Life of Tala

Life of Tala

By: Misty Crump
















In ancient times the animals and humans lived in harmony thanks to the Spirits. Now since the humans are destroying the forest, the animals and the spirits of the forest are being driven out of their homes. The spirit wolves and the spirit deers are staying in the remaining parts of the forest and the deers are replanting the trees, but the humans just keep cutting them down. Before the humans, the forest was rolling in life and everyone was at harmony.


In the north from the west. A Village of humans that are far from the west. Lives a boy name Jason, his father, and the other villagers. One day Jason and his spirit owl, Sky, went to scout the area for demons. Flying through the trees he came to his village when his father ran up to him.

“Son you are wanted by the elders of the clan.” Jason’s father said coming up to him.

“Ok,” He said going off to the elders as he heard the guards shouting at the wolf spirits.

“What was that?” A wolf said known as Enyeto as looking at the girl.

“I’m not sure.” The girl said. She had wolf features and wore a salmon shirt with teal sleeves, a dark brown skirt with black legions, she had brown hair, which was hanging down with a black headband holding back her bangs. The headband had the wolf symbol of Wind on it and it was slanted to the side. She had ash color fur with teal inside her ears, and white muzzle.

“Tala, Let’s go.” A wolf known as Adahy said in a lower growl as a man came to them.

“Where do you think you all are going!” He said running to them.

“Who are you to talk to us like that?!” Adahy said growling.

“I’m the Clan leader’s second in command and you will obey me you wolf!” The man said.

“You dare speak to the Southern wolf clan like that you human!” Adahy growled. The spirit boar growled as he came through the trees and they began to rot as he stepped.

“Lord Terran stop you don’t need to become a dark beast. Old Mighty Lord of The Earth!” The girl known as Tala yelled jumping from Adahy’s back and running to the old lord.

“Stop, don’t touch him!”Jason yelled running to her. In the commotion Jason was touched by the demon. Jason used his curse blade to send the demon back to where it had come from.

“Tala!” Adahy said coming to Tala. Adahy came to her and he put Tala on his back and left Jason. Jason’s brother came to him and got the grand elder of the village.

“Jason, you will no longer have the owl, you now hold the black stag, Oldyack from the spirit realm. “You know what this means, do you not?” The elder said.

“Yes, I must leave the village and never return.” Jason said standing and as he did the poison that was in his shoulder struck pain throughout his whole arm.

“My son, take this it will sooth the poison.” The elder said as Jason took the jug of tree sap. “This sap is from the heart of the forest.” The elder said as Jason left the village on his black stag. Going through the forest he was heading to the west to speak with the Black Coats.


In the Southern wolf pack the wolf pups and their mother went to hunt as they found the people from the building in the west.



Jason and Oldyack ran through the trees as he saw tree spirits leaving the forest.

“Tree spirits, what are you doing, why are you leaving?” He asked as the tree spirits replied,

“There is nothing here for us. Every time we plant trees the humans cut them down. They send monsters to kill us. To many of the deers are  dead or were consumed by the darkness.


(On the other side of the forest)

Hehewuti, the wolf mother, saw that the leader of the Black Coats had a spirit bear and they were bringing it back to a building that was called the Black Death Prison. The wolf mother had been there before, but she escaped and she told her children stories of the building and told them to stay away. Hehewuti told her three children to stay at the back of the line as she went to the start of the line and told them to wait till the signal. Hehewuti howled and Adahy, Tala, and Enyeto, ran to where the spirit bear was, but there were too many guards shooting at them and they fell back.

“That’s it? That wasn’t that much.” One guard said.

“They were just pups, wait till you see their mother.” Zach said as Hehewuti came to the line of soldiers to kill Zach (the leader). As Hehewuti was running at Zach she knocked many guards off the cliff and Zach shot her and she fell to the bottom of the cliff.

“She’s dead!” The guards shouted with happiness.

“Remember it takes more than one shot to kill a spirit.” Zach said as he ordered the guards to move on. As the wolf pups came to their mother.

Jason was riding Oldyack when he saw a man in the water. He dragged the man from the water, as he was getting on the back of the stag he heard a faint growl and went to it and saw the wolf girl and three other wolves. Tala was tending to her mother’s wounds when her brothers heard the boy. She stopped and looked as Jason came from the falls.

“I’m Jason, I’m from the spirit realm, but I’m staying with my father, who is a black wolf and he’s the chief of the North Village. My mother is a spirit Raven Queen. I’m here to kill all demons and send them back to hell. I was recently shun from my village, from the beast that was consumed by darkness touching me.” He said. Hehewuti growled at the boy and she started to leave as Tala hopped on the back of Adahy and Enyeto got a dead ox from the water.

“Leave us alone.” Tala said as they disappeared through the trees. Keba went back to Oldyack as the man was waking up. Keba took the man back to his village and to speak with the leader.

“Hello!” The man shouted to his villagers.

“What is that?” One man said.

“Is it the wolf girl?” Another man said.

“It’s me, Eran!” He shouted.

“He’s alive?” One Man said running to the gate of the prison.

“What?” One of the guards said coming to the gate as Jason and Eran was coming to the gate.

“This man helped me.” Eren said to the other guards.

“Hey stranger, who are you.” A girl named Doru said coming to Jason.

“Doru, send the stranger to me later, now you should rest.” Zach said going back to his office. After Jason got his rest he went to see Zach.

“You take these animals and turn them into hybrids, you send some to hell and they come back here and destroys the forest. Can’t you stop with all this destruction?” Jason said as Zach and him walked pass the prisoners.

“You don’t understand boy.” Zach started. “You see I’m helping them isn’t that right… Kili.” He finished as a wolf name Kili came to him and nodded his head.

“How are you helping them?” Jason said.

“I’m giving them homes.” Zach said as the bell rang alerting the peoples that intruders are coming to the gates.

“It’s the wolf girl!” One guard yelled as Tala jumped from the back of Adahy and ran up the wired fence, jumped from the fence to the look out, to the roof of one of the buildings. The guards were shooting at her and Jason was trying to stop them.

“Wolf witch if you want me, well here I am!” Zach said as Jason was trying to get Tala’s attention. She was looking around and as her brother howled she ran to another part of the roof and jumped down onto Zach and was about to rip through his flesh when Kili came from the prisoners and shoved Tala off of Zach and was snarling at her. Tala snapped her jaws at him and Jason through his sword between the to and yelled, “Stop!” As Jason came down from the roof he came to the to wolves and shown his mark and Kili backed off as Tala stared in fright. Zach came to Jason and stuck him with his knife as Tala bit his arm to stop him from striking Jason. As she did Zach punched her in the gut and she fell as Jason punched Zach in the gut and the guards got him from him. Jason was about to leave as Doru came from the back with a gun and was pointing it at him.

“Don’t move or I’ll shoot.” She said as she cocked the gun, but Jason kept walking a Doru shot him in the place where the mark was. It had no effect and he went through the gates as Adahy and Enyeto came running to Jason growling.

“Give us our sister you half-witted human!” Adahy growled at the boy.

“Leave you foolish human!” Enyeto growled at the boy as well.



“I’m helping her!” Jason said as the wolves ran to him and saw the black stag. Jason put Tala on the back of Oldyack and they all ran to the heart of the forest. As Tala woke she punched Jason off the stag, jumped from the stag and drew her sword at him.

“What do you want, why did you stop me from killing him!” She yelled at Jason. He closed his eyes, opened them and said,

“I didn’t want them to kill you, there’s something about you, you’re beautiful.” He said passing out.

“Can we eat him?” Enyeto said as Tala stepped back in shock.

“No,” She said with a smirk.

“Can we eat the stag?” Adahy asked growling.

“No.” She said laughing as a bison came from the hill.

“Who are you?” Adahy growled at the bison.

“I’m Running Bird from the bison clan we’re returning and helping build the forest.” He said getting the stag and putting Jason on the back. “Come my clan’s over the hill. We can help him, follow me.” He said as he fed a green leaf to Jason. “This will help heal the inside, but we have more healing plaints at the herd.” He said as he turned to a bison. Tala got on the back of Adahy and they all ran to the bison clan.

In the clan Running Bird found his father.

“I’m Tatanka,” he said patting Tala on the head.

“Tatanka, where’s that stench coming from, it’s messing with my senses!” A woman said coming from a tent.

“Oh, Raven that must be the Raven-wolf.” Tatanka said as Raven came to the group. The elder bison took Jason to a tent to heal his wounds.

“You must be Tala, Adahy, and Enyeto.” Raven said.

“Your White Red, the wolf from mother’s stories!” Tala said.

“Oh, I been call a lot of things, but never White Red.” Raven said as she remembered of a child that was abandoned and raised by wolves. “You look like my grand niece and her husband.” Raven said as Adahy growled at Raven.

“You dare speak to her as if she is human!” He growled at her.

“I am the great Raven and you dare raise your voice at me?!” Raven said.

“You are a demon and we’re wolves, you have no right to speak to us!” Adahy growled.

“Adahy!” Tala yelled as she left the three and went to a tent. Raven and Adahy was growling at each other. Tala came to the tent and fell asleep. In the night a little creature came from the top of the tent and came into the tent where they was. It came closer to her and with its long alien-ish hands stroke the two’s face.

“My, dear fur ball, you are as big and strong as an ox. I would never thought that I would ever see you two so big.” The creature said as Adahy came to the sound of a scratchy voice and saw that the creature was an aye aye.

“What do you think you’re doing here you old aye aye!” Adahy growled and woke Tala up.

“Adahy, that’s the great grand aye aye, Ahay.” Tala said looking at the aye aye and saw her yellow glowing eyes.



As the aye aye left, Tala fell back to sleep. That morning Tala woke at a scream and a growl. She ran to the sound and frond Jason holding his arm as a bear ran through the trees.

“A hybrid, but why would a hybrid be here in these parts of the woods.” Tala muttered going up to Jason. She looked down at his arm and saw the worse. “Enyeto take Jason to the bison elder I’ll be there shortly, I just want to check something.” Tala said putting Jason on the wolf’s back and he ran to the clan. Tala ran to scout for any signs of hybrids or anything. Tala spotted the little tree spirits as they  were looking at a spot in the floor of the forest that was rotten and asked them about the hybrid.

“Oh you mean the bear, yes we seen him run by. Oh he nearly killed us by  stomping on us and there was a white foam like mixture dropping to the grown.” One spirit said as the others surrounded the form as it pointed its finger.

“White foam?” Tala said.

“It most to be the darkness in gulping his soul.” The little tree spirits said as a bear came to them breathing hard.

“Have you seen a bear here.” The girl said as she saw the tree spirits and jumped back. “W-what is that?!” she finished as she fell to the ground.

“The bear, is it a hybrid?” Tala said.

“Yes, I’m in a group of spirits that haunt hybrids. I’m a polar bear, but for the ice melting I moved with the other spirit bears and been hunting hybrids ever since.”

“A boy was bitten by the bear and if you follow the spirits they with show you to the bear.“ Tala said running back to the clan. She came to the clan when she spotted the wolf from the west building and he was with another wolf and they were heading to the clane. Tala ran to them and growled.

“What do you think you’re doing!” She growled as Tatanka calmed her down.

“Kili, remember the smell of the child that had both of our sent at the prison on that day. That’s our child.” Alice said staring at Tala.

“Child, come I want to show you something. follow me.” Kili said taking Tala’s arm and took her into the woods and Adahy and Enyeto came with them.

“Listen to me child,” Kili started and stroked Tala’s white hair out from her face for it to fall in front of her once more. “You don’t know this, but you are the descendent of the Great Ra. My wife is as well. What you don’t know is that she and I are your true parents.”

“No you’re lying, my mother is Hehewuti!  Adahy tell him the truth.” Tala said stepping back.

“Tala, what he says is true. You were born in the west building, but you were abandoned and our mother took you in and raised you as her own. I’m sorry that you had to find out this way, sister.” He said as Tala stepped away.

“You all lied to me!” Tala yelled as tears were forming.

“Tala, wait!” Adahy said as Tala pushed him away.

“Stay away from me, All of you!” She shouted and ran to the deepest part of the forest.

Walking underneath the canapés of trees Tala found herself in a part of the forest that she never came to before.

“Goonentog!” a bird said jumping from the tree and turning into a human.

“Ah, Who are you!” Tala screamed then gaining her senses stared at the man.

“I’m Huns, I’m a shapeshifter. What is a young German mutt like you doing out here.

“German mutt? I’m Tala, just go away.” She said as she snapped her jaws at him, turning into her wolf and ran through the trees.

“Wait, I’m a friend!” He yelled at her as he shifted into a copy of Keba. He came to her as she rested on a boulder near a stream. “Hey, I need to tell you something mutt.”

“How dare you shift into my friend!” Tala yelled and pushed him into the water. She stood up as a hybrid human grabbed her arm from behind and Huns jumped from the water shifting into a boa and striking the hybrid.

“German mutt run to the heart of the forest and find the tree spirits, I’ll meet you there shortly!” Huns yelled as the hybrid and him turned into a tiger and lion. Tala ran and the two fought with mighty strength and force, shifting into many animals that came to mind. Huns fought and finally shifted into the one thing that would kill a hybrid shape-shifter, a demi-god, He came at the hybrid with mighty force and struck him with a demon sword, made from dragon scales and teeth. Hun sent the hybrid back to hell with a message saying:


Dear Demons,

Dare show your lifeless bodies here and I’ll gladly kill you the same as this one. Hear my threat and warning, for this is not the end of the hybrid hunter, Huns Gold.


In the woods Tala came to the heart of the forest and rested on one of the tree’s roots. She sat as a tree spirit came from the top of the tree where she was setting and landed into her lap. Huns came from the back of the tree and sat next to her.

“You are as mighty as a German Mutt, I mean a old friend of mine was a lot like you, but he was killed by the darkness of the West Building. I heard that you, your brothers and the kid you’ve been traveling with are going there to kill the leader. I would love to come.” He said excitedly.

“Yeah you can come, but I’m afraid that the leader is stronger than everyone says. I fought with him and he has the prisoners there under some kind of mind control.



That morning Huns, Keba, and Tala woke to the sound of Adahy’s howls.

“Adahy? shut up! We’re trying to sleep.” Tala said coming from her tent.

“It’s time to go get the others, let’s go.” Adahy said as the others woke and came from their tents.

“Come on, let’s go before everyone knows that we left.” Huns said getting his gun. They were walking through the woods as the sun was showing through the trees and the tree spirits were waking up.

“They’re so cute!” Huns said. They were walking toward the west and came to a hole in a rock. Tala gasped and ran into the hole.

“Tala, what are you doing.” Keba said as Adahy came to him to stop. Tala came out holding a skull of a wolf and fell to her knees.

“Sister,” Adahy said coming to her.

“What is that.” Huns said.

“It’s our father, well the remains of him.” Enyeto said coming to his siblings and laid next to Tala.

“It’s his birthday and his anniversary of his death.” Tala said clenching tight to his skull and cried. “He was one of the mighty spirits of the mountains from the west. Before the humans came and drove the Mountain Wolves from their homes. I was only a year old when the humans killed our father. I was with him and he heard the humans coming to them and he hid me in a tree with a hole in it.” She finished as she stabbed herself with a needle that she had in the eye hole of the skull. She poked her finger and her brothers paws and they spread their blood on the forehead of the skull.

“Our father did this to us to keep us safe from the humans.” Enyeto said.

“We’re doing it now, for that the humans will leave his remains alone.” Adahy said.

“We do this on his birthday.” Tala said putting the skull back into the den to rest till another year. They walked on as Tala came from the den.

“Wolf Child, what are you doing in the west?” A little black footed ferret asked coming to them form a tree.

“We are going to the West Prison.” Adahy said in a deep voice as Tala robbed his forehead.

“Come on let’s go and take care of the West Prison.” Huns said walking from them to the end of the woods where the west prison was.



They came to the prison as Zach came from the building and came to the kids.

“Get out you kids!” Zach said as the kids stood their ground.

“It’s the end of you!” Adahy said growling at him and snapped his jaws.

“Oh, you think you can kill me?” Zach said as Tala turned into a wolf and ran to him and the other turned and attacked him. The guards came from the prison and attacked the kids as they stood strong. One by one of the guards fell from the wolves ripping their armor off and the other kids attacked and killed them. Tala fought with Zach as the tree spirits came from the woods and helped Tala fight him. Two hours went by and all the spirits of the forest and prisoner of the west billing. Came to fight with the kids and save the forest.