Game Life

Game Life

By: Misty Crump    


Chapter 1 Fazbear’s Family of Misfits

In a town people opened a pizzeria that was called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The workers of this pizzeria were animatronics. Their one job was to bring joy to the children. There were 24 animatronics, but many were shutdown for repairs or they were broken. Over the years the pizzeria experienced strange things happening at night, so the owner shutdown Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The animatronics stayed in the old broken pizzeria and they started to move and walk around. Many years went by and they all had children. Foxy and Mangle had two daughters one known as Mange, she had white fur. She wore a pink dress with a blue bow in the back and she had a necklace that had a pink bow on the right, a silver paw on the left and a M in the middle. Her ears were white with red inside. Her right eye was all black and the left was pink. The other was named Lethal. She was the color of blood in the light. She had faint red skin as her animatronic tail wagged. Her nails were black, long and sharp. She wore a gray tank top with black pants and boots. She walked as her red hair flowed in the wind. Mange ran after Lethal as her brown hair flowed. Ballin daughter of Balloon boy and  Balloon girl, was setting as she was with Chea, daughter of Chica. They were eating pizza as Trapper, son of Springtrap, came out of his hiding place. He had the colors of his father on his ears and his skin was a faint grey-yellow followed by scars on his mouth and ears. He had a dark evergreen shirt with black pants and shoes. His faint yellow hair fell into his face as his eyes shimmered a dull yellow. He had that little smirk as he saw Mange and Lethal. He went back into the shadows as he followed the fox sisters. He slithered out of the darkness wrapping his cold hands around Mange’s arm and covered her mouth. Lethal felt the air chill and she tensed. She looked behind her to see her sister had disappeared. Lethal took a deep breath closing her eyes. She focused on her sister’s scent but it was very faint. Another scent tried to smother it … one that smelled of death. Her eyes snapped open and she growled. Her eyes started to glow a bright yellow. She bared her canines and roared “Trapper!!!!”

She took a step forward to go after him but a strong hand was placed on her shoulder. Lethal sighed and turned meeting the owner of the hand.

“Hello Father.”

Foxy smirked down at his oldest daughter, his eyes glowing a neon yellow and showing his sharp canines. “ Don’t worry about him. I’ll go get your sister. Head to the bus.”

Lethal hesitated wanting to protest but she knew that would be crossing the line. Foxy had a reputation of being ruthless when challenged, even though he had a soft spot for his daughters. She hugged her father and nodded walking down the dark corridor to the party room.

In the shadows Trapper dragged Mange to a room that was full of the broken parts of the animatronics.

“What are you doing?!” She asked as she saw his face. He smiled evilly showing his slight canines. “Get off my arm, you’re hurting me!”

“But why? It’s too much fun…” He leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“I just love to hear you suffer.” His pupils disappeared and they were shimmering a bright yellow.

“Get off!” She shouted as she pulled away from him and ran, throwing the door open and took off down the shadowed corridor.  He appeared from the shadows and grabbed her arm once again.

Foxy heard her shouts and came to Mange’s aid. He shouted at Trapper as he let go of Mange’s arm and disappeared into the shadows. Foxy took her to the Cove. Puppet was waiting there as Lethal joined up with them.

“Poppet what are you doing here?” Mange asked as he began to sing “Children of The Night”. Mange stood there as she collapsed to the ground form the soul of the fallen child that had come to this place many years ago.

“Poppet what are you doing?” Lethal asked shouting as she was getting woozy. She fell to the ground as he picked them up as Freddy took all the children to a bus that was sent by a school. A man came from the bus,

“Ah you must be the Fazbear family of misfits. They can come here. They will be safe at the Game Academy.” The man said as they all put the children on the bus as they were taken to the school.


Chapter 2 New lives

They all woke as they found themselves on a bus. Mange woke as she looked out of the window watching the snow fall. She sat there as Lethal hugged her.

“I won’t let anything happen to you or this family.” She said as Mange continued looking out at the snow. She looked into the forest as she spotted a wolf like man.

“Lethal, Lethal, there’s a wolf man!” She shouted tugging on her shirt.

“Stop, what’s wrong?” She asked  as Mange pointed at the forest as they was nothing there.

“It was there it was running right by the bus.”

“There’s nothing there.” Lethal said as the wolf like man zipped through the forest as it vanished.


“Just get some sleep.” Lethal said as she fell asleep. Mange sat looking at the window and saw the wolf as it’s eyes shimmered a yellow. It zipped passed as Mange fell asleep.

The bus came to a stop as poppy took her headphones off as she got the others up.

“Come you all children.” She said as they all followed her off the bus to meet the headmaster and five kids.

“Welcome, these are the leaders of the four dorms. I will call you all one by one as you come to me and I’ll put you all in your dorms.” Said as the headmaster called Trapper and he was put in the Dark Shadows dorm. “Ok, Ballin, Toyba, and Chea you all will be in the Dream Team dorm. Puppy you will be in the Shadow dorm. Lethal and Mange will be in the Dog dorm. Fred and Frelin you two will be in the shadow dorms. Everyone went to their dorm as Mange and Lethal followed the dorm leader.

“I’m fejrik, son of Farkas. My brother Valkiss is in the Dog dorm.” He said.

“I’m Lethal and this is Mange. We’re the children of Foxy and Mangle.” She said as Mange kept quiet. They came to the dorm as they walked in as Mange spotted a boy in the corner. The boy was wearing a grey baggy shirt with black pants, his right eye was red and he left was yellow. His brown hair was choppy and untamed. “Mange come let’s get some sleep.” Lethal said as Mange turned to see Lethal as she nodded and fejrik showed them to their room.

“Valkiss come on get some sleep. Don’t push yourself like uncle did.” Fejrik said as Valkiss went to his room and slammed the door. As he was in his room he took off his arm wrap as his arm was black with claws. Everyone was sleeping as in the Shadow dorm in the corner of her room Poppy closed her eyes as she sang a song that her father song to her when she was little. She sat there as she sang “Make This Puppet Proud”.

“Don’t you cry dear children. Don’t you cry dear children. those old bodies just won’t do. Dust yourself off and nap in here, cause I have a gift for you. Who brought the tears to these kids, Why were their souls evicted? mmmmmmmmmmmm…Isn’t this better your stronger, see you’re all heroes now. Walk around and see how they feel. Make this puppet proud…Who brought the tears to these kids, why were their souls evicted? When I find the guy we will take him out. Now wasn’t broke…. show me where it goes now. Let me see if I can find him, because he’s in trouble now. Who brought the tears to these kids, why were their souls evicted? When I find the guy we will take him out. Who brought the tears to these kids, why were their souls evicted? When I find the guy we will take him out………. Who brought the tears to these kids, why were their souls evicted? When I find the guy we will take him out. What shall we do with him children, what shall his punishment be? Stink him in a suit, you say, well let’s give it a try, shall we. Who brought the tears to these kids, why were their souls evicted?….. Who brought the tears to these kids, why were their souls evicted?…. Make this puppet proud.” She finished singing as she fell asleep setting there.


Chapter 3 Fight to the death

That night Mange woke as she put on a blue dress with a pink bow as she slipped on her black boots as she went from her room. She came to her class as she seen the boy from that morning.

“Valkiss, set down, all of you.” The teacher said as everyone sat. Mange went to sit by Valkiss as a boy came in and pulled her arm. The boy pulled her out of the seat as he sat down.

“Go get another seat.” He said glaring at Mange as Valkiss looked at the boy.

“Get out, she was there first. I think your night mother would want you to go sit next to the listener.” Valkiss said as the boy looked over at a girl that was setting in front of a girl that was across from Valkiss.

“This isn’t over you companion.” He said as he stood and went to sit by the girl. Mange watched him move as she sat back down.

“You all finished?” The teacher asked in a sarcastic tone as he began the lesson of history. Four hours went by as it came time for combat class. Mange headed to the gym as Valkiss and Fejrik followed her.

“My sister’s going to be joining our class.” Mange said as they all came into the gym.

“Who’s your sister?” Valkiss said as Mange turned to see Lethal walk in. She looked lethal indeed. She walked with a fluent grace that said she could snap your neck with a flick of her wrist. Mechanical parts and gears worked as she walked, some even showing replacing the skin that was supposed to be there. Her claws glinted in the light and made a metallic clink as they touched each other. She had a permanent scowl on her face which showed her sharp canines that threatened to jump out and tear out someone’s throat.

Mange yelled “Lethal!”

Lethal turned to look at her sister and a mischievous smirk took its place instead of the scowl. Mange ran up to her sister and Lethal embraced her. Her muscles coiled as she embraced her sister. Lethal’s eyes glowed a brighter yellow when her sister was around showing how much she cared about her and how far she would go to keep her. Most cowered in her presence others looked away not daring to meet her eyes. Valkiss watched her with awe but soon looked away when Lethal’s eyes met his. Mange pulled back slightly and faced the teacher and Valkiss. The teacher took a step back when Mange introduced her.

“This is my sister. This is lethal.” She said.

“Ok, class to day, we will be budding up to train.” He said as everyone went to their buddy as the teacher spoke again. “I will budding you all up. I have a list.”

“Him and his darn lists.” One boy said as he crossed his arms.”

“Ok, Valkiss and Fejrik, Trapper and Lethal.” He said as lethal grinned an evil grin and walked over to a station as Trapper followed. The teacher called all the other students as Mange and a boy was left. “Ok, since Itzel isn’t here Mange and Line will be buddies. Mange looked at Line as he was dressed in a green shirt with brown pants and with black boots. She walked over to him as the teacher blew his whistle. Everyone began training. Lethal was swinging a sword as Trapper kept dodging the swings. Mange was swinging her fists at Line as he swung his sword. Mange grabbed his sword with her tail and punched Line in the stomach as he flew back. Lethal swung her sword as Trapper dodged  it as she kicked him in the face as he flew back doing a flip. Valkiss was sparing with his brother as he punched Fejrik in the chest as the wraps on Valkiss’ arm was unwrapping. Fejrik looked at him as they both stopped sparing as Fejrik wrapped Valkiss’ arms. Mange was waiting for Line to stand as a boy came from behind Mange as he chopped her neck with his hand as she coughed and turned to see a boy dressed in a red shirt with brown pants and black boots.

“He’s mine.”

“He’s my partner.” She said as he went to strike her face as she flipped as she kicked him in the face. He kicked her hands from under her as she fell to the ground with a thump. Everyone stopped fighting as Lethal looked as she ran to Mange. Mange stood as her eyes turned a pure black as her tail stretched out long as it dragged the floor and swung side to side. Mange shoved Lethal away as she stood with cracks as she cocked her head. Lethal looked at Mange as she sat there. Valkiss came to the others as Mange drew her claws as she was about to strike the boy as Valkiss stopped her. In the process of him stopping her. Mange Cut the wraps off of Valkiss’ arms as they showed his claws and black arms. Everyone stood in shock as Fejrik came to Valkiss as Mange looked at his arms as she collapsed. Valkiss laid Mange down on the ground as he wrapped his arms up as Lethal came to Mange and looked at Valkiss.

“Valkiss, what was that, what are you not telling us?” She asked as she laid Mange’s head on her lap.

“My brother was gifted our Father’s gift of turning into a werewolf.” Fejrik said as Mange opened her eyes as the left one turned back to pink and her tail shrunk. Valkiss got finished wrapping his arms as he looked at the boy that hurt Mange and stood.

“What the hell, Itzel!” He shouted as Line came to them and took Itzel out of the class as the bell rang for lunch.


Chapter 4 The alarms

They all headed to the Cafeteria as Mange walked in. She went to sit at a table near the wall. Lethal came in as she spotted her as she went to set with her. Valkiss and Fejrik came in as the table that they sat at was full so Valkiss spotted Mange and came to her.

“Do you mind if we sit here?” He asked as Mange shook, “no”, her head and they sat down. They were eating as Trapper came over when Lethal was sent to the office. He came behind Mange as he grabbed her as she dropped her fork.

“Trapper let go, get off!” She shouted as Trapper brought his face to her as Valkiss stood knocking his seat to the ground.

“You won’t run from me here. Your sister won’t be able to save you.” He said as Valkiss jumped across the table as his arm wraps came off as his claws sliced his face. Trapper let go of Mange as she ran to the other side of the table. Valkiss stood as his claws were black with blood on the tips. Fejrik came running into the cafeteria from being in the bathroom. His grey eye was glowing as he ran to Valkiss. Fejrik wrapped his arms around his brother as Poppy and Puppet came up behind Trapper as they grabbed him. Lethal came to Trapper as she came from the principal’s office. She walked up as she took her hand and slashed his face as the Puppets took him to the office.

“Mange are you ok!” Lethal said making a big deal of what happened as she was looking for marks.

“I’m fine, thanks to Valkiss.” Mange said as Lethal looked at the brothers as Valkiss was wrapping one arm and Fejrik was rapping the other.

“Valkiss, thanks for helping Manage from Trapper.” She said as Valkiss bowed as there was a howl. The two brothers looked to see a wolf as black as night. Valkiss, Fejrik, and the wolves’ eyes were glowing a grey. Valkiss ran outside as he hugged the wolf.


“Valkiss, don’t you know the difference between your father and mother, Haven’t I taught you better?” The wolf said as it shifted into a woman that was dressed in an Imperial armor.

“Mother.” Fejrik said as he came behind Valkiss and slapped his head.

“How are my two boys.” Their mother said as Fejrik hugged his mother and they went into the school. Lethal and Mange was standing there as Lethal was looking over Mange.

“Hey you two this is our mother.” Valkiss said as their mother bowed and the sisters nodded.

“I need to speak with the headmaster.” Their mother said as Fejrik took his mother to the office of the headmaster. The bell rang as they went out of the cafeteria and was walking through the halls. A boy and a girl came to Valkiss as they stopped in front of the three. The girl was wearing a Dark gray shirt with a mask over her mouth. She had red pants as her jester hat was jingling from the bells. She had green eyes as her reddish-orange hair was flowing as she ran. The boy was wearing a black suit with red shoulder, knee, and elbow patches on it as his black hood hid his face.

“I told you had a contract and our mother won’t rest till your dead.” The boy said.

“You companion will know the feel of Sithis.” The girl said as Mange looked at the two.

“Your Night Mother with have to pray for your lives.” Valkiss said as the boy came forward.

“You better not speak to the Listener that way.” He said as Fejrik came walking down the hall as his mother shifted and ran to the assassins.

“I would leave my son alone. I’m your new gym teacher and you all have me this period. Get to class before you’re late.” She said in a low voice. “I will see you all tomorrow in class.”

“Later mother.” The brothers said as they all headed to the study of their dorm. Valkiss went to the woods as he was doing his Father’s bidding. He was heading to the school as a spider spotted him as he slaughtered it. He ran to the front of the school as There were three wolves waiting for him. The three wolves shifted into two men and a woman.

“Valkiss our Harbinger wants you to come home.” One of the men said as the woman took out a torch.

“Your brother is already there. The headmaster said that we could take you to the companions.” The woman said. Valkiss nodded and they went through the woods as they came to the border of Skyrim. They fast traveled to Whiterun and came to the companions.

“The circle in in the Underforge. Come.” One man said as they went to the Underforge. They went in as the Harbinger, Vilkas, Farkas, Aela, and Fejrik was waiting.

“Ok, everyone is here. We got word that there are a new group of Silver Hand. Our spies gave us word for their location and they are waiting for their next move.” The Harbinger said as everyone looked at her.

“Alright, the Harbinger, me, Vilkas, and Farkas will go to the lair of the Silver Hand. The two sons will stay at the school till they are summoned to the Harbinger’s aid. We will wipe them out once and for all.” Aela said as the two sons stood there.

“You got us out of our classes just to tell us that we weren’t going with you all?” Valkiss said as Fejrik nodded.

“We will be ready.” Fejrik said as he took Valkiss out of the Underforge. “Valkiss it’s not our time to fight yet. We still need to increase our fighting skills. Come let’s get to school.” He said as they fast traveled to the school. They went to their room as they fell onto their beds.


Chapter 5 New worthy an opponent

That night everyone woke readying themselves for the night’s classes. Valkiss was setting on the couch as Fejrik walked in. He came to Valkiss and he sat down.

“They never let us go to kill.”

“Mother’s just looking out for us, and I’m supposed to watch you so you don’t do anything wrong. Like mother said, I’m like Vilkas and you’re like father.” Fejrik said. Lethal came from her room followed by Mange. Mange rubbed her eyes and sat beside Lethal at the dorm table. She kissed her sister’s head and went to go get some food glaring at the boys as she went. She poured a glass of Russian Vodka and threw back the shot attempting to relieve some tension.

“The Werewolf brothers!” A woman said running into the dorm as The brothers stood.

“Yes.” Fejrik said as the woman gave him a yellow note and read it.


Your Uncle has passed this morning. We were coming back to the companions as He fell ill. The Harbinger stayed with him as he passed.

He finished as Valkiss sat back down as Mange looked at the brothers. Lethal stopped drinking her Vodka. “Thank you for this news.”

“Sorry for your loss, companion.” The woman said as she left the dorm.

“Vilkas is dead.”

“I looked up to him when I was little.”

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Mange said bowing her head and ears. The brothers sat as they looked down and into the fire.

“Fejrik the Headmaster would like to speak to you immediately.” Poppy said coming in as he nodded and left the room following Poppy.

“I wonder why he’s being called to the office?” Mange questioned.

“He is probably in trouble.” Lethal commented throwing back another shot of Russian Vodka.

“You would be in trouble more likely than him.” Mange said as they laughed and Valkiss came to the table. “Hey, Valkiss, do you know why your brother was sent to the office?”

“All I know is that there is a new kid, don’t know his name, but he’s going to join this dorm. They said that he was a weapon of war at a young age with his sister, but she didn’t make it. He was too much for the war to handle so they brought him here to join the school, thinking that they would help him.” Valkiss said as he sat down eating the plate of breakfast Lethal had prepared. Fejrik came in and a boy followed him. He was dressed in a black and dark gray suit as his arms were behind his back and his gray hair was cut short.

“Everyone this is Hunter. He will be living in the Dog Dorm.” Fejrik said as Hunter nodded in a hello. Valkiss got up to greet him, Lethal nodded, and Mange smiled.

“I’m glad you are joining our dorm.” Mange said. Lethal downed one last shot of vodka and went back to the table grabbing her backpack.

“Come. We need to get to class.” Lethal said as her and Mange went out of the dorm as they went to class of history. The brother’s went to class of science and Hunter went to his room to sleep. He was sleeping as he woke on a ship. A man came up to him.

“Get up trooper.” He said as all the other kids were walking out of the door as Hunter stood up. He followed the others as a girl and boy waved him over to set by them. The girl was wearing a black tank top as the boy did. They both had three digit numbers. The girl’s number was 347 and the boy was 247. They wore green pants. The girl had white short hair and the boy had red short hair.

“Hunter over here.” The boy said.

“I thought you would of slept all day.” The girl said as she laughed.

“Tyler…Teresa?” Hunter said confused.

“Are you okay brother, you seem different.” Teresa said as Hunter sat.

“No, I’m fine.” Hunter said as they ate. “How is this possible, they died, everyone here, died? How are they alive? They died at my hand, my orders, my cockiness.” Hunter thought to himself looking around.

“Everyone the doctor would like to speak to you, It’s time for your test.” A woman said as everyone followed her to the infirmary as the doctor put them on tables as she strapped them down and injected them with a new weapon. Many has failed to survive the treatment, but others survived and became stronger. That night Everyone that lived was sent to their room after the ceremony of their lost ones. Teresa went to her room after hugging her brother. She slipped her PJs on as she covered up. She was sleeping as her temperature was rising and throbbing. She was sweating, tossing and turning as she began to scream. The doctor was looking at her from the camera as her heart rate was rising faster than normal. Hunter ran into her room as he saw his sister take her last breath and stop moving. He came to her as he placed his hand on her head and closed her eyes as he went out of her room and hit the wall. He went to the gym and was punching the bags busting them from the ceiling as they fell across the room. Hunter then woke shouting as he punched his wall and found himself back in the Dog Dorm. He looked over to see his meds as he took them and swallowed them with some beer.

“That’s bad for you, you know.” Mange said coming past his room.

“What?” He asked looking at her.

“Mixing beer and meds.”

“Mange, what did I tell you about getting into people’s business. Come we need to get to gym class.” Lethal said grabbing Mange’s arm and they left the dorm. Hunter looked at his clock as he saw the time as he got up and got ready to go to gym class. They entered the gym as mange spotted a boy that was with the gym teacher. The boy was dressed in dragon armor as the teacher gave him a grey shirt with black pants to match the brothers. His faint dark brown hair was untamed with a little ponytail.

“Mother.” Valkiss said as the boy looked at the brothers.

“Leon, what are you doing here?” Valkiss asked coming up to him.

“Father wanted me to keep an eye on you two mutts.” Leon said as Mange came up to him and lethal followed. At that moment a boy walked in,

“I’m Landuil, The headmaster told me to come here.” He said as his long light hazel hair was braided and pinned back as it hung over his shoulders. He walked to the teacher as everyone looked at him.

“Oh, you must be the son of Kili and Tauriel.” She said. “On here I have you with Mange in sparring.”

“Could I partner with someone who can be a match with me?” He asked as Lethal looked at him.

“Hey, Mange, show him the dark side.” Valkiss said as Mange looked at him as she looked straight as her eyes turned pure black and her tail stretched long and wagged. She stood there as one foot was on tiptoes and the other was turned in to face the toes toward the other foot. She cocked her head as she spoke in a high voice.

“I think I can take you. You will be a true opponent.”

“Mange no, stop that!” Lethal shouted as Hunter came to Lethal.

“She’ll be fine. She is strong like my sister was. Let her fight with him. He looks like the kind of guy that wouldn’t hurt her.” He said as lethal looked at him.

“It’s not everyday that your sister would shift if she didn’t think that she wouldn’t be able to fight someone. She has your strength and your mother’s power.” Fejrik said as he overheard Hunter and Lethal.

“Ok, here are the other partners. Lethal and Hunter, Valkiss and Fejrik, Line and Itzel, Trapper and Leon.” The teacher called them one by one as everyone got ready as the bell rang. They all stood ready as they began to fight. Mange was dodging Landuil’s swing from his daggers as she tripped him as he fell as he swung his dagger at her as She flipped and landed with grace. She looked to see him stand as he stood in his fight stance. She ran to him as her wrist and ankles turned as she ran. Her body cracked and creaked as the animatronic parts rubbed together. She ran to him as she jumped and scratched his face where his Orc Wolf scar was. He tried to strike her, but he was to slow. She landed gracefully as she turned to face him. He wiped the blood off his face as the Orc Wolf wound opened up as blood was flowing down his face down his neck and disappearing into his evergreen shirt. He smiled as he rubbed his face as he looked at his opponent.


Chapter 6 The body guards

The bell rang and they all went to the class of science. Landuil came up to Mange as Lethal growled at him.

“Lethal stop, I’m fine. Go on to class.” Mange urged as Landuil stopped and looked at Lethal, but was not affected by the growl. Lethal stood there as Landuil placed his hand on Mange’s shoulder. Lethal Growled as Fejrik came to the three and took Lethal’s arm.

“You’re not going to stop that boy from talking to your sister. Your sister is getting older. She can roam without being watched. Come on, If anything happens the son of Kili will be there. Landuil is a warrior and a dwarf prince. They’ll be fine.” Fejrik said as Hunter came to them. Lethal jerked her arm away from Fejrik. She stalked away shortly followed by Fejrik. Mange and Landuil were walking and Trapper saw that lethal wasn’t there. He jumped in front of them as Landuil got in front of Mange. He protected her as he drew his daggers. Trapper laughed as his brother Faceba came from behind as there was an arrow go past Faceba’s face as he squeaked.

“well, trapper you thought you could get to Mange if Lethal wasn’t here, but it seems that she has two bodyguards.” Valkiss said coming out from the shadows. Trapper walked back into the shadows as Facebe disappeared.

“Valkiss, did my sister put you up to this?” Mange said as Landuil put his daggers up and went to his normal pose.

“Nope, I just got back from the bathroom. You must be Gondor, I taught myself how to shoot a bow in honor of your father and mother.” Valkiss said and Landuil nodded.

“Everyone loves my father.”

“Come on we better get to class before we’re late.” Mange said as they walked. Mange walked in front as the boys talked.

“So what’s the deal with Lethal?”

“She’s protective over Mange and doesn’t want to see her get hurt like she has.”

“Oh, I’m not worried. I don’t flinch if someone tries to threaten me.” Landuil said as they came to the class as Mange walked in. She sat by Lethal as she looked Mange over for any marks.

“She’s fine, nothing happened.” Landuil said as he went to set by Valkiss and Fejrik as The class started.

“Ok class You will be partnered up and your rubric is on the board.” The teacher said as everyone partnered up.

“Hunter, go be Lethal’s partner, so Mange and Landuil will be partners. It’s a good plan to show that he’s not going to hurt her.” Fejrik said as Valkiss laughed.

“Lethal, you want to be partners?” Hunter asked as Landuil came to mange and they went to sit by Valkiss and Fejrik.

“Sure, I guess.” Lethal said in a irritated tone as Hunter sat down. Landuil was writing the rubric down as Mange was thinking of a topic to work with. Everyone was working as the bell rang for Study time. Everyone left as the Dog Dorm was the only ones left in the class. Landuil was putting his stuff in his bag as Mange was helping him. Lethal came over to them as she said in a dark low voice,

“Let’s go.”

“I’m helping Landuil.” Mange said as Lethal got irritated and grabbed Mange’s arm.

“Father put me in charge of you and you will listen to me.” Lethal said as Mange pulled away and crossed her arms.

“What is wrong with you! You never were like this! I have friends that will protect me as you do. So what if I stay after a class and I help clean up or help one of my friends! I will help and there is nothing that will change my mind! I’m not a little kid anymore I am 16 I can make my own choses.” Mange Shouted as her eyes turned a pure black. Landuil stopped fixing his bag and looked at the two.

“Lethal, When she’s with me, nothing with happen. I will watch her, protect her, and never leave her unprotected.” He said as he put his right hand on Mange’s shoulder as her right eye turned to a pink as she closed her eyes.

“Lethal, I might have just met you all, but I can tell that Landuil with keep his word and keep your sister safe.” Hunter said as Valkiss and Fejrik placed a hand on lethal’s shoulder. Lethal Growled and Fejrik hesitated before withdrawing his hand. She crossed her arms as her eyes glowed a bright yellow, expressing her anger.

“Sis, we have friends that love us. That is more then when we were at Freddy Fazbear’s pizza.” Mange said as Lethal looked away. After a moment she sighed. She turned back to Mange and smiled slightly.

“I guess we do.” She said as the teacher was standing in the corner staying away from the little dispute as he inched away to his office. The tension slowly dispersed but it never truly left Lethal.

“Now let’s go to the dorm and study.” Fejrik said as Lethal took a breath and Landuil walked with Mange placing a hand on her shoulder once more. Landuil was walking as a woman ran to him.

“Son, We need you to come home. The Orcs are attacking Mirkwood. You and Your father are the only ones that knows how to shoot more then one arrow at a time.” She said as Landuil stood there.

“I’ll come right away. Mange tell the dorm what happened, I come back soon, these Orcs with fall to wood elves.” He said hugging Mange as she nodded and ran to the dorm on all fours as Valkiss came to her.


“Hey, Landuil was called to home to kill Orcs. His mother came to get him.”

“His mother was here and you didn’t tell me.” Valkiss said as they came to the dorm as Mange told everyone. Fejrik nodded in thanks for the news as Lethal stood.

“ So he left you in the hall?” She said in a tone that meant that she was right for him to leave her alone.

“No, he didn’t leave me alone I ran here as Valkiss was with me. Landuil will still be my friend.” Mange said crossing her arms.

“Lethal, stop getting irritated with him leaving. His coming back, he wouldn’t leave your sister.” Fejrik said as he came to her and placed his hand on her shoulder and his gray eye simmered as the wolf spirit raised.


Chapter 7 Child comes to the surface

Five weeks went by as Landuil came back one morning as everyone was sleeping, but Mange was setting on the couch. She sat looking at the fire as both of her eyes were flickering pink. Her ears slit back as she clinched her chest. Landuil saw her as he came to her.

“Are you ok?” He asked as she nodded.

“I’m fine.” She said as her eyes kept flickering as the left one turned to a pink and stayed.

“Mange, your eye, it’s not black.”

“Huh,” She said as she screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Lethal ran from her room to the couch as Landuil was on the floor holding Mange.

“Mange!” Lethal shouted as she shoved Landuil away as she picked her up placing her on the couch as Fejrik and Valkiss came from their room.

“What’s going on?” They asked looking at Mange.

“I’m not sure, She was setting there as her eyes were flickering pink as she clinched her chest and then she fell.” Landuil said.

“No, I heard of this happening, but I didn’t know it was real.” Lethal said brushing Mange’s hair.

“What?” The brothers asked.

“Our father told us that when an animatronic dies the soul of the person inside of it would rise as the animatronic vanishes. But it was just a story.” Lethal said as she stood and ran to her room. Landuil sat there holding Mange’s head as Lethal came back and wrote a letter to her mother and father. Landuil was watching Mange as her ears vanished, along with her tail and her skin turned to a peach. She was wearing a pink dress with a dark pink belt and trim on the top and bottom. Her hair was light brown with dark brown underneath. at the ends of her hair had silver clips. She laid there soundless. She slowly opened her eyes to show hazel with green around them as she looked at everyone.

“Mange?” Valkiss asked as she looked at him.

“Do, do I know you?” She questioned.

“You don’t remember us?” Fejrik asked.

“No, I do remember you.” She said looking at Lethal. “You were one of the children from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.” She said.

“What’s your name?” Landuil asked as Mange sat up.

“I’m Eloryan, my father is the Dwarf prince and mother is a silvan elf. I lived in Middle Earth in Moria Gates of the Misty Mountain.” She said as Lethal looked at her.

“How did you come here?” Lethal asked as Landuil was looking at her.

“When my parents went to fight orcs they sent me to these people that they trusted to watch me. These people were your parents.” She said looking at Lethal. “We went on an adventure as our lives ended and our animatronic life were born.” Eloryan said as she looked at the fire.

“I have one question, what happened to my sister, Mange?” Lethal asked.

“Mange is no longer here. When I died I became to host to the animatronic as all children do. I fought with Mange so I could be free. She was weak and hopeless to survive. Not all children in the animatronics can fight their way out.” Eloryan said as lethal sighed.  Eloryan stood as she came to lethal and hugged her.

“I will always be your sister, even if I’m no longer Mange.” She said as Lethal hesitated, but hugged her back.

“Your parents are my parents. I was named nearly after Thranduil. I do remember having a little sister, but she died, well that what everyone told me.” Landuil said as Eloryan looked at him. The brothers looked at her as the clock above the fireplace struck 12 o’clock. They all looked at the clock as they got their bags and went to their class of history. Lethal stormed off to the office as she swung the door open and banged the headmaster’s desk as he pushed back in his chair and nearly fell back.

“Lethal, what’s a matter?” He asked in a soft tone as Lethal’s eyes turned bright yellow.

“I need to go to my parents, now!” She shouted in the tone of her father as glass broke.

“Ok, ok, here’s a pass.” He said handing her a pass to see her parents. She left the school and went to the borders as she ran to Freddy’s Pizza.

Back in the dorm everyone sat there.

“What’s wrong with her?” Eloryan asked.

“Lethal is just upset from her sister not being here.” Fejrik said.

“But, she is here. She is still inside me and when I fight she will fight with me. This mark holds her.” She said showing everyone a mark on her wrist. the mark was in the shape of a fox.


Chapter 8 Contract with the devil

At the border Lethal ran to Freddy’s pizza. She ran to the entrance as she opened the door and went to the cove as Mangle was setting there holding a photo of Mange as they was another girl standing next to her.

“Mother, Who is that girl?” She asked thinking of the worst words to come out.

“That girl is Eloryan, the soul of Mange. I felt mange’s pain as she was trapped with in Eloryan. I never thought that my child would give in… to an elf.” Mangle said holding the photo.

“Where’s father?” Lethal asked as Mangle pointed to the room of broken animatronics.


“Lethal, your sister is gone.” Foxy said.

“I know, is there a way to bring her back?” Lethal asked setting by him.

“There, are two ways. One, go talk to spring trap or force your sister to fight.” Foxy said throwing a piece of tile at the wall creating a reaction to the an animatronics as they all fell to the ground as lethal looks at her father and sees the grief on his face. Lethal left the room as she signed and went down the shadowy hallway to find the devil himself. She was walking as she heard a giggle as she looked around her as she walked on. She came to the old secretary room as she found spring trap setting there picking his teeth with a bone.

“Well, I wouldn’t of thought to see you here, Daughter of Foxy.” He said dropping the bone and stood as he came to Lethal. “The only reason you would be here is if  a soul came out of it’s animatronic, let… me guess, your sister’s soul has come to the surface.” He said in a low voice.

“Yes, I need your help to bring her back.”

“I can do this, but it will come with a price.”

“What kind of price?”

“The soul for you child, It’s been awhile since I had a good soul.” Spring trap said as he crossed his fingers and glared.

“Taking the soul of the child inside of me? That might kill me.” She said shouting at him as her eyes shimmered a yellow with a bit of brown.

“Well by the look of your eyes it seems that your child is showing itself, it seems that you haven’t been controlling it.” He said walking to her as she showed her canines.

“Get away, you better not daughter Bard, you… monster.” Lethal opened her mouth, but it wasn’t her who spoke.

“Your child is getting out of control, should I take care her?” He said as Lethal glared at him.

“Touch me and you’re dead. I will take care of her myself. I don’t need you.” She said as she walked from the room to the front of the shop. She went out of the shop as her child spoke.

“You can’t bring your sister back, Eloryan is the daughter of a dwarf.” She spoke.

“I can bring her back. I’ll kill that dwarf if I need to.”

“That’s not just killing her, it will kill your sister. Have you ever thought that your sister wanted Eloryan to come back.”

“What, why would you say that, you stupid child.” Lethal said.

“My name’s Raven, and I might not of been to the surface, but I could see that your sister was suffering every time she turned.” She said forcing her hand to punch Lethal.

“How, how did you that, the same as the other souls. Fighting you.”

“You think you can fight me?” Lethal said as they fought. The soul and animatronic fighting for control. “Die!”

“You will fall and I rise from the dust.” Raven said as the both hit each others chest as Lethal fell as there was a light of yellow and red.

“What’s happening?” Lethal said as the light faded.

“Look.” Raven said as they looked into a puddle of water. “I’m, you’re, we’re one. I never thought that would’ve been possible.” Raven said as lethal gasped.

“I’m… human, a worthless, pitiful human, It’s all your fault!” Lethal shouted.

“Calm down, you’re, we’re not just human we’re skin shifts. Like the bear my land. You and I became one, I’m not human, and you’re not animatronic, we’re anthropomorphic wolves.” Raven said as a white wolf rose from darkness as it shimmered a red as lethal spoke.

“The beast that was held inside come forth to bear it’s arms to you. We are one with blood, one with wind, and one with night.”


Chapter 9 Far from home

Eloryan went to her room as she went to her chest and found a box with dwarf an elvish marks on it as she sat it on her bed. She came to the bed as she opened the box to see her friends, family and kin. She into the box as everything went white.

In Middle Earth two children were born to Dwarves. One was known as Landuil and the other was Eloryan. Eloryan was cocky and faithful like her father. She was wise as her mother. She wore a lavender elf dress that her mother got her from Rivendell. The boy wore dwarf clothing as his father. They loved to play in the yard and get dirty. When they were 5 years old they went to Dale’s market with their granduncle and father. They were running around like the children that were born in Dale as their granduncle looked at them as he placed a hand on both of their heads as he looked at them.

“Royalty dwarves do not play in the streets, just look at you two, you’re a mess. Eloryan the finest gold necklace and Landuil a dagger crafted in the finest silver. He said putting a necklace on Eloryan and handing Landuil the dagger as he put it around his waist. Kili came to them as they walked on. Eloryan was looking at beautiful people as she spotted an elf as the elf was walking her way. She looked closer as she saw her mother and ran to her. Her mother picked her up as they walked to Kili as she came up to him. Eloryan poked him on the cheek as he turned and saw his wife as he kissed her and Tauriel put Eloryan down. the two siblings were about to run off as Tauriel looked at them and knelt to them.

“Where do you think your two are going?” She asked as she looked at them.

“We’re going to Raven’s.” Eloryan said as her brother nodded and Tauriel nodded.

“Alright, just don’t go to the Mirkwoods and you all better not be lying.” She said hugging them as they ran to Raven’s as Landuil ran past the house.


“I’m going on an adventure.”

“We promised mother.”

“Are you coming or not?”

“Fine.” Eloryan said as she ran after her brother as they came up a hill and they laid on it as they found a Orc camp. They were watching as Landuil snuck past his sister. She watched the Orcs as she was grabbed she shouted as her brother turned around.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” A man said. “Your mother came to me and said that you two were coming over, but Raven said you all didn’t get there so I knew where you all would of went.” He said as Landuil came to him as they walked to his house. Eloryan went to Raven as they were throwing rocks in the lake. the sun went down as Eloryan and Raven went to her room as they fell asleep. Kili came by to get his children as Landuil was following him and Kili got Eloryan as they went to Moria. Landuil went to his room as Kili took Eloryan to hers.

Years went by and the children are 10. They were testing their  weapons as Eloryan had the daggers, axe, and bow. and Landuil had the axe. They could finally go on adventures as Eloryan stayed away from the orcs. Before they left Kili gave her a stone.

“Return home to us.” He said as she nodded. they went off as Eloryan went to Rivendell as she was pestering Elrond. Landuil went through the land as he was slaughtering orcs. Eloryan went from Rivendell to find her brother as she help slaughter orcs. They came to Dale as Eloryan ran to Moria as she hugged her father and mother. Landuil and her went to the back as they were training with their uncle. They got down as Eloryan ran to her room as she put her stuff in the chest as she went to the throne room to see Thorin. Eloryan sat next to Thorin as he patted her head as she closed her eyes.


Chapter 10 The Heart left in Middle Earth

Eloryan opened her eyes as she was back in the dog dorm. She put the photo down and found the stone that her father gave her and the golden necklace that Thorin got her.

“I didn’t keep my promise for returning home.” She said clinching the stone and putting it to her chest. She closed her eyes as tears were seeping down her cheek. Mange’s spirit placed her hands on her shoulders as she told Eloryan it was going to be ok. Eloryan opened her eyes a she looked through the box as there was the ring that her brother Landuil gave her. She put all of them in her shoulder bag as she took the sheets from her bed, tying them, throwing them out the window and climbing down to the ground out side. She came to the bottom of the school as she ran to the borders. She looked around as she found the tunnel that she went through many times before as she went through. She came to Dale as a woman was talking to a man.

“Have you heard the Dwarf princess still hasn’t been found. The king and his kin are giving up hope for her return.” She said as Eloryan passed them. She came to the Moria Gates as she saw a woman and man walking as Eloryan got out a picture of her mother and father as she shouted out to them.

“Mother, Father!” She ran to them not knowing what would happen. They turned as they looked at her. Tauriel came to Eloryan as she placed her hand on her face.

“Eloryan, your home, My child, my little leaf.” She said hugging her daughter as Eloryan smiled.


“You can’t be her, you can’t be our little leaf. She was lost and never found.” Kili said as Eloryan looked at him.

“I’m here, I’m home, I will never leave you again. I will never brake my promises.” She said as she pulled out stone. Kili came to her as he saw the stone as he hugged her.

“Eloryan, you have returned.” He said as tears were filling his eyes as they hugged.

“Don’t cry father.” Eloryan said as they all stood there.

“The king with love to see you.” Tauriel said as she went to Thorin. He saw them inter the throne room as he stood as he saw Eloryan and she ran to him. He stood in front of her as he smiled and placed his hand on her neck as he placed his forehead on hers and they smiled.

“Granduncle.” She said as the king laughed.

“You are loved by many and you found your way home like the true Misty Mountain Dwarves. You are truly one of my kin.” He said as she smiled and hugged him. She looked at Thorin as he smiled as he went back to his throne. Eloryan walked from the throne room as she went to her room and put the stuff from her bag in her chest as she got her daggers and bow and put on her dark Pastel Green dwarf armor as she met up the the other dwarf guards. They went out of Moria Gates as they walked to Dale and Eloryan told them of Orcs that are getting near Dale. They all nodded as she got her map and found Fangorn. They started walking as they came to Lorien and there were Orcs as they climbed the trees and jumping tree to tree. They went past the Orcs as Eloryan saw the Field of Celebrant. She was looking around as a giant white wolf came from the forest. She drew her daggers and everyone drew their bow as Eloryan told them to hold their fire. She saw something on the back of the wolf, but it wasn’t an Orc. It came to them as they stood their ground.

“Who are you, state your business.” She said as the figure got down from the wolf and the guards were ready to shoot as the figure came to Eloryan. She flipped her daggers ready to strike. The figure grabbed the daggers and threw them from Eloryan’s hand. One guard shot his arrow as the figure grabbed the arrow and snapped it with one hand.

“What do you want?” Eloryan said as the figure looked at her.

“Do you not remember your old companion?” It said taking off it’s helmet as a girl stood there. She picked up the daggers and gave them to Eloryan.

“Am I post to remember you?” She asked as the girl laughed.

“I’m Raven, I combined with the animatronic Lethal.” She said as Eloryan remembered as they hugged.

“There are Orcs coming closer to Dale and the Mirkwoods. It won’t be long till we have war with them again.” Eloryan said as one guard shot is arrow as the others followed his move. “Did, I tell you to shoot!?” Eloryan said as she turned to see Orcs running from the woods. “Fire, don’t let them pass!” She shouted as she shot her arrows and Raven told the wolf to kill as she ran and jumped on it’s back and was slaughtering the Orcs. Eloryan found the leader of the Orcs as she ran to him as she was dodging his strikes and he was dodging hers. She spun as he grabbed her by the neck. She gasped as she looked at him as she was kicking trying to get down.

“There will be war for the the Misty Mountains. We are coming for your king and we will kill him. Go tell your king that the war of Orcs and Dwarves is coming and he can’t run form it.” He said dropping Eloryan as he jumped on his wolf and went to Gondor. Eloryan rubbed her throat as the guards came to her.

“Eloryan?” They said helping her as she shoved them away.

“Get off, I’m fine!” She shouted as Raven came to her asking her what the Orc said as Eloryan snapped at Raven.

“Raven, I’m sorry for snapping, I…” She said as Raven got on her wolf and went to the school. “Raven!” She shouted out to her as she vanished behind the mountain. They came to Thorin as Eloryan went to the king as she knelt.

“What is it?” Thorin said as Eloryan stood from kneeling.

“The Orcs have attacked us as the leader told me to tell you that the war is on and you will die once and for all.” She said as Thorin placed his hand on her head.

“Very well, let it be so. I will defend this land as my kin have many years.”

“My lord I pledge to keep you safe.” Eloryan said kneeling as Thorin picked her up.

“I’m not having my grandniece pledge herself to my safety.” He said as he placed his forehead on hers as he demised her as she went to train.


Chapter 11 Five nights at war

The time came and the war was inching closer. Eloryan was training with her father as she was ready. She came to the front of the gates as she stood there.

“Eloryan, you know the war it isn’t among us yet.” Thorin said coming up to her and placing a hand on her head.

“Do you think that we will win the war?” She asked looking at him.

“Of course, I’m not going to let those Orcs take our home from us. I’m not losing this home again. Come, let’s go.” He said as they went inside and Eloryan went to her room. She looked out past the mountains as she looked at Gondor as she saw a light. She got up from her bed and came to her window as she saw smoke.

In Gondor the Orcs were getting ready for war as the leader came to everyone.

“This is the end of the dwarves, the rise of Orcs are among us! We will claim the mountains as our own! Our king has died, but the dwarf king will pay for his actions. The dwarves will know the wrath of the Orcs!” He shouted as the other shouted out as they could of been heard from miles.

Eloryan watched as she went to her bed and fell asleep. The next day came with a braes as everyone was getting armor on and get their weapons as Eloryan ran from her room with her armor, daggers, and bow as she came to Thorin. Tauriel soon came to her.

“You’re not going to fight. This is with the old generation.” She said as Eloryan looked at her mother.

“All dwarves protect their home. I will not just set by as the Orcs come and fight.” She said as Thorin came to them.

“Tauriel, let her fight, she is worthy. She wants to protect her home. I will make sure she stays safe.” He said as Tauriel sighed.  Eloryan ran from the gates as she came to Bard’s house.

“Raven, Raven!” She shouted as Landuil came from the gate of Dale as he was followed by Raven.

“You guys are here.” She said running to them and hugged them.

“We heard the the orcs were restless.” Raven said as Landuil came to Eloryan.

“I got her to come. She was about to leave the people helpless. I came to make sure she came to fight and I wanted to fight along with my sister.” He said as Eloryan smiled.

“I’m glad you two came to help.” She said as they all went to the dwarves as Raven got dwarf armor that was black,gray,and red as Landuil had armor that was green, black, and silver. Valkiss and Fredrik came walking in as the dwarves were getting ready.

“We’re here to help.” They said as Raven ran to Fejrik and hugged him.

“Thanks for coming, both of you.” She said as Fejrik smiled.

Alright, Everyone, let’s move out.” Thorin said as the dwarves went to Fangorn. They walked as Eloryan climbed a tree as she went to the top as she looked over the forest and saw the Orcs.

“The Orcs are coming.” She said jumping down to the ground as they moved on. They came to a clearing and the orcs soon came up to them. It began to snow as the Orc leader shouted as the others ran to the dwarves as Landuil went to a tree as he was shooting his bow and arrow. Raven jumped onto her wolf as she went by slaughtering the Orcs. Eloryan shot her bow as she was shooting four arrows at one time over and over as orcs fell. She ran through the orcs with her daggers as she freed their wretched heads from their rotted body. Thorin ran through killing many as he found the leader. Many of the orcs have fallen and many dwarves did as well. Thorin was fighting with the leader as Eloryan saw as she slaughter the Orcs as she came toward him. She was getting ambushed by orcs as she was fighting them. Landuil shot the orcs from a tree as he lost sight of his sister in the battle. He was looking for her and shooting orcs. Eloryan was fighting as she came through the Orcs and had site on the Orc and Thorin as she got her bow and shot it at the orc, but his armor reflected it. She shot many arrows as she ran out. She went to reach for one as she dropped her bow and grabbed her daggers as she ran at the orc. The orc saw her coming as other orcs were coming from both sides of the leader. She was battling them as she heard the shouts from Thorin as she killed the orcs and saw him and the blade of the orc straight through him as he fell to the ground. Eloryan shouted as she ran to Thorin’s side. She knelt to him and called his name. He raised his hand to her face and smiled as it slowly fell to the ground. She shouted as she was crying. Kili saw her and shouted to her.

“Thorin Oakenshield is dead!” The Orc shouted as Eloryan looked up as she picked up Thorin’s axe as she ran at the orc shouting. She jumped from a rock as she threw the axe back. The orc turned as he shoved the blade into her abdomen and as the axe fell into the orc’s head as they both fell. Eloryan fell on her back as Kili ran to her.

“Father, I couldn’t keep my promises. I felid you.” She said as he held her head.

“You didn’t felid me, you kept your promises.” He said as Tauriel came to her.

“Mother, why does it hurt, why does it burn.” Eloryan said as Raven ran to her.

“Eloryan, Mange!” She said falling to her knees.

“Mange, get up, get up!” Lethal said as Mange opened her eyes as she looked around. She looked as she saw ashes falling from the sky. She walked as she found Eloryan laying on the ground.



“Get up, you need to get up, please.” Mange said as Eloryan looked up at her.

“I’m weak, I can’t move.”  She said as she felt a hand on her arm.

“Eloryan, you need to get up. I don’t think I can live if you’re not with me. You’re my sister and I will always be there for you.” The voice said as she woke as she found herself in her room. She sat up as she looked around.

“Eloryan, your up. There’s someone here to see you.” Legolas said as Landuil came in from outside.

“Eloryan. I found this on the battlefield.” He said showing her the golden necklace that Thorin got her as she cried. Landuil hugged her.

“I don’t want this, knowing that my lord gave me this. I want to leave this land and go far far away. He used to tell me, “May you be as wise as Elves, as merry as hobbits, as faithful as dwarves, and as brave as humans.” He would tell me everyday, before I went on adventures.” She said putting the necklace down as she stood up She walked to the window as Mange showed in her reflection. “Can you all leave I want to be alone.” She said as they nodded and left. Kili came to her and kissed the top of her head as he left the room. Mange looked at her as tears were seeping down Eloryan’s face.

“You don’t need to cry. Thorin loved you as he did with all his kin.” Mange said.

“Just buzz off.”

“I do know how it feels when you lose someone. I lost many of my friends.” Mange said as Eloryan walked from the window and went to her desk.

“I should of seen this coming.”

“It’s ok, he still with you and everyone.”

“No he’s not!” Eloryan shouted as she slapped Mange as she came to her. “Just leave me. I don’t need you.”  She shouted as Mange back up and vanished. Eloryan got her map and her pin as she wrote, “The Dwarf king fell.” She wrote as she climbed from her window and went to Caradhras. She came there as she came to a snowy patch as she fell into the snow. She closed her eyes as she was melting all the sadness away. Footsteps were crunching in the snow as Eloryan opened an eye as she saw a boy walking through the snow. He was wearing a green cape with a green hood. He had a gray mask as his eyes shimmered a faint yellow. He wear a green shirt with brown shoulder pads and gloves. He had brown pants with an battle axe on his back with a bow and arrow. He walked as he spotted something pastel green laying in the snow as he came to her. He knelt to her as she opened her eyes as her eyes focused. She sat up fast as he looked at her.

“Who are you and what are you doing up in the snow?” He asked her as she looked at him then at the mountains.

“I’m Eloryan, I ran away from the Moria Gates of the Misty Mountains.” She said as he sat next to her.

“Why would you run away?”

“The Dwarf king fell from Orcs. I wanted to be with him, I wanted to protect him. He’s my kin.”

“You don’t need to kill yourself. He’s looking down at you. I did the same thing when my grandfather died. I wanted to stay with him.” He said as Eloryan looked at him as he took of his mask.

“Who are you?” She asked as he took off his hood as his faint yellow hair was as long as an elf.

“I’m Tinawyn, the wood elf prince. I live with my father in the Mirkwoods. I’m an Orc hunter I roam the lands and clear the orcs from this world.” He said as Eloryan sat up as she brushed the snow off of her. She began to freeze as Tinawyn took off his caped and placed it on her as he buckled it as he put the hood on her head. She curled up in it as she had a slight smile, but it vanished as she saw the Northern lights. “They said the Northern light holds the souls of the fallen kings.” He said as Eloryan looked at the sky. Eloryan stood as she got her map out She started to walk down from Caradhras and was heading to the Moria Gates. She was walking as Tinawyn came with her. “I’ll take you there. I’m heading to the Mirkwoods anyway.” He said as she nodded as she gave him his cape. She walked as her hair shined in the light and her pastel green elf dress flowed in the wind as Tinawyn looked at her. They went past Rhudaur and the Last Bridge. They finally came to Dale as Landuil was there with Raven. They looked at Eloryan as Landuil ran to her as he pulled her away from Tinawyn.

“You bastard. you think you could come back here after running out on us?” He said looking at the elf.

“Grandfather had died. I didn’t know how to cope with that.” Tinawyn said as Eloryan went to Raven.

“You betrayed the dwarves as you and your family turned their back to us as we were falling.” Landuil said as Eloryan rolled her eyes and went to Moria Gates. Raven went home to Bard as the elf and dwarf were bickering. Eloryan climbed to her window as she sat at her desk. Mange came to her as she sat on the desk.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“yes.” Eloryan said.


Chapter 12 Unlikely Skin Shifter

Raven came to Eloryan as she was setting at her desk.

“Hey, you want to go to the pub?” Raven asked as Eloryan looked at her.


“Come on, we turn to age and you don’t want to get some drinks.” She said as she grabbed Eloryan and they headed out to Moria as they came to Dale. They came to the pub as they walked in. They went to the bar as they sat. Raven got a Russian Volga. Eloryan got some mead as a boy walked in and sat at the end of the bar. Eloryan looked at him as he was wearing a faint blue and want light blue shirt. the left was light blue and the right was faint blue. he have black pants and belt as he had a great silver sword. He had a ring on his left hand and a dark brown glove on the the right. his long gray hair was flowing in his face as the back was put in a ponytail. His eyes were a glassy blue as the left one had a mark on it that looked like the dark lord from many years ago. He got a shot of whisky and a glass of nectar. He was drinking as his left arm was tensing up as he knocked over the glasses. He stood up placing gold on the bar and went outside. Eloryan watched him leave as everyone heard a dragon shout as everyone ran out as they saw a dark faint blue dragon with light faint blue underbelly and face as it was flying over Mordor as it vanished into the sky.

“Did you all see that dragon?” Fejrik said running up to the girls followed by Valkiss.

“Yeah.” Raven said as Eloryan ran to Moria. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to tell Thorin!” She shouted as she ran. She came to the gate of Moria as she went in. She went to her room as she got her bow, daggers, and placed her armor on. Her brother came in as he saw her hooking her holster on to her side and placing their father’s sword in it.

“What are you doing?” He asked as she turned to face him.

“I’m going on an adventure.” She said as he nodded.

“I’m coming to then.” He said as he ran to his room and got his axe. They came to front of Moria as they want from there to Dale as they went from there as they followed the path to Mordor. They came to Mordor as the tower where the eye once stood was just rubble and they walked further. they heard shouting of a dragon as they ran to the source as the found they blue dragon. It was walking around shouting as they knelt so it wouldn’t spot them as the dragon shifted into a boy. he fell to the ground as he wasn’t moving. a woman came to him as she knelt to him.

“You’re just like your father. You’re getting reckless.” She said as the boy sat up.

“How can I use this for good if I can’t even control it.” He said as the woman placed a hand on his head.

“You’ll learn to control it. Your father has and you can to.” She said as the boy walked off as he smelled Dwarves. He went in one direction and came to the siblings from behind. He crossed his arms as he spoke in a deep voice.

“What are you doing in my realm, you Dwarves.” They both turned to face him.

“We seen a dragon fly over Dale as we came to find it.” Eloryan said as her brother looked at her.

“Have you come here to kill the dragon?” the boy asked as Eloryan shook her head as the boy stood there.

“We are the kin to Thorin Oakenshield. I’m Eloryan and this is Landuil.” She said as Landuil looked at her in shock.

“Sister, don’t say that.” He said as the boy crossed his arms.

“Blenyc, where are you my son.” A woman said as the boy looked over.

“Mother, I told you I’m Nevada, not Blenyc.” He shouted.

“I’m the one who named you not your father.” She said walking to him as the Dwarves stood as she came to her son. Landuil hunched down as the woman came to them. She saw the dwarves as Eloryan looked at her.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“We saw a dragon fly over Dale as we followed it.” Eloryan said as she kicked her brother up. He stood as the woman looked at the two dwarves.

“Come you all must be hungry.” She said as she took the two to the dining room as they sat. Nevada sat there glaring at the two.

“Don’t think this changes anything.” He said as his mother came in with meat that covered a pan as she sat it down.

“Dig in.” She said as they all ate.

“This is good. What is it?” Landuil said taking a hand full of the meat.

“It’s Dwarf.” She said as Landuil shouted as he spit the it out. Eloryan looked at the woman as she smiled. Eloryan stood as she got her brother and they ran from the dining room.

“Their going to kill us!” Landuil shouted as they came outside. They ran as Nevada came from the house as he shifted as he landed in front of them. Eloryan drew her daggers as did Landuil as he shifted.

“I’m not going to kill you.” He said as Eloryan withdrew her daggers. “My mother gets crazy. She only does that if I’m in the room or my father. I don’t eat people not like my father.”

“How can we trust you?” Landuil said as Nevada lifted his shirt to show a scar.

“My father gave me this, when I didn’t want to be like him. He ripped my scales from this spot. My aunt came to Mordor and took me to Bree and I lived there till I turned into the dragon.” He said putting his shirt down.

“You’re father is cruel and a murderer.” Eloryan said as Nevada looked at her.

“We need to get home.” Landuil said as they ran back to Moria as they went to their room. “You like him?”


“Oh, come on, I seen your face when he pulled his shirt up.”

“That’s stupid, he’s the son of Dragon fire.” She said as she went to her room and fell onto her bed.


Chapter 13 Company of The Scale

Two weeks went by day after day as Eloryan and Landuil were in Rivendell as Fredrik, Valkiss, Raven, Nevada, a wizard and three Khajiits came to Rivendell. The five beings of Skyrim came to the wizard as Raven was wearing a hide jacket, black pants and boots. Her shirt was gray as her hair was pinned in the back like her father’s. She was cleaning her sword as she saw Nevada coming to the circle as he was wearing a faint blue neck tank top with a evergreen cape like the elves of the woods. He had black pants and boots. He wore arm bands that hid his scale arm. He sat in a chair as The werewolf brothers came in wearing companion armor as the Khajiits were wearing peasant clothing as they sat next to the wizard that had a dark faint yellow cloak. Everyone sat as Eloryan came in following Elrond. She was wearing a pastel blue elf dress that was laced at the ends. The collar of the dress came to her neck as her hair was braided on the top and the sides as it connected in the back as the parts that wasn’t braided were curled. She sat next the Elrond as he stood.

“Welcome everyone from many lands far from here. Skyrim, Freddy’s, Halo, and Middle earth. We are here for these Three cats that have something that must be destroyed.” He said as everyone looked at the Khajiits.

“Bring forth the World Eater’s scale.” Leon said as he stood next to the cats. One of the Khajiits stood as she came to the podium that was in the middle of the circle and placed the scale down. As she unwrapped it from a hanky. She sat back down as Leon patted her head as Elrond sat down. “This scale must be destroyed and gone from history…” Leon said as Landuil stood.

“Then let’s destroy it now!” He shouted as he ran to the scale as he slammed his axe at the scale as the axe broke and Landuil fell back as Eloryan came to him.

“This scale, can’t be destroyed as easy as many. I have read a book on this scale. The scale of the World Eater must be taken to his birthplace and must be destroyed by another dragon.” She said as Leon spoke again.

“The Dovahkiin must go with the barrier of the scale.”

“Then why can’t mother take it?” Valkiss said.

“She tried, but she was nearly killed trying to get it there. the scale consumes the body if it is touched. Mother told me to put it somewhere safe and then these three cats came along and found the scale. How it didn’t consume your body is a mystery.” He said as he sat down and Elrond stood.

“Alright who shall take the ring to Skyrim and destroy it?” He asked as Blenyc. stood

“I shall go, the scale won’t hurt me. I am one.” He said as Landuil looked at him and stood.

“I will not see a skin shifter take the scale there!” He shouted as they bickered as everyone got into the argument. The three cats sat there as the girl looked at it.

“Cissa, Cissa, bring me mine lost scale so I could be strong again.” A faint voice said coming from the scale as Cissa stood and shouted

“I’ll take it. I shall destroy it!” Everyone stopped bickering at they looked at the cat.

“Very well. Who shall go with the cat to keep her safe.” Elrond said Wrapping the scale up.

“I shall, I’m the only one that can speak Dovah.” Leon said walking to them.

“We will, you have our sense of direction.” The werewolf brother’s said.

“You have my sword.” Raven said walking to them.

“You have my daggers and my wisdom.” Eloryan said as she walked to them.

“You have me axe.” Landuil said.

“You will have my safety.” The wizard said standing next to the three cats.

“And you have my claws that are swords,my teeth that are spears, and my wings that are hurricanes.” Blenyc said walking to the cats as Elrond looked at the 11 companions.

“You shall be called, “The Company of The scale”.” He said as everyone bowed and they walked off.

“There is a tunnel that will get us to Skyrim faster.” Eloryan said as they followed her through the Misty Mountains as they came to Sir. Ningior, past the river and walked through dale as they found the tunnel as they walked in. Eloryan closed the door as the wizard lit a torch as they walked on. In the tunnel Valkiss took them through as they came to a path as they took the one on the right as they found themselves in Skyrim. The came from the tunnel as they were outside of the Companions.

“We’re home, come we need to speak with mother. If anyone knows where to find Aldwen’s birth place she will.” Leon said as everyone went to the front of the companions as they went in. They went to the Harbinger’s holders as they found her at her desk looking at the map and reading a book as she was writing in another book as there were dragon scales and bones on the desk with more books and potions.

“Mother?” Valkiss said as she turned.

“My boys, your home, who are them?” She said looking at everyone.

“We don’t have time. We need to know how to get the birthplace of Aldwen. Mother we need you.” Leon said as she stood.

“I’m weak, I can’t even defend this land from the dragons. They are coming and I can’t stop them.” She said as Valkiss and Fejrik came to her and hugged her.


“Can you show us the way on the map?” Eloryan asked as Blenyc came up to her

“Yes, I can show you, but you will need a dragon to get there.” She said as she drew a mark on Eloryan’s map. Eloryan nodded and they left the companions and whiterun as they came to a clearing as Blenyc shifted into a dragon.

“I can not carry all of you.” He said.

“I will call for another.” Leon said as he shout and a dragon landed down.

“hahaha, Dovahkiin you have summoned me once more.” The dragon said as he looked around. “There is no dove, who called me!” He shouted.

“I did.”

“You, who are you?”

“I’m the son of the Dovahkiin.” Leon said as the dovahkiin looked at him and then at Blenyc.

“We need your help.” Blenyc said in a deep voice.

“You betrayed your kind.”

“I’m not from this land!” Blenyc shouted as the ground shook.

“You will help us for your choose depends on the distortion of the World Eater.”

“I helped your mother and I shall help you for your worthy as she.” The dovahkiin said. “Get on my back and I shall take you to Aldwen’s birth place.” He said as Leon, Cissa, and the wizard got in his back. Blenyc stood there as Eloryan, Landuil, Raven, and the werewolf brothers got on his back. The dragons flew off as Blenyc followed the other as they came to the birthplace of Aldwen. Cissa had the scale as she was escorted to the top of the tower as the scale began to speak once more.

“The other’s don’t want to see the scale be destroyed. their making you give it back to Aldwen.” The scale said as the cat stepped back. “That’s it, bring it to grave.”

“Cissa, stop!” Eloryan shouted running to her. “You must destroy it, not give it to him.” She said as she grabbed Cissa’s hand. Eloryan stood there as she saw Aldwen. She flew back as she fell to the ground and Blenyc came to Cissa as she was about to place the scale on the grave.

“No, that’s the grave of Aldwen. He’s trying to get you to bring him back to life!” He shouted as he picked her up and took her to the place where Aldwen was born as she placed it there The dragons of the land came all together as they blasted the scale with fire. The scale was burned and gone as there was a crack and the ground was shaking. “We need to get out of here, now!” Leon Shouted as everyone got on the back of the dovahkiin as Blenyc shifted. Landuil got on his back as he held his sister as they all flew to Whiterun. They came to the gate of write run as Blenyc shifted into a boy and the dovahkiin flew off. The  khajiits went to the camp of the other  khajiits. Everyone went to the companions as the three brother came to their mother. Blenyc took Eloryan from Landuil as they came to the harbinger. The harbinger took Eloryan to her bed and laid her down.

“Valkiss get my potions, plants and roots.” She said as Valkiss ran to get the stuff and came back as the harbinger was helping Eloryan.


Chapter 14 Not so far

Mange woke as she found herself in a place of darkness. She got up as she was walking the halls as she heard shouting as she ran to it. She ran into a room as she found Eloryan. Eloryan sat up as she saw Saruman standing there.

“Your  post to be dead.” She said standing as she ran to him as he grabbed her.

“Let her go!” Mange shouted as she heard shouting of many people. Mange came to where there were shouting as she saw everyone from all five lands. “You’re a monster!” She shouted as Eloryan heard Blenyc as she looked out from the hole in the room as she saw an Orcs kill him along with her family and friends.

“No!” She shouted as she fell to the ground crying.

“Why are you doing this?” Mange said coming to Eloryan.

“To see everyone suffer.” He said as Eloryan cried.

“You monster!” She shouted shaking her head as she ran to him and he grabbed her. There was a light blue light as Saruman fell. Eloryan turned to see an unexpected site.

Blenyc was standing there with no shirt, but he had black pants on with his boots. His hair was flowing as he looked at them.

“Blenyc, what is going on, I saw you die?” Eloryan said as he pointed out side the room as there was a white doe as it stared at them.

“The doe will show the way back. My love.” He whispered as he vanished.

“Eloryan, the doe is moving.” Mange said as she stood and they ran after the stag. The stag led them to a door as Mange opened it. they all walked through as they found themselves in the mountain of Mordor.

“Where is this doe taking us?” Eloryan asked as they came to Dale and went through the tunnels. The doe stopped and turned as Eloryan and mange was lifted and placed into the doe as spirits.

“What’s happening.” They shouted as they heard a voice.

“You shall not be afraid. I am your spirit. You are the white doe. I will take you to where you desire, but it will be up to you to show yourself the power to come back from the land far from this one.” Eloryan stopped shouting as she closed her eyes as she remembered of her mother’s words and let herself become the doe.

“My child find your spirit and where the light goes out and you think everything is lost there will be a light to show your way. You hold the white doe and it will show you the way to your love.” Her mother said as Eloryan opened her eyes as her body was as light as air and her eyes shimmer a milky white. She walked through the tunnels as she came to whiterun. She walked to the companions as she went walking into the building and down to the harbinger. She came to the harbinger as everyone looked at the doe as she came to Eloryan’s side and laid on the bed next to her as she kissed her forehead. The doe and Eloryan vanished as everyone looked around.

“Where is she, what did that doe do!” Raven shouted in the voice of lethal as her sister was gone as well.

“My sister is in realm of time. We went long age on adventure, but we never went back.” Landuil said as Blenyc stood there.

“Where is this place!” Raven shouted as Blenyc spoke.

“It’s in middle earth in Mordor, but Dragon fire is the only one who can get there.” Blenyc said as Raven up to him and grabbed him.

“I want my sister, Now!” She shouted in Lethals voice as he unleashed her from his neck.

“I will take you all there, but I doubt I can help you any further.”

“We will find a way.” Fejrik said coming to them as Raven hugged him.

“Let’s go.” Blenyc said as they came outside and he shifted as they got on his back and he flew then to Mordor.

In the land of time Eloryan stood there as there was many white stags and does and Mange was standing on a hill as she saw Eloryan. She ran to her as she hugged Eloryan and she hug her back.

“I’m free, I’m no longer a spirit.” Mange said as Eloryan smile.

“I’m glad for you.” Eloryan said as the ground shook and cracked. “Mange!” She shouted as Mange jumped to the other side as Eloryan was about to jump as the land around her fell into darkness as Eloryan was left on a single piece of land as she fell to her knees.

“Eloryan!” Landuil shouted as Lethal seen Mange and she told Blenyc to put her down. He landed as Raven jumped off and hugged Mange and spoke in lethal’s voice.

“Mange, your still alive.” She said as Mange hugged her back.

“Everyone stay here I’ll get Eloryan.” Blenyc said as he flew off as he came by Eloryan. “Eloryan, get on, I’ll take you home.” He said as Eloryan looked scared and afraid.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Blenyc.”

“Stay away from me you monster!” She shouted as the ground shook again as she fell onto it. The land became smaller as Eloryan sat on her knees.

“Trust me, I won’t let you fall.” Blenyc said as Eloryan placed her hand on his nose as the ground shook and started to crumble as Eloryan started to fall. She screamed as Landuil shouted out to her and Blenyc caught her. He took her to the land where Mange was as a white doe came to Eloryan and kissed her as it vanished within.

“You found your place and Mange is free. Lethal will be free as you all go back to the school.” The doe said as Eloryan fainted. Blenyc caught her as he held her and everything went dark.


Chapter 15 Just a nightmare… so they thought

Everyone woke as they found themselves in their birthplace. Eloryan and Landuil were in Moria of Misty Mountains. Blenyc was in Halls of Thranduil of Mirkwood, Raven was in Dale, Fejrik, Valkiss, and Leon was in the hands of the companions in Whiterun, and Mange and Lethal were in the halls of Freddy Fazbear’s pizza. The dwarf siblings came from their room as they went to the dining room where all the dwarves were eating. They sat down as they enjoyed the meal of kings. In Mirkwood in the Hall of Thranduil Blenyc woke to the small oak. He sat up as he looked at his arm to see the scales of the dragon as he raised his shirt to see scales and the scar.

“Blenyc, come your father is waiting for you.” Thranduil said coming in as Blenyc Remembered of his childhood. A witch of Mordor cursed him of a Skin Shifter and she made him think that his father was Dragon fire. He put on his faint dark blue shirt and black pants and boots. He put his holster on as he placed his sword in it. He walked down as his father was waiting for him with his brother, Tinawyn. They walked out as Legolas went one way and the brothers went to Dale. In Dale Raven woke to hear her father as she went down stairs to see Eloryan standing there. Raven came to her as they high five and they went out side. They saw two elves walking as they walked to Rivendell. They came to Rivendell as Eloryan was playing the flute as Elrond was talking to Raven as the two elves came to him.

“Elrond, you called for us. They said as he turned to them.

“Yes, you two, Raven, and Eloryan will go to the land of Skyrim and find the thief that took my crown and bring it back to me.” He said as Two creatures came up to Elrond as the eldest spoke.

“What do you want. Our mother said you wanted to speak with us.”

“Yes, all of you will go to Skyrim to find these thieves.” He said as the youngest of the creatures spoke to the others.

“Hi, I’m Mange and this is my sister Lethal.” She said as Eloryan came to them.

“I’m Eloryan, this is Raven, and that is Landuil.” She said as the elf brother looked at them all.

“I’m Tinawyn and this in my brother Blenyc. He was cursed by a witch.” He said as they bowed.

“You all shall go and become new friends. After you all return the crown the headmaster of a school would love to speak to you all for entry to the school.” Elrond said as Eloryan hugged him.

“We will bring the crown back to you.” She said as she got her map and she got everyone to follow her. They came to Dale as they went through a tunnel and came straight to Skyrim. They came to a path as they were looking to where the should go. They stood there was two boys ran into Lethal and Raven as they both shouted.

“Hay, what’s the big deal!?”

“Nothing, our bad.” One boy said.

“We were being chased by a dragon, it was just over the way.” The other said pointing in the direction of it. There was a shout as the ground shook.

“It’s coming.” The first one said as they stood and ran to the town. Everyone followed as Eloryan drew her daggers and Blenyc turned to see her standing there.

“Come on, you can’t defend that dragon off by yourself.” He said as she looked at him.

“Who said I was alone?” She said he looked around.

“Everyone.” He said as she saw everyone running to the town She ran father the as Blenyc ran after her. He looked behind as the dragon was about to pick them up as he ducked from the claws of the dragon as he took Eloryan with him as she looked at him as her face was turning red as the dragon landed as She screamed as the dragon was ready to blast fire as Blenyc turned and blew ice at the dragon as it stepped back and Blenyc turned into a faint blue dragon. He was attacking the dragon as Eloryan stood as Landuil grabbed her and they ran to the gate of the city. Dragon was blamed into the ground as Blenyc ripped it’s neck as he killed the dragon as he turned back to the son of an elf. Tinawyn ran to him as his brother fell to the ground.

“Is he ok?” Eloryan asked running to him.

“He’ll be fine.” Tinawyn said as the soul of the dragon was absorbed by a boy that was standing on the other side of the path. The two boys from earlier ran to the boy that desired the dragon’s soul.

“Leon!” They shouted as Leon looked at the others.

“What s going on here, who are you people.” He said as he came to everyone that was standing by the fallen dragon as Blenyc stood up.

“We are the beings of Middle Earth.” Tinawyn said as Lethal looked at them.

“I’m Lethal, this is Mange, Eloryan, Raven, Landuil, Tinawyn, Blenyc.” She said as the three boys looked at them.

“I’m Leon, This is the second youngest Fejrik, and the youngest is Valkiss.” He said as they bowed.

“Come, I’ll take you to our mother, She will know what to do with you all.” Valkiss said as he led them all through the gates of Whiterun and to the companions. Fejrik came to Raven as she looked at him and walked faster.

“Have we met before?” He asked as she shook her head as she came up to Eloryan that helping Blenyc stand.

“Thanks for helping me.”

“That’s what friends are for .”

“You think of me as your friend?”

Of course, Everyone, here’s my friend. maybe not from this land but another.” She said as Blenyc remembered, they all remembered of a land far from this where everything was different.

“Here we are.” Valkiss said as they all walked in to see a man standing there. “Father, where mother?” He asked as she came to them.

“Oh, you all are back. Come.” She said as everyone looked at her then at each other as they followed her.” Here everyone drink this. Elrond told me of you all coming.” She said handing everyone a shot of remembering potion. They drank it as everything went black. They all woke in the school as they woke. Lethal, Mange, Eloryan, and Raven woke by each other as they were not bounded. The werewolf brothers, Leon woke as did everyone else. They walked from the dog dorm as Eloryan was looking for the elf brothers. She called out for them as someone grabbed her from behind as she turned her head to see Blenyc. He placed her down as she turned and hugged her. Raven hugged Fejrik as he kissed her. Lethal placed her arm around her sister as they all heard the bell rang. They walked as the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood came to them all.

“You all I wanted to say sorry for the way I acted. It seems that the Dark Brotherhood is history.” She said followed by the boy.

“We have no contracts with you, so if you could forgive us we would put this behind us.” He said as everyone looked at him.

“Well, everything we went through I guess we can, but if you are lying we will let our dragon out on you.” Valkiss and Blenyc came forth as Eloryan saw Elrond walking as she jumped down to him.

“Elrond, you knew of this, didn’t you? You knew if we went to the Harbinger she would give us a potion to return our memories.” She said as he nodded and smiled as she hugged him.

“Where are the children of the dwarves, elf, and bowman.” A man said was her was standing with with a dwarf and two elves. Raven, The elf brothers and The dwarf sibling looked as they seen their parents. They ran to them as they hugged them.

“All Five lands have come to become one. You all will have new teachers that with help you in different classes.” The headmaster said on the intercom as the bell rang and they all went to their classes.


Author’s Note

I wrote this book in honor of all the games I’ve played over the years and the lord of the rings bringing my imagination to the top. I will never forget the joy these things brought me.