Super Mammal 3

Super mammal saga

Book 3

By: Misty Crump and Alexis Lyons





CHAPTER 3                                  PROTECTING WHAT IS MINE





CHAPTER 8                                  THE LAST STAND





In the Far East parts of the spirit world Kishara found herself laying on the ground.  She groaned and sat up, her back cracking in protest. Then she heard a strange voice.

“Get up, you must get up,” a young dark skinned woman said as Kishara looked her up and down slowly.

“W-who are you?” Kishara said in shock as the woman looked down at her.

“You’re the last of the wolf empire,” the woman said helping Kishara up and ignoring her question.

“What do you mean, I’m the only one?” Kishara said with confusion contorting her face.

“You see, in the last battle you were the closest to Doku and when everything you had gained thus far was lost you put up a shield to protect the others,” The woman said.

“What does that have to do with me now?” Kishara said looking at the woman.

“If you want to go back to your human state, you have to find the others, they are scattered about the world as well, but they will gather when the time is right. Soon you will be able to go back to your old life, or if you want to go back sooner you’ll need Kitsune to love you again,” she said with a wistful sigh.


Kishara stood up and prepared herself trying to get a plan formulated on how find the others. “Wait I have more to tell before you leave. You’re not a princess or anyone of high status, and Shoku is still the empress of the fire empire, Kitsune is now a prince of the fox kingdom due to his brother’s death, but he can’t remember you, his memories of you are in the forms of dreams which he thinks are made up. Now go, Child of Fate, find the others and return home to right the wrong,” the woman finished and turned away as black tears streaked down her cheek, barely noticeable. She then raised her hands up an almost blinding, light begins to form around Kishara, engulfing her, and then without warning everything goes dark.

Kishara awoke in a damp alleyway on the edge of the capital in the fox kingdom.



“It was just a dream, but felt so real,” then Kishara heard the same voice from before and then she remember her purses. Kishara was an orphan and she was dressed like one of the men of the village, she had baggy pants, snow boots and a gray shirt and the wolf still live on inside of her. That moment the fox prince came out and Kishara smelled the familiarity of his scent that would always calm her when she needed it, the one that made her feel safe, the one who was always there. She hid quickly in an alleyway and hid behind a trash bin. She felt a wet nose touch her palm and slowly looked behind her to see a big Doberman with no collar. “Hey there, pup.” She started petting the dog when she heard his voice call out “Angel!” The dog barked twice and he rounded the corner and stopped in his tracks at the site he found.

My mission is clear. I need to find my pack and restore this uneven balance.

As he stared at Kishara, she quickly stood up, bowed and ran off.

“Wait!” he said as she stopped and turned slightly and he saw her ice blue eyes and she went up the nearest alleyway to get away from him.

He has my collar, but how? She thought to herself, why would anyone want to fall in love with a street rat? That night as Kishara laid on the hard ground and she decided to go receive her collar from the palace. As she was creeping through the hall of the palace she smelled the prince.

He must have not went to sleep yet, he smells so close. Kishara thought to herself as she heard footsteps coming near her and then she hid behind a pole that was holding up the ceiling.

“I know you’re here street rat,” the prince said coming up to the pole. “Come out or I’ll call the guards!”

“…, Fine, just don’t call the guards,” Kishara said as she came out from behind the pole. As she came to face him, he was in shock to see a young beautiful girl. As she stared at him she saw her collar in his hands and then pushed him down and grabbed the collar and ran out of the palace.

“Guards, seize her!” he ordered as he got up and his hair turned a blood red with anger. As she ran she found herself in the wolf territory and she slowed because she had a strange feeling that she was safe here. She walked for hours and stumbled upon a cave that seemed to be really deep. She was fixing to step inside when she heard a deep growl from behind her. She spun around and saw a huge white wolf who looked so familiar. The wolf stood there in shock in front of her the wolf looked deep into Kishara’s eyes and saw her old friend.

“Kishara!” she shouted and gave her a big bear hug. “Its really you!”

“Raven I missed you so much!” They heard footsteps approaching quickly. Raven sniffed the air and turned to kishara “I see you have found the prince.” Raven pushed kishara inside the cave and stood protectively in front of her. The prince stood toe to toe with Raven and only his eyes held fear.

“Well, looks like you have stepped in the wrong woods there buddy. What brings you to MY woods?” Raven said angrily.

“I am looking for a mangy street rat who stole her collar and I want it and that rat in my clutches now! I know you are hiding her! Give her to me NOW!” The prince shouted.

Raven growled loud and deep “WHO ARE YOU TO DEMAND ANYTHING FROM ME?! I owe you nothing, I am doing what I swore I would do and protect my girl!  Do you remember the first time or do I need to remind you?”

The prince shuddered in fear “No but mark my words”

Raven interrupted him and said “Oh shut up and go back to your idiotic wife!”

Kitsune was furious “Don’t talk about your queen that way!” He pulled out his gun and aimed it between Raven’s eyes. She was not scared. She looked at him with solemnity.

“I am glad that she knows what kind of monster you are now, what you have become.”

He looked at her confused, not knowing what she was implying until he heard the voice that would always tell him it would be okay.

“Its okay girl.” Kishara said coming to Raven

Raven leaned into Kishara’s touch and growled lowly at the prince.

When he saw the street rat’s face he went immediately into a state of denial. “Men, arrest this imposter!”



A terrifying growl erupted from Raven as the royal guards swarmed Kishara. She instantly jumped into the fray, tearing down people left and right, with one purpose only….. to protect her girl. There were at least 500 soldiers and Raven fought bravely. She soon wasn’t the only wolf fighting. Raven heard the snapping of jaws and looked around her seeing that her pack had surrounded them but not one was fighting. She looked beside her and howled with joy. Fighting beside her just like old times was the giant dark grey wolf she knew. The rest of the pack howled and jumped with joy as they saw the reuniting of their old friend. Raven and Kishara fought them all off and Kishara slowly marched toward the prince, Raven and the pack not far behind. Kishara stood toe to toe with the prince and growled loud and deep. He stumbled back in shock and went to pet her muzzle. But quick as lightning Raven bit his hand before he got close to touch. He snatched his hand back and ran back to his kingdom.

Raven looked at Kishara and smirked. Kishara knew what her best friend was thinking, the wolves all howled as one with their old friend. They then hunted as one and went back to their dens. Raven allowed Kishara to share her den just like always. And for once in Kishara’s life, she finally felt at home.

“Why did you bite him?” Kishara said as she fell to set on the ground.

“I felt the need to protect you,” Raven said as she turned into the girl from a long time ago and sat next to Kishara.

That Morning they both went to the hot springs to get the cold off of their bones. As they were relaxing they heard and smelled the prince, but he was alone and his scent was a calm smell and not threatening. Kishara suddenly used Eolas to see Kitsune and see if he’s a threat. Kitsune’s hair changed to a calm blue color and Kishara could see that he was not their enemy.

“What do you want!” Raven shouted at him as he came closer. He didn’t say anything and Kishara walked out of the spring wearing a two piece trying to get Raven to calm down and suddenly Kitsune put his hands on her cheek.

“Kitsune, w-what are you doing?” Kishara said as her face was turning a bright red from his touch.

“I needed to see if you were real and not a spirit that I couldn’t touch like before.” Kitsune said as Kishara held his hands.

“What the heck do you mean ‘like before’,” Raven said as Kitsune looked at her.

“You see, when Kitsune was a child and I was in the spirit world, the spirits told me that I had to protect a young fox that was different from his parents. One day they were coming back from their relatives and a man in another carriage was drunk. As I saw the headlights coming closer I felt the car swerve and the man hit the back end of the carriage and I shifted Kitsune from any damage. When the carriage was stopped by a tree I saw that his parents were dead and I took him to the king and Queen of the fox kingdom.” Kishara said as she saw Kitsune’s face and there were tears coming from his eyes.

“And every time I tried to touch her of curiosity, I couldn’t,” Kitsune said as he saw Kishara glow of a ice blue. “Kishara what’s wrong with you, why are you glowing?”

“I’m turning back to my old state,” she said as the ice blue light filled every inch of her and when the light faded she had a katana on her back, but she was the same girl.

That night Kitsune had to go back to the kingdom and Kishara and Raven sat up a bit longer.

“What are we going to do about the leopard queen?” Kishara said.

“I could kill her,” Raven said with a serious face as Kishara looked at her.

In a serious tone with an underline of humor “That might be a little harsh,” Kishara said.

“I don’t mean me, but Queen Shoku could do it, Everyone knows that only another queen could kill another, and we all know she loves a good kill.” Raven said.




The next day as they slept a red mist seeped into the cave. Kishara was sleeping on the highest edge of a rock saw a dark figure coming towards Raven.

“Raven get up!” Kishara yelled as the figure struck the rock and Kishara came falling towards a sharp point of the rock, just then the unexpected happens. A giant gray wolf pushed kishara out from the rock and he instantly turned into her old uncle, Jerraco. Kishara hit her head on a rock and Jerraco rushed over and held up her head, examining her head.At that moment Raven woke with a startle and saw the figure leaning over her and then she saw a glimmer from what she thought was a horn.

“Shoku?” She said as the figure came closer and smiled with a grin that, if you saw it, it would of touch her eyes.

“Shoku careful!” Jerraco said as he held kishara that was unconscious. As Raven look at her friend she saw blue light glowing from her body and then a spirit wolf came from the light and filled the cave. It stood proudly over Kishara and Howled. It’s howl sounded like it came from the stars themselves. It then disappeared back into Kishara.  

Kishara awoke in her uncle’s arms with a start. Raven tried to run to Kishara and a loud snarl erupted from Jerraco and he clutched Kishara close. Kishara tried to struggle out of his arms and yelped “Let go you are hurting me!”

The growl started off deep and soft but increased in volume and ferocity. Kishara stopped and looked at Raven to see her eyes glowing bright red. It looked like fire was dancing in her eyes. Raven flashed her fangs at Jerraco.

Just then Jerraco remember the young alpha he taught years ago. He remembered the day when she excelled and caught the biggest buck right alongside his niece Kishara. “Raven, it’s okay girl. I forgot for a minute there who you were.” He quickly released Kishara.

Kishara ran over to Raven and engulfed her in an embrace. Raven clutched her girl tightly and glared at Jerraco “Yes, hello Jerraco.” He stared back at her with an apologetic look “I am truly sorry. The last time I saw you, you were a teenage pup. You have changed so much since then.”

Raven stood proudly in her giant wolf form as Kishara still clutched her. Raven respectfully dipped her head to Jerraco. “Thank you uncle. Your lessons and praise has gotten me this far.” Jerraco smiled but did not get up to engage in a physical contact with Raven since he knew how her moods could change in an instant.

They didn’t notice that Shoku was standing there and she came over and grinned as she did before. “I heard you guys needed a professional Queen Slayer?” They all laughed together like they had once upon a time. Jerraco started with a concerned look on his face and said nothing.

“Uncle, what is it?” Kishara asked as she looked over her shoulder.

“Don’t you remember when I told you not to kill anyone any more, or do I have to remind you?” Jerraco said with his arms crossed

Raven replied “Well I guess it is a good thing your niece isn’t the one who asked Shoku to come.”

“Raven, you should be ashamed!” Jerraco scolded.

“Don’t talk to me about being ashamed! I would kill again and again for my girl! I was her protector, I fought her wars beside her, I killed to SAVE her!”

Jerraco suddenly smiled at Raven. “I knew you were the one who would never leave her side no matter how bad things were. I knew you would be the one to protect my niece. And I now know that you will be the one to protect her even after the day I will leave this world.”

Raven stood with pride and in unison Jerraco, Kishara, and Raven said “In Pack We Stand. To Protect, Shed Blood For, And Sacrifice for. Never Alone, Always Side By Side. Never Apart. Until The Last breath, Until The Last Beat Of Our Strong Hearts, Until We Have No Choice But To Let Go. Forever And Always.”

Then they all headed to the kingdom, Kishara had her katana, Raven had her LongSword, Shoku had her bow and arrows, and Jerraco parted from them and went to his vampire wife. They came to the fox kingdom and Kishara used Eolas to see if there were any guards around and all she saw was kitsune with the whore leopard. They made a plan where Kishara and Raven would make a divergence as Shoku came up from behind and kill the Queen. Kishara and Raven made there way to one side of the palace and Shoku made her way to the spa area where the leopard queen would be waiting.

Raven and Kishara smirked evilly at each other and Shifted into their Furry forms. As they hid behind two wall corners they heard the voices of several guards. Raven and Kishara set their bags in front of them and Raven changed into a crimson dress with a split clear up to her hip on her right side, red hooker heels, and lace stockings, not needing to do anything to her straight black hair. Kishara put on her dark blue short flirty dress, fishnet leggings, and black heels, quickly braiding her hair she looked at her in awe. Raven whispered “What?! I have been saving this for a special occasion!” They put on their masquerade masks, Raven had a red one with black circles around the eyes and Kishara had a dark blue one with black on the eyes and bridge of the nose.

She then walked out from behind her corner and Kishara followed suit. There were two Racoon guards and two Coyotes. They swung their hips flirtatiously and looked longingly looked at the guards. Raven walked up to the two Racoons and Kishara went up to the Coyotes. Raven whispered a lust filled lie in one of the racoons ear and stroked under the other’s neck with her luscious white tail. Kishara laughed flirtatiously and lightly ran a hand up and down one of the Coyotes arms while she wrapped her tail around the other. They pulled away and slowly sashayed around the corner. The guards looked at each other and sprinted off around the corner. They were met with fists to their faces. They managed to knock 3 of the 4 guards unconscious and leave one Coyote badly beaten. Raven said in a low voice which held a very clear threat “Now go to your prince and tell him that their is a danger at this end of the palace,” She bundled up a handful of his shirt and pulled him into be an inch away from her nose “And don’t tell him about us.” He shook his head in a yes motion hastily. She let him go and he ran to the other side of the palace.

“Now what?” Kishara asked.

With a smirk Raven replied “Now we head to the Royal Armoury and suit up for the main event.”


                         On the other side of the palace……

As Kitsune relaxed with his wife, he barely noticed that his thought were subconsciously heading to Kishara until they were interrupted by a whining noise fastly approaching. His head whipped around to see Jarrod, one of the Coyote guards, limping towards him. Jarrod collapsed on the ground in a tired heap.

The queen took in a sharp intake of breath “Will he be okay?!”

“What happened to you Jarrod?!” Kitsune asked with mild concern.

“There is a disturbance in the East corridor of the palace, your Highness. I tried to stop them but it got pretty bad.”

“You did well Jarrod, what did they look like?” Kitsune said looking at him.

Jarrod whispered one word before falling unconscious “Dangerous…”

Kitsune hurried back to his wife and Kissed her forehead, slipped her a dagger out of his hilt and said with determination “I will be right back, Okay?”

She nodded her head frantically. Kitsune then strode quickly off to the east corridor of his home.




                                Meanwhile with Shoku

I lurked in the shadows as I watched the prince stride away, walking straight into our trap. I hated him now for what he has done to Kishara. This shall all be fixed and we will live on again, the way we used to. I lurked around in the shadows outlining the bath house. Now standing behind the queen’s chair I slipped out my killing blow dagger and came up behind the queen. Ooh I was gonna enjoy this! I put my hand over her mouth and stabbed her in the heart. She was a fighter, she struggled relentlessly, but I held firm. She finally stopped moving. She was dead! I reveled in the victory that washed over me. With that I jumped out the window and headed for the rendezvous point.


                                     On the East side……


Raven and Kishara were lurking deep in the ballroom. It was completely dark except for the light of the moon coming in from the skylight. The doors flew open and the prince walked in with a confused look on his face and his hair had changed to yellow also showing his confusion. He stood directly under the light and looked all around only met with darkness. The he heard a voice in the dark void.

“Oh good, I thought you would never show up!”

He knew that voice, it was so familiar. Suddenly Raven stepped out of the dark into the rim of light across from him. She was decked out with two long swords, a waistline belt with daggers, and two hollisters with a small sword attached to each thigh. He opened his mouth to address her when Kishara appeared beside her. Kishara’s hair was covering her eye because she did not want him to see the sorrow within. She had a duffle bag on her shoulder that was filled with different kinds of weapons.

“What are you doing in MY home?” He asked Raven.

Raven smirked at him, “Just came to tell you that we are being called upon one last time. Our group of friends must reunite to do one last thing.”

Kitsune crossed his arms his hair tingeing with red, “And what exactly would that be?”

Kishara then spoke up “To save each other.”

His anger seemed to dissipate and his glare trained on Raven softened.

He simply spoke one word, “How?”

Raven grasped Kishara’s hand and pushed the hair out of her eyes. She looked at Kishara with a serious look on her face but her eyes held pride. Raven approached Kitsune until she came to stop in the middle of the pool of light.

“Look I know we hate each other, but that doesn’t matter to me right now. I know you still love her, I think she knows it too, but you need to confirm it. Do you love her?”

Kitsune looked over to Kishara and said “Yes, I always have…”

Kishara lovingly smiled at Kitsune. Raven then turned to Kishara and her small smile grew into a sad one and she nodded her head. Raven let go of Kishara’s hand and walked up to the prince standing only an inch away from him and whispered a series of words in Celtic, thus erasing the leopard queen out of his memory. Raven then took out an envelope out of her hollister tied around her hip, she handed it to the prince.

“Meet us here tomorrow at sunset. Bring your weapons.”

Raven grabbed Kishara’s hand and Kishara walked into the darkness.

“Which ones?” He asked.

Raven looked over her shoulder and replied “All of them…”

He looked down at the envelope and back at Raven, except Raven was gone as was Kishara. The only thing left behind was a blood red rose with death clinging to the tips of the petals.


They were running out of time……


Chapter 5                REVELATIONS       


The next day Raven was the first one awake it was a few hours before sunrise and she wanted to hunt for everyone so when they woke up they could strengthen themselves for the struggles they would soon face. Raven walked slowly out of her den and shifted into her magnificent white wolf. She made her way down to where her pack members rested and checked on everyone to make sure they were okay and fast asleep. Right as she was about to step into the woods she heard a tiny voice say “Alpha?”

Raven turned around to see Ice, one of the pups in her pack, right behind her. Raven smiled and stooped down to eye level with the little puppy and replied “Yes, Ice?”

“What are you doing?” Ice asked and rubbed her eyes with her tiny paws.

“Well, I am going to go hunt to keep you strong. What are you doing up this early?” Raven replied and leaned down to smirk at the tiny pup.

Ice leaned over and put her paws on Raven’s muzzle and said “I heard something so I came to check it out to see if I needed to protect my family. But to find my Alpha was pretty great.”

Raven chuckled at this little pup and replied “You know you might make a good Alpha one day.”

Ice beamed at this “You really think so?”

“Yes, I do.” Ice’s smile then turned into a sad frown.

“What is the matter?” Raven asked now concerned.

“I am too small, I am not even close to that rank, and I don’t think I have the ability to protect people to be an Alpha.”

Raven didn’t notice that during her conversation with this little pup that Kitsune was watching in the bushes, observing the conversation.

Raven smiled with determination and replied “You size does not determine what kind of protector you are, just because you are of lower rank does not determine your spirit, and you don’t have to be huge to protect someone, you just have to be you. One day you will find someone that you would die to protect, when you find that person you will know what you are truly made of.”

Ice became thoughtful of the information she just received from her Alpha and replied “Okay, but how will I know when I find that person?”

Raven thought back to the day she first met Kishara and smiled at the little wolf pup replying “You will feel it,” lifting her huge paw and putting it on the little pup’s chest “in here.”

Suddenly a woman’s voice called out concerned “ICE?! WHERE ARE YOU?!”

A brown she-wolf ran out of a den a 20ft away from them and she stopped in her tracks seeing the Alpha with the little pup. Raven picked up the little pup and put her on her head. Raven then walked over to the pup’s mother and she bowed her head respectfully.

Raven chuckled and placed the pup in front of her mother and tapped her with her muzzle thus pushing her to her mother. Ice smiled up at her Alpha and headed back to their den.

Raven turned to walk away but heard Ice say “Goodnight Alpha.” Raven looked over her shoulder and replied “Goodnight Ice.”

The little pup nodded respectfully and walked away.

Raven smiled with pride and took off deep into the woods.


After killing 3 moose, 4 elk, and 3 raccoons Raven stopped at the waterfall to clean her muzzle and re-freshen herself. She tensed as she heard rustling in the bushes behind her. She smelled the air and untensed slightly.

“It isn’t nice to sneak up on people, especially me.” Raven said in a uninterested voice.

“Good thing I was just following you then.” Kitsune said as he came out of the brush.

Kitsune joined Raven by the water and sat there looking at his reflection. She stopped drinking and stared at her reflection as well. Raven shifted back to her Furry form as did Kitsune.

Kitsune went to say something but shut his mouth before he said anything. Raven noticed this and turned her head towards him.

“What?” She asked.

“I didn’t know you could be nice. I had always thought you were this mean, violent…….”



“I’m used to it. I was trained to kill, but I had my reasons.”

“Which were?”

She turned to look at him and her eyes gleamed with an emotion Kitsune had never seen before…… love.

“Kishara… But even before I met her I was trained to become a soldier in a army that I didn’t want to fight in.I was fooled in believing that I had found my true place.”

“What army?”

“The Wolf Lord’s Army. It was when I had first shifted into my true self.”


“As a human I was never wanted around by anyone except my parents. One day it was too much for me to bear and that was the day I first shifted. He was there and he took me away from all the pain in my human life and brought me to a house in the middle of the woods. It was my first day and I had managed to impress everyone even dumbfound them. One of my teachers went awol on me after I accidently upstaged him in a mock fight. I was in the hospital for several days. So I was moved to the next stage of training. What they called ‘Confinement Training’. This was to test my breaking points,”

Raven took a deep breath. She didn’t know that Kishara had been standing behind her and Kitsune hearing every bit of their conversation.

“They tortured me for several months, even though they didn’t get far. I survived it all and they enlisted me after two days of healing. We were deployed after three days of being at our training camp. I was blinded by the rage of what they did to me that I killed everything in my path…men, women, but when a child ran up to me looking lost and afraid I snapped. I realized that what I was doing was wrong and that I couldn’t kill or even hurt that child. I put that child on my back and I ran. I attacked all of the other warriors who got in my way. I dropped that child off at a quaint cottage where a couple in their 30’s lived with no children. The woman was fertile and could not have children. I still watch over that child. The couple named him Sam.”

“How old is he now?”

“I don’t know, the time lapse is confusing for his world.” Raven paused for a moment “I don’t mean to be a monster. It is just who I am. The day I promised to protect Kishara with my life I had thought back to that little boy. I wanted to see him one last time but I won’t be able to.”

Kishara then spoke “Why?”

Raven stood and Kitsune followed suit. Raven turned her head and smiled sadly.

“Because I know what lies ahead. I can feel it and I know you guys can too.”

Kishara hugged Raven tightly.

“Come on guys help me carry this back to the pack. Lets end this.”

Raven casted one last long look at the waterfall before walking away, knowing that that might be the last beautiful thing she might ever see.


Chapter 6                  ACCEPTANCE  


When they got back to the pack everyone was waking up. They carried the kill to the pack chef and Raven requested that food be ready by midday. Raven, Kitsune, and Kishara went back to the den to relax with each other and let their bodies ready themselves for the upcoming struggle. As everyone relaxed and talked together a light brown wolf came up to the den and waited for permission to enter. Raven stopped talking to Kishara for a moment and said “Enter James.”

James bowed his head respectfully to everyone and whispered in Raven’s ear “He’s here, Alpha.”

Raven smiled and replied “Thank you James you are dismissed.”

Kishara looked at Raven confused and asked “What was that about?”

Raven jumped up and shifted to her Wolf. “Come on guys I want you to meet someone!” Raven ran out of the cave yipping with joy.

Kishara looked at Kitsune and laughed at his concerned expression. Kishara shifted to her Wolf and Kitsune shifted to his Fox and came to stand by Kishara and asked “What was that about?”

Kishara laughed and said “Come on!”

They caught up to Raven and she was waiting in the middle of the clearing.

Kishara spoke “Raven, what’s goi-” Before she could finish her sentence there was a rustling in the bushes and Kishara looked at Raven to see her having trouble sitting still because of her excitement.

A huge brown bear stepped out of the woods and looked at Raven and smiled. Before Kishara could take a breath to ask who this bear was Raven sprinted across the clearing and yelled “NICK!!!”

Raven crash landed into Nick and they rolled slightly and he wrapped his strong arms around Raven and hugged her tightly. She licked his cheek and stared lovingly into his neon green eyes.

Kitsune cleared his throat, ruining the moment, and Raven turned her head and growled low at him. Nick nuzzled his head under the scruff of her neck and said “It’s okay babe.”

Kishara raised her eyebrows and Raven walked closely beside Nick back to Kishara and Kitsune. Raven tucked her head under the scruff of Nick’s neck and said “Kishara, Kitsune, this is my boyfriend Nick.”

Nick replied “I have heard a lot about you two. It is a pleasure to meet you.” He smiled at Kishara but glared at Kitsune.

Kishara said “Nice to meet you too.” Kitsune nodded his head in acknowledgement.

Kishara looked at Raven and smirked. Raven started laughing. Nick looked from Raven to Kishara confused.

“Now that we have had introductions it is time for me to make sure you are worthy for Raven.”

“No physical tests, we need our strength.”

Kishara nodded her head and Raven walked up the hill and sat at the opening of her den. Nick was about to follow when Kishara said “No, you stay.”


“I have to see if you are worthy for her.”

“Okay, then why can’t you test me with her beside me?”

“She isn’t allowed to hear your answers. If this was a physical test she would have to leave and go into the woods with Kitsune to be sure she couldn’t see us, because it is forbidden for her to see you during it.”

“Says who?”

“Pack law. So take a seat.”

Reluctantly, Nick sat in front of Kishara and awaited her questioning.

“If Raven was kidnapped and used to lure you to her location with pain, what would you do?”

Nick answered instantly “I would go after her and save her.”

“Even though she begged you not to because she knew it was a trap and you would only be hurt by it, possibly killed?”

Nick answered with severe determination “I don’t care what happens to me, as long as I know she is safe and unharmed. I would give my life for her, I would experience endless pain for her, I would even kill for her.”

Kishara smiled at him and then turned serious.

“If Raven was seriously injured and it was inevitable that she was going to die. What would you do in her last moments, where would you be during those last few breaths, what would you do when she finally gave up and she breathed her last breath?”

Nick came to stand toe to toe with Kishara and Kitsune started growling but Kishara signalled him to stop, and he did.

“I would be right there beside her holding her in my arms, I would be stroking her hair telling her not to worry and that it would be okay, I would smile down at her while she was breathing her last breaths. As she breathed her last breath I would kiss her forehead and lay right beside her allowing death to take me with her. I would never leave her side because as the only ray of light in my world of darkness went out I would let the darkness eat me alive just to see her face one more time.”

Kishara smiled with pride and put her paw on top of his and said “You are worthy for her and I am glad you are there for her…because the last one wasn’t.”

Kishara turned towards Raven. Raven held a look of hope and Kishara smiled with pride at her. Raven broke into a huge smile and howled with joy. Raven ran to Kishara and met her halfway and engulfed her in a hug. Raven pulled back and smiled at Kishara and she whispered “Thank you.”

Kishara nodded at her and Raven ran over to Nick and nuzzled herself against Nick and smiled up at him with love in her eyes. All of a sudden Ice came running over to the Alpha and yelled “FOOD!!!!”

Raven looked at the sun and saw that it was noon.

“Lunch is ready Alpha!” Ice said.  

Ice suddenly stopped in her tracks at the sight of Nick and she jumped in front of the Alpha and growled at the huge bear.

“Easy Ice he is a friend.”

Ice crawled up to sit on Raven’s head and replied “Yes Alpha, I was just protecting you from this stranger.”

Raven smiled with pride and started laughing.

“I am no stranger little one.” Nick said chuckling.

Ice scrunched up her muzzle and looked at the Alpha with uncertainty. Raven nodded her head.

Ice smiled wide and said “Good because if you were a stranger I would have to unleash my Furry fury on you mister.”

Nick looked at Raven with a concerned glance and Raven just smirked.

“Don’t believe me mister?” Ice said and gave her meanest glare but it just made her look cuter.

Raven faintly whispered “Just go with it.”

Nick pretended to look scared and Ice jumped off of Raven’s head landing on Nick. Nick fell to the ground with a thud and said  “Oh No! She’s got me! Help!” He then played dead dramatically and Ice whooped in victory.

Raven fell to the ground laughing. Raven then shooed the pup away and said “We will be there shortly.”

Raven poked Nick with her paw and said “Coast is clear she’s gone”

Nick jumped up and started laughing “She has spirit, that one.”

“You bet. Now come on I’m starving!” Raven yelled as she took off to the kitchen. The others close behind.




After eating, Raven, Kishara, Kitsune, Nick, and Shoku sat around the den and were having a few drinks. A sudden scream filled the clearing and Raven jumped into action shifting into her Wolf she ran out of the den, the others not far behind. Ice’s mother ran to the Alpha and began speaking gibberish.

“Sofie, what is the matter?!” Raven asked with concern.

“THEY STOLE MY BABY!!!” Sofie cried out.

Raven stood in shock as Scott was trying to comfort his wife. Raven let out a fierce snarl and ran to Sophie’s den and straight into Ice’s room. She stopped in her tracks at what she saw. Her fur pallet was strewn across the room, her dresser was knocked over, the window was shattered, and there was blood splattered across the middle of the floor. There was a note beside the blood.

Raven Stooped down to read it and it read “Your presence is required by the request of this pup. Hope to see you soon.”

It was signed with the royal crest of the Fox Kingdom.

Still in shock Raven walked out of the den slowly and was met with the whole pack waiting. Kishara, Kitsune, Nick, and Shoku stood there looking confused. Raven grew a broken look. She howled low and deep and you could hear the sadness in it. The pack then joined in and performed a choir of howls going up and down in crescendo.

Soon the howls died out and Raven grew a look of anger and rage.

Kishara grew angry as well “What is our plan of action?”

Before Raven could answer Kitsune spoke with rage,

“Who is responsible for this?!”

Raven’s head whipped to Kitsune and she sprang at him landing on top of him. She growled loud and fierce and yelled,

“YOUR SOLDIERS ARE RESPONSIBLE! Because of your people, one of mine was taken! She was just a pup! Is that what you trained your soldiers to look for when taking prisoners of war?!”

Kitsune trembled in shock and fear and replied in determination,

“We will get her back.”

Raven hopped off of him and turned to Kishara and Nick. She walked to a rock jutted out of the hillside and Kishara and Nick followed. Kitsune tried to follow but two of the warrior wolves in the pack blocked his way.

Raven stood proudly on the flat rock looking over the pack with Kishara on her right flank and Nick on her left flank. Raven’s eyes were glowing a bright red and she started giving orders.

“Maximus,You and your men will stay here and protect the rest of the pack. I want constant patrols,constant head count, and NO ONE leaves the pack borders!”

“Yes, Alpha!”

“Spartan, Your men will constantly be patrolling the borders.”

“Yes, Alpha!”

As one the three jumped off the rock and Raven landed in front of Scott and Sofie.

“I will get your daughter back, whatever it takes.”

Sofie and Scott nodded.

“Maximus, come with me!”

Raven walked up to her den followed by Nick, Kishara, Shoku, Maximus, and Kitsune.

Raven left the others in the living area of the den and took Maximus to her office.Raven stopped to make sure no one but the people in the den were listening to the conversation taking place.

“Maximus, I need to bestow some information to you.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

She looked him straight in the eyes,

“There is a huge chance that I will not survive this battle. I have felt death lurking for a few days now.”

He nodded his head and his eyes held sorrow.

“I have chosen a successor to continue my Alpha lineage, providing I can get her back.”

He looked up at her with shock in his eyes but stayed silent.

“I want you to train her, watch over her, and equip her with the tools and skills she needs to become Alpha of this pack. Until she reaches 16 years of age you will lead this pack and Spartan shall become the beta and stand beside you. When Ice takes over Alpha position you will become Beta and advise her. I want you to commit a Blood Promise saying that you will do this.”

He pulled a hunting knife from his hollister and cut a clean line across his palm and handed the knife to Raven and she did the same. They clasped hand and Maximus said clear and loud,

“I Promise On The Blood Of My Alpha.”

Raven smiled with pride and promptly exited her office. Raven gathered everyone in a circle and gave them some final words of advice and their battle plan.

“Kishara, you will fight alongside Kitsune. You two are not to separate.”

Kishara and Kitsune nodded as they held each other’s hands tightly.

“Shoku you will stay close to Nick during this battle.”

Shoku Nodded.

Raven looked at Nick with a solemn expression

“Nick you will go into the palace and find Ice. Shoku will clear you a way there and you will do whatever it takes to get her back safely.”

“No, I won’t leave you!”

Raven smiled sadly at him “I don’t care what happens to me just save that pup. She is the only chance this pack has left.”

Nick reluctantly shook his head and she grasped his hand tightly.

“Friends, we will fight one last time together. I have a feeling that we won’t make it after this one, and I know you all can feel it too. Do not be scared about what will happen today. Just give it your all and trust each other. I love all of you. No matter what happens today I will never forget any of you.”

Everyone shifted to their animal forms.They ran out of the den like bats out of hell. It started to lightly snow as the group reached the edge of the Fox Kingdom. They tore through the town at the speed of light.

The group of warriors came to stand in front of the thousands of soldiers in the Royal Guard. The group got into a fighting stance and growled, snapped,and snarled. Raven looked to her left and saw Kitsune beside her and Kishara beside him.

She whispered to him “Protect her as best as you can.”

He didn’t take his eyes off of the now shocked crowd and nodded in determination.

Raven looked to her right and Nick stood proudly beside her and Shoku beside him. She whispered “I love you.”

He flicked his eyes to her and replied “I love you too.”

“You all know what to do.” Raven said as the Royal Guard sounded an alarm horn and all heck broke loose.




They ran forward at an intense speed and instantly jumped into the fray. Kishara and Kitsune split off to the left and Nick and Shoku split off to the right. Raven ran straight ahead tearing down soldiers left and right. She received a cut to her right flank and she yelped in pain. Raven jumped around quick as lightning and knocked the sword out of the soldier’s hand and grasped his arm in her teeth and flung him across the clearing. Turning to tear down more people she glanced over at Kishara and Kitsune.

On the left side of the field Kishara,in her furry form, was fighting fiercely but didn’t see a soldier with a crossbow come up behind her.

“WATCH OUT!” Kitsune yelled and Kishara ducked and the crossbow flew over her head hitting a soldier across from her. Kitsune jumped over Kishara with teeth and claws bared and landed on top of the sharpshooter and snapped his neck. He instantly went back to back with Kishara fighting savagely. Kitsune grabbed Kishara by the waist and flipped her over him and stabbed a swordsman with his iron claws that Kishara didn’t see. Kishara hooked her arms with his and Kitsune lifted her up and spun around with Kishara kicking soldiers down left and right. Kitsune then put Kishara back to back with his and glanced at Nick and Shoku.

On the right side of the field Shoku was ramming her way through the flood of people trying to guard the palace doors. Nick followed close behind and swiped his claws at anyone who got too close.

Shoku was locked in a armed stance with three soldiers and she looked at Nick and yelled,


Nick jumped over Shoku and busted through the palace doors.

There were no guards in the palace since they were all outside. Nick landed inside the foyer of the palace and the doors shut loudly behind him. He sniffed the air trying to get at least a clue to where that precious little pup was. He sniffed in all directions and was about to give up when….There. He ran down the East corridor and up a flight of stairs, the scent was getting stronger and his pace faltered slightly when he smelled the metallic scent of blood. He picked up his pace and burst through the set of double doors at the end of the hall.

Nick stopped in his tracks seeing a man was sitting on a throne with black hair and bright green eyes. He looked to be 5 foot 7, he was wearing a black tank top with dark blue jeans and a leather jacket. He had an evil smile and his eyes looked like you were staring into the soul of a either a madman or someone who lost everything. He had a leather glove on his right hand and was grasping a chain that was attached to…Ice. Ice looked up to see Nick and she kept a straight face but her eyes held happiness and hope. Nick was confused for a moment but didn’t show it. He then realized that smoke was rising from the chain wrapped around Ice’s neck. He flashed back to the day that Raven gave him some valuable information. The only thing that could possibly hurt me permanently would be silver. When applied to my skin it would burn my skin and, if on for long enough, severely weaken me or possibly kill me.

This man had restrained this poor pup with a silver chain! Nick started seeing red. He roared loudly and ferociously. Ice smirked lightly. This man pulled out a longsword and tied the chain around the arm of the throne. Nick shifted into his giant Bear and got into a fighting stance. The man smirked and did the same rising his sword threateningly. Nick flew at him and the man raised his sword meeting Nick’s right back flank. Nick had barely touched the ground when he flipped around and scratched all the way down the man’s back. The man cried out in pain. In rage the man swiped his sword up at an insane speed and Nick yelped and backed up a few steps. He looked to the side of his head to see that a chunk of his ear was gone and blood was flowing freely down the side of his head.Nick thought back to the glove still on the man’s hand and  Nick ran up behind the man and pushed him into a table with silver utensils and plates. The man flew back screaming in pain. Nick’s suspicions were confirmed. He now knew that this man was like Raven. While the man was blinded by pain Nick bit down on his arm and slung him across the room and the man went through the wall and laid still. In the process five lit candles fell over and started to set the room ablaze.  Nick took the opportunity and ran over to Ice unchaining her and lifted her on his back and took off down the corridor. A loud ferocious snarl ripped through the corridor and Nick picked up his pace. A huge shadow of a terrifying creature slinked through the corridor after them.

Nick knew where to take Ice now that he had her. He had to get her to safety and get back to Raven. He ran straight into the woods and roared loud enough for Maximus to be able to hear.

Maximus met him halfway and took Ice quickly. Nick licked the pups cheek and Ice said,

“Save the Alpha!” and he turned back to her and replied “I already have.”

Understanding dawned on her face and Nick turned and ran back to Raven and the others.


Raven had fought fiercely now there had to be maybe 25 soldiers left. The palace was all ablaze and casted an orange glow on the snow around them. Raven heard Nick emerge from the trees and came halfway to her when a huge black wolf sprang out from the tree line with teeth and claws bared and landed on Nick’s back. He latched on deep and started clawing Nick’s hide. Nick roared in agony and Raven stopped fighting. It seemed to happen in slow motion. Nick hit the ground with a thud and looked straight at Raven and his eyes widened. Raven howled in pain as silver chains were thrown onto her and there were six soldiers on each side of her holding those chains and her down.

Kishara yelled,


Kitsune looked over at Nick in shock. Kishara and Kitsune fought harder than they ever had. Raven tried to struggle against her bonds, but failed. The giant black wolf licked the blood from his muzzle and stalked forward and came to stand in front of Raven. Raven inhaled a sharp intake of breath and her eyes widened.


Leviathan smiled evilly and changed into his Furry form withdrawing his sword. He dragged his silver sword across Raven’s face and she grimaced as the silver burned her core and created a giant gash across her cheek. Raven tried her hardest not to scream in pain and agony.

Leviathan called all of the guards off of Kitsune and had them hold Kishara back.  Kitsune strided towards the soldiers focused on nothing except Kishara. His eyes were so trained on Kishara that he didn’t see the powerful roundhouse kick Leviathan sent his way. Leviathan’s foot connected with Kitsune’s chest and he flew back several feet.

“Kitsune!” Kishara yelled and struggled to get to him, but was tightly restrained with a silver chain around her neck.

Kitsune landed with a thud and groaned as he rises to his feet. Kishara screamed in agony. Kitsune whipped his head to Kishara and his eyes glowed brightly with rage and his hair turned a blood red. He shifted into his giant Nine Tail Fox and snarled at Leviathan flashing his fangs. Kitsune ran at him with full force and Leviathan sprang into the air. Kitsune leaped up at him fangs and claws bared. Leviathan swiped his sword up at the speed of lighting and Kitsune grunted as the blade connected with his side. They landed at the same time but only Leviathan landed gracefully on his feet and Kitsune laid there barely moving.


He didn’t move and Kishara snapped.

She then turned into the Mayrik wolf and tore the guards down with her sharp teeth and claws. As the harder she fought the stronger the Eye of Ra got. For her the stronger the Eye of Ra gets it would soon kill her.

“KISHARA!” Raven called out in agony and the warning was barely there but Kishara heard it.

While Kishara was tearing down soldiers she didn’t notice Leviathan slip from her view. She calmed and shifted back to her normal Furry form and looked around her and spotted Kitsune trying to crawl towards her and as she was about to step towards him Kitsune’s eyes widened. Kishara felt a sharp, intense pain in the middle of her stomach. She let in a sharp intake of breath and looked down to see the sword’s blade jutting out of her stomach.

Kitsune screamed in agony,


Raven stopped her struggling and whispered feeling defeated,


Leviathan laughed evilly and looked at Kitsune over Kishara’s shoulder. He smiled the smile of a killer. He then looked at Raven that was in her furry form to see her on her knees and her head bowed to cover her face. Leviathan frowned and ripped the sword out of Kishara’s stomach and marched over to Raven.

Kishara clutched her stomach and fell to the ground gasping for breath. Raven winced at the sound of her girl’s body hitting the ground. Leviathan stepped up behind Raven and grasped a handful of her pitch black hair and pulled her head up. Raven whimpered in pain.

Leviathan deadly whispered “Watch as your friends die all because you couldn’t protect them.”  

Raven gathered all of her strength and whispered,


In a matter of seconds Raven bucked her head back and heard a satisfying crunch come from his nose and he backed away in pain, screaming. She spun crisscrossing her arms and the two men who held the arm chains flew through the air crashing into each other. She donkey kicked the two people holding chains to her torso and they flew back several feet. She turned and punched the two guys holding the chains around her feet knocking them out instantly. She shifted into her Wolf and broke the chains. She looked over just in time to see Kitsune clutching Kishara tightly and Leviathan was about to deliver a killing blow to Kishara. Kitsune covered Kishara with his body just as he pulled his sword back.

Raven suddenly jumped in between Kitsune and Leviathan causing the sword to go through her torso an inch or so to the left of her heart.The blow had so much power in propelled her over Kishara and Kitsune. She fell to the ground in what seemed like slow motion and rolled coming to a stop facing away from them. Kitsune slowly lifted his head to see Raven’s unmoving body and shock was evident on his face and pain clear in his eyes. Kishara glanced to the side and her eyes widened at the sight of her protector laying in a pool of her own blood.

Leviathan stood there shocked and his demeanor seemed to change. He was about to step forward, when it was too late. An arrow whizzed through the air and landed in Leviathan’s chest with a thud. He quickly looked to where the arrow had come from to see Shoku badly bleeding and clutching her bow for dear life. She supported herself against Nick who was frozen in fear. Leviathan smiled sadly in Raven’s direction as a tear ran down his face and fell lifeless to the ground clutching the arrow lodged in his chest.

Nick helped Shoku set down in the snow and Nick lumbered over to where Raven laid unmoving. He shifted into his Furry form and dropped to the ground beside his love. Raven was breathing shallowly trying to save her strength and Nick picked up her head and set it in his lap. She weakly smiled up at him and blood trickled out of her mouth. Shoku slapped her hands to her mouth trying not to scream in pain from the sight of the warrior she thought would never fall. Nick cupped the side of her muzzle and wiped away a stray tear and said “It will be okay.”

His words didn’t even sound convincing to himself.

Raven’s eyes grew sad and she whispered “Not this time.”

The padding of paws in the snow and the crackling of the fire didn’t sound real to Raven. She didn’t care what was going on around her, just that she was in the arms of the one person she truly loved and that she could finally give up the fight.

She looked to Kitsune and Kishara to see Kitsune kiss Kishara lightly. They knew it was over.

Raven looked to Shoku desperately and sent,

Do it.” through the mind link they shared. Shoku nodded her head and closed her eyes while saying a series of words in Celtic. The last thing Raven heard was wolves howling sadly in the distance before everything went white…




Kitsune and Kishara were dropped slowly on the ground in a set of woods that were not familiar at all. Kitsune realized that they were in the human world now. He and Kishara heard footsteps and voices so they shifted into their Wolf and Fox forms to protect themselves.

“Stay away from me!” A female voice called out in determination.

“Mist, I’m not going to hurt you!” A male voice called after the female.

One set of footsteps were speeding up and Mist yelled back,

“I know you Kitchi. Every time you are alone with me you try to play your little tricks on me!”

A boy and a girl burst through the trees and stopped in their tracks at what they saw. Kitsune had shifted his body over Kishara and growled lowly at the humans.

The girl, Mist, was wearing black baggy pants, an army green jacket, her hair was put up in a half bun and the rest was braided. The boy, Kitchi, wore blue jeans, a fur around his shoulders, a dark blue jacket, and black boots.

Mist stood frozen and her eyes widened at the sight of the injured ash colored wolf. She now noticed that these two animals were way bigger than average animals. Kitchi stood still and noticed that the giant fox had nine tails. He gripped Mist’s hand protectively.

Kitsune noticed this and looked back at Kishara with sad eyes. Kishara looked at the human girl and felt an instant pull to her from inside of her soul. She tried to move closer to the girl but didn’t have the strength and whimpered as her wound began to hurt again.

The girl took a step forward and Kitsune growled lowly at her. Kishara weakly put a paw on Kitsune’s chest. He stopped growling immediately and Kishara’s eyes flashed to the boy. Kitsune looked up into the boy’s eyes and felt the same pull that Kishara was experiencing, but towards the boy. He backed off from shielding Kishara and stood behind her.

Mist looked to the fox with a question clear in her eyes. Kitsune nodded his head at her and she stumbled forward a few steps closer to Kishara. Kitchi took a few steps toward Kitsune and stared at him in awe. All of a sudden both of the humans fell to their knees. Kitsune laid down beside Kishara knowing what was coming. He placed his paw on top of Kishara’s and clasped it tightly.

Mist reached a hand up and clutched her chest and felt like she couldn’t get in enough air. Kitchi grimaced and clenched experiencing the same. The humans looked up at the same time to see the two animals go lifeless and spirits come out of their bodies and stood in front of them. Kishara’s spirit glowed a bright aqua blue and Kitsune glowed a bright orange. They smiled down at the humans and both howled as one. Kitsune looked at Kishara and smiled. Kishara clutched Kitsune’s paw and they both walked into the human’s bodies. Kitchi and Mist took in a sharp intake of breath and looked over to the bodies of Kishara and Kitsune and saw them in their Furry forms holding each other’s hand before they turned to dust and disappeared into the wind.

Kitchi looked at Mist and smiled before they both dropped onto the ground staring up at the sky with their hands not letting go of the other…….


Raven slowly emerged from the bushes and walked over to a giant oak tree with fog surrounding the forest floor before collapsing under it.  She didn’t notice that there was a tree house up high in the branches. She heard a voice in the tree and started listening.

“Babe, I heard something. Let me call you back.” A female voice said.

“Okay, Alex. Be careful.” A muffled male voice replied.

“I will, Mason.”

Raven heard a beep and the sound of a door opening above her. Her eyes flicked up to see a figure looking down at her. She heard a gasp as the figure came closer to her. The figure jumped down and landed gracefully a few feet away from her in the fog. Raven watched the figure carefully because she didn’t have the strength to growl and warn this human away.

The figure emerged from the fog and turned out to be a girl. This girl had on black skinny jeans with shreds up and down the legs, a black tank top complemented with a leather jacket. Upon closer inspection Raven saw that she had black pin straight hair, dark brown eyes, and had a septum piercing. The girl put her hands palm up in front of her showing that she was not a threat. Raven flicked her ears up showing that she understood. The girl nodded and came to sit a few spaces from her and Raven weakly lifted her head to meet the girl’s eyes.  Raven felt a sudden pull towards this human and she couldn’t understand why. This girl must’ve felt it too because she gasped and scooted closer to her. This was when she noticed the sword lodged in this wolf’s chest and Raven noticed too as she felt her pain start to come back. Raven whined and Alex stepped forward and put her hands on the sword’s hilt. Alex rubbed the fur on Raven’s neck and turned to Raven. Raven nodded her head and looked away, her claws digging into the earth.

Alex whispered “One….two…three.”

With some much needed force Alex ripped the sword out of Raven and Raven yelped out in pain.

There was rustling in the brush and Alex spun around on the balls of her feet raising the sword to meet the threat. A boy came out of the brush and stopped in his tracks holding his hands up in surrender.

“Mason! You scared the crap out of me!”

Raven lifted her head up to see that it was a human boy.

The boy, Mason,smiled at Alex and put his hands down.

Alex lowered the sword and Mason noticed that blood covered the sword and his eyes went wide.

“What is THAT?!” Mason yelled in shock.

“HUSH! She is injured.” Alex said giving him a stern look.


Alex stepped aside so he could get a view of Raven. Raven’s eyes flicked to him and regarded him with curiosity and hope. He was about to take a step forward when Alex stepped in front of him shaking her head signalling for him not to come any closer.

“What happened to her?”

“I don’t know but I am the only one she wants close to her right now.”

“How do you know that?”

“I can feel it. Mason,”

He took his eyes off of Raven and concentrated on Alex.

She smiled sadly “She’s dying.”

He pulled Alex close and she laid her head on his shoulder facing Raven. Raven smiled with pride at this girl. This girl knew that she was dangerous but tried to help her anyway, she protected her from what was going to come, and she felt sympathy for her.

Raven started to feel tired but she didn’t want to fall asleep because she knew she would never wake up. Her eyes started to close against her will. She heard Alex gasp and fall to her knees beside her. Alex started petting the fur on her head and scratched behind her ear.

All of a sudden Alex was gasping for air. Mason ran to her side and held her close looking into her eyes and asked with mild concern “Alex?! Whats wrong?! Talk to me!”

Mason heard a low growl and turned his head slowly to where the giant white wolf laid. He was met with the sight of a huge Wolf spirit glowing a bright red. Alex stopped breathing and looked up at Raven’s spirit and the wolf smiled down at her. Alex’s eyes held awe for this powerful creature. Mason backed away slowly from the spirit but stayed in close range to Alex.

Raven looked up at the stars and the moon that glowed bright and full.Raven tipped her head back and howled with all of her heart and soul.

Raven’s howl slowly died out and she looked at Mason “Take care of her. She will need you.”

Mason nodded his head in shock and Raven slowly walked forward into Alex’s body. Alex sat frozen with her head bowed. She slowly lifted her head to see Raven in her Furry form laying underneath the tree and her eyes, though lifeless, held hope and pride. Then her body turned to dust and drifted off into the wind.

Mason walked over to Alex and picked her up bridal style and started walking to her house which wasn’t far. Close by Nick was wandering injured through the woods and came up to a boy carrying a now sleeping girl in his arms and he stopped moving, studying them.The bush’s branches hit his wounds and he yelped in pain. The boy turned his head quickly and saw faint green eyes.

Nick came out of the bushes with his head low and growling lowly in his throat.

The boy carried the girl to a flat rock that was a few feet tall and laid her down. He took the sword that was in the girls hand and aimed it at Nick. Nick stopped growling and stared at the sword in shock. The boy noticed this and took the time to look this giant bear over. The bear was severely injured, stood taller than him, and was the biggest bear he had ever seen. Nick started seeing red. He smelled her blood on the sword, the sword that was used to kill his love. Nick started growling and started to stalk towards the boy. The boy quickly dropped the sword and backed away slowly with his hands out in front of him with his palms up hoping the bear would stop. Suddenly, a giant white wolf jumped in front of the boy and raised her hackles growling loudly at Nick. Her familiar red eyes seemed to stare into his soul and he stopped growling and backed away slowly with shock. The massive wolf stopped growling suddenly and raised her head standing proud in front of Nick and smiled.

“Hello, love.”

Nick gasped as he heard the voice of his lost love, Raven. The boy stood back dumbfounded.

Nick stumbled over his words “H-How?”

Raven smiled at him “Don’t fret about it, love.” She stretched out her paw towards him “Its time.”

Raven stepped aside and the boy came into view. He looked from Raven to Nick confused.

Nick was about to ask what Raven meant when his eyes connected with the boy’s eyes. Nick gazed into the pale green eyes of this boy and saw himself reflected in them. He didn’t feel the pull at first but as it got stronger it got harder for Nick to fight. Raven slinked up beside Nick and leaned in close to his ear.

“I know it’s hard, but you have to give in if you want to stay.”

Nick didn’t truly know if this was his Raven or not but he just couldn’t fight it anymore. Nick lumbered over to the boy and collapsed at his feet. The boy dropped to his knees and reached out to pet Nick’s muzzle when he suddenly couldn’t breathe. He clutched his throat trying to get more air in, but was failing. Raven had looked away because she might be strong, but she knew watching Nick die would kill her…again.

Nick’s spirit rose up from his body and stood in front of this boy. He was glowing a bright green. He looked over to Raven and was met with her wolfish smile that he had grown to love and roared a mighty roar. Nick lumbered up to the boy and smiled. With a final glance at Raven he walked into the boy. The boy arched his back and inhaled a sharp intake of breath. He stood up and flexed his shoulders and looked to Raven. Alex now stood in her place and pushed her hands into her pockets. Mason walked up to Alex and pulled her closer wrapping his arms around her waist. Alex wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her head back to look at him. Mason smiled at Alex and his eyes glowed a bright emerald green. Alex smirked at him and her eyes glowed a blood red. At the same time Alex and Mason looked up at the full moon.  In the distance heavenly howls were coursing through the woods and the moon seemed to welcome the new protectors to their new futures.


CHAPTER 10                    TURNING A NEW LEAF


Alex woke up with a major headache, like she had had too much to drink last night. Sadly, she knew how that felt. She slowly got out of bed and went about her daily routine. Walking into her closet she traded her crop top and basketball shorts for a pair of blood red skinny jeans, a black shirt with the words “Got Blood?” in red on it with a shredded back, she slipped into a pair of black spiked combat boots. She walked into the bathroom across the bed and took a long look in the mirror.

She didn’t need to do anything to her pin straight black hair, but she brushed through it anyway. She put on some eyeliner and mascara to make her eyes look bold. She went to reach for her contacts but froze halfway there. Last night’s events came flooding back to her. Mason’s eyes changing color, the run back with him to her house, her eyes in the mirror before falling asleep. She could see perfect. She noticed more detail in the room than with her contacts on! She slowly looked up at the mirror. She was met with bright blood red eyes.

Normal people would be shocked to see this in the mirror, terrified even. But, Alex wasn’t normal at all. She smirked in the mirror and put on her black beanie before walking back in her room and grabbing her leather jacket. Slipping into it like it was a second skin she grabbed her backpack off of the floor and her sunglasses beside her bed and walked out of her room. She ran down the stairs and put on her sunglasses. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a coke before walking out of the house, locking it behind her. She walked over to her motorcycle and mounted it, putting the key in the ignition and making it roar with life. She put on her helmet and sped out of the driveway towards her school.

Already at the school, thanks to her father driving the truck. They entered the gym and setup the equipment for martial art class that was Mist’s first period of the day. As they were setting up the dummies Mist went to get the taller dummies and she knew that they were heavy, but she was instructed to bring them to her father. She lifted them with strength that she never experienced before. That was when she felt something stir deep inside her. She slowly put the dummy down if front of her father and he told her to take a break because he was going to go get some breakfast for the both of them. She stood in the middle of the gye and looked at the time. She smirked and grabbed the wooden poles they used for practice and threw one up in the air behind her. Alex caught it with ease and twirled it absentmindedly in her hand. Mist turned around and smirked at her best friend her eyes glowed a bright aqua blue. Alex suddenly spread her feet in a ready stance and she pulled the pole to her side and leapt at Mist. Their sparring match lasted some time.

Mist raised her pole up in a flash blocking Alex’s attack and pushed her back. She only backed up a step when Mist flew at her swinging her pole at Alex’s head. Alex jumped up into the air and did a double flip and landed on her feet gracefully. Mist looked at the time to see that 30 minutes had passed and they stopped and reached out to shake hands like they did everyday. They hadn’t even broken a sweat.

“You were really good today, Mist.” Alex said as she took a swig from her coke.

“Thanks. You were too.” Mist replied setting down on the floor.

They talked for a bit after Mist’s dad returned with food and offered some to Alex. She accepted because she knew it was rude to deny food from him even though he was her best friends dad.  The bell rang signalling for Alex to head over to Biology class. She gave Mist a hug and walked out of the gym.

Alex had just grabbed her Biology, Animal Science, and Animal Behavior textbooks when a set of arms snaked around her waist. Mason nuzzled his head into the side of Alex’s neck and breathed in her scent. She chuckled lightly and shut her locker turning in Mason’s arms. Mason smiled down at her and placed a light kiss on her lips.

“Good morning,love.” Mason whispered in her ear.

“Good morning,babe.” Alex whispered.

Mason pulled his head to look at her. He took off her sunglasses to look into her eyes that always mesmerized him. He smiled when he saw they were the red color from last night and he felt his turn to their emerald green color. Alex’s breath hitched and she smiled at him. He leaned in and was about to kiss her when the warning bell rang, signalling they had 2 minutes to get to class. They both laughed lightly and Mason wrapped an arm around her shoulder. He walked her to Biology and then went to his History class right across the hall.

As Alex was headed to meet Mason in the parking lot after school, she heard a commotion. She went to where she heard the noise to see four guys beating up the new kid. She placed her stuff down and acted on instinct.

“Hey, Idiots!” Alex yelled with a smirk on her face.

They stopped and looked at Alex and one of them, the supposed leader, backed away from the kid and told the other three to hold him still while he dealt with her.

“Four against one. Not really a fair fight bub.”

“Who do you think you are chick?”

“I am the girl who is going to knock you flat out if you don’t leave that kid alone.”

He laughed “Right. Now if you don’t get out of here, I’m going to make you wish you would have.”

Alex stood there with a smirk on her face and crossed her arms.

The Jock laughed and called two of the guys over “Ooooh I think we’re going to have some target practice guys.”

Alex smirked in satisfaction and was ready when the first guy lunged for her. She leaped into the air and landed behind him. He turned around and in a blur she delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to his chest and sent him flying into the side of the school building and he was knocked out cold from the impact. She heard another run up behind her and she crouched down lashing out with a kick to his legs knocking him to the ground. She leaped on top of him and punched him square in the nose and heard a satisfying crack. She stood up and faced the leader of the trio. He came at her with a knife and she grabbed his wrist and snapped it, with a amount of strength she didn’t know she had, causing him to drop the knife. He clutched his hand and grunted in pain. Alex whipped her foot up and kicked him in the face causing him to fall backwards on the ground. She twirled the knife in her hand and threw it at his leg. When the knife lodged itself in his leg he cried out in pain and she kicked him in the stomach.

“Told you…” Alex said and she looked at the Jock who was still holding the kid and winked at him.

He instantly let go of the kid and took off. The kid was still covering his head and Alex crouched down in front of him. He looked at her in amazement. She smirked at him and reached a hand out to him. He hesitated for a moment and then grabbed it. Alex helped him to his feet and smirked at him. She took off the sunglasses and looked at him. Her eyes were glowing a blood red.

“Hey, Kitsune.”

Kitchi was surprised at first and then smiled at her, his eyes turned bright baby blue “Hey, Raven.”

“Come on you can ride home with us. Mason’s driving to my house and Mist is hitching a ride with him too.”

His eyes widened at the mention of Mist. Alex grabbed Kitchi’s stuff and handed it to him. She assessed him for any major injuries and only saw that he had a few bruises.

Mason was already waiting by his green jeep and Mist was leaning against it listening to music. When he caught sight of Alex and Kitchi he became concerned. Alex came to stand in front of him and Kitchi stood beside her. Mason came up and wrapped his arms around Alex’s waist.

“Are you okay? Where were you?” Mason asked with worry.

Alex shook her head and looked around “Not here.”

Mason nodded and they got in the jeep. Alex got on her motorcycle plugging in her headphones and put on her helmet. She sped off to her house followed by Mason, Kitchi, and Mist.

The gang was sitting in Alex’s living room and was working on their homework together. They all had good grades because they did this everyday and always had things done on time and done right. They helped each other out when they were stuck on something and everyday it was at Alex’s house. Her dad was always gone because he traveled to a different place each week with his work. Her mom had passed a few years ago so Alex lived alone. Alex was playing music on the radio and was intently working on her project for Biology, Mason was working on a history assignment about WW2, Mist was on the computer doing her math assignments, and Kitchi was doing his english report on Charles Dickens. They finished in record time and ended up in the back yard. Mason was grilling steaks and hamburgers, Kitchi was in the wine cellar picking themselves a drink for the evening, Mist was in the kitchen putting together a salad, and Alex was preparing the bonfire for the evening.  Alex lit the match and stared at the flame for a moment and threw it into the fire pit.

Suddenly she was sucked into a memory that she didn’t recognize. She saw a white wolf laying in the snow with blood seeping around her. A boy with blue hair was holding her head in his lap. He had brown round ears and brown fur and tears were streaming down his face. Alex called out to the wolf but was met with silence. She ran over to the wolf and placed her hands on her fur. Then she was seeing the memory through the wolf’s eyes. She suddenly knew the boy she was looking at…Mason. He whispered “It’s gonna be okay.” But for some reason she knew it wasn’t. She looked over to see a castle in flames. She could hear the crackling slightly but everything seemed dull. The flames seemed to fill her entire line of vision and then she was back to staring at the bonfire pit.

She took in a sharp intake of breath when a dull pain thumped in her chest. She looked down and moved the edge of her shirt out of the way to see a pale pink scar. It was kinda big in size and was pointed on both ends. It looked like a fresh scar and was still tender when she touched it. She recalled the wound across the white wolf’s chest when she first saw her. A set of arms came around Alex’s waist and pulled her back on a muscular chest. She smiled and looked up at Mason. He was smiling down at her but there was worry in his eyes.

“I called your name a few times. You okay?”

“Yeah I’m good, just got distracted I guess.”

Mason went to reply when Kitchi and Mist came out with the rest of dinner. They put the food and wine on the table they had set up outside and ate as friends. They sat around the fire and laughed their cares away. Tomorrow was graduation and they wanted to go out with a bang. When they were done it was around ten and Mist was going to stay with Alex so they could get ready together. Kitchi and Mason were going to do the same thing at Mason’s house. They said their goodbyes for the night and they agreed that they were going to meet up at the school. Alex had a big day tomorrow since she was the one chosen to be valedictorian.

Mason and Kitchi were leaning against the jeep while some students milled about and headed into the school. They were dressed in black tuxedos. Mason had an emerald green tie and Kitchi had an orange one. They were dressed to impress since today was a special day in more ways than one. The boys had a huge surprise for the girls and they couldn’t wait. Kitchi pulled out his phone and saw that the time was 8:20 a.m.

“Dude, we have ten minutes until the ceremony. Where are they?!”

Mason went to reply when Alex’s black jaguar pulled into the school parking lot. Alex backed it up into a parking space and the doors opened at the same time. Alex stepped out of the driver’s side and Mist stepped out of the passenger side. It seemed to happen in slow motion. Alex was wearing a dark red silk dress that hugged her curves perfectly. She complimented her outfit with black spiked heels and her leather jacket. She had curled her long black hair and applied little make up around her eyes that showed off their hazel color perfectly. Mist was dressed in a aqua blue silk knee length dress. She wore white spiked heels and she straightened her long brown hair. She complimented her dress with a white leather jacket and some make up around her eyes to make the brown in them pop. They both winked as they walked past the boys and into the school. Their mouths were hanging open and they only hesitated a moment before running after them.

Everyone was seated in the gym and Alex, Mason, Kitchi, and Mist sat on the stage with the teachers. They were the graduates chosen to shake hands with everyone and after everyone was seated with their diplomas it was Alex’s turn to give her speech. She walked up to the podium and shook hands with the principle and began her speech as soon as he sat down.

“My fellow graduates, our amazing time together has come to a very sad ending. People say that now is supposed to be the time when we put away our childish things and become “adults”. I say they are wrong. Yes, we are getting older but that doesn’t mean we should get rid of the things that make us children, but that we need those things now more than ever! All we have talked about is what we want to be when we leave high school. Things like Police Officers, Teachers, Professional Football Players,”

At this the football team roared with hoops and hollers and Alex laughed as they sat down.

“Photographers, Writers, even Martial Artists. But what happens if we put away those childish things now we may need them sometime in the future when they are no longer available in our new lives? Maybe we have a bad day at work, a family crisis happens, or we lose a friend. Those childish things are what we need to hold on to or we might lose ourselves. Some people also say that the people you were friends with now drift apart after high school. We need to hold on to them too. They will bring us comfort in the times when we are down, they will pick us up and put us back on our feet, and then if you actually fall down they will laugh at you for about twenty minutes before asking you if you are okay.”

Everyone laughed and Alex looked at her friends smiling before turning back to the students.

“Sometimes your childish things are your friends. You were there for them during this time and built a strong bond with them. Some of them may be sitting beside you right now. So my fellow graduates I ask you that when you leave here today to not listen to those people and to never put away your childish things. Because,”

Alex waved Mason, Kitchi, and Mist over. They stood beside her and looked at her.

“your friends are the one thing that you cherish for a lifetime. Congratulations class of 2014!”

She group hugged her friends and the crowd cheered. Everyone took off their graduation caps and threw them up in the air cheering and hugging people. Alex hooked her arm in Mist’s and started to walk off the stage when the microphone was taped a few times.

“Excuse me everyone can I have your attention please?”

The chatter died down and everyone looked up at the speaker at the podium. Mason stood there not looking at the crowd but at Alex’s retreating form which had stopped at the sound of Mason’s voice. Mist had let go of Alex’s arm and turned to Kitchi and Mason. Mist walked over to Kitchi and he took her off to the side. Mason reached out and took Alex’s hand slowly pulling her closer to him. She looked at him with confusion and he smiled at her. She could sense his nervousness and this made her even more confused. He was never nervous ever.

Alex whispered “Babe, what are yo-”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence because Mason grabbed the microphone and got down on one knee. Mist gasped and gripped Kitchi’s arm tightly. Alex froze to the spot with her mouth slightly agape. The crowd started hushed murmurs and aww’s.

“ Alex, I love you. you are the light that fills my world. Everyday I see your smile it brightens my day, your voice lifts my mood, and your eyes lighten my very soul on a daily basis. The days I can’t see you are dark and gloomy and every time that I think of not seeing you it makes me want to just sleep the day away. But I want to wake up on those days with you beside me and I never want to lose sight of you ever again so….Will you marry me?”

Mason pulled out a small velvet box and opened it to reveal a gold band with the words “Forever and Always” on it. It had a bear on one end and a wolf on the other facing the words themselves. He looked up at Alex with hope and passion in his eyes.

Alex smiled at him with love in her eyes “Yes! Of course I will!”

Mason sighed with relief and Alex threw herself at him in a hug and he slipped the band onto her ring finger on her right hand. She kissed him with a strong love and passion. A shriek of joy brought her out of her newly found joy and she looked over at Mist who was kissing Kitchi and she had a ring on her finger as well. The crowd hooped and hollered cheering for the two couples.

On that day the class of 2014 witnessed that what people say isn’t always true and that the true things in life is not about who you are in the future, but who is beside you that makes you who you are.     



Over the years the old friends had settled down and had a family of their own. Kishara and Kitsune had 5 children, but only one survived the harsh winter and her name is Nakai, like her father she has three tails but she’s more like her mother, Strong and a fighter, but sweet. Raven and Mason had five children and they all survived the harsh winter thanks to their father and mother’s skills, and their names are Akela, she is stubborn as her mother, the elders twins, Chitto and Enapay, the youngest Koda and Dakota, Koda is a lot like his father and Dakoda is the runt and he thinks everything is a game to him. There’s a husky name Kekoa he’s an orphan thanks to the death of his parents, from his father betraying Raven’s pack and marrying a husky. One day she found out that they had a son that is half wolf and husky and went to kill them and when she was about to kill Kekoa she remembered of the little wolf that she saved before. Soon a new darkness will arise and the families will have to stand together to save their kind and possibly themselves.