Rise of the hybrids

Rise of the hybrids

(The Hybrids includes of Vampires, Zombies, and Demons)

By: Misty Crump




















(Kelta point view)

One night in Germany. A normal looking girl roamed the night. In the shadows nothing about her look out of the ordinary. But in the light you could tell she was a creature from another world. She had ash colored fur like the shadows, her tail was as soft as silk tied together with three bows. She was dressed in a teal tank top, black jacket, blue jeans, and fuzzy boots. Her hair rested in a braid and if you saw her, she would look like she meant trouble and a little corny. She was known as Kelta. She was walking as the town clock struck midnight. The sound startled Kelta for she had heard stories of what happened at 12:00 Am. She looked around and tightened her grip on her cross necklace that her father gave her. She knew that her house was far from the town so she started to run. She looked behind her making sure no one was following her. She suddenly collided with a tall lean figure. She fell to the ground and shook her head slightly. She looked up to see the one thing she feared she might run into. She was wearing a red tank top, black leather jacket, black pants, black heel boots, and had a black leather bag fastened to her hip. By the looks of her she was looking like a biker or someone who loved to kill. She had fur that was the color of snow, but in the night she looked a dark gray. She looked at Kelta with her blood red eyes and Kelta screamed thinking the worst to happen.

A vampire, I’m doomed, but she has wolf ears.” Kelta thought to herself and tried to back away from her.

“Hey Kid, what’s your deal!?” The girl yelled at Kelta and picked her up by her hood of her jacket.

“Don’t bite me!” She yelled as her feet were swinging in the air. The girl stared at Kelta with her red eyes as a girl came from a bar.

“Alex, easy, It’s just a little kid, calm down!” A girl said running to Alex. She was accompanied by a boy and they both wore black leather jackets. The girl wore a purple tank top, she had a broom, a spell book sticking out of her bag that was on her shoulder, and a wand in her boot. The boy wore no shirt. They had black pants and black shoes.

“Hi, I’m Em and this is Daniel. I see you’ve met Alex, the leader of the group.”

“Em don’t you think you’re saying too much to a stupid kid like her?” Alex said dropping Kelta to the ground and putting her hands on her hip.

“She seems like a nice kid, I think she would love to kill Hybrids with us.” Daniel said helping Kelta up.

“Well let’s just see. How many Hybrids have you killed?” Alex said staring at Kelta intensely.

“Well, I have killed one hundred zombies, six demons, and one Vampire, my mother.” Kelta said grabbing the cross around her neck.

“Your mother!” Em said in shock and Alex growled..

“Oh no! She wasn’t my real mother! My mother was killed and my father remarried and they had a hybrid child name Rose. One night I killed my step mother, but Rose ran off with other hybrids. My step sister is the type of person that would kill the hybrids, she didn’t even like our mother.” Kelta said standing up as two men came from the shadows.

“Don’t you kill them with a gun?” One man said grabbing his pistol.

“Are you stupid? My father taught me everything about hybrids. You kill Vampires by sticking them in the heart with a wooden stake, Zombies with two shots to the head, only one shot is needed, but I shoot twice, and demons…” Kelta said, but was broke off by a boy who had white hair, pale skin, red eyes, red over coat, black jeans, and a long sword.

“You kill demons with a Demon Blade or a Dragon Blade, but for me I have a Black Demon Blade.” He said swinging his sword in front of everyone as he walked to Alex and her group.

“Oh, Logan, I see you’re late again.” Alex said crossing her arms.

“Oh, my bad I was down in limbo sending demons back to hell.” He said scratching the back of his neck and smiled.

“So what are you, a vampire?” One man asked.

“Oh you’re still here?” Alex said looking at the two men.

“I am, but I was born before my father was turned. You see my mother is a vampire and my father is a human. As I grew, after my father’s death I swore that I would kill hybrids and send the demons back to hell. That’s why I killed my family.” Logan said as the two men stood in shock to hear that a young boy would do such a horrible thing.

“So how about you two men leave before the hybrids come out to feast.” Alex said irritated. The men ran to their homes as Kelta was staring at Logan’s sword.

“Oh you like that, don’t you? German mutt.” Logan said noticing her looking at the red lightning streaks that looked like they were glowing in the night.

“Huh, Oh yeah it’s so beautiful.” Kelta said as Alex took Kelta’s arm and saw the Mark of the Southern Werewolf Pack on her wrist.

“Are you part of the pack?” Alex asked looking at kelta back at the Mark.

“No, I was part of my father’s pack, he was the chief of the pack, but since he died I been living on my own.” She said as a Figure came from an alleyway. The glint of a fang was revealed by the light of the lamp post at the edge of the street.

“Positions!” Alex shouted as she ran at the vampire. Em and Daniel ran behind Alex and Logan stood close to Kelta to make sure that the vampire wouldn’t grab her. Kelta stared at the vampire and saw a emblem on the neck that she gave her sister when they were young. Kelta ran past Logan and the others, but It wasn’t Rose, it was a vampire with a scarred up face. Kelta saw the face and as the vampire was about to grab her she broke the knees of the vampire and it fell to the ground. She took out her silver stake and struck the vampire in it’s chest and blood splashed onto Kelta’s face. Kelta yanked the necklace from the vampire’s neck and put it in her shoulder bag with her silver stakes.

“Are you stupid!?” Alex shouted at Kelta as Alex grabbed her by the scruff of her hoodie. Kelta felt the power ALex possessed and when Logan got Alex off of Kelta, she shifted into her wolf and ran 5 miles to her home in the woods.. When she came to her home she locked all the doors and windows and sat in the corner of the living room. Soon after she started to fall asleep. However, tonight she was careless. She had made too much noise coming home. A herd of zombies heard her and they were heading towards her house.



In the town the four were killing hybrids when they heard a scream coming from the forest. They ran to the source of the scream and saw a old house that zombies were breaking down as they shoved their way through the door and windows. Logan went and cleared them with his Black Demon Blade. Then the others followed clearing the house trying to find the person that screamed.

*Roar*, Logan heard a growl and went to the room where it was and found that there were zombies surrounding the bed. Logan slashed the zombies’ heads off and pulled up the bed and found Kelta.

“Have you been bitten?” He asked as Kelta opened her eyes.

“No,” she said as Logan grabbed her hand. They were going through the house and Kelta went to her father’s old room grabbing her bag full of stakes, bullets, and her machete.

“What do you need those for?” Logan asked as Kelta grabbed her Father’s picture and three necklaces.

“My father made these weapons for me before he died.” She said looking at the picture of him. They came to the others and Alex came up to Kelta and grabbed the scruff of her jacket.

“You again, I thought it would have been the last of us seeing you! You’re a pest why don’t you die like your family!” She said as Kelta tucked her tail between her legs and Logan calmed Alex down. Alex, Em, and Daniel went to the car.

“Come on you can come with us, Alex is harsh, but she means well.” Logan said as they were going to the car. They were walking as a zombie that was cut in half scratched Kelta’s leg and she growled in pain as Logan saw her and bent down to the scratch and licked her scars.

“W-what, are you doing?” Kelta said as she looked at him as he stood up.

“With me, I can lick any wounds and they will heal without it getting infected .” He said as they walk to the car. In the car Kelta said in the back seat, Alex sat in the driver’s seat, Em sat next to Alex and Daniel sat in the other back seat watching Logan getting on his motorcycle. As they left the woods and headed to Alex’s house on the other side of the town Kelta broke the silence.

“I think we got on the wrong foot back there, I’m Kelta, I’m a werewolf and my mother was as well, after my mother died my father remarried and he and my step mother had a hybrid child name Rose. I been killing hybrids since I was 4 years old.” She finished.

“Well, there is nothing to know about me.” Alex said staring at the road.

“Don’t feel bad, Alex has a harsh past.” Em said as Alex had a mad face.

“Ok you want to know of me, well here you go. I was born in a family of werewolves and we all were happy, but when my father turned in a zombie, he bit my mother and they killed the rest of the family, My little sister ran, but one day we were gathering food and I found my father and mother coming close to my sister, I told her to kill them with a gun I gave her, but she was killed by them both. Than that’s when my heart was broken.” She said as she didn’t let her tears flow from her eyes.

“I’m sorry for your loss Alex.” Kelta said unhooking her seat belt and hugged Alex. Alex slammed on the brakes and Kelta when flying back and hit Daniel in the face.

“Alex are you ok!” Em said as they saw Logan getting off his bike and started to kill zombies with his sword. Logan cleared the road and they moved on.

They went past the town and came to Alex’s house. They walked up the driveway as a little child came to the door. It opened and Alex picked up the little kid and hugged her. She kissed her forehead lovingly and that was the first time Kelta saw her smile.

“Come on, let’s go and get out of the dark.” Em said as they came to the door as the others went inside of the house and Logan was the one to shut and lock the door.

“Who’s this little bundle of joy?” Kelta asked watching the little girl.

“This is Alexandra, she is my daughter, but her father died.” Alex said as Alexandra went to her room and played. Logan came to the group and prepared five glasses of whisky.

“Here you go.” He said handing the glasses and setting down with his sword on the armrest of the couch.

“Logan get your sword off the couch!” Alex shouted at him and he quickly put it on the ground.

“Sorry the old and powerful Alex.” He said laughing as the full moon beamed in through a window and beamed down onto Kelta. As the moonlight shone down onto her, her sword cross that was around her neck glowed a pink, green, and blue from a stone that was in the middle of the charm. Everyone watch the glow of the charm and Alex closed the shades of the window.

“Ok, everyone it’s time to hit the hay.” She said as she went up stairs. “Oh and Logan show Kelta to her room, I would assume that our fellow werewolf would like some sleep.” She said looking down on everyone as Em went to the other set of stairs followed by Daniel and they went to sleep in their room. Logan showed Kelta to her room and she was impressed that her room looked like her room back at her father’s home.

“How did you know that my room looked like that, if you never seen my house, I mean not with the beauty of it.”

“I Spoke with your step sister, before I left limbo, She stopped me and tried to abuse me, but I cut her on the face with my dagger. Then I left.” Logan said as Kelta went to her bed and Logan left the room and went to his, across the hall from Kelta’s. As the old father time clock struck 1:00 everyone went to a full sleep, but Kelta sat up, went to a seat that was in the window sill and looked at the moon.



As Kelta looked out the window she saw… A fruit bat flying near her window. She opened the window to allow that bat to come in and as it did a falcon bat swooped down, grabbing the fruit bat and slamming it down into the earth’s surface. Kelta ran to her door, opened it, ran through the hall, down the set of stairs, through the main room, and through the big doors. She came where the two bats were fighting and screeching. Kelta came to the two, grabbed the falcon bat, through it off if the other one. She picked up the fruit bat that had a broken wing and the falcon bat hit a nearby tree. She took the bat back into the house and sat it on the couch and got the bandages. As she was wrapping up the wounded wing, the bat was screeching.

“What is that noise!” Alex said coming down stairs.

“Oh, Alex I’m helping this creature.” Kelta said as Alex came to the couch.

“Is that a vampire bat?!” She said stepping back.

“No, it’s a fruit bat, also known as the fox bat.” Kelta said holding the bat as Alex patted the bat on its small, soft head.

“It’s kind a cute.” Alex said as the bat opened it’s small mouth to yon. They both laughed as a blue-red light came from Logan’s room and they ran to the strange light. As they opened his door they saw that he was gone, but a little demon was setting on his bed.

“I have a message from the mighty Anubis of the underworld. Many of the demons in Tartars escaped so we called Logan to the underworld for his help to send them back. Do not worry for he is in good hands with us. Thank you and have a great day.” The little demon said as it vanished in flames.


Logan and other hybrid hunters sat to take a rest. Him and another vampire hybrid were talking.

“So how’s the surface?” The boy said setting next to Logan.

“It’s great. I have a bunch of friends and I get to hunt more than demons.” He said looking in his bag for a group photo of the surface hybrid hunters. “Here, here we all are at Alex’s home one day. That’s Alex, the leader, Em, the witch, Denial, the ghoul. There is one more but she came last night.” He said putting the picture back in his bag.

“What’s the kid’s name,” The boy asked.

“Her name’s Kelta.” Logan said.

“So have you met someone on the surface?” The boy asked smirking mischievously.

“Well, yeah, but we’re not dating.” Logan said scratching the back of his neck.

“Oh, what is the queen wolf not allowing it?” The boy asked as he laughed.

“No, it’s just that I don’t think she likes me, but she did blush when I save her from danger and she adores my sword. She’s the same as me though.” Logan said looking at the little demons that walked by them.

“So you haven’t told them that you’re a werewolf-vampire yet?” The boy asked.

“No, I told you if anyone knew that I was that I would have to stay above. Beside if the other’s knew that my father was a werewolf and not a mortal I would be called a liar and disowned by the group. There’s a bright side to it, if I tell the one I have a crush on then it would work out perfectly. She is also a werewolf, but her mother wasn’t a vampire she was a werewolf, but I would prefer a werewolf over a vampire anyway.” Logan said as he laughed and they went back to send the demons to Tartars.


In the living room Kelta was feeding the fox bat berries and she named the bat, Blueberry, for those were its favorite fruit. In the kitchen Alex and Em were fixing a morning meal. Daniel was still in bed and if you listen you could hear him snore. As they got their plates to eat. They went to sit at the big dining table. As they dug into their meal Logan came from a smoke of red-blue and black. As it faded a little demon was there.

“I thank you for allowing him to help us on this beautiful day. I’m glad to report that the demons are in Tartars. Anubis would like to say a few words.” The demon said as flame of red flew up and Anubis appeared.

“I’m here to say thank you and for now on this little demon will be staying with Logan. I hope you all have a great day. Oh and Kelta thanks for helping.” Anubis said and vanished from the flames. Logan went to the table, so did the demon. The demon was staring at Blueberry and was smiling a big giant smile.

“What did he mean “thank you”?” Em said taking a big plate of eggs.

“Oh, I helped him by telling him of my half sister and that she was on the run. I guess that he just found her.” Kelta said taking a spoonful of gravy.

“But I thought you had to be half human and half whatever?” Logan asked thinking of his father.

“No, you can be a full werewolf or any of the others to go down in the underworld. You just can’t be a full human.” Kelta said feeding the bat a berry. From the middle of the room blue-black smoke formed and faded as a young man appeared. At the moment Alexandra came running down the stairs and she ran into the man.

“Alexandra!” Alex said getting out of her seat and getting her daughter. “I’m sorry sir.”

“No, no it was me. If I knew that this little flash was coming I could of moved.” He said patting Alexandra on the head and laughed.

“John, you made it. Everyone this is John, I’m going to show him the surface.” Logan said coming to him and they did their special code.

“For what we are is nothing compared to what we do. We go under and send demons and half-witted humans who were meant to go to hell. We are the under hybrid hunters and we love everything about it. Everyday we go send them to where they belong with the help of our blades.” They chanted as they grabbed their swords and swung them around. As they swung the red and blue lightning streaks shown and mixed and made purple light.



Kelta and Alex saw the purple light, as the two boys put away their swords and they sat down at the table and got a plate full of food.

“Logan slow down, you’ll get sick.” Kelta said.

“Well at least he has someone to take care of him.” John said as Logan slapped John on the back of the head.

“What?” Kelta said as she looked at Logan surprised..

“Oh, well I think this would be a good time of any.” John started as Logan knew where he was going with this. He tried to stop John, but couldn’t. “What you don’t know is that Logan’s father wasn’t a mortal. He was a werewolf.” John said as Logan got mad at his friend and stormed out of the house.

“Why, would you tell us that if he didn’t want to tell us yet!” Alex said.

“I thought it was the right time to tell you all, I’m sorry for what I’ve done.” John said as The little demon left the house and Blueberry followed the demon. Kelta saw Blueberry leave and she followed the bat. Outside she found Logan under a tree. She looked up to study the tree and was met with red eyes. Kelta ran to him and jumped to the tree pushing the creature out of the tree. They both fell as Kelta was snapping her jaws at the creature.

“Little Monster, calm yourself!” The creature yelled.

“Shut up! You blood sucker!” Kelta shouted at the creature as it tried to bite her, but was stopped by Logan who yanked the vampire off.

Flash Back

The year is 2028, October 31. The blood moon was peeking out behind a cloud, looming with temptation. The werewolves were howling as a little girl ran to her older sister’s room hiding under the bed.

“Blood Sucker what are you doing?” The older sister said looking under her bed.

“The werewolves, they are scaring me!” Blood Sucker said with a fear going through her bones as the older sister howled.

“Girls, it’s time to go to sleep and Kelta I told you no howling. You know the dangers of that, do you not?”

“Yes I do, I understand it all.” The girl known as Kelta said falling asleep after the conversation with their father.

The next day, as the sun seeped into the window Kelta went outside to play in the yard with the bunnies and her half sister came from behind and tackled her.


“Off of me blood sucker!” Kelta yelled as the vampire tackled her once more.

“Huh, Little Monster?” The vampire said.

“Rose, what the hell, get off!” Kelta yelled as Rose hugged her sister, but was burnt by the sword cross on Kelta’s necklace. She flew back screaming. Alex came from the house and saw Logan holding a vampire as Kelta was getting off the ground.

“Kelta, Logan!” Alex yelled running to them. She pushed Kelta to the ground slashing the vampire with her hidden blade.

“Alex, wait, that’s Rose, my half sister.” Kelta said as another vampire came from the woods and tackled Alex and sending her to the ground.

“You dare attack my girl friend!” The vampire said about to bite Alex. Kelta was stopped by a vampire that came from behind as Logan was slammed to the ground a vampire had his foot on Logan’s back pinning him to the ground. Rose saw them in pain and ran to Alex. She pulled out a sharp blade and tackled her boyfriend plunging the dagger in his chest. A sharp, ear splitting scream traveled through the air for a moment then all was silent. John came from the house and stopped as he saw Rose. He didn’t think that she had changed so he walked over to her opening a portal with his demon blade dragging her over to the portal that went straight to Tartarus.

“John!” Alex shouted as Rose vanished in a cloud of black smoke and flew off as a bat. John slashed the other vampires and send them the Tartarus.

“John! did you get her!” Alex said running to him.

“No, she got away.” he said as he went to Kelta to slap her for yelling at Rose, but Logan grabbed his arm.

“Don’t touch my German Mutt!” He shouted as Alex went next to Kelta.

“She might be a hand full, but I am the only one who will hit her.” Alex said as Kelta got Blueberry and went to her room.

“What did Logan mean by, “His German Mutt.”?” She thought to herself as she went to the house. As she closed her door to her room Blueberry turned into a little girl.

“Hi, I’m Hannah, but you know me as Blueberry.” She said as Kelta sat on her bed.

“You’re a demon?” Kelta asked.

“Yes, I’ve been like this for a long time, but I’ve never turned into my full form.”

That night everyone went to sleep as Kelta heard a sound coming from the kitchen. She got up and she went down stairs with her black machete. She came to the kitchen and as she turned on the light she was struck in the back of the head and dragged to the underworld.



As Alex woke from the screeching sound of Blueberry. She went to where Blueberry was and found her in Kelta’s room on the bed.

“Blueberry, where’s Kelta? Wait, why am I talking to a bat?” Alex said as Blueberry spoke.

“She was in the kitchen when three black figures dragged her to the underworld.” Blueberry said as Alex stared in shock at the bat.

“When the hell could you ever talk?” Alex said as blueberry walked to the door.

“I could since I was born.” Blueberry said. “Come on I’ll show you to where she was.” She said as they both went down stairs.

“Logan!” Alex yelled up the stairs.

“What?” Logan said coming out of his room wearing his boxers and his heir was a mess, from just getting up. John came from his room and saw Alex in a beautiful red night dress.

“I need you to find Kelta in the underworld!” Alex said as Logan went back into his room, slipped on his black pants, and his boots. He was coming down the stairs as he tripped and fell down them.

“Logan are you ok?” John said laughing at him as he helped him up.

“I’m fine, are you coming?” Logan asked looking at John.

“No, I’m going to stay here with Alex and keep an eye on things with her.” John said going to Alex and putting his arm around him as Alexandra came down and asked,

“Mom, is he going to be my new dad?” she asked as everyone stared at her and laughed.

“Ok, I’m off to find the German Mutt.” Logan said getting his sword and as he went through a portal, that was made by his sword John came to him.

“You forgot your jacket.” He said as Logan shrugged and went through the portal leaving his jacket behind.

“Where am I!” Kelta shouted as she woke and saw that she was in a prison in the underworld. “Let me out!” She yelled hitting the bars on the prison. Logan went through the portal and found himself in Tartars.

“Kelta!” He shouted as little demons scattered from his voice echoing in the caverns. Kelta was slamming on the prison bars as she turned into a wolf, slammed through the bars and ran into a wall. She ran down the halls of the prisons looking for an exit. Anubis came by and saw Kelta running he reached out and stopped her.

“Anubis!” Kelta said as she saw Anubis angry.

“Who did this?” He said in a deep dark voice.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t see their faces.” She said as she heard Logan’s voice echoing through the caverns.

“I see that your friend is here for you.” Anubis said as Kelta’s ears perked up they both went to were he was.

“Logan!” Kelta said running and turning back to herself as she hugged him.

“It’s ok, my German Mutt.” He said as Kelta was rubbing her face into his chest.

“You two should head back, your friends must be worried, I will keep an eye on the prisoners.” Anubis said making a portal as Kelta hugged Anubis.

“Thanks,” She said going to the portal as Logan Stretched out his hand for her.

In the house John was helping Alex in the kitchen to shut the portal. A blue and red smoke came from the middle of the room as Logan and Kelta came from the smoke.

“You think that you can just play your little games!” Alex shouted at Logan as he came from the smoke and Kelta stepped back. Alex came to Logan and yelled at him.

“I know it was you who made the portal in the kitchen and you are just getting close to Kelta, well let me tell you something! You are the lowest hybrid killer I’ve ever seen!” Alex yelled at him as she grabbed his neck and through him to the other side of the room. “Oh and for you young lady, You come here and think that you can accept your sister in this group, well we don’t allow vampires like her here! This group is all hunters and we kill them!” Alex shouted as she came to Kelta as she put her tail between her legs, ears down, and she kept stepping away from Alex.

“Alex, calm down!” Em shouted coming from the stairs and gave her a cheap peal.

“One thing about my sister is that I don’t care for her as much as my bunnies that I had when I was little, but when Rose killed then I was heart broken and that’s when I found my true hatred against her.” Kelta said as Blueberry flew down the stairs to her.



It’s the time of the blood moon and every time the werewolves through a Wolf Howl Dance. The two werewolves were getting ready as Logan and John was going to the underworld. In Kelta’s room her and Alex was getting ready to go late hunting. Kelta wore a blue belly jacket with gold rims and buttons. Black tank top, black pants, and black heel boots. She had her hair in a braid and she put her hood over her ears. Alex wore a blood red shirt that splits mid way from her belly, black vest, black pants, and heel boots. She had black gloves and a hand pistol in her belt. They headed out as Logan sent his demon to keep a eye on the girls. John saw him and grew suspicious, but he let it go and moved through the underworld. In the forest Kelta and Alex was hunting zombies and found a old tree house and went up to see what they could find.

“Alex!” Kelta said as she stumbled upon a corpse of a little girl.

“She’s a hybrid now, there’s nothing we can do.” Alex said giving Kelta a wooden stake and she left the body of the girl. Kelta preyed of the child would rest in peace and as she brought the stake to the girl’s chest she woke and bit her arm. Kelta swung back and kicked the child making it fall through the old boards of the house and fell to the ground. Kelta looked at the wound and she felt a strange feeling inside. Alex came to her and covered the wound with a cloth from a old flag that she had in her room, before all hell broke lose on the town. They went to the house and found the boys as they helped Kelta’s wound, but they couldn’t do much for her.

“She’ll be fine, but she will become and Werewolf-Vampire.” Logan said watching her as she started to change.

“Come on let’s let her sleep.” Alex said.

“Will she be able to shift to her old form?” Em said coming from the kitchen.

“Yes, she will be able to, but not for long.” Logan said looking up at the stairs.

“Dam, it’s my fault she got bit, if I killed that kid none of this wouldn’t of happened.” Alex said punching the wall.

That night as the blood moon came up through the trees and shown into Kelta’s room. She woke and walked to the window. As she opened the window Logan came through the door, but she jumped from the window to a tree and ran into the woods far from the house. She came to the town and came to two men who were in an alleyway. They were fighting and Kelta came to them and one called Alex’s phone. Alex stabbed her wooden stake in the chest of the demon and Logan sent her to Tartarus.

“Logan! Stop!” Kelta yelled as she wrapped her arms around his body. “Logan its me, please!” She said baring her face and turning to her old self, but she turned back.

“Kelta?” Logan said in shock to see her like that and his kissed her on the forehead as they went to Tartars.

“Logan, just leave me here, I can’t show my face to the hunters.” Kelta said sitting on the hard blood red floor. “I can’t show my face to Alex.” She finished as Logan picked her up and went through a portal to the surface. “Logan what are you doing, I told you to leave me.”

“I’m not going to leave you, my German Mutt.” Logan said kissing her once more. They came to the surface and as they came to the house Alex ran out and gave Kelta a big hug.

“Kelta, you might look like that, but you’re still a werewolf and a friend to me.” She said as Logan touched the two girls on the shoulder and John came to them and took Logan to the underworld.

“Come on Anubis wants us, now.” He said opening a portal and they went through.

Few minutes went by and the girls were in the living room and then they went to the game room that was down stairs. Meanwhile in the underworld John and Logan were eating lunch and John started to yell at him.

“You think this is a big game to you, don’t you!” John yelled at Logan when they came through the portal to the living room of Alex’s house.

“What?” Logan asked going up the stairs as John grabbed his arm. “Let go of me!” he said ripping his arm away and went to his room. In his room John barged in and started to yell at him.

“Don’t you walk away from me when I’m talking to you!” He shouted as Logan looked shocked at his brother.

“What got your pants in a wold?” Logan asked as John slammed the door making the whole room shake and echo with a boom.

“Don’t you play innocent with me!” John shouted. “You know that you’re just trying to get Alex’s attention!” He said poking Logan’s chest.

“I’m not interested in Alex I like Kelta and she knows I do. I know that you like Alex and I wouldn’t take that away from you. You are my brother.” Logan said as he opened a portal with his sword and went through it to the underworld to spend time with the demons.



It was the night of the Wolf Howl and everyone was getting ready. Kelta went to get a fashion change for her new look. She went to her old home and got her Dodge Charger. As she came upon her Dodge she noisiest that it was rusted, so she got her father’s tools and spray cans and fixed it up. When she was finished it was all black with red on the bottom. She got in the car, started it and went to the mall. When she came to the mall she parked her car and went into Hot-topic and found black heel boots, pants with holes, a black belly jacket with gray rims and buttons. She went to the back and tried the cloths on, walked out like a boss and went to her car. She put her hair in a ponytail and drove to a bar and got a glass of Bud Light for the road. As she was on the road she saw Zombies walking in the woods and they were coming to the sound of the car. She got her 22 Rifle that was in the floor boards. She shot the zombies and they fell to the ground. She drove on as she came to a stop sign and saw Alex on Logan’s motorcycle and they both went to the house were Alex waited for her to come from the dodge.

“Kelta, you look amazing.” Alex said as they went to the backyard were everyone was waiting for the Wolf Howl to start. Logan saw kelta and came to her.

“You look hot.” Logan said taking Kelta’s hand and kissing it. John came from the house and came to Alex. He came from behind and wrapped his arms around her as the other shook their hands telling him to stop, but it was too late. Alex whacked him on the head and he stumbled to get to his feet from the powerful blow to his head.

“Ouch.” He said rubbing his head.

“That’s what you get for doing that.” Alex said coming to him and kissing his head. Everyone enjoyed themselves at the Wolf howl, but when Rose and her vampires heard of the party they came and as they did Kelta smelled them. Turning into her wolf, she ran to where they were. She was barking and snarling at them in a tree when one of the vampire jumped dome and tackled Kelta. She snapped her jaws and was struggling to get out of the vampire’s grasp. Logan and the others came to the sound and saw the vampire snapped Kelta’s ribs, breaking every single one making her fall in pain and she couldn’t move. The vampires jumped from the tree and the hunters got ready and as Rose was about to grab Kelta she vanished in a smoke of black and red.

“You’ll pay for that, you blood sucker!” Alex said as she charged at the vampires and the others charged. They all fought and Logan sent the fallen vampires to Tartars. Alex ripped off their heads throwing them into a pit. Alex and Rose were fighting, as they faced off they circled watching each other. Logan and John was fighting with two other vampires and in the underworld Anubis was healing Kelta’s ribs and as she stood she went to the surface. Kelta appeared from black and red smoke. She came through the smoke with a long chain with ice blue fire, She had a ice blue bikini top with a ice blue skirt with a chains wrapped around her waist. Her eyes were glowing a ice blue and she had ice blue flame rising from her body. She came where Alex was lying on the ground. She knelt to her and healed her wounds as Rose came from behind, but before she could do anything kelta swung the chains and wrapped around Rose’s arm as Kelta stood as she pulled the chain close to her pulling Rose to Kelta’s face.

“It was you who killed father and if you show your face here again or hurt anyone that I love I will kill you and I will not hesitate to.” Kelta said as she held her hand up forming a portal and she sent Rose to Tartars.

“Kelta!” Logan shouted running to her and hugging her. He hugged her as John came to Alex and picked her up in his arms. They all went to the house were Em was fixing supper and Daniel was watching TV. John sat Alex in her chair that was by the book shelf and Kelta went to her room to put her P.Js on. She came down with black shorts and a tornado T-shirt on and sat at the table where Em sat the food down. Everyone came to eat and when they were done they went to sleep. John slept with Alex and Logan slept with Kelta, as Thunder hit, Kelta woke and sat up in her bed as Logan wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek. They soon fell back to sleep, after Logan closed the shades keeping the light from shining in when it lightened. They snuggled as they fell asleep from their body heat warming them up.



Kelta woke in the middle of the night from a glowing light shining into her room. She came to the window and saw that it was a man with a flashlight. Kelta felt threatened and came to the balcony. She jumped, landing on the ground, and standing strong to show her strength. The man came closer and when he was in arm length he grabbed Kelta and hugged her tightly.

“Ketchikan, my little girl.” The man said as Kelta pushed away from him.

“Who are you!” She shouted as she turned to her wolf. The man took his hood off and she stared at him with rage building up inside her.

“Ketchikan.” The man said showing her a dream catcher to her.

“Give me that my mother made it for me.” She said grabbing the catcher as there was a description in the rim of the catcher.

“My Little one I’m sorry I wasn’t they to raise you up like I promised to you when you were little. Me and your mother named you after my great, great grandmother, who was a grand elder and she loved all animals. I’m sorry that I was never there till now.”


Your father.

Kelta was done reading the letter and looked at the man.

“You’re, my father?” She asked as the man took out a bear hide with the name Ketchikan in a red-orange lettering. Kelta held the hide as a memory flowed into her mind.

In the woods away from the town a girl was born into a family with five wolves and three werewolves. The girl’s Father was called Inuk and her mother was called Kiana. They were happy for their new child that was born. They did everything with her, but one night Her parents were shot by Kiana’s brother, but Inuk and Ketchikan ran from the house. They came to an old shack and Inuk laid Ketchikan in a old bed and left his baby girl alone. Inuk left the house and went to find his brother. As night fell a man came to the shack with his new wife and they found Ketchikan and took her in as one of their own. Inuk came to the shack and saw that his daughter was happy, so he let her go and went back to his tribe. Years went by and Inuk came to the shack where his daughter was and watched her grow. One night he howled and she howled back, but the man told her to stop as her and her little sister fell asleep.

The vision faded as Kelta watched the man as he turned into his wolf and he was the same color as her and the same amber color eyes.

“Ketchikan, I’m sorry I was never there for you growing up. I’ve been with a man that is in charge of the night walkers.” He said hugging Kelta. She smelled his scent and hugged him back.

“Dad.” she said as Logan came from the underworld.

“Kelta!” He said running to her with his demon blade out.

“Logan, this in my father Inuk!” She said guarding her father.

“Your father?!” Logan asked surprised, “He was dead.” He finished.

“I’m all flesh and bones.” Inuk said. “When has everyone called you Kelta?” He finished looking at Kelta.

“I started calling myself that when I was little.” She said hugging Inuk. Logan saw the two and watched them. Kelta let go of her father and came to Logan and kissed him

They went back to the house where they found that everyone was gone. They called out to everyone, but there was no answer, excepted a few groins. They went to were the sound was and found their friends turned into zombies Logan drew his demon blade, but John took the blade and slashed his head from his body and Alex took her gun and shot Inuk and Kelta in the head and they fell to the ground.

“Ahhhh!” Kelta yelled as she woke up and found her self in the underworld. As she regain forces she remembered that she and the other went their own ways and she stayed with Logon and Alex was married with John, Em and Daniel went off to kill the monster around the world.