Super Mammal 2

















CHAPTER 11 Heated Argumentation








“Welcome back, welcome to the newcomers and goodbye to the ones who are leaving at the end of this year.” The headmaster said then he called the dorm and they did the sound of their animals. The wolves’ howled, the lion’s growled, the snakes hissed, and the birds chirped. Then there was crash of thunder and the doors swung open the alphas and a beta was ready to attack.

“It’s Shoku,” Buru yelled as she turned into Aqua.

“Get your armor on and stand your ground,” the head alpha said as a vine came out of the shadows and wrapped around his throat and pinned him to the ground.

“Come out and fight,” Buru said. Thorin came from the shadows and attacked her, but Buru wasn’t giving up.  Thorin spun a spell to keep Buru still. Then he held out his hand as wretched rot started to appear and then threw it and Buru was trying to move, but wasn’t moving fast enough, then Yuku put his hand on his leg and a streak of green light left his leg and sprouted up from the floor and shielded Buru from the rot.

“Thorin, come,” Shoku said as they disappear through smoke. Buru lifted her arms as blue light retracted from her hands and went to the wounded alpha. He shooed her away,

“There are those who are worse than I,” he rubbed his throat and nodded around the room. Though Yuku had protected Buru, he wasn’t able to block it from hurting the innocent people behind her. The black spray had melted the flesh from their bones and left them with a skeletal look. They rolled on the tile floor in agony as the pain set in. Buru looked at where Yuku was and saw that the rot had lodged itself into his chest near his heart and fell onto his knees holding his chest and collapsed onto his side. Buru ran to his side and tried so hard to remove the rot that was spreading to his heart. A boot scuff made her look up and she instantly lurched.

“Now, now don’t look so surprised, well you couldn’t even if you tried you see,” Doku tapped a slender long tube and pointed to her shoulder. Buru turned her stiff neck to see a tranquilizer-like dart injecting a pale green pigment into her skin. She slowly reached and gave a quick tug to pull it out.

“When you wake up it will be too late for your friend, he will have to battle himself inside his mind. If he loses he will perish, but if our Lady is feeling merciful she will spare his life, maybe not his mind though. I almost forgot, if he wins he will be… let’s just say a little off.” Buru’s knees gave out and she crashed to the ground next to Yuku and slowly closed her eyes holding his hand telling him not to give up. The last thing she heard was a quick. “Nighty Night!”



“Get Up, Get Up!” Shadow Yuku said as Yuku slowly opened his eyes and slowly stood up.

“Where am I,” he said as the surroundings changed to the battlefield where his father was killed right in front of his eyes.

“You’re in your own head, and you can feel everything that happens in here, this isn’t one of your dreams that you can just wake up from, this is life or death. However, anything is possible.” The shadow Yuku said walking around Yuku.

In the wolf dorm Buru was wide awake waiting for the others to sleep. When the last omega went up the stairs, Buru jumped out of her bed and turns into Aqua and ran out of the dorm’s door, down the two sets of stairs, through the west wing (the hospital wing) to where Yuku is in a deep sleep. She came up to him and put her nose under Yuku’s hand. Back on the battlefield Yuku and dark Yuku fought, but for dark Yuku he is created by Thorin, so he was strong, but Yuku has a secret power. He was thrown to the ground then he looked up and saw Buru’s face and it reminded  him what she said, “Don’t give up bother.” He got up and the hold battlefield with green light that Yuku let out form his body and then secret marking of the elvish language appeared on his neck, shoulders, chest, and back. Lying next to him Aqua was blinded by green light and opened one eye and saw the marks appearing before her own eyes. As the nurse came in she shooed Aqua away and she went to the woods as she was in there she smelled a boy who smelled familiar .

She got closer to see this boy, he wasn’t like all of the other kids, and this boy was Native American, he had a white-blue cape, boots, white-gray hair, brown pants, and a light brown shirt. He heard the haul of a wolf and ran to the sound and saw two wolves and a wolf that he saw when he was little, they were eating a deer carcass. The two wolves snarled and the wolf turned to see the boy with a bow and arrow ready to kill.

“Aqua?” the boy said, “I’m Shunka, I used to take care of you with Yuku,” The boy said bowing as the girl called the wolves off.

“Leave me alone,” she said wiping the deer blood from her face and putting her hand on the back of her wolves’ neck.

“I’m Yuku’s cousin,” Shunka said. Buru didn’t say a word and then she heard little footsteps and heard Shunka yell. Buru saw the lab rats taking Shunka two the school, she ran after them. Buru went down to the basement where the old science lab was and snuck in yelling,

“Get away from him,” she yelled snarling and the rat scattered. She broke the straps, and took him to the study when Spark and Zeana walked in.

“You must be Shunka, I’m Zeana, She said.

“Yuku told us about you,” Spark said.

“You can’t stay here,” Buru said leaving the study. In the underworld Doku was setting in a corner chanting “Tick Tock goes the clock…”

“What are you talking about?” Shoku said

“There’s a new beast, that is greater than Buru,” Doku said getting up and showing Shoku the new beast. “He’s known by Shunka, when he was a little boy his father discovered that he had powers that no one could control, one day when he was at the tribe an older boy was picking on him. Shunka lost control and turned into the beast and nearly killed the boy, but he’s still in the tribe.”

“I thought we were the only powerful ones, I mean…  I thought gods were stronger than demons,” Shoku said sitting down at her desk.  Back at the school in the woods Buru was setting with her wolves as Shunka was heading back to the tribe and saw her.

“Hey Buru,” Shunka said going passed Buru and through the trees. There were yellow glowing eyes watching Shunka fading away and saw Buru dig for some deer bones that she hid.

“You need to go to the school before you’re late for class again,” Glassier said.

“Sounds like you’re trying to get rid of me, and beside I have time,” Buru said as she was biting on the bones.

“No, it’s just that there something in the bushes,” Glassier whispered as Buru ran to her class.

“Today, we’re going back in time to study Tasmanian Wolves, and why they went extinct,” the centaur science teacher said. As all of the students stood up there was a shimmer of light that reflected off Adam’s shirt blinding Buru, Shunka, and Spark, from Miss Uniss’ horn. When they regain focus there was a portal of like rainbow shimmering lights, and the other students went through. Buru ran to catch up with them she tripped over a rock and rolled right into a bush and ended up in a den of a Tasmanian wolf. As she opened her eye she saw that she wasn’t alone, there were two pups and the mother wolf. When Buru got out of the den she saw that the class was looking and then a little pup snapped onto Buru’s tail.

“Buru, are you playing?” Shunka said coming over to her.

“No,” Buru said picking up the pup, whose eyes were a shimmering blue. A few hours later they packed up and headed back to the school, their spirits high. As everyone went to sleep that night, Buru climbed from a low window and snuck silently across the clearing into the neighboring woods. She settled down into the warm nettles of a pine and drifted off to sleep.



As Buru slept the yellow eyes appeared as it did a few days ago. The figure came out of the bushes, it had a face like a wolf, but the moonlight shined down on the figure revealing the color, of a dark reddish-orange fur, it had a black mane going down to the tale and blue jeans. It was a Maned wolf with two others followed behind.

“There she is, the one who loved me,” He said looking at the taller Maned wolf.

“What shall we do?” the maned wolf said in a deep, but soft voice.

“Well, Scar, we’ll wait till she goes to the falls, the boy said going into the bushes.

“But, Setdoe, the falls are in middle Earth,” the younger Maned wolf said as Scar whacked him upside the head.

“Ed, you moron, there are falls on the other side of that hill,” Setdoe said pointing to the hill.

That morning Buru got up and went to the falls,

“Make it fast your brother might come over here,” Glassier said as Buru went under the waterfall. She was getting ready to get out then there was growling and Glassier yelled,

“Buru, stay!”

Buru went down in the water and disappeared as a figure came closer and then she jumped out as the water turned to fur as she turned into Aqua. Then a memory flashed in front of her,

In middle Earth Buru and Setdoe were little kids and they were playing in the tall grass.

“Pinned you,” Buru said as Setdoe growled and they rolled down a hill, “pinned you again.”

“Setdoe, come on, we have to go,” Setdoe’s father said.

“Well, I guess this is the last time we’re going to see each other,” Buru said hugging Setdoe goodbye.

“When I see you again, you’ll be the one pinned,” Setdoe shouted.

“I’ll be waiting!” Buru said. As the memory faded Buru found herself pinned to the ground. She looked into the maned wolf’s eyes and saw a familiar face.

“Setdoe?” Buru said.

“Buru?” He said as they jumped up and hugged and called their wolves. Then from the shadows Shunka ran to Buru and yelled,

“Who are you, never mind that, Buru the head wolf is coming to check the rooms, now come on,” he said

“Shunka this is Setdoe an old friend,” Buru said as Setdoe bowed.

“I don’t care, just get back to the school and straighten up your room,” Shunka yelled as Buru just stood there, “now!” he said madder than ever. Buru ran to her room as Setdoe followed her. When he got to her room he sat on the bed as she cleaned.

“Why do you let that kid push you around like that?” he said.

“Why, that kid is my brother, and though he might be a pain in the neck, he means everything to me,” Buru said as the head wolf came in and told them to leave.  Buru and Setdoe were heading to the cafeteria when Shunka pulled Buru a side and told her about Setdoe’s past.

“I don’t know what Setdoe told you, but it’s all a lie.  I found a journal of his and inside he wrote. I might be the son of the fiero and a true nine tail, but I was sent to middle earth to destroy the grandchild of Mayrik. As I search for a living grandchild I found a majestic wolf, though my father  to me not to interfere, I disobeyed his order and fell in love with her.  This wolf was different, she was the grandchild of Mayrik, but I couldn’t kill her. She had powers stronger than I and any daemon alive then, and though my father was tracking me I had to cut the tracking device out of my arm to learn more. I sat there watching the wolf train with her father to fight and get stronger.  It’s been six months since I left my father and my past behind, I think this is the end of life as we know it, as I set underneath this three writing then there was a swirl of black clouds as a giant horned creature came down from the clouds.  The girl’s father told her to run and don’t look back.  As she ran her father fought with the creature, but sadly he was incentigratid….” Shunka said as Buru nipped his arm and went to lunch, when she got into lunch she saw that everyone that she sat with heard Shunka talking to her and Setdoe was furious, but he didn’t say anything though what Shunka said was true, but the past was far gone from where he is now. She sat down and they all heard what the headmaster had to say. After lunch everyone headed to their classes, but Setdoe (since he was the only son of a high battle company) was called by his father to come home. As Buru, Spark, Adam, Shunka, and Zeana were heading to biology, Buru saw from the corner of her eye was Setdoe getting into a limo with what looked like Setdoe if he was human and was an adult. Then the class bell rang and Buru ran to biology,

“Buru, you’re late again, one more tardy and I’m going to lock the door and you’ll just wait till the class is over,” the teacher said. When it came to study time all of the six friends sat down and studied.

“Shunka, can you enter the mortal world without getting caught?” Buru said.

“Of course, why?” He said staring at her with an odd face.

“Well I saw Setdoe get in a limo with what I think was his father,” Buru said.

“I guess I could go I have to see my grandfather any way,” Shunka said as Zeana made a portal and Shunka jumped into it and the other continued studying.

“It’s been five months and Setdoe hasn’t returned,” Spark said as Buru turned into her mortal form and went to find Setdoe. Walking through an alleyway Buru found herself in a battle field. Lights glowed the field as a voice echoed through the stadium,

“Now introducing the son of the faro, Apophis,” The man said as the boy came out of the doors. Buru stared at Apophis and couldn’t imagine what happened to him over that period of time.

“His different now, it’s like his new person, it’s like I never knew Apophis, he has the same hair, but he’s clothing change and doesn’t look like the maned wolf he was, he looks like his father…, a dragon,” Buru thought to herself.



Apophis came closer and drew his daggers and attacked Buru, but at that moment a large claw like hand grabbed Apophis and then another hand came down and grabbed Buru. At the school Spark used her power to bring Apophis and Buru back home. When Apophis landed onto the floor of the wolf dormitory he charged at Buru, Shunka stood in the way.

“Setdoe, what’s wrong with you, it’s like you’re a new person,” Yuku said.

“Look, the reason I’m like this is that when I was born, I was born into a family of dragons and I’m the son of the pharaoh. You see I couldn’t control the dragon inside, so my father did a hex on me where I could build up on the powers of the dragon, that’s why I was a Maned wolf. One day my father told me that, on my 16th birthday I would be able to return to my Blue eyes black dragon and my name is Apophis.” He said as Buru was still hiding behind Shunka and Yuku looked like a little kid on the floor waiting for some christmas presents.


“Then why were you trying to attack me?” Buru said coming out from behind Shunka.


“I was seeing if my body could up stand the dragon’s power,” Apophis said. Then at that moment Doku grabbed Apophis and Buru and vanished before the others noticed.


“Now, now we can’t get to rough, can we? That would ruin the fun, plus it will be better this way, I promise. And stop struggling it only makes it worse.” The deep blue cloaked figure brought Apophis up to his face.


“Hmm, well lookee here it seems we got fresh meat!” His split green tongue snaked up the side of Apophis’ face followed by poisonous saliva.


“Ah now don’t worry I won’t hurt you any time soon,” Doku cackled his eyes whirling around wildly as he threw his captives across the room. Apophis hit the wall with a sickening crack and in seconds was joined by Buru, who collided with the floor first and momentum carried her to the wall. Then two hellhounds came in snarling at them both and then Shoku came in.


“Doku, what are you doing here you traitorous scum?” She asked angrily spitting the floor at his feet.


“Nothing,” he giggled as he clutched his hands together. “Oh wait I forgot to introduce my new friend, don’t be rude her name is Ciaty.” A large form stepped out of the corner of the room. The stitching that covered her  whole body creaked as she took a lumbering step forward. Black patches of fur mingled in with white fur that was immensely long. Just like her companion a long tongue of two stitched together colors streaked down and licked her black lips.


“Thorin!” Shoku said as she raised her voice. Obeying his master, Thorin stepped forward and let his darkness flow out. The black mist surrounded her, shrouding her from view. Seconds later it cleared, but to no effect.


“Fool! Did you think that I would have come unprepared!” Doku huffed. Still in the corner lays Apophis and Buru, who opens her eyes and saw the giant wolf. She moved herself to Apophis trying to get him up. They slowly got up and Buru put Apophis’ arm around her and they creeped out, but they were spotted by the hellhounds.

“Well, well you thought that you could escape Pharaoh,” Shoku said as she called her hellhounds over. “And you, I would expect you to follow in your grandfather’s footsteps,” Shoku said.


“What is she talking about?” Apophis said looking at Buru.


“Oh she didn’t tell you?” Shoku said.


“Keep you mouth shut!” Buru said as Shoku called her hellhounds to hold Buru down.


“Go ahead, see why she wears her bangs in front of her left eye.” Shoku said and Buru squirmed trying to get away from the hellhound that had grasped around her jacket and Apophis pulled her bangs back and saw the mark of Mayrik.  Apophis lurched back in shock and curled his lip in anger, “ No this is just something Shoku did isn’t it? Am i right?”


“Nope!” was not the answer he was expecting, and was even more surprised when his eyes reached the bearer of the words.


“Apophis, I might have Mayrik’s bloodline, but I’m not like him,” Buru said struggling to get out of the hellhound’s grasp.


“Oh hush little cub, you are you little liar, and your words are tainted with fear,” Doku said wagging his finger at her. Shoku flared up remembering Doku was there, “You! I am not done with you!” she drew her sword and charged him, her anger focusing on him. He couldn’t move, for the green like glue that he was standing in as she drew closer and closer, as she was closing in on… An instant later she was tossed across the room, and the monstrosity named Ciaty grinned madly. In the confusion everyone had forgotten her in the shadows.


“Stop!” Shoku heard a deep dark voice and looked to it from where her body and saw that Buru resembled Mayrik, she saw the marks on her eyes and they were glowing an aqua blue.  Fear scent covered the air as Buru split apart and showed the monster she had become, a duplicate of Mayrik himself. Ciaty stepped and snarled in challenge. Behind her Doku’s tongue licked his lips in anticipation.


“Buru, why!?” Apophis said with ultimate confusion and hurt, but Buru had no recognition of him therefore he was ignored. The beast of Buru blocked all outside distractions and focused on her new opponent- Ciaty.  The two circled each other around and around the center of the room. Ciaty struck first, a clawed fist connecting Buru’s side. then Buru struck out and she missed and struck Doku and Ciaty pulled Buru off and she slammed into the wall and Apophis regained focus and ran to her side.

“Buru?” he said.

“GET AWAY FROM ME,” Buru said in the voice of Mayrik shoving Apophis, he crumpled to the floor and withdrew a dragon scale and rubbed it. The scale glowed briefly and minutes later two dragons slunk through the door, and grabbed him and Buru before anything else could happen.



The next day in Buru’s room Yuku and Shunka were looking for a book and instead yuku opened a wolf box and they both went through.

“Where the hell are we,” Yuku said panicking as Shunka whacked him on the head.

“Get a hold of yourself moron, we must be in Buru’s past, can’t you see we’re at our home.” Shunka said as they saw their father running to the house and followed him when they got there they saw that a new baby was born.

“Is that me?” Yuku said.


“No you moron, that’s Buru, you weren’t born yet.” Shanka said as his father called him.


“Yes, father,” Shunka said coming to the infant.


“Shunka, when she is old I want you to keep your eyes on her,” his father said.


“But why, father?” Shunka said.

“She is the true grandchild of Mayrik,” he said.

      As Buru grew she ran like a unleashed wolf in the wild.


“Shunka, try to keep up,” Buru said running to the house to see Yuku. They both got to the house and saw Yuku, Buru got closer and Yuku held her hand. when Yuku was 4 and Buru was 8, Buru was talking to Shunka and Yuku’s father he told her that she would be taking a ritual.


“But I don’t want to become my grandfather!” Buru said as Yuku was standing behind the door. Shunka was going to the kitchen and saw that his father was taking Buru to the great hall to form the ritual. When Shunka heard Buru crying from her room his father sent Shunka to try to get Buru to eat.


“I thought you would be there for me, you’re my brother, you promised,” Buru said starting to cry again and shoving the plate of food to the floor.


“Buru, I tried to stop my father, but he wouldn’t,” Shunka said as Buru swatted him away.


“I don’t want to become my grandfather!” Buru said.


“Buru, everyone in your family had the ritual done,” Shunka said.


“Yeah, and look where they’re at now they’re all dead, and what if that happens to me, Shunka I’m scared!” Buru said putting her face into the pillow.


“You know you don’t have to become him,” Shunka said sitting on the bed.


“You know what he did to his step brother, and what if that happens to us?!” Buru said hugging Shunka.


“That’s not going to happen to us, Mayrik thought that his brother was strong,” Shunka said getting up, “now get some rest,” He continued and kissed her on the forehead and walked out. The next day Shunka took Buru and Yuku to the bus where they were going to train when they got there the pharaoh was there with his sister.


“Yuku, over here,” Apophis said as Yuku grabbed Buru’s arm, but Shunka told Buru to stay.


“Hey Lavender, Apophis,” Yuku said.


“Who is that?” Apophis said as Shunka was talking to Buru and helping her.


“That’s my sister Buru,” Yuku said as Lavender hugged him. Then they got on the bus, but no one would set by Buru, knowing her grandfather, but then Lavender sat by Yuku and Apophis sat by Buru, but he didn’t know she couldn’t see. He stuck out his hand, but Buru didn’t shake it. The last person that got on the bus was Shunka and he was glaring at the pharaoh,


“You better get up from that seat, my brother means business,” Yuku said as Apophis Moved to the seat next to his sister. When Shunka sat down Buru knew that it was him and she hugged his arm.


“Shunka, why do you have to be mean to him,” Buru said with her head down.


“I’m not being mean to him,” Shunka said as Buru turned and stared at him. “Ok maybe I was kind of a jerk, but you don’t understand.”


“I do, he is the son of the pharaoh,” Buru said holding her eyes.


“don’t rub your eyes,” Shunka said grabbing her hands and putting them on her knees and grabbing her blankets out of the bag and putting on Buru as she fell asleep.

The next day they arrived  at the battle stadium and there was a battle taking place of and dragon and a snake. The dragon made the floor split and it made it’s way to Buru, but Shunka didn’t notice it. Buru screamed as she fell and Shunka grabbed her arm and fell on the floor holding onto Buru as the floor cracked and then the pharaoh tried to grab Shunka, but the floor shattered and Buru, Shunka, and Apophis fell in. Apophis called his Blue eyes Black Dragon to help and Lavender called her Bright Eyes Dragon to help them. As they were falling Buru’s bandage around her eyes were coming off and Shunka grabbed her to conceal the marks. Then the dragons came down and picked them up and landed them onto the floor and Shunka still held Buru in his arms and Yuku came running up to them as did Apophis, but Shunka shoved him away.


“Shunka, stop,” Buru said opening her eyes and getting shunka to loosen up on his grip and looked at Apophis. He stepped back in shock, but Shunka took buru to their room that they were staying in. At night when Shunka and Yuku went to sleep, Buru snuck out and went out to the deck of the main hall. As she stared at the stars as Apophis saw Her and came out.


“What do you want, pharaoh,” she said still staring at the stars.


“I don’t care if you have the mark I still want to be friends,” Apophis said putting his hand on her shoulder. Buru turned and they both just stared into each other’s eyes till Shunka came out and grabbed Apophis’ shirt, but Buru got in the way.


“Leave him alone,” Buru said and then she remembered what Mayrik did to his brother and she fell to her knees and cried.


“Shunka, I’m so sorry I promised that I wouldn’t become my grandfather!” Buru cried as Shunka picked her up and took her back to the room and Apophis picked himself up and went to his room. that morning Apophis came to the room of Buru, Yuku, and Shunka, but Shunka was still asleep and Buru and Yuku were up, so they both went down to the main hall and met up with Apophis and Lavender. 10 min. went by and Shunka woke and saw that Buru was with the pharaoh.

“Buru!” Shunka yelled as he came up to them, “Father told me to take care of you and that is what I’m going to do!”


“I’m not a little kid no more, I don’t need you, just leave!” Buru yelled at Shunka and stormed off.


“I’ll go talk to her,” Yuku said as Shunka and Apophis fought and Lavender went with Yuku. in the room next to the main room Buru was setting in a corner with her head down.


“Buru, I know the stuff you said you didn’t mean it. Did you?” Yuku said going in the room


“No, it’s just that he treats me like a kid,” Buru said getting up.


“Well my brother and Shunka are fighting,” Lavender said.


“Shunka’s going to kill him, let’s go!” Buru said rushing out and had the face of Mayrik. when they got there Apophis was on the floor and Shunka was ready to kill him, but Buru rushed up to him and was guarding Apophis.


“Buru, get out of the way!” Shunka said.


“No, I won’t become my grandfather, but if anyone threatens my friends or family I will become him!” Buru shouted as Shunka saw her face and hair change. Everyone around them had fear and shock on their faces as Buru was a duplicate of Mayrik. Shunka stopped and then the instructor of the tournament told that Shunka had to leave the the stadium.


“I’m not leaving my sister,” Shunka said.

“Then she can leave to,” the instructor said as Buru stared at him and he saw the marcks and said that they can stay in a squeaky voice. The next battle was Between Buru and a rat like boy.

“This has gone far enough, I cast Soul Holder!” The boy said casting the spell.


“No!” Buru said in shock.


“Oh I one more thing when cast this spell I call Soul Keeper, now Soul Keeper finish her!” The boy said as the Soul keeper flashed into Buru and vanished.


“Buru!” Shunka said as he challenged the boy.


“Here’s the rules on this, if you win I give you your sister, but if I win I keep her soul, you first,” the boy said.


“I call to the field, Dark Altamonte Wolf!” Shunka said as a giant wolf appeared on the field.


“My Turn, you might know what monster I’m going to play, I call The Soul Eater, reveille yourself. Then Buru appeared and she was wearing armor like a worrier. It’s been five hours since the battle began and the game was nearly over.


“Now Shadow Wolf get Buru from the Soul Keeper clutches,” Shunka said as the Shadow Wolf aimed at the chest and shattered the Soul Holders clutches. As it scattered the rat like boy disappeared and Buru slowly fell to the floor, but Apophis caught her before her head hit the floor.


“Shunka, Yuku, Apophis, what are you doing in my head?” Buru said slowly opening her eyes.

“Wait, you can see us?” Shunka said.


“Yeah, why?” Buru said.


“Then you Know the way out,” Shunka said.


“Yeah,” Buru said heading to the place she can in from. They came to a portel hold and they thought they were back in the present and they headed to the cafeteria, but instead surprised by their old enemy, Shoku. She sat in the middle of the table happily conversing with the others along with the twisted Doku. Shunka bristled and prepared to attack, but was stopped by Yuku.


“Yuku!” Shunkan said as Yuku put a finger to her lips, “ Calm down, no one can see, feel, or hear us. That’s why no one said anything about their being two of us.’ Shunka still slightly confused nodded slowly. A scream shocked them both to reality, and they ran to keep up with a Buru who had began to run to her dorm. Before they could reach the dorm Doku stepped in front of them. Both of them stopped despite their new knowledge that they were ghost-like.


“Who are you,” Doku called to them,” and why are you dead?”


“We aren’t dead!” Yuku said as Buru who was wearing a dress that she never wore before running up and pulled on Apophis’ arm and taking him to the dorm.


“Then why are you in the spirit realm?” Doku called to them with a confused expression.


“You guys we need to get out of here!” Apophis said as Buru rushed to the dorm. They entered the borm and Buru sat down on the couch and,

“Apophis, come down, in this world is my biggest fears, it’s where Shoku and the others take over the world and  they took the kids as prisoners,” Buru started.


In the hall Shunka punch Doku in the face, but he didn’t seen to have any effect from the punch.


“Stop!” a dark figure had the shadow of Mayrik and came up to Doku and threw him to the wall and,


“Now go to the underworld and tell Shoku to never come back!” Buru said as her hair was all fizzed and she scared Doku and he vanished. “We can’t stay, let’s go,” she said as she changed back into the girl from before. They waked and then they heard a crack and they looked behind them and they ran.


“Ahhh!” Buru said as Shunka, Yuku, and Apophis saw her fall and Shunku went to save her, but the thing is that the past Doku decided to follow them, and this changed the future. They fell into water and they saw that they were in the river at the school, and  went to get some dry clothing on and they were joined by Yuku and Apophis.


“Buru! I thought you were dead,” Apophis said hugging Buru.


“Who are you?” Buru said as she broke Apophis’ grip on her shoulders.


“What is wrong with Buru?” Yuku said.


“I think when we fell in the water, she fell further than I did and she lost her memory of Apophis.” Shunka said.


“I th-think I can help,” a wavering voice sounded through the air. Everyone turned, Shunka bristled and snarled to bare his teeth. Buru stepped forward and Apophis lurched forward to pull her back, but she waved him away in irritation. Doku, no one could tell which one, extended his hand out to her, and she delicately placed her hand in his and stepped closer to him, which he then pulls her close. She turns her face up to his, and before anyone could stop him, he squeezes her and plants a kiss on her lips, and his body crumples into a fine black ash.


“Buru?” Apophis calls to her as he hesitantly approaches her resolute form. Suddenly a deep breath rushes into her lungs and her eyes flick open, Apophis flinches but draws ever closer.  Shunka grasps Buru’s shoulder and gives her a firm shake. The motion causes Buru to collapse upon her knees, but she manages to conjure a sentence just barely above a whisper,


“Shunka, please, Shunka help me!” She said her voice rising into a scream and crying hugging him in a sacred form of Mayrik. Shunka blinks in surprise, but he slowly gives her a hug back. He holds her close knowing that this could be the only time she ever openly needs them.


Its been four days since Buru’s outburst and everyone feels like they’re already dead from the Halloween celebrations through the previous days. Known by the demons as All Hallow’s Eve, sending a worldwide message to rise from their slumber, but for mortals this holiday is known as Halloween. The wolves were getting ready for the blood moon wolf dance and the others in the school were working on putting up the decorations all through the halls.

The dance was tonight in the Dead woods and everyone would be there even Jeraco, Buru’s uncle, who had decided to bring party favors, whatever that meant.

The teachers allowed the students to have the day off and the teachers were drunk from all of the drinks that they drunk at the parties.





“A long time ago there were empires that lived in peace, till the war, brought by foreigners ravaged the lands. There were three royal jewels that were lost, till my brother and I found them, one was winter, one was water, and the last was magic.” Buru said as she was dreaming of her birth place. In a kingdom that is no longer there, two kids were sent to Mayrik’s room.


“Come on Buru,” a boy with the same features of Buru, his name was Akeron…

A heavy knocking on her oaken door aroused her from her sleep. “Buru get up!” Yuku said as the surroundings turned back to the wolf dorm as Yuku was yelling


“What!” Buru yelled  sitting up from the bed.


“Shunka is fighting a hooded figure!” Yuku said as they both ran down to the combat room.


“I summon aquarius dragon!” the hooded figure said.


“That voice sounds familiar and the monster looks like my brother’s.” Buru thought to herself.


“Now my Aquarius dragon attacks!” The hooded figure said then Buru saw a glimpse of his face


“That’s Akeron’s move when his sea monsters attack.” Buru thought,


“Akeron!” She stood up and she yelled at them. Then Buru ran down,


“Kishara?” Akeron said, removing his hood and revealing his face. Dark markings and his blind right eye had a startling effect. When they saw each other they hugged and Shunka gave a confused look in their direction but it was ignored.


“I thought you were dead.” Buru said as Spark ran down and hugged Akeron.


“I was with grandfather, but he messed up my ritual,” Akeron said.


“What the heck is going on here, and why did he call you Kishara?” Shunka said.


“This is my twin brother Akeron, and my real name is Kishara,” Buru said as Spark showed Shunka the three charms that they had around their necks. Then the surroundings changed and they were in the Empires world.


“Spark what did you do?” Akeron said as their clothing changed to the clothing that they wore in the past. Then they landed and they saw that Shunka wasn’t there. They went to the kingdom and Shoku was waiting for the twins and Spark left and the twins ran to the top of the castle. Then when Shoku and Kishara left Akeron summoned his magic man.


“Now, master?” the magic man said.


“Not yet,” Akeron said staring at Kishara. That night Kishara was sleeping and then Akeron and the magic man came in and there was a flash of light and Kishara became a monster.


The next day Shoku, Apophis, and Spark came and they found that they were challenged to fight the magic man and the monster that he summed was Bright Eyes Girl.

“She looks like Kishara, and Akeron is up there observing and he doesn’t look like he is concerned.” Spark said. The battle went on for several hours and then Shoku attacked Kishara and she screamed and fell to the ground as Akeron blinked and told the magic man to stop. Akeron ran down and held Kishara as she looked like Mayrik and turned to the sweet innocent girl.

Then Emperor Doku broke out in all war where he will attempt to rule over all of the Empires, (the Wolf, Dragon, Magic, and Fire Empires).


In the great hall of the wolf empire called the Great Den sat the son of the wolf king Akeron.


“Akeron, we need your help!” Shoku said as Kishara  came from the shadows. The leader of the rebellion, Shoku, leaned back against a stone pillar and worked on a shaft of a random arrow. Beside her Cadell pulled a bandana tight across his forehead.


“I’ll help you,” Akeron said as he got up and Kishara grabbed his arm.


“Bother I want to fight for Mayrik’s death,” she said as Akeron saw the eye of Ra. Shoku stopped her whittling and looked up, and seconds later she furrows her brow in deep thought.


“You know, I think…..” she started, “I think that the Eye of Ra is only half. In the legends it is the sun, and the Eye of Horus is the other half, the moon; they keep each other balanced.”


“What do you mean, who has the other half?” Kishara said as she touched her eye.


“Well, I would imagine it is a well kept secret, but if I were to guess, since the Eye grants extreme power….” Shoku breaks off realizing the problem. Cadell raises an eyebrow,


“So you think the High and Mighty “Emperor” Doku has it?”


“Huh,” Kishara paused in shock knowing that Doku has the Eye of Horus.


“Who else would it be, considering most of the nobles and lords have fled, or died at his hand?” Cadell grunted.


“But, why do I have to have the other half,” Kishara said clenching her eyes.


“Our grandfather wanted you to have it, because you’re stronger than I am,” Akeron said as he put his hands on her shoulders and hugged her.


“It doesn’t help he is a direct descendent of Ra, and that blood runs in your veins.” Shoku said. They all froze as they unmistakably heard the bellow of a bullhorn call.


“Doku’s coming we need to go!” Akeron said as Kishara stayed to revenge Mayrik’s death. They all try to get Kishara in the underground tunnels, but she pushes away from them and runs outside. Then they hear a scream type chuckle and as they came out of the den they saw Doku and Kishara vanish in thin air.


“Shoku and Apophis go bring back Kishara,” Akeron said.


“Why can’t you go,” Shoku said as the went through a portal. In a model world Doku was an old man and Kishara was a witch type girl.

Shoku and Apophis arrive seconds later on a sandy wasteland.


“Darned it, Doku and his blasted alternate dimensions,” Shoku growled as a wave of heat blew grits of sand in her eyes. Then as she regained focus, she and Apophis saw a giant skeleton monster and as it attack them a blue light is interrupted the beast. As the light faded Shoku saw that the person was Kishara and they followed her to a gypsy type shack. Then they saw what they thought was an old man, but it was actually Doku in that form and Apophis saw Kishara beside him as the Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus glowed a golden color.


“Kishara!!” Apophis yelled as Shoku held him back. There in front of Doku was Rot and Dekay. Shoku, Doku and Kishara were the only ones that could see them.


“What?” Apophis said as they both hid behind a old broken down car.


“Your half mortal, you can’t see demons.” Shoku whispered.


“Then why can I see you and the others?” Apophis said.


“Because, Your father was a demon, that’s why your sister has dragon ears, your sister inherited all of the demon gene from your father and you only inherited half of it. That’s why you’re in the Dragon Empire and not just that your father is the pharaoh” Shoku said as Kishara was heading their way, but Doku called her back.


“I thought I heard something…” Kishara said going to Doku’s side and looking around in suspicion.



“Come now we have to save Kishara from Doku’s clutches,” Shoku whispered slinking closer to Kishara. At that last moment a whirl of sand kicked up and caught Doku’s attention. A split second later his eyes locked on Shoku, and his long, slender tongue crept out and licked his lips.


“Master, we don’t need to worry about them,” Kishara said gently trying to soothe his growling excitement.


“Don’t tell me what to do!” Doku yelled, “but yes you’re right.” He paused thinking then without a moment’s hesitation he snapped his fingers dramatically. A plume of grey smoke erupted from the floor and gradually became a solid form. Caity, Doku’s general, stepped forward and smirked, her teeth glittering and her long fur blowing in a multitude of directions. Shoku glared up at the towering form, and slowly withdrew a long serrated dagger from her thigh. She got a underhanded grip on it and prepared to dart forward at a moment’s notice. As they were fighting Apophis was fighting with his dual blades, slashing and using every ounce of training he ever had against Kishara and then he managed to disarm her. He lunged and pinned her and was hugging her and trying to get her to bring her back.


“Kishara, please come back to me, I need you, please!” Apophis said crying as Kishara suddenly went limp.


Shoku panted as a continuous onslaught of claws tried to overcome her defense. The monstrous beast Caity lunged forward catching the tail of her shirt, but stumbled, losing her footing on the shifting sand. As the beast struggled to get up, Shoku lept up and plunged her blade in the small of the upper back. Completely outraged, she shook and tossed her head in attempt to throw her off. Her body flailing wildly and her hair tossing maniacally, Shoku managed to cling tight to her sinking blade, but her grip could only hold for so long. In one last attempt Shoku twisted the jagged blade, and  pushed off her back with her feet. She landed elegantly several feet away, currently out of the way of immediate danger. Catching her breath, she whipped her face towards Apophis as he cried out in pain. He wrenched out a small finger length dagger from his thigh, and collapsed to the ground.

Behind him, Buru wore a malicious grin, and looked towards the sun. A split second later, she looked down at Apophis, her right eye glowing yellow with deep ebony symbols that painted themselves around her eye.

As Apophis released the dagger and he saw that Kishara was going to Dokus side and before she got to him Apophis muttered, “I’m sorry,” and stabbed Kishara in the back and as she fell he caught her and in the confusion Shoku jumped on Doku and they were fighting back and forth.


“Apophis you need to get Kishara back to the Den,” Shoku said


“What about you?” Apophis said as he put Kishara’s still body on his back.


“I’ll be fine, this is my brother, I need to settle this,” Shoku said as the two summoned a  portal. There was a swish of air as they vanished through through it.

Shoku turned towards Doku and let out a roar. Doku smiled, a wistful expression. Then within a second, he had two deadly blades in his grasp, and he lunged with them in pure serene. Shoku dodged and brought her dagger to his face, which left a thin trail of blood across his cheek. They came to a halt several strides apart. Doku’s tongue stretched up and licked the trail of blood.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve tasted my own blood, Sister,” Doku said his voice cold and hard. He glanced toward the setting sun, his face an icy mask.


“You think that this is power?” he grinned suddenly, “Well, either way, you will be feeling this for a long, long while!” He dug his claws into the tough fabric of his shirt, and ripped it open and proceeded to throw it to the ground. The moon, appearing from nowhere, glared down on the reflective sand and Doku started to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. He looked again to the moon and opened his left eye wide so it absorbed the moon’s light. Shoku stepped back as Doku’s eye glowed and he turned into a monstrous beast that closely resembled a giant falcon-ish creature.


At the den Akeron was worried and was pacing back and forth. Then the unmistakable sound of a portal drew his attention as Spark dropped down beside from her perch from ceiling where she practices acrobatics.


“Kishara!” Mayrik said coming from his study and ran to her and helped her turn to her normal self. “Kishara you disobeyed me by going off and fighting, I’m the one who raised you and it’s my sacred duty to make sure that you become the Queen that you need to be!” Mayrik said raising his voice, but Kishara held her tongue.


“Hay Apophis, he said duty ahahah,” Spark said cackling and Apophis gave her a sour look. Then coming from the tunnels of the underground was a terrifying deep howl shook the tunnels. Everyone turned to look at the source of the howl to see an enormous white wolf standing with pure power radiating off of her. There were 3 more wolves followed behind and one was name Chas and he is the second alpha of the pack. Raven started to growl and snap and she  jumped down and steadily approached them. Kishara said frantically,


“Wait it’s me, Aqua!” The wolf suddenly stopped growling and sprang at Kishara. “NO, please?!” Kishara yelled.


Then the wolf licked Kishara. Surprised, Kishara looked up to see that toothy grin she always loved.


“Raven, you’re all alive, I mean that we were seperated when I went to the demon school and brought back Spark, Shoku, and the pharaoh,” Kishara said as Raven played. Akeron saw the old friends and glared at the pack and left with Mayrik as Shoku came through the portal as soon as it vanished. Then Shoku stopped and Raven looked at her with confusion she was clutching her side as blood seeping from her wounds and onto the amber tile. Crimson blood flowed endlessly as she lost consciousness and fell heavily to the stone floor. Cadell darted forward with a length of bandaging and herbal concoctions. Raven growled a menacing growl and tried to protect Kishara. Cadell stopped and lifted his hands palms up to show he meant no harm.


“Hey girl it is ok he is a friend, he is trying to help.” Kishara said clenching her jaw.  Raven whimpered and backed away. She lowered her head and Chas came up to rub his head in the scruff of her neck. Cadell lifted Shoku onto a table and stripped the surrounding area of its armor and grimaced as she cried out in pain. Kishara paled as she caught a glimpse of the wound, and grasped Raven’s fur in her hand as a comforter.


Cadell scrunched his his brow as he slowly poured a clear liquid that looked like water on to the ugly infection. Immediately it fizzed up in a layer of foam. He gritted his teeth and grabbed a pair of tongs. Carefully, he reached down with them and managed to grasp something with them. The tongs slowly coaxed a long blade a with another gush of blood. After it was fully out, he put it aside and grabbed a wooden bowl with a herbal spread. Then he dipped his hand in it, and gently spread it around the wound and deep in it.


“Kishara….. Kishara, pay attention! Can you  hand me that beside you on the end table. Yes, that right there,” Cadell said sternly as Shoku whined. Kishara obliged without a word, the shock was too much. It reminded her too much of a time that no one else remembers. He accepted the cotton that she handed to him and promptly started stuffing the wound.



“Do you think she’ll make it? Kishara asked her voice strained. Cadell sighed and ran a hand through his fluffy hair. Raven whimpered and pressed up against Chas. Called glanced to the roof of the cavern and then looked towards them. Apophis and Shunka both entered their faces grim.


“I honestly don’t know,” he answered softly, his voice cracking. Apophis came up to Kishara as tears were rolling down her face. Apophis put his hand on her shoulder and as she knelt down she turned to him who licked the tears off of her face. Then Spark came to Akeron and tried to hold his hand to comfort him, but he drove it away in anger.


“If I would of gone with you, she wouldn’t of died,” Akeron ground out walking to Kishara and Apophis. Kishara knelt and blue light lodged itself into Shoku’s chest.


“Come on, don’t leave, us, get, up, now!” Kishara said as she pushed the light into Shoku and the light spread through her body.


“Imbeciles stop! You don’t know what you’re doing!” Cadell bellowed rushing towards Shoku, shoving everyone out of the way in the process. He tore away the bandages away and was met with perfect, smooth skin.

“Oh, no you don’t know what you’ve done! Everything I put in her wounds was meant to draw out infection, now you’ve created an abscess as big as my forearm in her side. I think I am going to have to go in to release the pressure otherwise….”

“Otherwise what?” Kishara prodded, her fears increasing by the second.

“The pressure will build up too much and she’ll…” he made an explosion with his hands. Cadell withdrew a long slender embalming tool. He positioned himself over her and prepared to start.

“Kishara, bring Shunka here, the rest of you leave,” Cadell said, his voice cracking. Shunka came in from the doorway, by himself. With some hesitation, he yanked up his sleeves to revealed marred, scarred skin. Kishara starred unable to look away. “Go on Kishara, you’re not going to want to see this,” Shunka warned with his voice uncharacteristically cold. Kishara didn’t turn her head as she walked and Apophis came and shielded her eyes. As Shunka was helping Cadell he told Kishara what happened.

“I was separated from you and after awhile your grandfather found me, but I was near death. He took me to his house and then I met Akeron and then we came here, but we stayed in the barn that’s close to the stables to get the horses ready at any given time.” He said as Apophis took Kishara outside and met up with the others.

“Shoku can’t die, she is the rebellion leader and she knows more than we do of Emperor Doku,” Spark said as they saw Kishara pressed against Setdoe’s chest as they walked out from the Great Den.

“It looks like Apophis’s hitting off with her, hu?’’ Spark said whispering to Akeron and he ran up to Kishara at the thought and took her from Setdoe. Setdoe’s somber gaze followed them up the stone steps.

After she managed to get a hold on her nerves, he brought to her to a calm tree hollow in the midst of a willow that Mayrik carved out for her when she was younger. Blue runes swirled around the trunk and dwindled off into the rest of the trunk of the tree. Akeron was the one who broke the silence of the glade and talked in a hoarse voice, “What do you remember?” Kishara looked up at him and in a wavering voice answered,

“Wait, what?” she said in a whispery tone, but everyone still could hear her. Setdoe was still by her, waiting for her to talk. She couldn’t say anything, her jaw was locked tight.  The Eye of Ra glowed briefly and let her speak again.

“Well I…..” Kishara started as she was abruptly cut of by a footsteps nearing the hollow. Shunka looked down at them with sad eyes and beckoned them towards the Great Den.  

“She…,”Shunka turned away, his face a sorrowful mask. Cadell joined them in a minutes notice with his hands stained red, and the from of his ragged shirt splattered with crimson droplets.

“She isn’t dead, is she?” Spark said as she looked at the others. Spark saw a look of shock on Kishara’s face as she heard them.  Distressed and angry, she took off and curled up in the hollow and Apophis left in a hurry after her. Akeron was standing with his arms crossed in disbelief.

“She can’t, she can’t be dead, tell me it’s not so, she’s the head of the rebellion!” Kishara said as Raven came to her as she clinched the collar of Shunka’s shirt and the Eye of Ra was glowing, reflecting her emotions.

Shunka ignored her and looked behind her with a growing smile on his face.

“What the heck are you smiling about Shunka. Answer me!” Kishara screamed. He continued to ignore her and slowly nodded and gave a slow answer,

“There she is.”

Kishara turned around and limping the steps was a friend she never thought she would see again, Shoku. Her gleaming red horns caught the sun’s sinking light and made her look like a beaten fiery goddess descending from the heavens.

“Shoku!” Kishara said running up to her and hugging her. Apophis noticed her and he smiled and went to Akeron and then were talking back and forth. Shoku winced as Kishara squeezed her.

“Easy, I am alive, but it still hurts,” Shoku said with a small smile. Cadell walts over grinning like a madman. He ruffles Shoku’s fluffy blond mane, and she gives a hug. In return Cadell picks her up and twirls her around. Her laughter sounded out shattering the gloomy tone of the monastery. Raven prances in circles following them along the way.

Kishara looked on them with a sad look. Even before the future was changed, she had never heard or seen her laugh in such a joyous manner. Apophis appeared beside her and nudged her.

“Why the long face?” Apophis said laying his head on her head since his taller than she is.

“I never seen her like that before,” Kishara said raising her hands onto Apophis’s head.

“They probably love each other?” Apophis said leaning over and kissing Kishara on her muzzle. Akeron saw them and started to come towards them then Spark grabbed his arm and spun him around into a dance. Then Mayrik came out to survey the noise and brushed Apophis off of Kishara. Glumly, the celebration settled down and Mayrik took her hand and they went inside the sanctuary.

“Come child, you need to study and perform your duties. You don’t have time for things like this,” he said as the doors shut behind them and Apophis was left staring after Kishara as the heavy oaken doors closed.



As they slept, Kishara went out to get fresh air and as she stood at the edge of the cliff the ground shattered from underneath her sending her plummeting down. She screamed as someone grabbed her and brought her up and pressed her against them.

“I’m Deshr and you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” he said as he licked his fangs. He leaned in and licked up her cheek.

“Really Deshr?” Shoku said leaning on the doorway with a smile dancing around her eyes.

“Oh, Shoku don’t spoil my fun. Let me play with my prey a little longer..” He replied stroking her cheek. As Kishara struggled away from him, Deshr alighted softly on the ground and hung a small jawbone around her neck attached to a length of leather. She felt a wave of heat as she blushed and turned away embarrassed.

“Where do I remember him from? He smells so familiar…” Kishara silently thought to herself as Shoku waltzed up to Deshr. Deshr gave her a sly grin and mischievously blew her a kiss. Shoku blew one back, and Deshr gave her a friendly hug tinted with something else.

Then it clicked. A memory from not so long ago floated to the top of Kishara’s mind.   

“You knew, Deshr that’s low, but strangely alluring” Shoku said running a hand over his collarbone and swishing her crimson dress.


“I remember now, Deshr you son of a b****,” Kishara bellowed with the eye glowing and she got her machete ready.

“What?” Deshr asked confused, “I don’t believe we have ever met.”

“Do you remember … Buru!?” Kishara said gesturing to herself madly.

He gave her a suspicious look and leaned close and whispered to her, “We will talk later.”

Shoku gave the two a weird look and was about to say something as Deshr abruptly said, “I think your friend might be sick with something, I would get her to the infirmary as soon as possible, she is having the worst hallucinations.” He gave a salute to Shoku and suddenly jumped off the edge of the cliff. Kishara lunged forward to catch him but Shoku held her tightly. Deshr surged back up, his ebony angelic wings sending a whirl of air through her hair.

“What the heck just happened?” Kishara said staring at Shoku.

Shoku gave her a worried look, “Maybe we should get you something…” Without another word they walked together to the infirmary.

As they reached their destination, Cadell greeted them with tired eyes. Shoku told him about the situation and he nodded thoughtly. He led Kishara to a room in the back with a single cot.

“Here, I think all you need is a little night’s sleep. In the morning you should feel better,” he said gently. Kishara weakly protested as he laid her on the cot and pulled up the covers. He shushed her as she tried to get up and she finally gave up and laid limped on the down mattress. Kishara stared at the ceiling mutely following the spidery trails across the room.

“Do they think I’m sick?” Kishara thought aloud.

“Didn’t I tell you to sleep?” Cadell said with a grin as he peeked in.

“Have you ever thought of knowing, what if I was changing, jeeze!?” Kishara yelling at him. He put his hands up in surrender.

“Alright, alright no need to yell, I’m leaving, but if you need anything give me a holler, okay?” Cadell said drawing back through the doorway.

“Wait!” Kishara called.

“Yes, princess?” Cadell replied peeking in once again.

She stuck her tongue out at him but she asked him, “Do you have any tea, or anything relaxing? I can’t sleep.” He tapped his temple and a spark of an idea flicked in his eyes, “How about some chamomile tea? I just got it yesterday, but you just reminded me of it. Kishara nodded and gave a small smile. “Okay, I’ll be back in a few minutes, hang tight,” he said with a bow.

After he left Kishara was left with a fluttery feeling she couldn’t shake. As she was mulling over this Cadell brought in a tea kettle and a wooden cup. “It might not be the best, but it is very…. relaxing.”



The next morning Kishara awoke with a start as the sound of voices echoed into her room.

“We don’t know how many there are or even who they are?” Shunka’s angry voice floated in.

Shoku raised her voice, ”Shunka’s right, this maybe a waste of valuable resources, but I will send a scout to see if they will be of any use, and if possible lead them away if they are dangerous.”

“It better not be Deshr, he sticks out like a sore thumb during the day,” Cadell said his voice floating in.

Kishara sat and listened to this and finally decided to get up. When she went outside she smelled Apophis and his sent felt like he was strangely protective.

“You think I’m sick too?” she said staring at the moon.

“No, do you know him,” Apophis said putting his arms around Kishara. “you remember when we were in the deep desert when we were little and Deshr grabbed the fox jaw and then it ripped from your neck. That was your first kill of the season. Then you went away from me.”

“Don’t remind me, that was the day that I found myself on the property of the old scientist,” kishara said hugging setdoe and then Mayrik came out and shoved Apophis away and pulled Kishara inside.

“Kishara it’s not safe out there with the fire wolf out there!” He said as Kishara pushed away from him and yelled back.

“Grandfather I’m not a child any more, leave me be!” she yelled and stormed outside. Apophis chased after her despite Mayrik’s accusation.

“Kishara, watch out!” Apophis yelled as a fire monster appeared and started to choke Kishara and then Deshr incinerated the monster.

“What the heck Deshr, I thought you were evil?” Apophis said going to Kishara’s side. Deshr shrugged and leaned against the wall looking for damage. He let out a sigh and opened a storage closet full of cleaning supplies. Apophis reached for a broom, but Deshr shook his head, “No it is alright I’ll clean this up. Go make sure everything is secure and that we don’t have a perimeter breach.”

Apophis slowly nodded and pulled Kishara out of the room with him. They didn’t talk as they hurried down the echoing empty halls. Footsteps echoed behind them as they turned around. Shoku stopped before them panting.

“I’ve finally found you, the perimeter is secure, but our scout managed to be seen. The refugees chased him out of fear of who they discovered by. I am going to confront them now, do you want to come? I would feel better with you at my side,” Shoku said wringing her hands and looking down at the floor.

“We’ll go, there is nothing that we have to do,” Apophis said walking up to where she stood and Kishara followed from behind. As they were heading out Deshr met to them heavily bleeding from a cut that stretched up into his hair.

“They decided it was better to kill us and be done with it,” he said dabbing his wound with a handkerchief. Shoku handed him a length of bandage from the satchel at her waist.

“Here, so you don’t bleed to death,” Shoku said with a tinge of sarcasm.

“Why thank you kind lady, whatever would I do without you?” He replied wrapping the bandages around his head like a bandana. A scream brought their attention back towards from where Deshr came.

“We better hurry this might not end well for anyone,” Deshr said his voice serious again.

As they took off Kishara took the lead and met the bloody scene first, and instantly shifted into the exact copy of Mayrik. Her left eye was like a wolf eye with aqua blue color and her right eye was the Eye of Ra was an deep onyx color.

People swarmed over each other, howling at each other for their blood. Shoku swept up a wooden staff of the ground next to a fallen soldier and charged in the mass swinging. Surging faces sneered and swung heavy blades, challenging her. Each one fell to a heavy blow to their head.

Shoku surveyed the damaged and the crumpled bodies and gathered up the remaining live few without struggle. Kishara stood bristled and matted with blood as she stalked through the dead. She shifted to human form, exhausted. A groan caught her attention, and she scanned the bodies for a noise.

“Kishara….. Kishara, come to me,” a voice called weak and dying. Kishara slowly walked through the carnage looking for the speaker.

“Yes?” she replied uncertainly and nervously, “I’m right here.” A cough allowed to zero in a few feet to her left. Mayrik laid there, heavily bleeding and coughing up blood, an arrow buried in his throat and a spear through his chest. She gasped and hurried to his side, ready to prepare immediate treatment.

“No child, it’s too late for me,” he sputtered. Kishara felt her mind whirl with emotions she had never realized she had for the old man.

“Shhh, save you breath…I-I can save you,” she said tears welling up.

“Easy, it is alright,” he said giving her hand a comforting squeeze, “Here, this is the key to the chest in my room on the balcony. In there is a chest, everything is explained there.” Kishara closed her eyes and held him close.

A single tear escaped down her cheek, and Mayrik reached up and brushed it away and he forced out painfully, “Don’t cry, you know how I…” His voice trailed off. Kishara opened her eyes.

“How you what?” she asked at his silence. His eyes stared upon her face and his chest stilled. She reaches up and closes his eyelids, so she doesn’t have to watch them glaze over. Still hunched over him she begins to weep silently to herself until the moon gazed mournfully down on her.



As she slept she had the vision of her grandfather in her arms. She awoke screaming. Then Apophis and Raven rushed in to comfort her. Cadell reached the doorway, and darted back out. Seconds later he had a steaming cup of tea, and he stepped forward and handed it to her. She slowly accepted it, shaking continuously as if she was cold.

“Every time I close my eyes I see Mayrik dying in my arms and I can’t stop that nightmare,” Kishara Said as She held Raven in her arms as she earlier turned into the wolf. “And Cadell I don’t want any tea, it doesn’t help, the only reason I take it is to be nice, I hate it!”

“Kishara, don’t be rude!” Apophis said looking at Cadell.

Suddenly, Cadell starts laughing. Everyone steps back in surprise and Kishara drops her cup, creating a hollow “thunk” and spilling hot tea everywhere. .

“But, that’s just it, this is the first outburst you’ve had, and you haven’t been doing anything irrational,” Cadell said regaining his composure.

“Just leave my room and go away!” Kishara yelled realizing he was right.

“Well, just in case I’m going to leave this by the door,” Cadell put the cast iron kettle beside the door, giving her a wink. Before Apophis left he placed Kishara onto his lap and was holding her and Chas came in and started Stalking towards Raven. She had a huge smile on her face as he pulled her into a hug and pulled her to sit with him in his lap. Chas then started playfully nibbling on her shoulder.

“Awww, you two are adorable,” Kishara said as Apophis was holding her in his arms tightly.


That night Kishara went to hunt and she was joined by Raven. In the Great Dane everyone else were talking about how the could take Doku down and laughing at the funny comments.

“Kishara, The elk, you’re the closest to it, get ready,” Raven said and an ebony dragon with sapphire blue eyes swooped down and grabbed the elk in its talons. In the confusion the dragon slashed Kishara on the back as she came to attack the elk.

“Kishara!” Raven yelled as the dragon looked back and she saw emotion glittering in its eyes. Then as Raven guarded Kishara the dragon landed heavily and strode towards them.

“Pharaoh, you’re a dragon, I thought that you only had the spirit in you and not the power to turn?” Raven said as the dragon turned into Apophis, who had joined in spirit with Pharaoh.

“You see, I am a master of what I do on and now I’m like my father,” he said as he cut his finger with his fang and spread it on Kishara’s back for her wound to heal.

Shoku had heard the commotion and headed to see what happened. She paled several degrees at the sight of blood, but she quickly realized what had happened.

“Everytime I turn my back someone is getting hurt, Kishara, Apophis, you both are getting too dangerous to be near one another. How about you both stay in your rooms for the time being,” she said with force. She turned to Raven. “I want you to guard Kishara’s room no one is to enter or leave till I can figure out what to do about this.” Raven nodded and nudged Kishara to her room with a trailing Apophis. Kishara tried to talk, but raven nipped at her as she spoke. They head to the Great Den as there were men from the far east came riding up on what looked like horses, but they were like skeletons and they came up to Raven and Kishara.

“Where is the Empress Shoku, she is needed back at headquarters,” one of the men said as the horse bucked when Kishara snapped at its leg and then Raven slapped her on the head to stop.

That night  as Kishara laid in her bed Apophis came through a secret door behind an old painting.

“Kishara, come on,” he said putting her arms around him.

“Apophis, no, what Shoku said was right, every time we’re together something bad happens,” Kishara said staring at a wall on the other side of the room.

“So you’re saying that we should?” Apophis stated.

“No, I just think that we should stay apart for the time being,” Kishara said still staring at the wall.

“If it was Raven and Chas instead of us you think that she would listen to Shoku?” Apophis said stroking Kishara.

“No, Raven’s an alpha and she doesn’t have to listen to anyone, but for me is different, I’m a beta,” Kishara said pushing Apophis’ hand away.



Instead of leaving, he traced her jawline and kissed her. Kishara held her breath and slowly gave in. Apophis held her face in his hands as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt. His bare chest revealed his smooth tight muscles that contracted with his movement to remove Kishara’s own shirt.

Kishara’s bare skin mingled with his, creating an endless horizon of flesh. Apophis and Kishara kissed, their tongues exploring each others’ mouth. She dug her fingers into his slick back as they experienced a sweet euphoric feeling throughout each others body.

Then Apophis heard footsteps echoing down the hallway as Shoku was coming from the Den and he quickly dressed and left Kishara with a sorrowful kiss and retreated back through the painting.

“Apophis…” Kishara started but stopped herself and put the covers over top of her and she fell into a deep sleep, (from the poison that got inside of her when Apophis slashed her on the back and as she layed on the ground there was a drop of poison that was on a tree that she was laying under and the poison dropped from the leaf of the tree and injected itself into her back so it wasn’t Apophis’ fault). As Kishara laid in pain she let the spirits out and she turned into the copy of Mayrik. She got out of bed and pushed the door and Raven slammed into the wall and Kishara didn’t see.

“Kishara, you’re the monster again!” Raven said looking at the infected scar on her back, and dabbing at it with small cloth. Kishara shoved Raven out of her path and busted through the wooden door that led to the woods. Then she shifted into a wolf like she always does, but at a much larger scale. Blindingly, she ran through the woods and called for Mayrik from the spirits in the night sky.

“Grandfather, please I’m scared, I need help, please!” Kishara said in a deep dark voice that got higher as she became frantic, but there was no answer but a dying breeze rustling the smallest leaves.


Back in the Great Den, Shoku came running to where Raven and Chas were.

“Raven, are ok?” Shoku said going to her and helping her up.

“I’m fine, Kishara slammed me into the wall and she turned into the wolf of Mayrik and she was enormous, but the thing that terrified me was that the scratch on her back, near her scar, was infected,” Raven said.

“Apophis, he poisoned her?” Shoku shouted.

“No, he wouldn’t poison her, he loves her, and besides when she laid on the ground I saw a light green liquid drop from a leaf and onto Kishara’s back, I fear the worst for her if we don’t do anything about it.” Raven said as Chas licked up her neck. In the woods Kishara’s scar was getting bigger by the second. Footsteps echoed through the trees and Shoku, Raven, Chas, and Apophis saw Kishara.

“Kishara, we’re here to help, come home!” Shoku said as Kishara turned to face them.

“No, no one can help me!” Kishara yelled in the deep voice.

“Apophis, you’re the only one that can help her, Akeron’s gone, you have to disobey everything to help her, the poison is infecting her heart and soul and changing her inside out,” Raven said as Shoku didn’t say anything, for just knowing that her old friend would soon die if they didn’t save her. At that moment Apophis fell to the ground holding his self in pain all over his body.

“Apophis, what’s wrong!” Raven shouted as Apophis’ body began to change. Raven leaned down to him and smelled a wolf-fox scent coming from him, As he laid on the ground Raven saw his muzzle grow long, his bones began to crack and bind, as  his back began to take shape a hairless tail began to grow. as he laid there like a hairless dog, brownish-orange fur appeared to fill the skin.

“Apophis, y-you’re a fox-wolf, but how, you’re a dragon,” Raven said.

“The dragon was a cover up. My mother was a fox and my father was not the dragon, he was a wolf, I didn’t want anyone to now my inner monster. You see, when I was born I was nothing like my dragon ancestors, but was a fox-wolf, and my real name is Kitsune Desaraims even when I went to school I never had any friends.” He said getting up.



Kitsune was heading to Kishara and turned into the dragon and he saw hieroglyphs engraved onto her back. They said, “Darkness twines with light as the beast appears and takes the dark as energy to form the great Ra. The Darkness rises as silence dies.” Kitsune read and started to tend to the monster, but all he did wasn’t working.

“You think that you can stop me from forming Ra, You wrong, you and your little friends can’t help me!” Kishara shouted. Mayrik was with the spirits as he summoned a iron cage that grows and shrinks with size. Before he could activate it, a light shimmered down onto Kishara and she was lifted to the gods to try to remove the poison.

As she was glowing with blue light and everyone stared at her and then a glowing being approached her and placed a hand on the small of her back. Blue liquid, that looked like glowing water, flowed over her body creating a metallic cocoon. She turned into her normal self again in a matter of minutes.

Behind them a section of ground raised up, a form gradually formed, sat up, and rose to stand up. Everyone, except Kishara, snarled and prepared to attack, but the creature shook his head, and nodded towards Kishara, who lay slump against the stump of a dead tree.

“Stay away from her!” Kitsune yelled at the strange being, whose face was like that of the retired god Anubis. The being nodded again and sat down cross legged, with a passive expression. Over from where she lay, Kishara groaned and sat up. Forgetting any sense of fear, Kitsune quickly checked her over for any sign of harm.

Getting a clean bill of health, he sighed, relieved, and he remembered the other being.

“Who the hell are you and what do you want!” Kitsune said as he stood in front of Kishara.


The jackal stood once more and strode over to Kishara, pushing past Apophis with ease. Kitsune, enraged, struck him the back, full forced. The gathered crowd flinched, but the mysterious stranger continued tending Kishara. Without so much as a blink, the stranger stood, and turned towards Apophis, who stepped back.

Within a split second, Kitsune directed a punch towards his opponents face. One moment everything was a blur, the next moment everything was stock still. Kitsune’s fist was held within a flawless stone hand. A crack sounded, then several more as pressure pushed down on his knuckles and fragile bones.

Without a word, he let go and pulled a worn yellowed scroll out of his satchel no one had noticed. He handed it to Shoku and listlessly walked away. Shoku followed after him about to touch him, but right before she did, she met his eyes and he fell into a pile of black ashes.

“What the heck!” Raven said seeing the figure turning as she and Spark went to Kishara’s side. As Kishara woke she whispered to Raven,

“I can turn without feeling any pain, I’m free from the monster.” She layed back onto Kitsune’s lap. Shoku knelt down to the ashes and scooped them up. She brought them up to her face and inhaled deeply.

“What the heck are you doing,” Raven said as Kishara slept in Kitsune’s arm and then they went to the Great Den and Akeron was still gone.



“I hope they are alright….” Spark said looking back. Akeron and Cadell looked at her sympathetically from their horses. Cadell’s bay horse snorted and flicked its ears back, dancing back and forth on its cloven hooves. Akeron’s painted horse reared without warning and unseated his rider. Spark cried out as her palomino pony surged forward.

The ground before her disappeared and she and her mount tumbled down into a pit, that had piercing wooden stakes lining the bottom. Instantly the horse was killed, but Spark managed to escape, mostly unscathed save for a couple of scuffs and bruises.

Cadell managed to calm his horse, and then he lunged out an grappled the paint’s leather reins. The horse continued to dance uneasily from foot to foot but it stood its ground. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted movement to his far left.

Glittering green eyes met his gaze, and quickly vanished, and were replaced by hundreds of pairs. Akeron’s heart thudded and he quickly hauled Spark out of her pit and threw her over his saddled horse with ease.

Cadell, sensing his alarm, drew his bow and prepared to take aim at a moment’s notice. An arrow buried itself, in the thick leather of his chest plate. Reacting quickly, he wrenched it out and threw it away from him and immediately returned fire. His attacker fell from a nearby tree, with an arrow in his throat.

He spun around in his saddle, another man fell clutching at his bare chest. One after another were struck with a steel tipped projectiles. Akeron stood behind him with Spark at his side, fighting the ones armed with serrated swords.

They slaughtered the last that had charged them and took deep breaths, unused to such exherstion. A clang of metal brought their attention back up. A slender figure stood in front of Cadell, her sword drawn and ready to slit his throat. He closed his eyes admitting defeat. Akeron looked to him in confusion, knowing that his companion rarely gives up. Then he saw figures step from the trees, brandishing large swords and throwing javelins.

“Stop! Please!” Spark said as the other men grabbed them and tied them up.

“Now, take them to the Lord of the Dead, he will want them, and I’ll look for the others, they shouldn’t be far!” The girl shouted to the men gathering around her.

“But sir. the captain might of put you in charge of this mission, but you are just a child,” one of the men said as he grabbed her arm.

“I am twelve, and I’m stronger than any of you, now go by the orders, or do I have to call the undead beings!” Lime said getting on the back of a ebony bat and heading towards Wolf Empire.


At the Den Kishara was looking around for anyone, but couldn’t find them.

“Kishara their still gon stop being worried,” Raven said as Kishara kept looking into the empty rooms.

“Raven, I’m worried for the others,” Kishara said as she went to the tunnels of the Den and the others followed, but Shoku stayed behind to look around in the study for clues to stop Doku.

In the tunnels kishara smelled a musky sense in the air and she turned into the giant wolf. “Kishara, what’s wrong?” Kitsune said petting her.

“I smell something,” she said as she ran to the smell and found herself in an opening and swarms of bats flew out attacking furiously as a shadow approached her.

“Lime, But how?” Kishara said smelling the air.

“Oh you fool, after my brother died because of your meddling I came to seek revenge,” Lime said as she motioned her bats to attack again.

“Lime your brother had to be killed he was too dangerous for anyone, I’m sorry,” Kishara yelled as the cavern roof rustled of the load sound.

“You killed my brother, you beast!” Lime yelled as she the bats attempted to attack, but a loud crack sounded above her, she sent a quick glance up just as the rock above her caved in and was buried beneath. Kishara looked around the broken pillars after the dust cleared and the thought that she was dead was thought to be true. The others hustled to her in confusion and surprise.

“Kishara, who was that girl?” Kitsune said holding her close, as if to shield her from unseen forces.

“That was Lime from the school that I was apart a long time ago, and she wanted revenge of me, because I killed her brother,” Kishara said as Shoku came to them and was investigating the rubble.

“What is a school?”Spark asked out of curiosity.

“Something that has not existed for a very long time,” Shoku said approaching from behind. Her scrutinizing glare made Kishara take a step back. “It seems Kishara may not be the person she says she is,” Shoku said with emphasis.

“What the do you mean, she’s the wolf girl that I fell in love with a long time ago and she never went to a school, she had her princess duties to take care of,” Kitsune said as Raven approached Kishara and stood protectively in front of her and growled at Shoku menacingly.

“Kishara never went to a school. She was doing her Royal duties as her grandfather commanded of her. I should know I was there.” Raven said. She looked back at Kishara and then a memory flooded Kishara’s mind.

I was bored doing this CRAP all day long without a break. So I snuck out and started to roam the hallways. I heard commotion in the ballroom so I ran to the ballroom and peaked into the door to see a giant white wolf fighting her way to get into the hallway.

I burst through the door and yelled “STOP!!!”. The wolf looked my way and I recognized those magnificent red eyes immediately. In this moment of distraction a chain was wrapped around the wolf and she was pulled back. That moment Kishara suddenly turned into a grayish-black wolf and then she pushed the white wolf out of the chain and then Mayrik came in with a choker chain and put it onto the Grayish-black wolf and pulled her back as the white wolf snapped at his wrist and she grabbed the choker chain and pulled the other wolf to run away from the gardes.

“You shouldn’t be with the humans and be with her own kind,” the white wolf said.

“That man is my grandfather and he’s my master,” the other wolf said as the white wolf let go of the chain.

“You’re the girl, the daughter of the wolf king!” The white wolf yelled and then there was men on the back of royale wolves looking for the princess Kishara.

“You have to run, if not they’ll kill you go!” Kishara yelled as she turned into the Wolf Princess, she had a long light blue dress, her hair was pinned up on the side and her bangs were hanging in front of her face, and she had what looked like snow boots.



As the memory faded away,  Shoku was standing in front of Kishara and Raven and demanded Kishara to tell them.

“There is nothing to say,” Kishara said as she bowed her head.

Everyone turned as a flutter of wings sent dust rolling across the broken ground. Deshr approached, his usual cocky expression a solid grim mask. “Akeron and his companions, have…..fallen,” he said turning his face away from the stares.

Shoku gasped, hot tears welling up, but she rubbed them away, her sorrow turning into singeing anger.

“No! My brother!” Kishara said as she started to cry. Kitsune approached her and tried to offer comfort, but Kishara shoved him away She knelt to the ground and heat was wavering the air around her, singeing those who tried to help. The vengeful warrior howled in fury changing into the Mayrik wolf.

“Kishara!” Raven yelled turning and was yanking on her choker chain, but the wavering heat didn’t harm her as she tried to calm Kishara. Then two pups came from behind them all. There was Light Moon, a black and white wolf, and a blueish-black wolf name Water Moon.




One morning walking in the woods, Kishara smelled the burnt scent of gunpowder and ran towards it attempting to stay hidden. From her position behind a plump bush, she a saw a man about to shoot a young wolf pup.  Without a thought, she leapt from her hiding place and clamped her jaws on the hunter’s throat, her weight ripping the soft flesh easily, creating a flood of blood.

“T-thanks for saving me. I-I’m Water Moon,” the little wolf said coming from a hole a few paces away. Then she saw her parents dead on the ground, frozen in their last positions. Kishara turned to walk away and then she heard that soft pats of paws behind her. It was the helpless pup, deciding she was her new mother. She threw a snarl and a growl at the pup, but she stayed right there, waiting to go on.

“Go away you pest!” Kishara snarled again and walked away. Water Moon kept following Kishara for several hours and she eventually gave up and took care of the pup ever until she met Raven’s pack where the pup decided to stay.

Deep in the woods far away there lived a pack of wolves and was founded by the pack leader and she took in pups, the most recent was named White Moon.



Back in the tunnels, they all corralled themselves to the Great Den, disturbed and greatly depressed. Spark looked to them from her aerial view from the ceiling. She swung down from a series of ropes and landed softly at the doorway, wondering why they were gone so long. One look at Kishara told her everything.

“Akeron!” Spark said with tears streaming down her face relieved and saddened about the capture of her friends.

“Kitsune, we found where the death lord is keeping the others,” a looming fox aspect, named Scar, said coming through the door with two other spirits and one the smallest trailed behind. The smallest spirit fox, Prism, came up to Kishara. Kishara held her in her lap as Kitsune was talking to Scar and the other ethereal beings.

“Show us where the others are.” Kitsune said as Kishara held the little nine tail and came up to Kitsune and licked him as his hair changed to a magenta color. Kishara strokes Kitsune’s hair and smiles at him as he smiles back as his hair turns a happy blue. The Nine Tail foxes stare at the two lovers and then the icy nine tail that Kishara was holding stiffens up.

“Come on you two love birds we can’t waste, we have to find the others,” Spark said going between them and Kishara stood by Raven and Kitsune got on the back of Scar that was a faded blood red nine tail fox. Then the snowy demons came to Raven and she turned into a white wolf as same as the demons, but bigger. The ice wolves went to Kishara and she got on the back of the tallest one name Glassier.

They grimly mount their beasts. Shoku leads the way as they trudge on the muddy path to the desolate realm of the Death Lord’s domain that lays on the far edge of the world, west of the Fire Empire.

Ten hours went by from everyone fight doku and at the end everyone were struggling to go on and Kishara yelled out as she forced herself to fight and then as she was close to doku they fought long and hard and then as Doku casted a spell Kishara protected everyone else, but she couldn’t save herself and she was immediately destroyed.

As everyone looked and saw that Doku and Kishara wasn’t there they all laid in silents to the deaths of the old friends.

A tear streaks down Shoku’s pale face. She tips her head towards the shining moon, whose white face is basking the ashen wasteland that was once Shoku’s home. Laid to waste around her, the men who had bravely taken to their weapons, were her family, friends, and everything that had ever felt like home, were gone.