pushed them open to a dark hall. Konya walked through as Gwedel walked in a she turned on the lights. Konya turned as she walked up the stairs and down the hall to a room that had a broken window. She turned on the lamp to see a room with many stuffed animals, and a picture of a little girl in a pink dress and boy in a black tux as they held their hands and smiled. Konya saw the the two children was her and her brother. She walked out of her room turning off the lamp, down the hall, and down the stairs to her aunt. Gwedel came to Konya as she held a wolf mask necklace with a green stone on the forehead of the wolf.

“This was your mother’s, your father gave it to her on their wedding day.” Gwedel said putting the necklace on Konya’s neck. Konya held the head as she looked at it.

“Then I don’t need this.” Konya said holding the ring that Urei gave her.

“Konya, that ring keeps you safe. But, do you love him?” Gwedel said grabbing Konya’s hand.

“I…. I don’t now.” She said looking at her aunt then at the ring. Konya stood there looking at the ring as the memories of her and Urei flash in her head.

The day they, the time he walked with her, their first date at the fair, her falling into his lap, the many times he saved her and protected her. Konya and Gwedel walked down of the house, came to the car, and drove from the mansion as they came to the cabin. “Alright go get ready for school.” Gwedel said as they walked into the house as Konya took a shower and pulled her pjs on as she laid in the bed and held Teddy.

“Teddy, my life flashed in front of me and now I know the truth.” She said as she soon fell asleep holding Teddy in  her arms. Gwedel walked in as she kissed Konya’s head and walked down to the kitchen as she fixed her some food and put some in a box for Konya in the morning for school.


At the mansion Charlie and Urei sat at the table eating as there were other ghouls that joined them. Leo sat them walk into the room as he ran under the table.

“Hey Charlie who is the kid?” One said that had white hair as he sat down.

“Everyone this is Lindo Urei Soga.” Charlie said as everyone sat down. Urei this is, Colin, Hide, Reji, Shoo, and Alice.” He said as The one girl known as Alice came up to Urei and sniffed him.

“He smells like a church.” She said as she sat by Charlie as they other looked at Urei.

“Umm, my grandfather was part of a church, but I… umm… I killed him.” He said as they other laughed as Alice ate and once she was done she walked up to her room. They all ate and went to the study, living room, or up to their room.

“Hey Urei, you always with Konya, right?” Colin asked as Leo came out from the table.

“Yes, why?” He said as Colin smiled.

“I never knew your were a ghoul and ever interested in a vampire demon hybrid.” Colin said as they walked to the study.

“It is a long story.” Urei said as he grabbed his books and sat on the couch as Leo laid on the other side of the couch and Colin took his phone out a called Zira. Urei stood and went out of the study and went up stairs to a room at the far end of the hall and went in, shutting the door, and setting at the desk.

“Show me the rose.” He said as it showed Konya training with water making all those thing and then saw her drive off with her aunt as Urei turned the page of the book and she was in the mansion with her aunt as he turned another page it showed her at the cabin in her room talking to Teddy then she laid in her bed as she fell asleep. holding the bear, as Urei closed the book sat it on the desk and went to his bed as he fell asleep as Leo slept in the chair of the desk.


The sun rose as Gwedel came into Konya’s room and opened the blinds.

“Did dad come home yet?” Konya asked as she rubbed her eyes as they were gray and green. She sat up in her bed as Gwedel grabbed her uniform with the skirt.

“No he had a late night he is sleeping right now. Your eyes a more demon. You have fed your demon. That is my little girl.” She said as Konya got out of the bed, sat Teddy in the chair of her desk, and she changed into her uniform and pulled her stockings on as she put her shoes on. Konya walked from her room as she came to the kitchen and her aunt stood there. Konya grabbed her lunch and her aunt turned to face her.

“You have your mother’s necklace on.” She said smiling. “You want me to drive you to school?” She asked as Konya shook her head.

“No I can walk.” She said as she walked from the house. She walked down the ash grove and walked down the street.

“Konya hold on!” Colin said as he ran up to her as she turned. “Huh, cool eyes.” He said as she smiled.

“Hey, I thought you were going to be with Zira?” Konya asked looking at him.

“Yeah her house is just up here.” He said as a girl drove out on a black motorcycle. She looked at them as she waved. Colin ran up to her and kissed her.

“Zira, I didn’t know you could drive.” Konya said running up to them.

“Yeah, my dad just got me this baby.” She said as Colin got on the back. They drove off as Konya fixed her bag on her back as she walked on. She passed Urei’s house as she saw the bars broken from the windows as she saw an old lady in the garden. Konya ran across the street up to the gate of the house.

“Ummm, excuse me, are you Urei’s grandmother?” She asked as Ellen turned.

“Yes I am you must be that lovely girl he walks with.” Ellen said standing and walking over to the gate.

“I am Konya Reon Catchiban.” She said as she bowed.

“Hmm, I am Ellen, but you can call me Gram.” She said as Konya smiled at her.

“Umm, I came over here to ask, do you know where Urei is?” Konya said as Ellen wiped her hands.

“He is with his uncle.” She said. “Urei’s grandfather had died, so he went to spend some time with his uncle.” She said as Konya bowed.

“Oh, sorry for your lost, well I better be off to school. Nice to meet you.” She said as Ellen bowed.

“Same here.” She said as she walked back to her garden and Konya ran off down the street. A blue truck drove by as Konya looked by as she saw a man and another man in the truck and a little dog in the back of the truck. Konya saw them as they stopped at the school. Konya ran up to the school as she ran inside the school to the student council hall as the other were setting at the table, couch, and Eiji was setting at his desk.

“Ok we are all here. there is a new student, some of you might know him.” Eiji said a two men walked in. A dog ran in and jumped into Konya’s lap.

“Leo.” She said as she saw Urei walked in with his uncle.

“Everyone this is Lindo Urei Soga.” Eiji said as Thorne crossed her arms as Zira stood and shook his hand.

“Welcome to the student council.” She said as he nodded to her as he saw Konya setting there with Leo. Konya stood and walked to the bookshelf. Leo looked at her walk off them to Urei.

“Umm, it’s a pleasure to be here. I know I have been with the church, but after my grandfather’s death, Charle here, reconnected me with my ghoul.” Urei said looking at Konya as she grabbed a book and sat at a table. Everyone went back to what they were doing as Thorne sat there with her arms crossed as Urei walked to Konya as he sat next to her.

“Konya, what is wrong?” He asked looking at her.

“What are you doing?” She asked looking at the book.

“I kill my grandfather, my ghoul is stronger and the church would kill me.” He said as Konya looked at him as she looked down at the table.

“I didn’t know you murder your grandfather, your grandmother told me that he had died and you were with your uncle.” she said as Urei looked up at her.

“You met my grandmother?” He asked as she nodded.

“She is quite nice, she knew me when I walked up.”

“She did?”

“She asked if I was the girl that you walk with in the morning.”

“Well I guess she has seen us walk together when she was out in the garden. I am surprise that she have never told grandfather.”

“She probably thought that Konya was a good looking and lovely young girl.” Charlie said walking to them as he got a book.

“What you want?” Urei asked turning around to see Charlie get a book and set down.

“Well I work here now, I am your new principal.” He said

“What hell no!” Urei shouted standing Eiji stood and came around the wall.

“Urei calm down.” Konya said standing.

“Hahaha, don’t worry I will not bother you, Lindo.” Charle said messing up Urei’s hair and walked out of the library. Urei stood there fixing his hair as Konya looked at him along with the others.

“Lindo, I thought your name was Urei?” Sky asked standing and looked at him.

“Lindo is my first name, I go by my middle name. My father  gave me the name Urei, but my mother wanted to name me after my great grandfather.” He said as Konya looked at him and Sky. Sky nodded and went to play chess with Zane. Thorne stood and walked from the hall, Zira walked to the back as she summoned the hellhound door as she walked through. Colin walked to the restroom, Kai walked up to Konya as they sat on the couch and Kai fixed Konya’s hair as they talked, and Eiji spoke to Urei. The bell rang as Konya and Kia stood as they walked to their classes. Konya went to her witchcraft class, Kia when to myth class with Eiji, Urei and Colin went to gym class with Zira, and the other went to english class. the bell rang as Konya stood and walked to music class as Zira stood there as she put her bag down. Konya had to practice a song by herself as Zira sat on the chair and listened to her.

“Alright Konya, let’s see how far you got.” The teacher  said as she sat down and Konya stood and song.

“What a world ship, what a joy to ride, Leaning on the Everlasting Rose. What a bless it made, what a beast to mind. Leaning on the Everlasting Rose. Leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarm. Leaning, Leaning on the Everlasting Rose. Oh how sweet the world give this welcome call, Leaning on the Everlasting Rose. Oh how right the beast fights day to day, Leaning on the Everlasting Rose. Leaning, Leaning, safe and secure from all alarm. Leaning, Leaning on the Everlasting Rose. What have I to fear Leaning on the beast that lives. I am the blessed beast, with my lord so near, Leaning on the Everlasting Rose.” Konya sang as Zira stood and clapped as did the teacher Zira came up as Konya sat down.

“I shoot for number one with my mind if you diss me, you die. Gonna bust through the faith of the punk looking for the one and only. Gonna be a self-made beast that’s the kill. Now bring it on, now be mine. For a hellhound, it is a piece of cake. I’ m gonna snatch you away from this world. I will break all the stupid rules to make you mine. Fists up! Amit for your summit! Bring it on I am ready to rumble! No one can win from this dark killer.” She sang as they clapped and the bell soon rang. They walked out as Kai met up with Eiji as they kissed and Konya walked not thinking of waiting for Urei. Zira got on her bike with Colin as they drove down the road. Urei came to the school and looked around for Konya as she was staying behind and clean the library.

“Hey sky have you seen Konya?” Urei asked as he came up to Sky that was getting in a car.

“Umm, I think she said that she was going to stay back and study up on witchcraft.” He said as Urei looked at the school.

“Lindo come on!” Charlie said pulling up in his truck.

‘But Konya is still in the school.” He said looking through the window.

“She will be fine come on I promised Gram that I would get you home.” Charlie said as Urei got in the truck and drove off.


Konya sat her bag down on the couch as she walked through the library and put the books back as she cleaned up the chess pieces. Leo came in as he laid on the couch. Konya got out a book as she read it as she sat on the couch and pet Leo’s head. Konya read as the lights soon turned off. She stood as she looked around.

“Hello? Umm, there is someone in here.” She said turning on her phone flashlight as she walked to the door as they lights were all off in the school. Leo ran after her. She walked to the exit as the doors were locked. “What, I told them I was going to stay after.” She said as she ran down the hall to the office as it was empty. She ran to the classes rooms trying to find a key.

“Hahaha, you are afraid.” A voice said as Konya looked down the hall as she shined the flashlight down the hall as a man stood there.

“Who are you!?” She asked shouting down the hall as the man walked closed as she saw the magenta eyes. Konya stepped back as she ran to the study locking the door. Konya stood there as Leo growled. The door swung opened as Konya summoned her wolves and her eyes shimmered red and black.

“Reon, I just want to talk.” He said holding out his hand.

“No one calls me that!” She shouted ordering her wolves to charge as the man cut them with his hand. Konya gasped as the man appeared in front of her. She went to hit him as he grabbed her hand.

“Sister, just listen.” He said as Konya looked at the man. “Your little friends are not real, they’re just people that your aunt had made for you to not be alone.” He said as Leo growled.

“You are a liar they are my friends!” Konya shouted as her eyes turned black as they fangs grew.

“Your little boyfriend is a liar as well. He doesn’t love you he is just trying to get close to you just to get you off guard and take you to that church of his.” He said as Leo growled and turned into his hellhound beast. The man vanished as Konya stood there and the lights turned on and the doors unlocked. Konya ran out of the hall and out of the school. She looked around as she looked at the blood moon as she called her aunt on the phone. Her aunt drove up as Konya got in as Leo jumped in and went to the back of the car.

“What is wrong?” Gwedel asked as she turned around and drove down to the house.

“I think my brother came to the school and told me things of about my friend.” Konya said looking out of the window.

“Like what?”

“He said that you made them and that they were not my real friends.” Konya said looking at her aunt.

“No, your brother was just trying to get inside your head.” Gwedel said watching the road. They came home as Konya went up to her room and leo followed. Konya laid in her bed as the words of what her brother had said to her about Urei stormed through her head.

“Leo is it true? What he had said about Urei?” She asked as Leo looked up at her as he looked away. “So it is?” She said as Leo turned and barked angrily. “Huh?” Konya questioned as she soon laid back and fell asleep.


“Konya wake up come on. Urei said as he came up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. Konya woke as she saw his face as she hit him. He stepped back “Ow.” He said rubbing his face.

“Urei, what the hell you doing here?” Konya said setting up in her bed.

“Your aunt let me in.” He said as Konya stood from her bed as she was in her shorts and tank. “Here I wait for you downstairs.” He said walking out as Konya put her uniform on.

“Teddy, how can he just trying to get in my head, if he did all those things with me.” Konya said to Teddy as she sighed and walked out of her room. She walked down the stairs and found Urei in the kitchen eating one of Gwedel’s cookies. Urei looked at he saw Konya standing there as he smiled at her. He came to her grabbed her hand as she pulled it back and walked out of the house.

“Huh, Konya what is wrong?” He asked following her as she said nothing and crossed her arms. “Konya, Konya i am talking to you.” He said grabbing her arm as she turned and pulled it away from his as her eyes turned black.

“answer me something, did you mean everything that you did with me, or was it just a game to you.” She asked as they wind blew her hair.

“What are you talking about?” He asked as she turned.

“You know what, the time we met, that time you hang out with me.” Konya said turning.

“Hmmm, I did mean all that. I loved hanging out with you. I would never change that. The thing is my grandfather was catching up with what I was doing. The church was watching me and they would tell my grandfather. I didn’t want them to hurt you, and I didn’t want to lose you. I wanted to keep you save. When my grandfather came to the cafe I snapped and killed him. So if that doesn’t tell you that I really care, then do not speak to me.” Urei said as he walked pass Konya. Konya looked at him as she watched him walked away as she closed her eyes.

“Urei!” She shouted as she ran up to him as he turned as she ran to him as she hugged him. She felt his warmness as she knew that this was the place to be… in his arms. Urei stood there as he hugged her back.

“I am sorry that I said those thing. I guess I just….hmmm.” She tried to speak as urei pulled her back as he looked at her eyes as they changed to gray and green. He smiled at her as he kissed her. She looked at him shock as he looked at her.

“Konya, I love you.” He said as Konya looked up at him. “Come on.” He said as they walked off to school.

“Urei, you….” She tried to say.

“Hmm, I love you, that is the truth.” He said as he grabbed her hand. She looked down as they came to the school and walked into the student council hall. Kai looked at them as she was setting on Eiji’s desk as Konya held Urei’s hand. Kai ran to them.

“You two are dating, hahaha, I knew you would come around.” She said cheerfully. Konya looked at her then at Urei as her face turned red as Urei scratched the back of his head and smiled.


Chapter 7 Dark Truth Comes Out


They sat there as the bell rang they all walked to their classes as Konya went into the class of dark memories as she sat in the back. Kai walked in and sat next to Konya and pulled out her books.

“So you and Urei are finally a thing?” She asked as Konya looked at her.

“Yes, I mean we hanged out a lot, and if you think about it the fair was like our first date.” She said as she got out her book and took notes.

“Konya, it is your turn to come up and face your darkest memories.” The teacher said as Konya looked at him.

“Umm, can’t someone else go?” She asked as everyone looked back at her.

“You are the only one that has to face them.” The teacher said once again as he crossed his arms. Konya sighed as she stood and walked to the front. “Alright close your eyes and breathe. Think of the dark time in your life and I want you to face it with strength and show it that you are stronger than it is.” He said as Konya stood there. She closed her eyes as she opened them, they were pure black as there was a woman that stood by the window as she was in a gold and green dress as she had purple hair and red eyes. She was covered in blood as Konya glanced over to see this woman. Konya clinched her teeth,

“No, not this memory.” She said as the woman looked at Konya with a tearful face.

“Konya, Why did you do that to me, I loved you, your were my little girl.” The woman said as everyone one looked at Kai stood up. The woman walked to Konya.

“No, your not real! Stay away from me!” Konya shouted as she summoned the wolves as they growled and charged at the woman as they vanished into smoke as the woman walked to Konya. Konya placed a hand on her brush as it burned. “You never loved me, you always cared for Briar, not me! You were never a mother. You let grandfather grab me around my neck! I am glad I pushed you out of that window!” Konya shouted as she summoned a black wolf as it and her mother vanished into black smoke as Konya fell to her knees. Kai ran up to her placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you alright?” She said as Konya stood and walked from the class. Kai grabbed her and Kanye’s bags as she walked from the class. Konya walked down the hall as she walked to the girls restroom as she splashed water on her face.

“So I guess everyone knows what you did now.” A voice said as Konya looked up to see Briar behind her as he shut the door and locked it.

“What do you want.” She said as she turned around.

“I just wanted to see you fall in class.” He said as Konya ran at him hitting to the wall.

“I did not mean for that memory to show.” Konya said as her eyes stormed black.

“Hahaha, there is my sister.” He said hugging her as he vanished.

“Konya are you alright!” Kai asked as the door unlocked and she ran into the bathroom.

“I am fine.” She said as Kai hugged her.

“It is alright we all go through times of our lives when we do things like that.” She said as Konya stepped back.

“Have you ever killed anyone you loved?” Konya asked as she walked through the door as Kai walked with her as the bell rang and they walked to the library.

“Well, no,

They walked to the library as Konya sat at a table and read her witchcraft books. Zira walked through the hellhound door with a man as Colin looked at her.

“Zira, who is that?” He asked walking to her.

“This is my cousin, Chris.” Zira said as Chris smiled and walked over to Konya as she looked at him.

“Hi, you must be the psycho.” He said as Konya looked at him as she closed the book.

“Chris, you can’t go up to a person and say things like that.” Zira said as Konya grabbed her book as she walked.

“I will see you all later I am going home early.” She said walking from the hall. Urei turned from on the computer.

“Where is she going?” He asked as he stood.

“She said that she was leaving early.” Eiji said as Chris looked confused.

“Was it something I said?” He asked looking at everyone.

“Her past is full of darkness, insane, and bad dreams and thoughts.” Briar said as he stood at the top of the bookshelves. Everyone looked up at him as he put a book up. “My sister, doesn’t know who she is at this moment.” He said jumping down from the balcony.

“What the hell do you want!” Urei said clenching his fists.

“I am not here to hurt any of you.” He said putting his hands up to show summation.

“What do you mean?” Kai asked as Briar looked at her.

“Ever since we were young Konya always had the thing with that teddy bear of hers. She would talk to it, she did many other things.” Briar said as he then vanished. Everyone looked at each other as Urei walked to the door and walked out as the bell rang and everyone headed home. Konya walked past the cabin and came to the mansion that she had once lived in. She stood at the gate as she opened it with a squeak as she walked up the driveway. She went around the fountain as a white rose petals fell into the water. Konya walked up to the doors as she pushed them open. She looked around as she walked up stairs.

“Why can I not remember anything.” She said as she heard a little girl giggling down the hall. Konya turned to see her. She ran down the hall giggling. “Wait, who are you!” Konya called out as she followed the little girl down to the seller and to a pool. Konya had a cold breeze on her back as she walked to the water. She looked at it as she saw herself as a little child as she was holding Teddy. Konya stepped back as the little giggling girl came up and pushed her in the water. “Ahhh!” Konya shouted as the little girl giggled as a memory filled Konya’s head.

“Sister, help, Reon!” A little boy shouted as he was in the water.

“Teddy told me to.” The little girl said holding Teddy in her arms.

“Reon, please help me, you know I can’t swim!” He shouted as he went under.

“Bubby, bubby!” She shouted as she dropped the bear, jumped into the water and pulled her brother up from the water. He gasped for air as he pushed her away and ran up to his mother. Konya popped her head up from the water as she gasped for air. She claimed out of the water as she saw the little girl standing at the door way with the teddy bear.

“Hey!” Konya shouted as she ran after the girl as it ran up stairs and into Konya’s old room. The little girl was singing on the window sill.

“Are you going to Sarbber Oh Vill, Pass me say lose ma lee ada, Remember me tomorrow….” She sang as Konya ran into the room and the little girl stood, held teddy and fell back. Konya ran to the window as an other memory filled her head.

“Hahaha, come on brother, it is fun!” She said up to her brother that was looking down at her.

“No, that is stupid!” He said looking down at his sister that was laying on the ground.

“Hahaha, come on, Teddy will keep you safe, he did to me.” She said as her brother shook his head and ran from the window as the little girl sat up. “Teddy, why does Briar not want to play with us?” She asked as Konya stepped back and fell to the ground.

“No, All those things I done as a child is because of… Teddy.” She said as the little girl giggled once more. Konya turned as the little girl ran once more. Konya followed her as they ended back in the seller, but in a room that was full of dead people. The girl giggled and vanished into smoke. Konya stopped as she looked at the people that stood there.

“Well, now you see the truth of your hole past. You were a psychopath.” Briar said appearing behind her as he placed his hands over her face. Konya ran and turned to face him as he stood there. “Look around you even now it hasn’t changed.” He said waving his arms to show Konya the people in her life. She saw her mother dead on the ground with white roses smeared with blood, her father hung to a tree, her aunt stabbed, her friends eaten. They were all around her as tears fell from her face.

“No, this… this can not be, I did not kill them!” She shouted as she ran as she saw Urei that was ripped to pieces as blood covered the floor. Konya stepped back as she ran into a table as she saw a masked girl that was stabbed in the heart.

“You do remember this?” Briar asked ripping the knife from the chest of the girl.

“The knife I held at mother’s death.” Konya said looking at it.

“When time comes end the selfless life. and let everything free like a butterfly.” He said giving the knife to Konya. He vanished as the room vanished and Konya was in the front driveway of the mansion standing at the fountain.  


At the cabin Gwedel was getting worry for Konya not home. She went out to the yard got in her car as she drove the the school. She saw Kai and Eiji leaving the school.

“Hey, have you see Konya?” She asked looking out of her window.

“No, she said that she was going home early she is not home yet?” Kai asked as Eiji looked at Gwedel’s worried face.

“Is there anyplace that she would have gone?” He asked as Gwedel shook her head.

“Oh Shit.” She said as she waved to them and turned around and drove down the road as she came to the mansion as she saw Konya.

“Konya!” She shouted as Konya turned and hid the knife. She ran to her aunt and got in the car. They drove down the road to the cabin as Konya got out. “Konya, what happened?” Gwedel asked looking at her.

“Nothing she said as she walked up to her room and closed the door as she locked it.

“Teddy, why did you make me do those things as a child, I thought you were my friend.” Konya said as she cut Teddy’s neck as she put the knife into teddy as she sewed it back up. Konya took a breath as she took a bath and did her homework. There soon was a ring on her phone as it was Urei.

“Hey Konya you alright?” He asked.

“I am fine.”

“Good, I thought something bad had happened.”

“No, I just….. had to reconnect with my past.” She said looking at Teddy as her eyes flicked to pure black and then back to green and black. “I got to go… night.” She said.

“Alright, night, love you.” He said as they hung up as they both went to sleep.


Konya woke from screaming and sweating as Jearaco came running in.

“Are you alright?” He asked setting on the bed and petting her head.

“Father.” She said hugging him. “I thought I killed you.” She said as Jearaco pulled away from her as he smiled.

“The only thing is that you are alright.” He said petting her head. “Come on time to get up.” He said as he opened the blinds to her window as she put her uniform on and went down to the kitchen. Konya grabbed some rice as she went out and walked to the road. Urei walked up to her as he kissed her.

“Urei.” She said as she looked away knowing that her brother showed him dead, ripped to pieces.

“What is wrong? He asked as he looked at her face.

“I… my brother… I saw you dead. You were ripped to pieces… and… I was the one to kill…. and everyone I now…. were dead, because of me!” Konya said tears forming as Urei wiped them and held her chin.

“Konya I know you are scared, but I am here for you, your friend are there for, and I will always be with you.” Urei said kissing her as he held her hand and they walked down the road to the school.

“Urei, I do not want to hurt you, or anyone.” She said as he looked at her.

“And you will not.” He said as they walked into the school. Konya kissed Urei as she walked to her class as she read and Urei walked down the hall to his class as the lights turned off. He stopped and pulled out his grandfather’s book as he read a page as light shone from it. He saw a dark figure down the hall.

“Who is there?!” He shouted as the figure laughed, vanish and appeared in front of him.

“Well, church boy, seems that you haven’t changed a bit.” Briar said laughing.

“You son of a bitch, you make Konya worried and scared of all of this. Why?” Urei said holding the book.

“I just want to help my little sister.” Briar said smirking.

“Lier, you just want to help yourself.” Urei said summoning an exorcist and threw it at Briar as he flew back. “Leave Konya alone, She is better without you!” He shouted as Briar ran at Urei as he cut him with his hand as Urei stepped back and threw exorcists at Briar. Briar vanished and appeared as he held a copy of Konya. Urei stopped as he saw that Konya was scared and in pain. “Briar, if you truly love our sister, you will stop all this!” He shouted as Briar laughed and stabbed her in the back as she gasped, spit blood and fell to the ground. Urei gasped as he ran to her. “Konya!” He said as she turned into one of the students. Urei stepped back as Briar appear behind Urei,

“I just want to help my sister to remember who she really is…. a cold blooded…. murderer.” He said grabbing Urei in a headlock as they both vanished.


Chapter 8 Vampire, Demon, And Insanity


The lights turned back on as the bell rang. Konya walked from her class and Kai ran up to her.  

“Hey, what class you are going to now?” Kai asked brushing her hair from her face.

“Child and devilment class.” Konya said as Eiji came up behind Kai and wrapped his arms around her.

“You have the same class.” He said as Kai turned around and kissed him. Konya smiled as she walked.

“How come you taking that class, you would be a good mother.” Kai said running up to Konya as Eiji went to his class.

“I just don’t want to end up like my mother. I know at least one or two of my children will have the insanity in them. And I want to do the best i can do to race them.” Konya said as they walked into their class. They took notes as the teacher called Konya up to show the right and wrong way of holding a child. Konya stood there as the teacher gave her a child as it changed to looked like Konya. Konya took a breath.

“Do not be your mother.” It said as Konya stepped back.

“Konya come on.” The teacher said as Konya took the child as she held it in her arms as she then held the child by the neck.

“This is how not to hold the child.” She said as she gave the child to the teacher and sat down as they all took notes. The bell rang as they went to the library. Konya sat at the table as she did not see Urei.

“Hey Eiji, have you seen Urei?” She asked as he shook his head. “What about you colin?”

“No,” he said as he sat with Zira.

“School’s almost over. Urei should be here.” Konya said as she looked around.

“Hahaha, you so alone sister.” Briar said as he froze everyone else.

“Briar?! What are you doing here?” She asked shouting as he jumped down from the balcony.

“Oh, nothing I just want my little psycho back.” He said as Konya ran at him.

“What have you done with Urei?!” She shouted as her eyes turned black as she pinned him to the wall.

“Awww, you want to see your love well here he is.” Briar said as he showed Urei that was in the cell and was tied up.

“Urei!” She shouted as she tried to run to him.

“Aww, not quite sister, you see your love is in a trance. If you wish to save him you need to come with me, or let him die.” He said as he vanished as a door opened for the Vampire Kings realm.

Briar laughed as he appeared in front of his grandfather’s castle. He walked in as he came to his grandfather and knelt to him.

“My lord, I have told her and she may be here soon.” Briar said as he stood and walked off to the cell as Urei was tied up. Briar laughed as he walked pass the cell of Urei and past the vampire that once betrayed his own kind. Briar walked to the end as he grabbed a knife as he hid it in his sleeve. He walked back to the king and talked to the others. Urei spoke as he was trying to get out of the ropes as he shouted from the pain. Briar walked to him.

“Try all you can, but you can’t get out.” He said as Urei yanked on the ropes.

“You bastard!” Urei shouted. “You loved your sister. Why are you doing this!?” He shouted as Briar laughed.

“My sister needs to know her past.” He said as he walked to his grandfather. Urei tried to rip the ropes as blood dripped to the ground as Urei’s eyes shimmered ghouls and he ripped the ropes as he fell to the ground. He stood and ran to the gate as he was yelling. Briar came to him opened the door and punched him. “Knock it off!” He shouted as Konya came through the door and ran at her brother as he knocked him to the ground as her eyes were black. “Aww, sister, you came.” he said as Konya growled. Briar pushed Konya to the wall as he ran to the king.

“My lord the beast is here.” He said as Konya ran at him as she shifted into a black wolf as she summoned up more wolves. Urei stood there as his eyes shimmered as he smelled the blood. Konya and her brother fought as Konya threw him to the wall as blood dripped from her and her brother. Her eyes widen as her insane showed. She laughed as she summoned up wolves and bears as she summoned up Teddy.

“Teddy, my old friend, what should we do?” She asked as she giggled. “That sounds good.” She said as she ran as her grandfather as he stood and his hellhounds guarded him. Konya giggled as she ordered her bears to attack the hellhounds as Konya went into the shadows and ran at the old vampire. She jumped onto his back as she laughed. She ripped teddy as she took the knife from him and went to stab the king as a hellhound rammed her from the king as Konya threw the knife that hit the king on his side. The king ripped it from his side and threw it at Briar as he caught it and ran at his sister. She laid on the ground as Briar ran to her and pointed the knife at her as he stepped onto her chest as she gasped and she laughed.

“You will not kill me, I am your sister.” She said holding the blade of the knife. Thorne kicked him as her and the other student counsel came through the door. The others fought with the other vampires. Konya stood grabbed the knife and ran, shifted into her demon as she jumped and shoved the king to the ground as she turned back. She stabbed the king in the chest as her eyes widen. She grinned as she stabbed him over and over as she laughed.

“Die, Die, Die, hahahaha!” She shouted laughing as Briar clinched his teeth, ran at her, and kicked her in the side of the rib. Breaking them as she flew off of the king and rolled on the floor across the room. Urei shouted and ran at Briar as he punched him. Konya laid there as Kai ran to her as Urei eyes were blood shocked as he made a hell fire exorcist as he swiped around to everyone as the vampires vanished into ash, as Briar knelt to his grandfather’s now ash pile. Konya laughed as her ribs were piercing her insides as she took the knife and looked at the blood. She laid on that ground eyes widen as she held Teddy. She held the knife as she dropped it an clinched her side as her ribs were broken.

“Ahhhh!” She cried out as Urei ran to her as Konya’s eyes were changing colors. Briar ran to his sister as he felt her side and felt the ribs. Konya shouted in pain as Briar healed Konya’s broken ribs. She clinched her teeth and shouted as Urei shoved Briar away as he held her.

“Konya?!” He asked as she opened one eye as she hugged him.

“I want to go home.” She said as Zira howled as a door opened to show the library. Urei picked Konya up and took her through the door. He sat Konya on the couch as she held her side. Urei sat next to her on the ground as everyone did their normal routine. Konya laid on the couch as Urei looked at her. He soon kissed her on her lips as Konya hugged him.


Years went by from all the murders and kills had faded and the school was empty for that summer. The hole student counsel has ended their life at the school and started a life with their love ones. Kai and Eiji had a lovely girl and son. Their daughter was called Safeira and their son was called Rem. Safeira was a demon, like father and mother, she had light blue eyes, short curled white hair with blue tips, long curved horns. Rem was demon, aqua eyes, rusty red short hair with short curved horns. Zira and Colin had five children. They had three girls and two boys, there was Nuka, the Hellhound, like his mother. He had black hair and red eyes, Alito, the ghoul, like his father, he had white hair, and green eyes, Alice, the Hellhound-ghoul, she had black hair with white tips, red and yellow eyes,  Adira, ghoul, with white hair, red and black eyes and then there was the youngest, Rave, she was both ghoul-hellhound, she had black hair, and yellow eyes. Thorne and Zane had triplets, Rose, the Banshee, she had pink hair with black tips, with red and black eyes. Ruby, Vampire-succubus, black with red tips, she had  yellow eyes. Aaron, Vampire-dragon, black hair, with magenta eyes. Konya and Urei had four children as they moved back to the mansion that Konya lived in when she was young. Cowsaffer the eldest was a Demon, red hair, and orange eyes. Ranly the second eldest, ghoul, gold hair, and black eyes. Then there were the twin Kanato and Konata, they are both insane ghoul-demon, with brown hair, but Konata had magenta bangs, she had purple and black eyes. Kanato had purple bangs, with magenta and black eyes. Briar and Spike (The sister to Thorne) had four male children. Toxin, had green and yellow eyes, with black hair shaved and parted on the side. Lethal, had black hair with red tips, and red eyes, Ayate, had red and white hair with magenta eyes and Misik, had midnight hair with left red and right green eyes.