Super Mammal 4


Supper Mammal

The New Generation

Book 4

` By: Misty Crump and Alex Lyons


















4 years have past, Kishara and Kitsune were fixing supper and Nakai was playing in the pasture with her spirit friend. Her parents knew that she was different and that she could see spirits, but Kitsune was concerned, because his cousin killed himself, because he couldn’t stand the voices in his head. As Kishara saw Kitsune’s face she said, “Honey, It will be ok, look at her, she’s happy, she’s not going to go that far.”

“But, my cousin was the same way and look what happened to him,” Kitsune said as he watched Nakai. Then there was a faint sound in the distance and Kishara used Eolas and saw that the figure was coming closer at an every fast pace.

“Nakai, get inside, now!” She shouted at Nakai and when she came in the house Kitsune got his gun and Kishara took Nakai to the very back of the house and told her, “Stay till one of us comes to let you out, but if you hear footsteps that aren’t ours crawl out from underneath the house and head to your aunt’s cave.” Nakai nodded and Kishara kissed her daughter’s head and put the floorboard over her daughter and joined Kitsune. As Nakai sat waiting for her parents she heard footsteps that were very large and she was frozen at the spot and then, “Stop, stay away from there!” Kitsune shouted. Nakai froze and gasped as she was sucked into a movie that she had never seen before.

“Shut up!” a man voice yelled and then Nakai heard a shotgun being fired,

“No!” Kishara yelled and the Eye of Ra was glowing and there was another gun shot. Kishara fell to the floor clutching her stomach. Kitsune crawled over to Kishara and gripped her hand tightly whispering that everything was gonna be okay.

As her mother instructed she crawled out of the house and when she came out of the house she turned and saw the man and a husky rushing after her. She ran in the woods and came up the a cave and entered it. As she came in a white young wolf came and saw her, “Who the hell are you!” She said as her mother came in.

“Akela, stop, this is Nakai the daughter of Kishara and Kitsune, I’m sorry to hear about you sisters.” Raven said as she put her hand on Akela’s head.

“I don’t care, I’m kind of happy that I don’t have any sisters,” Nakai said and Raven frowned. The two sets of twins came in and Dakoda saw the wolf and if you saw he would have hearts in his eyes.

“Umm, Dakoda, your drooling,” Koda said as Enapay and the others laughed.

“That’s enough,” Raven said as she looked back a Nakai. “What happened to your mother and father?” she finished.

“They… they were shot trying to protect me.” Nakai said as tears were filling in her eyes.

“Its ok, you don’t need to cry,” Raven said as Mason came in and took the the boys to a hunting lesson and Akela went with them.

“You can stay here untill Mason and I find out what’s going on,” Raven said and she smelled the scent of someone unfamiliar. A husky came bounding up to the cave and Raven ran to him grabbing the scruff of his neck in her jaws.

“That’s him!” Nakai shouted as her tails were wagging with anger and the tips of her hair and fur was turning a blood red.

Raven threw the husky on the ground on his back and placed her big paw on his chest pressing down slightly.

“What do you want!” Raven said as Nakai stopped growling and her hair and fur turned to normal she came close to him and sniffed him with curiosity.

He quivered in fear “Umm, I was trying to find you and warn you about these men who are hunting for unique spices and I’ve been watching over her for as long as I can remember.” He said as he was fixed on Nakai.

“W-who are you?” Nakai said as she backed up in disgust.

“I’m Kekoa the son of the wolf that was apart of your pack, but he went off and married a husky.”

“You’re the pup that I let live!” Raven said as Dakoda heard the sound of voices and came running.

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you from this mut!” He said as he got in front of Nakai.

“Who are calling a mut!” Kekoa said as he was about to slap Dakoda, but Raven growled him into submission.

“How dare you try slap my son!” She shouted as Nakai yelled for them to stop.

Raven turned her glare to Nakai and she looked away quickly.

“Enapay, take Kekoa to the spare room and lock the door so I can figure out what these hunters want from us.”

“Yes mom. What do you want me to do with Nakai?”

Raven looked over at her son “Put her in her room and make sure no one leaves this den until either I or your father returns. Have Akela finish supper as well.”

“Of course mom.”

Mason emerged from the den and Akela hugged her father and mother before going inside to finish dinner. Enapay came and hugged his mom and took the two pups inside closing the door behind him.

Mason and Raven took off up the hill towards Kishara and Kitsune’s house.



Raven came to a sudden stop and Mason stopped shortly after her and looked to his wife confused.

“Babe? Whats the matter?”

“The pup said that they were looking for people like us so maybe we should approach as humans.”

“I think you’re right because they might have silver and be able to do some serious damage.”

“Yeah. Come on this way we need to grab some horses.”

They arrived at their neighbor’s barn in no time. Raven mounted a black horse and Mason mounted a grey horse and they rode the rest of the way in their human forms to Kishara’s house.

There was a man standing in the front yard of the house he was on the phone talking in a hushed voice.

Raven pulled her horse up behind him silently and Mason slinked up beside her. Raven had her horse buck up and whiny loudly. The man jumped forward in surprise and spun to face Raven and Mason. Raven quickly smirked and patted the side of the horse’s mane whispering silently “Good boy.”

The man quickly ended his phone call and stared up at Raven.

“Can I help you sir?” Raven asked with curiosity.

He smirked “No, ma’am. Just looking for my dog is all.”

Raven’s eyes widened “Babe, didn’t you say you saw a dog around the house earlier?”

“Yeah, I did.”

This seemed to peak the stranger’s interest “Was it a huge dark orange and white Siberian Husky with a tear in his ear and a spiked collar?”

“You know, I think it was!”

The man seemed to grow desperate hearing this and he said in a rushed voice “Can you take me to him?!”

Raven’s eyes grew suspicious “Sure, hop on!”

The stranger nodded his head in thanks and climbed on the back of Raven’s horse and she flashed her eyes to Mason.

He used the mind link they shared and gave his report.

“A total of three weapons, a silver wallet chain, a silver ring with the symbol of a red triangle with an arrow through it. I will have our son look into it.”

“Okay babe, thanks for the report.”

“Sure thing babe.”

Raven kicked the horse into a gallop and the stranger wrapped his arms around her waist trying not to fall off at the sudden movement. Mason sent his horse after her.  Raven looked over to Mason and winked. Mason smirked and turned his horse down another path and tied it to a tree before shifting into his giant Bear.

Raven sped up her horse as Mason was running beside them in the brush. Mason came flying out of the bushes and roared loudly claws and fangs bared. That was the last thing the stranger saw before his world went black.

Back at the cave Dakoda wouldn’t stop looking a Nakai and the mut, Kekoa.

“What are you staring at,” Nakai said as she glanced at him and then returned to watch Kekoa make a knife from wood and a piece of a rock that he found.  

“I just don’t see how you can even stand to be near that.”

Nakai gave Dakoda a stern look “He has a name and you will do well to remember that!”

“Its ok, Nakai no one gets my name right and calls me something else,” Kekoa said.

“But, you have a name and they should know it well,” Nakai said as she put her hand on Kekoa’s shoulder and then Dakoda slapped her hand away from him.

“What the hell?!” Nakai yelled and stood up about to attack him as Akela came in.

“What the hell is going on, you have no right to attack my brother like that!” She yelled as Kekoa barged in.

“Hey who are you to tell her what and what not to do, you’re not her mother!” Kekoa said as the two eldest brothers came in and, “Enough! What the hell are you all fighting about?!”

“Dakoda slapped my hand away when I was trying to comfort Kekoa. That is not okay with me!” Nakai said as she growled at Dakoda.

Enapay took Dakoda by the ear and whispered threateningly “Apologize or you can sleep in the cage.”

Dakoda’s eyes widened and he yelled in shock “You can’t do that!”

“Mother said I could so I will if I have to!” Enapay glared at his younger brother.

Dakoda turned to Nakai and Kekoa and said “I’m sorry…”

Nakai nodded her head at Dakoda and turned to look at Kekoa and he nodded too.

“Dinner is ready guys!” Akela yelled from the kitchen. They all got up and scampered into the kitchen.


The stranger woke up with a incredible pain in his head and went to put his hand against his head when he realized he couldn’t move. He leaned his head back a little too fast and hit his head on the tree he was restrained to. He winced in pain and looked around at his surroundings.

He was in the middle of the woods somewhere. He saw his satchel bag lying a few feet away from him and he tried to stretch his foot to bring it closer to him but was unsuccessful. He then heard rustling in the brush around him. The fog around him was thick so he could only catch small glimpses of something lurking in the fog.

A giant brown bear emerged from his left and circled around him slowly growling. The stranger studied Mason carefully. He took in the bear’s incredible size, his giant teeth and claws, and his burning emerald green eyes. The bear circled back in front of him and sat on his haunches staring intently at the human stranger.

Mason’s ears pricked up and he huffed like he was talking to someone. The stranger was about to open his mouth to address the bear when a set of glowing red eyes emerged in the fog. The man froze as he glanced upon them.

Raven slowly stalked out of the fog standing at her full height. Her stare seemed to look into his soul as she walked closer to the man. Her giant claws clicking the ground as she came closer and her shoulders rolling with her graceful movements. She circled around the tree and emerged in her Furry form. She had her sword at her hip and her leather gloves on her hands. She wore a black tank top with black skinny jeans and leather combat boots. She wore her gold wedding ring on her right hand. She came to stand in front of the man and his intense stare turned into one of disgust and hatred. Raven evilly smirked at him showing her sharp canines. She got straight down to business.

“Who are you?”

She was met with silence. She was a patient person and asked again.

“I’ll ask again who are you?”

She was again met with silence. She was patient…but not that patient. In a matter of seconds she had a fist full of the man’s hair and pulled his head back with her sword against his throat. He was shocked with her quick movements and looked into her eyes with fear.

Her eyes glowed a blood red and she whispered with a warning evident in her tone “Who are you?”

He shook with fear and replied “James. James Hartland.”

Raven continued on “What were you doing at my sister’s house?”

“I was instructed to find the couple, kill them, and take the child.” He replied quickly.

“By whom?” Raven replied with interest and curiosity.

The stranger quickly closed his mouth and Raven sighed now irritated.

“Okay then.”

Raven then slammed the blade into the man’s shoulder and slapped her hand over his mouth to muffle his cry of agony. When his cry died down to a low moan she took her hand away.

“Now, who gave you those orders?”

“Alexander Cross.”

Raven took in this information with interest and she knew her son would be able to find out more about this so called Alexander Cross.

“What did he plan to do to with the girl?”

“Experiment with her DNA to see what she could do, if he could create more like her, and if she did not produce the wanted results…”


“She would be… terminated.”

Raven ripped the sword out of his shoulder and backed away in shock. The man grunted in pain. Raven started seeing red. She turned to the man and whipped her hand back and slashed the sword across his throat spinning on her heel.

Mason put his hand on his wife’s shoulder. She turned to him and he pulled her close.

In a hushed voice Mason said “Its okay, babe. I’ll take care of it.”

She nodded her head mutely. Mason pulled away to dispose of the body and went to go get the shovel. He unchained the man and turned back to his wife. A giant white wolf stood in her place. Mason smiled lovingly at her and she gladly returned it. Raven turned and ran back to her kids so she could find out more about this lurking threat.



As she came back she smelled a oddly familiar smell. She turned and saw an unexpected site. She saw a ash colored Wolf and a Nine Tail Fox emerge from the fog and started to approach the cave.

At the cave Nakai was meditating and she tapped into her powers and emerged in the World of Spirits. She looked around in awe and she heard what sounded like a little bird tweeting. She decided to investigate and she found a tall oak tree. A little bird sat under it and tweeted up at Nakai. She crouched down to observe the bird and noticed that it was injured. She looked around and spotted a nest. She when to take it the it’s nest, but came to find that it was on top of a mountain.

At the entrance of the cave Akela was staring at Nakai as Chitto came next to her after calming Dakoda so he wouldn’t explode on Kekoa and attack him.

“What is she doing?” Akela said as she turned to Chitto.

“She’s meditating,” he said as two figures came from the tree line. Akela saw the two and saw that they were heading to Nakai. She remembered what her mom had always taught her. She didn’t know these figures and turned into her Wolf to guard Nakai.She growled low and lethal and raised her hackles.

“Who are you?” Akela glared at them

“Akela, we’re you aunt and uncle,” Kishara said as her mother ran up to them and saw Kishara and Kitsune.

“Sis?” Raven said cocking her head and ran up to Kishara giving her a bear hug. She turned to Kitsune and he smiled at her. She gave him a small hug and went to stand by her daughter. Kitsune came up to Nakai and saw that she was in the spirit world. He looked at Kishara and nodded his head at their daughter. Kishara smiled and sat on the ground soon joining her daughter in the mysterious other world.

“Nakai, Nakai!” She said as Nakai was heading to the mountain to return the little bird. She was halfway up the mountain when the bird suddenly turned to ice. Nakai fell to her knees as the bird stopped breathing. Kishara came up to her and put her hands on her daughter’s shoulder. Nakai turned and saw her mother smiling a comforting smile and dropped the bird giving her mother a hug.

“Come let us go home,” Kishara said as she and Nakai returned to their bodies. As Nakai woke she turned and saw her father and mother and hugged them both. She was shocked to say the least.

“But how, are you here?” Nakai said letting go of her parents.

“It was all thanks to your mother’s healing powers,” Kitsune said as he knelt in front of Nakai.

“But it’s gone, I used to rest for healing us,” Kishara said as Raven came up to them.

“So that means that you have no more powers,” she said as Kishara looked at her.

“Yes, although I can still enter the spirit world, I can’t stay long. I think you remember what happened last time, Raven.” Kishara said looking at her sister.

“I do, you kept seeing neon animals and flying rabbits.”

At the entrance of the cave Kekoa stood, watching them with longing. Then Dakoda and Koda came up from behind and Dakoda grabbed his arm and took him to Kishara. He threw Kekoa down on the ground in front of Kishara and Kitsune.

“Do you remember him?” He said as Kitsune looked at him and smelled the threatening smell and turned into the Nine tail.

“You!” He growled as Nakai got in front of Kekoa. She growled low and fierce.

“Father stop, he is not a threat, he was a spy for his foster father!” Nakai said as Kekoa spoke.

“What your daughter says is true, Sir. When I was young my father told me to protect Raven’s pack and thats what I did. When my parents died a man found me and my father’s spirit came to me and told me to go with him but when time comes, betray him and protect the one of my choosing. When I saw your daughter I chose her to protect, but I didn’t know that they were going to try kill you two.” Kekoa said.

Kishara was pleased with his answer. Raven brought everyone inside to enjoy dinner and then she escorted everyone to their rooms. Kishara took her husband to their chambers and the others went to theirs and went to sleep.

In Kishara and Kitsune’s chambers they laid on the bed.

“Are you ok babe?” Kishara said as she laid next to Kitsune and cuddled with him.

“No, I don’t think that Nakai should be hanging out with that mut.” Kitsune said staring at the ceiling.

“Kitsune, you remember what my grandfather told us, that he didn’t want us to date, but look at us now, we’re married and we have a wonderful child.” Kishara said as she snuggled with Kitsune.

“Yeah, but she’s only 15,” he said as he kept staring at the ceiling.

“We were young to,” Kishara said.

“Well, we still don’t know her abilities,” Kitsune said with reluctance and Kishara and smiled slightly.

In Nakai’s room she slept and she slipped into the spirit world and she found herself in a huge castle. As she looked around she heard a deep voice.

“Who dares disturb the Son of Ra!” The voice said as it got closer and Nakai ran out of the castle. As she came out someone touched her head and she spun around, backing away slowly.

“Who are you?” Nakai said confused and the tips of her hair turned yellow.

“Oh, you must be Kitsune’s child, right?” the man said.

“Yes, and you are?’ she replied.

“I’m Mayrik, the grandfather of Kishara,” he said.

“You’re my mother’s grandfather?” Nakai said.

“Yes, so she did marry that Nine Tail,” Mayrik said, “Well you do have her eyes, you have his tails, and you share her beauty. Now lets see what abilities you have, shall we?” He said as he put Nakai to the test.

Back in the cave Kitsune went to check up on Nakai and when he came in he saw that she wasn’t moving and called for Kishara and she came running in. She could see the aura around her daughter had gone still. She sat on the bed and entered the spirit world and saw her grandfather as he pulled out a knife and cut Nakai’s arm. She yanked her arm back.

“Grandfather, what and you doing?!” Nakai said as she stared at the wound and she turned dark silver and licked the wound and looked at Mayrik. He saw that the wound had healed closed in a matter of seconds. She had her mother’s ability but something dark lurked beneath the surface.

“Nakai!” Kishara said as she came running to Mayrik and yelled at him. Nakai saw a husky and went to investigate and it was Kekoa. As she came closer to him he ran away.

“Nakai,” Kishara said coming to her.

“Mother, I want to go home,” Nakai said as she turned back into the innocent girl and they returned to their bodies and Nakai was back to sleep and Kishara took Kitsune outside to talk.

“Babe, Nakai, she has my ability to heal, but she also has your Nightmare. Also if she sees blood she turns.” Kishara said looking at the ground.

“No,” Kitsune said as he held kishara’s hand tightly.

“Is there anything that we can do?” she said as she hugged Kitsune.

“The only way for her to contain the Black Beast is to cut off her tails.” Kitsune said with tears forming, He knows how precious nine tails are to them.

“If that’s the only way we must,  I now how hard it is to control something with that much power. Thats why I always meditated.” As they said that Nakai heard them and got out of bed quietly and snuck out of the cave.

She scampered into the woods and just walked for a bit. She wanted to go somewhere to think. She ended up at a stunningly beautiful waterfall. She sat at the edge of the water and lapped some onto her tongue drinking absentmindedly. Then she saw little ripples in the water. She looked up to see an assortment of colors bounce off of the stone walls surrounding the waterfall. She was staring in awe.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Nakai jumped and snapped her head to her right. Akela was sitting beside her staring at the water with as much interest as Nakai. Nakai breathed a sigh of relief and sat back down in front of the water’s edge.

“Yeah. Beautiful.”

Akela slowly looked over at Nakai. She smiled an apologetic smile.

“I think we got off on the wrong paw earlier. I am sorry for snapping at you. I just don’t take well to strangers.”

“Its okay. I am sorry too for being rude to you as well.” Nakai said looking at Akela as well. “Your brother, he’s a strange one isn’t he?”

“Yeah, we don’t exactly know what happened to him as a pup. I’m pretty sure he was dropped a few times.” Akela said as they both laughed.

“When I was younger, one of my sister’s was the same way and I always disliked her, infact I hated all of my sisters, but the only good thing was that out of all of the girls I was the only one that acted like a boy. That was why I always was the favorite one of my father, but my mother loved us all.” Nakai said looking at the water shimmering from the waterfall.

“So you had no brothers?” Akela said.

“Yeah,” Naika said with a smirk

“Lucky,” Akela said starting to laugh again.

“I mean I love my brothers to death, but sometimes they irritate me.”

“I bet.” Nakai said with a smile.

Akela’s smile suddenly turned serious. She looked over at Nakai.

“Why are you out here alone anyway?” She asked with curiosity.

Nakai sobered up quickly “I heard my mom and dad talking about cutting off my tails.”

“What?! Why?!” Akela said putting her paw on top of Nakai’s

“They said something about it being the only way to contain my inner beast or something.” Nakai said as she looked at Akela.

Akela nodded her head thinking intensely. An idea suddenly struck Akela and she jumped up and shifted into her pure white wolf with dark brown paws.

“Come on, I think there is someone to help us find another way to figure this out.”

Nakai shifted into her silver colored wolf with her three tails with black tips. She wolfishly smiled “Lead the way.” As they were walking in the woods they found a little shack.

Akela looked back at Nakai and instructed for her to wait there. Nakai nodded and Akela took off behind the shack. Nakai took the time to study the little shack. It was kinda small from the looks of it, but it had a sort of homey feeling to it. Akela came back and nodded to the door of the shack. They walked up to it and Akela raised her paw and knocked a series of knocks. She then stepped back and stood by Nakai.

A light came on inside the shack and the door swung open. A man stood in the doorway and looked at Nakai, his expression blank.  He was about 6’3. He had sandy brown hair with bright baby blue eyes. He wore a dark blue -shirt with black jeans and black boots. He had a tattoo running up the length of his arm, but it was too dark for Nakai to see clearly.

He then turned to look at Akela and he smiled lovingly at her “Akela.”

She smirked wolfishly “Patch.”

He opened his arms wide and Akela launched herself into his arms. She buried her muzzle into the crook of his neck as he clutched her tightly. Akela shifted into her Furry form in his arms. She was wearing a black leather jacket, a red tanktop, black skinny jeans, and combat boots. She had pitch black hair that was in a french braid and bright green eyes.

She pulled back to look at Patch and suddenly turned serious “I need your help.”

He looked over at Nakai and back to Akela. He noticed the desperation in Akela’s eyes and he instantly stepped aside so they could enter.

Akela went inside and Nakai followed close behind.

“Whats going on?” Patch asked as he shut the door behind him.

Akela turned to face him “Babe, you’ll want to sit down for this one.”

Akela then went into the kitchen and turned on a coffee pot and started a fresh brew. Patch nodded with wide eyes and went into the living room and sat down on a leather couch. He motioned for Nakai to sit. She shifted into her Furry form and sat on the leather couch across from him. She was wearing a ocean blue dress with lace sleeves with light ocean blue flats, and she had a gray belt holding a dagger and a machete. Her light brown hair was in an elegant braided bun.

Patch sat there and analyzed Nakai trying to find out what she was and who she was to Akela. He could tell she was tense though because her shoulders were bunched together, her gaze quickly shifting positions every few seconds, she was biting the edge of her lip. He needed to change the amount of tension.

He smiled up at Nakai and held out his hand “Hello, I’m Patch.”

Nakai hesitated for a second before smiling and shook his hand “Nakai.”

Patch’s arm hit the light and her gaze went to the tattoo on his arm. She looked at it with interest.

Patch slowly followed his gaze and smiled at Nakai “Do you wanna see it?”

She looked back at him “Yes please.”

He lifted his sleeve all the way up and showed his tattoo off with pride.

It stretched from his wrist up to his shoulder. It was like nothing Nakai had ever seen before. But strangely it was sitting beside her a short time ago. His tattoo was of Akela’s Wolf! She was gorgeously standing on a rock stretched up towards a beautiful sun rise. The sun hit her muzzle just right and reflected her green eyes making them seem hauntingly stunning. She smiled at the sun with such longing, like she hadn’t seen it in some time. Her white fur was flowing in the breeze but showed the muscles that held her in place. She was beautiful!

Nakai turned to Patch and whispered “She’s beautiful!”

Patch smiled at her and Nakai seemed to visibly relax. Akela came in then with two coffee cups. She handed one to Patch and he took it gratefully. She set one in front of Nakai and Nakai could smell the hot chocolate inviting her in. Nakai looked up at Akela with a thankful smile. Patch took a contemplative sip from his cup of coffee and observed Nakai’s movements. Nakai took a sip and sighed with pleasure as the warm liquid slid down her throat. Her canines slid down and she smiled at Patch.

Patch raised an eyebrow at her and smirked “Like it?”

Nakai flicked her eyes to Akela “I heard anything you make is amazing, but I didn’t know it was that amazing.”

Akela laughed “Its natural, I guess.”

Patch smiled up at Akela “Yes, she is amazing.”

He turned to face Nakai and became serious “Now who and what are you?”

Nakai slowly set the cup down on the table in front of her. She then turned to Patch with a curious glance “Why don’t you try to guess.”

“Well I can smell the Wolf on you thats for sure. But there is something else that I can’t name. It smells familiar but I just can’t remember.”

“Yes, I do have Wolf, from my mother. But what you can’t seem to smell is Fox. Nine Tail Fox to be exact.”

Patch’s eyes held curiosity and his face was serious “Show me.”

Nakai’s eyes flicked towards Akela and she nodded her head once. Nakai turned her gaze back to Patch and she closed her eyes and relaxed. She let her tails fan out around her and she opened her eyes and stared at patch intensely. He slowly smiled at her.

Nakai then leaned forward “Now you know what I am. So what are you?”

Patch stood up slowly and smirked. His eyes then glowed bright blue. Patch walked over to the empty space between the fireplace and the couches. He shifted into a giant dark brown wolf. His size was impressive. The only flaw was a giant tear in his ears.  He then shifted into his Furry form and sat back on the couch.

He turned to Akela with confusion clear on his face “Now what is it you need help with, babe?”

Akela came and sat down beside Nakai. She gestured for her to tell Patch. Nakai hesitated for a moment and Akela took her hand and patted Nakai’s head repeatedly. Nakai smiled up at Akela and she looked at Patch and told him everything. She told him about her abilities, her trips to the Spirit World, her healing, and what her parents had talked about. Patch sat and listened intently not asking a single question. When Nakai was finished Patch folded his hands and thought deeply.

After a moment Patch spoke “The route your parents want to take is the one with immediate results. That isn’t necessarily the best way to do it though. Meditation is also an option, but it only works for some, like your mother. The only reason that meditation worked for your mom is because her Beast could not be tamed. Yours is not tameable either but you can bond with it.”

Nakai looked at him with confusion clear on her face “Bond with it? How?”

“You and your Beast need to become one in a sense. But since you have part Wolf and part Nine Tail Fox you need to bond your Beast with both parts.”

“Thats impossible.”  

“Difficult but not impossible. I can train you if you would like.”

“If I don’t have to cut off my tails I would love to.”

“Okay then. I will have to meet your parents to get confirmation and then we will start saturday.”

Akela smiled at him “You are meeting my parents tomorrow anyway so we can just do it then!”

Patch smiled at both of them and leaned back on the couch “Great.”

Nakai smiled at Patch and Akela got off of the couch.

“We gotta go babe, sorry.”

“Its okay I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Patch got off of the couch and went over to Akela. He hugged her tightly and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Nakai got up and went to stand by the door and Akela soon followed. Akela opened the door and walked out Nakai following close behind. They started walking and shifted at the same time.

Akela stopped and looked behind her she whispered “Goodnight Patch.”

She walked away slowly slipping into the dark.

Patch smiled sadly at her fading figure and whispered “Goodnight my angel.”



When they got back to the cave they headed back to their rooms and went to sleep. When the sun rose Dakoda got up and went outside and howled like his brothers did. When everyone heard the strange howl the twins went out to see what made that awful noise.

“Brother, what are you doing,” Chitto said cocking his head.

“You’re not a wolf, you’re a bear you moron!” Enapay said as everyone else were getting up. Patch heard the sound as well and he came to investigate.

Raven came outside with Mason following shortly behind her in her training clothes and her straight black hair in a ponytail. She smiled at her children and patted Dakoda’s head “Training day guys go and get ready. Bring your weapons today as well.”

The children smiled with excitement and rushed inside to get ready. Like their mom they always loved training days. Training days gave them the opportunity to become better and show their growing talents and try to impress their mom. Patch watched from the woodline as all of the kids came out of the den in a straight line. Raven pulled Chitto aside and informed him of the research task she needed him to do later on their new enemy. They lined up beside each other in a perfect line in front of their mom. It went in order from oldest to youngest. At the beginning of the line was Enapay, then Chitto, they Akela, then Nakai, then Koda and lastly Dakoda. Raven looked at the line and stopped at Nakai. She was missing one.

She smiled at Enapay “Where is Kekoa?”

He seemed stunned by his mother’s question and before he could answer Kekoa spoke “Right here Alpha.”

Raven looked over to him and saw that he was wearing training clothes but was off to the side. Raven knew what was happening here. This pup thought he didn’t belong in training with her kids. Raven came to him and ruffled his hair she walked him over to the line and placed him in between Nakai and Koda. Kekoa nodded his head respectfully at Raven and she began speaking.

“We will have a guest coming shortly so I want you to pair up and spar. Enapay your with Chitto, Nakai with Kekoa, Koda with Dakoda, and Akela you are with me.”

Akela smirked at her mom. Enapay stepped forward indicating he wanted to ask a question. Raven looked at him in acknowledgement.

“What exercise are we using for spar?”

“Hand to Hand.”



Enapay nodded his head and stepped back in the line.

Raven clapped her hands together and ordered “Go.”

They split up to places in the yard to spar and began instantly. They sparred for about half an hour when suddenly a man walked out from the tree line. Patch got halfway to them when everyone stopped sparring and sniffed the air. They turned to face Patch and gathered in a straight line standing intimidatingly. Patch came to a stop about five feet away from the family. He had a bow in his hand and a container of arrows strapped to his back. Raven stepped forward with Mason beside her. She folded her arms in front of her and eyed Patch up and down. She turned her head to the side but her eyes never left Patch. She whistled short and loud signalling for Akela to come forward. She jogged to her mom and stood beside her facing Patch with her eyes trained on his. Akela had her arms crossed behind her back and she was in a ready stance with her feet shoulder width apart and her shoulders arched. Patch moved his glance quickly to Akela. Her black hair was in a side braid and she was wearing a blood red tank top with black shorts and she was barefooted. Her face was blank but her eyes held something he couldn’t quite grasp…Hope maybe? He trained his glance back to Raven as she studied him.

Patch was wearing a white tank top and black basketball shorts and no shoes as well. He was in his human form at the moment because he wanted to wait to see what Raven thought of him before showing his true nature. Raven took a deep inhale and started to slowly circle around him. Patch didn’t dare move because he sensed the power that Raven had. He felt it in the air as he approached them, he saw it in the way she walked, he could see it in her eyes, and he could tell that she was an Alpha. Being a rogue for many years now he suddenly remembered how to act around one. As Raven slowly came back to stand in front of him he noticed the way her muscles coiled as she moved. He knew she had massive strength and that if she wished his head would be off of his body and in between her jaws before he could blink… and deep down he knew she wouldn’t hesitate to do so. She suddenly stood an inch away from his face and her blood red eyes glowed with curiosity. Her stare seemed to reach into his soul.

“What’s your name, boy?”

“Patch.” His eyes never left hers and he answered with certainty and confidence.

Raven stepped back a step and smirked at him. During the intensity of her stare he didn’t notice that the others had gathered in a circle around them. The only ones in the circle were Patch, Raven, and Akela. It was then that Patch noticed the longsword that Raven kept at her hip.

“What is your purpose for being with my daughter?”    

Patch then moved his gaze to Akela “She is my Mate.”

Akela let in a sharp intake of breath and Raven smirked evilly at Patch.

She then turned to Chitto “You know where to go.”  

Chitto nodded and turned into his huge light brown Wolf with brown paws and came to stand beside Akela. Akela came and hugged her mom and glanced at Patch. Her expression was blank and Patch wasn’t fazed by it. He knew that if he wasn’t enough he wouldn’t see her again. Akela shifted into her white Wolf with brown paws and walked away into the woods with Chitto. Patch’s gaze followed her as she left and right before she stepped into the tree line she looked back at patch and smiled her eyes holding fresh tears. She feared for his fate. She walked into the woods following Chitto with her held low.

As the vanished from sight Raven signalled for the others to continue training. Raven paired Patch with Enapay and told them to spar until the test was ready to start. On the north side of the field Nakai and Kekoa were training very hard. Nakai spun and knelt to the ground with her machetes that were connected to a set of chains.She whipped them as she spun around and they broke Kekoa’s katona and suddenly after she whipped the chain up like a jump rope and twisted it around Kekoa’s arms and pulled him in and then spun around and Kekoa fell to the ground as Nakai still had the chain wrapped around Kekoa’s arms pulled one of her machetes to his throat and sunk the other into the ground next to his head. Thinking that she had won, she let off on some of the pressure she was using to hold Kekoa and Kekoa suddenly jumped up over Nakai’s head and using the chain to his avenged pulling her close to him wrapped the chain around her and lightly kissed her on the cheek and her face turned a red from embarrassment and the tips of her hair turned a magenta. When he kissed her Kitsune saw him and ran up to him and grabbed him by his black collar and Kishara tried to comfort her mate, but it wouldn’t work.

“Dad, stop!” Nakai said as her eyes were glowing a violet.

“Kitsune, take care of Nakai,” Kishara said as she grabbed Kitsune by his neck and faced him to Nakai. The Nightmare was appearing as Nakai grew angry. Patch stopped sparring with Enapay and came up to her and placed a hand on her forehead and the Nightmare vanished and seemed to still. Raven ran up to Kitsune and took Kekoa out of his arms. Kitsune growled at her and his canines slid into place. Raven’s eyes grew a dark blood red and she snarled with all of her canines on full display. Kitsune suddenly realized who he was growling at and his eyes widened.

“You are going to protect a traitor who is after my daughter?!” Kitsune growled with rage and surprise.

Raven looked him straight in the eyes with a sort of determination, “Walk it off, Kitsune. There is a reason for it that we will discuss later.”

Kitsune glared at her and with evident reluctance he walked away into the den. Raven then turned and nodded to Kishara.

“Everyone take a break. We will start the test in twenty minutes.” Raven said as she walked away and into the den to talk to Kitsune. Nakai stood there still till her mother took her to the hot spring and at at the edge of it and comfort her daughter. Kekoa, that was on the ground saw everyone leave and stood and then,

*Ring, Ring,* his phone started to ring and he answered.

“I hope your in son. Any news?” A man’s voice said on the other end of the phone.

“Yes, b-but I can’t do this master, I feel something for this family, s-sir.” Kekoa replied looking into the den.

“You are in my control and I’m your master and if you won’t obey me you shall not live, for you are also unique, you mut!”

“B-but I can’t harm them sir!” Kekoa said with sadness coming over him.

“Let me put it in a simpler way, if you don’t kill the girl and her family I will. Your choice Mut.”

Kekoa went to reply when the line disconnected and Dakoda was in a tree from his brother throwing him and he heard the whole thing and when he came down,

“I knew it you are still evil!” He said running and going to find his mother. A few minutes later Kishara and Nakai came back from the hot spring and Nakai had a cat in her mouth. This cat was pure black and it was still moving and then Kekoa saw and ran up to them grabbing the cat out of her mouth.

“What are you doing?” he said looking at the cat.

“What do you mean, I found it and Raven would love to make cat stew.”

“No, this cat is my friend, Jiji!” Kekoa said.

Nakai looked at the cat and saw it staring back with curiosity. She smiled wolfishly at the cat.

She glanced back up at Kekoa and the smile slowly vanished “Sorry.”

Kishara had went into the house to see Kitsune and Nakai followed close behind. He watched her as she walked away and sorrow washed over him in waves.

Raven took Kitsune to her office and locked the door behind her. Her office was soundproof so no one could hear what they were discussing. She sat down at her desk and he sat in the chair in front of it. His hair was still tinged in a bright red, he was still angry about what had happened out there today.

Kitsune glared at her “Why did you protect him?!”

Raven glared right back because she was not fazed by his tone “Because he is part of my pack, as are you and I can not have my pack members trying to rip out each other’s throats.”

“He kissed my daughter! What did you expect me to do?”

Raven was about to respond when he cut her off “Was I supposed to just sit there?”

Raven opened her mouth to speak when he said “Was I supposed to get you?!” his voice getting louder by the minute.

Raven tried once again to speak when he cut her off “Did you want me to walk awa-”

Raven stood up abruptly and slammed her fists down on the new cherry wood of her desk and looked up at him with glowing red eyes “HE IS HER MATE!”

Kitsune was stunned into silence with his eyes wide and his mouth gaping open. Raven took this time to continue.

“He may have been born a traitor but that doesn’t make him one. I do not think of him as a traitor because he had no say in who gave birth to him. So how about you stop thinking about yourself for a minute and think about your daughter’s future!”

“Mother!” Dakoda yelled barging into her study and was trying to catch his breath.

“What is it?” Raven said.

“Its Kekoa he is not what he says he is,” he said as he continued to tell them of what happened earlier.

“I knew it, he still is a traitor!” Kitsune said as he ran out with his iron claws and came up to kekoa that was talking with Nakai. Kitsune pushed her to the ground, slashing Kekoa on the chest and as the fresh blood seeped down his chest to his waist line and fell to the ground a copper smell filled the air and Nakai who was dazzled by the blood. Her eyes glowed a violet color and she shifted into the Nightmare.

Running to the smell of spelt blood Raven, Kishara, and the others saw Kitsune, Kekoa, that was clutching his chest, and Nakai, that was in the Nightmare form, Kishara yelled out to her,

“Jeannine Desmarais, calm your Nightmare, please my little one!”

But Jeannine didn’t listen and ran up to Kekoa and struck him from behind as she drew a dagger and as she was about to stab him and rip out his throat. She came closer to him and smelled a scent of protection, nurturing, and loving. As her muzzle was on his neck he could feel her breath and then she licked him and shifted back into Nakai and at moment she knew that he was her Mate.

“Nakai, what’s the meaning for this!” Kitsune yelled as he was coming up to them and then Raven put her hand on Kitsune to stop and he saw the two and the look the he and Kishara had when they knew that they were mates. There was a sudden noise coming from the woods and everyone’s heads snapped to the wood line…



Stepping out from the tall oak tree that was in the middle of the yard a vulture swooped down as an old looking man came from the trees as well. The man was bald and looked like a samurai, suddenly another man came from the woods dragging two wolves from behind. This man had black scruffy hair, scars all over his face, he wore a black jacket, black pants, black boots, he had two black leather gloves on, and if you saw his face he had one eye that was blind with a glossy color and the other one was teal. The family formed a ready line formation with Raven, Mason, Kitsune, and Kishara standing in their own line in front of the kids. The Scar-Faced man threw the wolves into the air and they landed on the ground with a thud and a loud yelp of pain. Raven then took notice that the very two wolves that laid in front of her looked very familiar. The light brown wolf was badly beaten and he moved over the white wolf and looked up. Chitto’s blood red eyes connected with Raven and Akela’s green eyes connected too.

“Mom…” Akela whispered with pain laced in her voice.

Raven shook with rage and she shifted into her giant white Wolf. She snarled fiercely and she charged forward as Kishara called her name for her to stop. Raven didn’t care that these men had silver on them all she cared about was her two injured children. She ran up and jumped in the air with her fangs and claws bared. The vulture swooped in front of her and started to attack her. The others came to Raven’s side and Nakai could still smell a hint if blood that was still on Kekoa’s chest and shifted into Jeannine. She ran up to the Scar-Face man and was about to bite his hand and then he slapped her with mighty force. She flew back and hit a tree and laid still. As Jeannine forced herself up to fight. She climbed the tree and jumped tree to tree and flung herself on top of the man and he fell to the ground and Jeannine bit down on the place where the neck met the shoulder.

The man cried out in pain and the bald man threw a dagger and hit Jeannine in the shoulder. The Scar-Face man put his arms around Jeannine and snapped her ribs and she yelped in pain and she crashed to the ground holding her ribs screaming.

Then the sky fell black and a dark looking Nine Tail came from the fog and knelt down in front of Jeannine. This new man was wearing a Dark yellow cloak, with ash colored fur, his fur was the same as Jeannine’s, he had black-yellow hair, and he was glowing a dark yellow.

As Jeannine opened her eye slightly. She saw that he was breathtaking and he picked her up and held her securely in his arms. Then another figure came from the fog. The was a man that had the Eye of Ra and he looked alot like Nakai’s grandfather.

“Grandfather!” Kishara shouted as Raven blocked her way with her giant Wolf and held her back. Kishara looked at Raven with worry and confusion as she latched onto Raven while looking at the scene unfolding in awe. The two spirits came to Jeannine. Mayrik reached a hand over her form and a purple light took over Jeannine. He healed the broken ribs and the Nine Tail spirit held her so gently that it was if she was laying on a cloud. Then he petted her hair and before leaving her and they both kissed her on the forehead at the same time and a violet and yellow color left the two and went to Jeannine. They laid her on the ground and they both vanished and the sky changed from the back to the a pretty blue.

The vulture and the men stood up and the Scar-Face man said,

“We are The Black Jokers and this is not the end of us!” Then they disappeared into the trees.

“Okay…Children return to sparring!” Mason yelled at the others and Nakai stood as strong as if she wasn’t hurt in the first place.Raven called Chitto over and excused him from training to get healed up and start researching this so called Alexander Cross.

“Nakai, are you alright?” Kakoa said as he came close to her and saw her eye were violet, but she wasn’t Jeannine.

“Nakai, your eyes are violet and not the sky blue anymore.” Akela said with worry in her eyes and hugged her.

“Oh, yeah, well when the two spirits kissed me they allowed them to stay violet and not blue.” Nakai said as she wagged her tails and instead of three, there were four.

“I see you gained your fourth tail, my little one,” Kitsune said coming up to them and grabbing her tails and the others stared in awe. Kekoa came closer to her and saw around her neck was a dark wolf charm and it’s eyes had a violet stone in them that made it look like it was glowing. As he was about to grab the charm she backed up and ran into the woods later finding herself at the hot springs and she went into the falls to think and clear her mind.

As everyone stood there Raven burst the silence.

“Ok, everyone lets call it quits today! Patch you will be tested tomorrow for now just stay with us.” she shouted at them and she went to find Nakai and left Kishara in charge of the tests.

As Raven was searching for Nakai she followed her sent to the hot spring and she saw the Nakai’s Jiji jacket was on a rock. The glowing eyes of the charm was around Nakai’s neck. Raven came closer and saw a tattoo of a shuriken on her shoulder and saw that she had turned into Jeannine. Jeannine turned to see Raven was there she came out from the falls and they sat on the edge of the hot spring.

“What’s wrong?” Raven said

“I don’t understand life. It started when my grandfather told me of my mother’s dates and how they went like wildfire.”

“Well they all betrayed her, don’t worry child if you think that Kekoa would do that, he won’t, I promise.” Raven said patting Jeannine and hugging her.

“Its not that, it’s how all there is in life is death. Most people say that we have propose here, but all I can tell is that we’re here for one thing, one thing only, death.” Jeannine said shifting back into Nakai and she still had the tattoo.

“Let me tell you something little one. Before your parents, Mason, and I came to this world we had to do something that was very risky but it was our purpose to do so. We had to face our own fears and fight for what was ours. Before I lead them to that battle though we all knew death was lurking that day. We fought bravely and we ended up dying anyway but I had us a back up plan so that we could live and you could walk this earth to be with Kekoa. He is your mate, Nakai, he needs you just as much as you need him. I know that life seems screwed up right now but it isn’t as bad as it seems. Now one day you will find your purpose here but you won’t be able to fulfill it alone. You are going to need more than just you. Let him in Nakai and I promise you the world won’t seem so bad.”

Nakai sat still and processed what Raven had said. They sat in a comfortable silence for sometime and when it got dark Raven got up to head back home.  

“Come on lets go back to the den,” Raven said as Nakai tugged on her shirt.

“Raven… when I was under the falls clearing my mind, a memory came to mind, where I was a young pup and this man that looked like a German Captain had me on a chain and was protecting me from an England Captain.

On the hill of a German camp was and German captain name, August was protecting a pup from an England Captain.

“Go back to your camp you England *******!” August said as she brought forth a vulture that swooped down and landed on the arm.

“Give me the pup or I’ll let Buchen attack.” The other Captain yelled and the vulture was on edge for what it heard. The pup was shocked by the words she heard, but she was signed to stay with August and she started to growl and shouted,

“I shall not go with you, I am the pup of this man not you or anyone can take me away from him!” she stuck her head low to the ground and growled deep and low and her eyes began to glow and she shifted into a bigger wolf that was a dark silver and charged at the vulture and she jumped to attack and then she heard a gunshot and then she fell to the ground and saw blood from somewhere and she then looked at the England Captain that was holding the gun at her and then she looked at her hip and she saw where the blood came from the then August took his gun out and shot the other captain and he picked up the pup and took her to his tent and healed her and the wound was filled in with a shuriken tattoo.

Back at the hot spring Nakai sumped and Raven put her hand on her shoulder and said,

“You were experiencing a old vision of your childhood that was lost in your mind. Your parents will explain when you get a little older. Now lets go back to the den and you can rest in your chamber.”

As they came to the den, Kekoa ran up to Nakai and tried to hug her, she stepped back and hesitated. He wrapped his arms around her and this time she didn’t push him away. Raven smiled at Kekoa as Nakai pulled him tighter against her. She shook her head as she shifted into her furry form walking into the den. She called out to them and ushered them inside to their chambers.


CHAPTER 6                    PATCH’S TEST


The next day Akela was making breakfast and the entire family was sitting in the living room. They were dressed for training and today would be the day that Patch would be put to the test. When breakfast was done they sat together talking like a normal family and there was no discomfort at all. Suddenly Raven stood up from the table and walked out of the den door with the family trailing after her. Akela hung back with Patch and made him wait inside until the signal was given. As everyone walked out of the door they shifted into their forms and stood in a giant circle Raven was still in her Furry form and she walked into the woods. Akela shifted into her Wolf as did Patch and they walked side by side to the center of the circle. A huge black wolf came up to Patch and Akela.

It’s time Akela.” Enapay said through the mind link.

Akela nodded her head and nuzzled herself up against Patch and whispered through the mind link to Patch “I love you Patch.”

“I love you too Akela.” Patch closed his eyes and leaned into her touch.

He licked the tears from her eyes and her eyes held hope and love in them. She walked with Enapay into the woods and headed to the hill side. That spot was very secret so no one would find them this time. Enapay’s deep melodious howl filtered through the woods signalling that they were at the location and the test would now begin. Raven’s deep and low howl echoed back to him and Patch tensed. He would now fight for his life and for his mate. He had heard about Raven in legends and stories told around the campfire. Those legends and stories struck fear into the hearts of young pups and grown wolves alike. He knew what she could do and how far she would go to protect what was hers.

A giant white wolf emerged from the tree line. Patch stared in wonder and in fear at her amazing size. Her blood red eyes stared into his very soul. He was huge but size wouldn’t help him here. Her face was blank as she stalked toward him. Her shoulders were rolling with every step, her muscles in her entire body coiled under her fur and sharp claws clicked on the ground as she walked. She came to stand in front of Patch and got into a fighting stance. Patch followed suit and started growling and snapping his jaws at Raven.

Raven took this time to study him.The only imperfections were the giant gash in his ears. This small detail proved that whatever tried to get him that day lost. This gave her a sense of pride for her daughter. His size was quite impressive, his teeth were sharp, and his muscles coiled under his skin as he continued with his sharp movements. He would be threatening to almost all wolves. Almost…

His growls lowered to a low volume and he looked at Raven. She smirked at him and her eyes grew dark. Patch gulped in fear he was about to face the monster that he had heard about all of his life. The growl was sudden and filled the whole clearing. Patch flinched out of reflex. He couldn’t meet her eyes as he stared at her incredibly sharp white fangs. He was frozen to the spot and couldn’t move until Raven lunged at him. Patch let his wolf take over and did what his father had always taught him to do. He turned to run to get some ground between him and Raven. Raven latched onto his hide and bit deep. She latched on with her claws and held on. Patch bucked her off and she landed gracefully on her paws. Patch whipped around and snapped at her feet. She brought her paw up in a flash connecting with his jaw and knocked him backwards. She lunged at his right flank and knocked him to the ground. She opened her jaws wide and went to bite his shoulder when he knocked her foot out from under her and rolled on top of her. He bit into her shoulder and Raven growled in rage. She bit into his neck and flipped him into the air and he landed with a thud. He went to get up but Raven was on top of him in a flash. She started to bite him in different places. Every time her teeth would sink into his flesh he would yelp in pain. He lashed out and kicked her in the chest where her scar sat and flung him off of her. She yelped and landed on the ground a few feet from him. She flew at him with a super speed teeth and claws bared and snarled.

Akela was pacing back and forth. Birds suddenly flew out of their hiding places as a snarl echoed through the forest shortly followed by a yelp. Akela stopped looking confused and suddenly a giant wave of pain hit. She fell to the ground yelped in pain. Enapay was by her side in an instant asking if she was okay. As fast as it came the pain stopped and Akela jumped to her feet with fear in her eyes. When she heard Chitto’s howl she took off with Enapay calling after her.


Mason had Chitto howl the signal for them to come back and shifted into his Bear. Enapay’s wolf and Akela’s wolf burst through the tree line. They came to stand in front of their dad. She looked around frantically searching for Patch but didn’t see him. She looked at her dad with fear in her eyes.

“Dad? Where is Patch?” She asked slowly.

Mason kept his face blank and slowly met her eyes saying nothing. She closed her eyes and bowed her head. Enapay came to stand by Mason and smirked at him. Suddenly there was rustling in the brush behind Mason and Enapay. Akela snapped her head up and Mason and Enapay moved to the side as Raven walked out of the woods.

“Mom? Where is P-”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence when Patch came out from behind Raven and smiled at Akela. Her eyes darted to her mom and Raven nodded smiling. She howled with joy and ran to Patch tackling him to the ground and nuzzled herself against him.

She looked at her mom and whispered “Thank you.”

Raven smiled at her daughter and nodded her head. She then limped into the den to get cleaned up. In the den Nakai was getting out from her chambers, recently waking up.




Later that night, the blood moon was appearing from the tree lines and Nakai was outside of the den with her wolf Cana. She saw that the sky was a blood red and she howled as she turned into Jeannine. She knows when the blood moon was high in the sky, that there would be more than werewolves out.
“The blood moon tells that new vampires and new ghouls are out. For us it’s time to hunt, it’s time to slay them, like my grandfather told me.” She told Cana, got her weapons and got on her back leaving everyone behind to slay her prey. As she got close to where the sent ended. She got off of Cana and searched for her pray.

“This is the time when I have the upper hand, since the newborns don’t know how to fight. All that goes through my mind is that however many I kill there will be fewer after this night and I will have to wait another year or more for the next blood moon. In fact I’m doing the mortals a favor and killing these newborns.” She thought as she kept searching for them.

She came to the edge of the cliff where she smelled them, but nothing came to her. She looked around and there was nothing but darkness. She stared at the water that hit the rock below.

“Did they fall in, how stupid of them, … well they are newborns after all.” She thought as she felt a cold touch on her neck. Her reflexes were fast and she grabbed her knife that was attached to her hip and stabbed the stranger. It growled as it fell back. By its aura Jeannine could feel that this stranger wasn’t a newborn. She twisted on her heels and drew her two machetes on the stranger and was about to slice off its head when… A figure jumped out of a near by tree and landed on the stranger and bit down on it’s tender neck. Jeannine watched in horror as the figure slowly lifted its head to look at her and as she saw his eyes glowing a bright yellow she could see that the blood trickled down from his mouth and onto his bare chest. By his aura, he was a newborn and she could tell that he could fight. By this discovery she shook in fear as the figure stood up and stepped over the now dead carcass of a bold man.

“He is coming for me now, I’m at the edge of the line I stand between the cliff and this boy.” She thought as she saw an opening and she ran between him and a tree nearly cutting her with its branches. She came to a meadow and discovered that she was lost. She quickly looked around and she saw that there were yellow eyes in a tree and saw red glowing eyes on the ground that were coming closer to her, she drew her machetes and got in a ready stance. One by one newborns came from the tree lines and Jeannine fought them all off, but there was one that was hard to kill. She fought hard and strong, but it wasn’t enough to kill the newborn. At one strike and a miss the newborn pinned Jeannine to the ground and it took the knife that she had dropped when she was pinned and the newborn slit her right eye and she lost consciousness. From the tree where the yellow eyes were the boy flung himself to the newborn and striked it like a lion on a zebra and the newborn suddenly died from a blow to its neck.

“Hey, hey, can you hear me, are you dead?” he said as he held Jeannine in his arms.

“That voice.I’ve heard it before, Ke–.” She broke off as she felt a soft hot touch on her lips.

“Come on don’t die Raven will have my head for this, please wake up!” His said as he kissed her once more.

“Mmm,” Jeannine groaned and she slowly opened her eyes to see the yellow eyes peering down at her as tears flowed down his cheeks and she wiped his tears with her finger.

“Angel,” he said as she stroked his cheek as he saw her right eye. “ your eye.”

“Devil, when the newborn slit my eye it healed, but I was left with this white slit that if you look close it would connect to the scar and it would look like a night sky with a crescent moon. If you look closer in to it you would fall into darkness, but it won’t happen to my family and loved ones.” She said with as she looked at him and stroked his cheek and spoke, “How?” she finished.

“You see my mother had twins. My brother, he was like my father half wolf and vampire. I on the other hand was like them both, wolf, vampire, husky, and fox, but my brother had more vampire in him and I got an inch of it and thats why my eyes stay yellow.” he said helping Jeannine sit up.

“But, why didn’t you tell me, and why didn’t your father tell Raven and the others?” Jeannine said turning into Nakai.

“Well, my father he kept it a secret, because he knew how Raven was about vampires and it never came to mind.” He said as they both stood up and saw that the sun was coming up and then headed to the den. When they came to the entrance Nakai looked at kekoa.

“Are you going to tell them?” she said and then leaned on his shoulder.

“For you… I will, my angel,” he said leaning down and kissed her on the head and then they headed to Kekoa’s chambers and fell asleep in a cuddle. Akela laid in her bed and watched the gray glossy shimmer of the stalactites sparkle in the rising sun. She got out of bed and headed to the kitchen as she entered the kitchen and went around the bar she found her brother fast asleep with an ice cream bucket on his muzzle and ice cream all over his face and floor.

“Dakoda, what are you doing!” She shouted as he jumped up and hit his head on the corner of the bar. “You knew that we were going to use that ice cream for mom’s and dad’s wedding anniversary, you idiot.” She said once more as Dakoda rubbed his head and then Enapay came in and grabbed a glass and poured a glass of whisky and then looked at Dakoda.

“If you wanted something to drink you could of just asked.” Enapay said pouring another glass and handed it to Dakoda and he hesitated as Akela spoke up.

“Are you stupid, he’s too young to drink, give me that.” She said grabbing the glass and chugged it and sat the glass on the table. “This idiot ate all the ice cream for today, it was going to be a surprise for Mom and Dad.” She said pointing at Dakoda.

“We still have time we can go to the store and get more before they wake up.” Enapay said sticking his hand in his pocket and checking how much money he had. “We have enough for two buckets, lets go and get back fast. Oh yeah, and you clean this up.” He said as they both left and Dakoda cleaned up the ice cream and went to take a shower. In Kekoa’s room Nakai felt a warm touch on her neck, in fear, for she was still in her own world she struck Kekoa in the gut and he groaned as he fell back and hit his head on the wall of the cave sending a huge vibration through the whole cave and woke everyone up.

“Oh, Kekoa, I’m so sorry,” she said coming near him and rubbed his head. As her eye gain focus of the surroundings she saw blood on his mouth.

“Are you ok, did you bite your tongue?” She said as he turned his gaze away from her.

“No… I…” He started but couldn’t find the words. Then out of curiosity Nakai touched her neck with her hand and saw blood on her finger and licked it off and looked at her devil with mixed emotions.

“You bit me,” She said in the a voice that sounded like a little child.

“I didn’t mean to, ….” He said as she came closer and leaned down and laid in his lap.

“It’s fine, I did read a book on vampires and did some research, I found out that if someone was born a vampire and only had an inch or less flowing in its veins it wouldn’t affect anyone they bit.” Looking down at her Kekoa smiled a sweet grin and by his expression on his face Nakai could tell it’s time to tell everyone.

As Akela and Enapay came to the living room after putting up the ice cream for to night they sat on the couch and watch TV as everyone else came in Nakai spoke up,

“Everyone, can I have your attention… Um, Kekoa would like to say something.” She finished and Kekoa came to her and held her hand.

“As you know everything about my father, well, he kept a secret from the pack and my mother. You see my full name is, Kekoa Galahad Spenser.,” he posed as everyone looked at him.

“Your from the Spenser family? Wasn’t your grandfather the high priest of a church and he got himself turned to kill a high and mighty vampire?” Chitto said as he sat right up in a chair.

“Yes, My father inherited the gene and passed it to my brother and me.” He said as Kitsune spoke up,

“You’re a vampire now, this would of been good information to know!” He said as he growled and Kishara had to take him out of the cave to calm down.

“I might have vampire in my blood, but there isn’t enough to change anyone.” He finished as Nakai pulled her shirt down to reveal the bite mark.

“Let us see the devil within.” Raven said standing up as kekoa closed his eyes and then opened them again to see everything in heat vision.

“Cool, look at his eyes they’re so cool looking.” Enapay said.

“You look like you could kill someone and much stronger in that form then the other one.” Akela said standing up. “What should we call you Kekoa or Galahad?”

“Just call me Kekoa when I’m in my old self and call me Galahad in the devil form.”

“Okay!”  all the kids said except Dakoda and spoke out of concern.

“Nakai, I don’t like this, I don’t like that you are still with him.” Dakoda said coming to her.

“Look, he saved my life last night and he can’t hurt me, its like when the two beasts inside us see each other they don’t attack.” Nakai said looking lovingly at Kekoa and then Kitsune came in and came to him and they both shook each other’s hand.

“I am glad to call you son, my boy,” he said as Kishara came to them smiling.

“Uhh, Dad, its not like where getting married,” Nakai said.

“I know, but he is like that son that I never had, his like me when I was his age, I wouldn’t stop from getting your mother and her grandfather’s approval.” he said as he went to Kishara and hugged her tightly.

“Thank you, sir.” Kekoa said as is turned back into his old self. Then as night fell Akela blurted out,

“Ok everyone go in the back yard, Enapay and I have a surprise!” she yelled and everyone followed them outside. As everyone headed into the backyard Kekoa took Nakia a side and gave her an ancient ring.

“What’s this?” Nakia said looking at the ring with curiosity.

“This ring will protect you from the ghouls and vampires, if I’m not there.” Kekoa said as he puts the ring on her pinkie and kissing the ring like to seal it.

“Devil.” She says as she stretches out her hand and strokes his hair.

“Call me Galahad, angel.” He say as he leans in and lays his head on her shoulders as her pulls the collar of her shirt and licks up the side of the neck that had the bite marks.

“K- Galahad, what if my father sees?!” She says as she tried to escape his grasps but he was stronger than she was.

“Now, now, angel, you father won’t mind.” He said tightening on his grip and licks her ear as that moment Akela came around the corner and,

“Come on you to love birds lets go everyones waiting.”

In the yard Raven and Mason stood there blindfolded as the kids came around them and Enapay came up and removed the blindfold and looking around they saw all the had drinks, ice cream, cakes, and more and they all partied all night.



That morning they all woke and sat in the living room for family time to watch tv. It was Chitto’s turn to be in charge of the remote so he turned the tv to the news channel. They got the supernatural broadcast channel. Raven was talking to Mason when the tv started blaring with a breaking news report.

“This is breaking news from the Wolf Kingdom! At a time in the early hours of the morning the Wolf Lord, Gabriel, was brutally murdered!”

The family exclaimed with concern and leaned forward intrigued. Raven was sitting calmly with Mason smirking at the news.

“We believe that the person responsible was someone with great skill and is highly dangerous. We instruct that you stay in your homes until this criminal is found! We will be keeping posted by the hour.”

Raven couldn’t help but laugh after the tv went black. The children turned to her looking confused. She smirked at Mason, Kitsune, and Kishara. She directed her words to the children.

“Everyone go and pack your things we are moving.”

Koda spoke then “To where Mother?”

“The castle of coarse.”

The children then smiled at each other and ran to their rooms. Raven ushered her friends to go into her office to explain her previous behavior. Mason sat on the edge of her desk as Kishara and Kitsune sat in the loveseats in front of the desk.

“What was that about?” Mason asked concerned.

Raven grew a pained look as she sat down in her chair. She faced her friends with tears in her eyes.

“Do you remember the guy that attacked us a few years ago and sent us here?”

They nodded their heads and their eyes showed they were recalling the memories of that tragic day.

“His name was Leviathan. In the early years of being with Gabriel, he taught me in combat. One day my Wolf got a little out of control and so did his. It was complete accident and it was my fault. When they sent me away to confinement training he made a promise to stay strong and I did the same. He had feelings for me back then and I did as well. He was the only one I could actually trust out of them. After I escaped he met up with me in different parts of the country monthly. One day a few years after I had escaped from Gabriel’s grasp I heard that Leviathan had gone missing. I stopped at nothing to find him. After getting some information from my spies I found out where he had gone. He didn’t go missing you see, he was kidnapped.”

A sob escaped Raven’s throat causing her to momentarily pause. Kishara came to sit beside Raven and put a caring hand on her’s. She smiled a reassuring smile for her to continue. Raven took a deep breath and continued.

“Gabriel had just snatched him off of the street one day. He took him back to that castle and held him there. I was in a rage and wanted bloodshed. I didn’t care who stood in my way. I attacked one night. It was pouring down rain as I followed his scent through the castle, tearing anyone down who tried to stop me. I finally stopped at a door to a dungeon cell. I shifted into my Furry form and broke the door down. What I saw then ripped me apart. They had him chained to the ceiling with silver. He was cut open in multiple places, there were whip marks, and claw gashes. I stumbled into the room and cupped his face in my hands trying to see if he was still alive. He was but barely. I tried to pull apart the chains but being still young in my form the pain was unbearable. I didn’t care about the footsteps of the soldiers coming my way. He lifted his head with wide eyes open and stared at me in shock. He kept telling me I shouldn’t be there and that I had to leave. Each time he said it was more urgent than the last. They were still coming and were really close. I didn’t want to leave him there. But….. I remember the last words he said to me that day. When he begged me to go one last time he kissed my forehead with tears running down his face. I reluctantly ran out into the corridor, leaving him there. The soldiers were at my heels chasing me and throwing weapons at me. They chased me to the end of the corridor and I jumped out of the window. As I ran I couldn’t tell what was rain on my face and what was tears.”

Raven put her hand over her mouth as a stray tear slid out of her eye.

“I found out later that he was tortured to give up information about me and where I was. He didn’t give anything away about me. But when he attacked us that day I knew something wasn’t right. It turns out I was right. What we thought was him wasn’t. It was merely a clone of him programed with evil tasks. When I got information that he might still be alive I went to the castle and did a little torturing of my own.”

Raven’s voice got stronger then.

“Moments before I executed him he confessed that he was still alive. We are going to find him and then move into the castle. We can find out more about this enemy lurking as well. We move out in two days time!”




The next day laying in the grass Nakai and Akela were watching the clouds go by.

“The sky is so beautiful today.” Akela said as Nakai clinched her eye. “ Jeannine, Are you ok!” She said.

“I don’t know, this never happened before… Ugh!” She said as she rolled in pain.

“I’ll go get your mother!” Akela said jumping up and running to the hot spring where Kishara was meditating on a rock.

As Nakai was trying to calm down two figures came from the woods and one grabbed Nakai from behind as the one now in front, took out a knife and was about to stab her when…


Flash back

One day in the deep parts of the forest two wolves were playing in a clearing.

“Come on Alexander, you win, let go.” One little wolf said to her brother that had her pinned.

“Nakai, I can’t till you surrender.” Alexander said to his little sister.  

“I surrender, now let go!” She yelled.

“Come on kids your sisters are waiting lets go!” Their mother shouted out to them as they jumped up and ran to get food before their sisters ate all of it. As they ate one by one of the pups went to sleep and Nakai and Alexander slept in the same room. As they fell asleep two men came in and…

“Ahhhh!” Alexander yelled as Nakai shouted out to him and was about to pounce on a man that held Alexander, but the man that was on the other side of the room grabbed her and slammed her against the wall and she fell to the ground and lost focus to the seine.

“Nakai!” Alexander yelled and tried to break the grasps on the man, but he was knocked out.


Back at the cave Nakai was struggling and then she saw a old smile.  

“Let go!” She yelled at the man.

“Huh? Sis?” he said losing on the grasp and saw an old picture. “Let go, you win,” He thought as he leaned down and hugged his sister. “Nakai, it’s been so long.” He said

“Alexander!” Nakai said as tears filled her eyes and they sat up and then Kishara came running with Akela by her side.

“Alexander, son?” She said coming close to them both as Akela stared confused.

“Mother,” Alexander said as he came to hug her.

“Nakai, I heard you cry! What is the matter?!” Kekoa yelled coming out of the den and ran to Nakai. “Who are you, you smell like Nakai.”

“I’m Alexander, pleasure to meet you,” he said bowing to him. “You must be the son of Hans Spinser. The only vampire to not be full, but half. You are also my little sis’s mate. If you dare hurt her I’ll find out and I will hurt you, boy.” Alexander finished.

“How did you know all that,” Kekoa said looking at Alexander.

“My brother has the ability to see where people came from in the past and he can tell the future,” Nakai said holding Kekoa’s hand.

“Oh, and you are a Devil that first appeared on the blood moon.” Alexander said as his father came to investigate.

“Alexander?!” he said running to his son.

“Father!” Alexander said coming to him and returning a hug.

“Jeannine, you said you didn’t have any brothers,” Akela spoke up.

“I thought he was dead and I was too young to remember.” Nakai said.

“Everyone lets eat! Enapay got food,” Raven yelled from the den. She stopped in her tracks when she saw Alexander.

Everyone came in and sat at the table about to eat when Koda and Dakoda came in and sat down shooting tense and confused looks at this new wolf. Alexander noticed this and addressed them.

  “I’m Alexander, You two are the young twins,” he said as he looks at Dakoda and says, “you have a crush on my sister.” He finished and Dakoda said nothing as everyone laughed at the two men.

“So you must be Nakai’s brother, I’m Enapay,” He said coming to the table.

“Yes, you are one of the older twins, you are strong, like your mother, you’re as black as the night and your eyes are as red as blood, it’s nice to meet you.” Alexander said shaking Enapay’s hand.

“Cool, can you tell me if I would date someone?” Enapay said taking a seat next to Alexander.

Raven came up behind Enapay and whacked him on the back of the head causing him to yelp. The others laughed and Enapay gave a sly smile to his mom as she smirked back. She shook her head and went to sit by Mason.

“Um, there’s a famous gray tiger bowman and she is a lot like you and she is loved by many, but when she sees you she… well I’ll let that take effect. Oh, and her name is Belle Bloomwood, she’s from Alaska and her mother is a wolf, but her father is a white tiger and he left them when she was only about a year old.” Alexander finished.

“Bella Bloomwood, she is so hot, you’re so lucky!” Chitto said coming to sit down. “He has a magazine with her pictures in it to.”

Raven then reached over and whacked him on the head. Chitto just laughed. Raven disappeared into the kitchen to get the food.

“How will we meet?” Enapay said.

“Well I can’t say, you need to let your faith lead your path.” Alexander said as Raven came from the kitchen and carried a big plate of elk.

“You’re the great Raven, I heard so many stories from my father about you and you are as beautiful in person as I imagined, my lady.” Alexander said with a sly smile on his face.

“Alexander, thats enough, do you have to speak your mind!?” Nakai said as Mason came in and helped put the elk on the table and sat down and they all started to eat. Alexander stared at the bear that sat across from him and he blurted out,

“You’re the father of these fine boys and girl, I can tell that they have your strength, and you have a fine mate, sir. You are the biggest bear I have ever seen and may I ask, is your daughter as beautiful as your wif- mmm,” he broke as Nakai shoved some mashed potatoes in his mouth to shut him up.

Mason and Patch growled at the same time slightly protective.

“I swear, if you won’t shut up right now I’ll make you Alexan!” She said slapping him on the head. “Patch, everyone I’m sorry for my brother being an idiot, forgive me sir., mam.” She said looking at Patch and then to Mason and Raven and bowing her head and as she did Alexander pushed her head in the mash potatoes and they started to fight back and forth.

“That’s enough, you to!” Kitsune said as Kishara was smiling a big grin and Kitsune broke the two up and told Alexander to keep his mouth shut.

After they ate Nakai and Alexander were out in the trees acting like ninjas like they did when they were younger. As they were jumping tree to tree Nakai heard a rustle in the leaves and snapped her neck around and as she did she lost balance and almost fell if it wasn’t for her claws latching onto the branch that she was standing on and she saw a pair of black wings and she bolting to the figure and as she got closer it swooped up and disappeared in the leaves above and then she joined her brother back at the spot where they were supposed to meet in the clearing to leave for their new home.



They traveled for a few days and finally arrived at the castle.

As the children were exploring the castle and looking at their new rooms Nakai and Alexander went to the tallest tower of the castle and found that the tower was old and there was a big hole in the roof of the ceiling.

“Claimed it!” Nakai yelled as she ran to the bed underneath the hole.

“Very well, you will be able to see the moon at night go ahead, your highness.” Alexander said bowing to her.

“Alexan, you know that we aren’t royalty.” Nakai said as she tilted her head and looked at her brother.

“You know as well that we’re from the royal family mother’s the descent of Ra and Mayrik is too.

In the corridor of the castle Raven was in the living space with Mason and Chitto going over the research they found, and Kishara was in the kitchen with Kitsune and they were preparing supper. As Nakai was exploring the stairs she was acting like she was the little princess from long ago. She went to play outside in the royal garden when she saw the most beautiful bunny, but as she came close to it she saw that it was a spirit bunny and that the water in the fountain was glowing a pretty blue and saw that there were two fish swimming. She noticed that they looked a lot like fire and ice. As she watched them there was sound from behind her. She jumped up and her jeans caught on the edge of her boots causing her to stumble and fall into the water. She fell and fell and when she raised herself from the water gasping for breath  she found herself in the spirit world.

“This must be another entrance to the spirit world, but this is more dark and grim, it’s kind of scary.” She thought as she looked around and then in a distance she saw what looked like a three headed dog. It came close to them and she turned into her wolf and stood there as they came even closer and behind the dog was a woman that was about Kishara’s age. The woman came out from behind the dog and looked at Nakai.

“My child, are you the daughter of Kishara black and Kitsune Desaraims?” she said kneeling to Nakai.

“Y-Yes, and you are, mam?” Nakai said as she turned back.

“I’m thy great Shoku of the fire kingdom, my lady.” She said bowing to the little princess.

“U-um, I’m not a princess, I’m following my own path to be anything, but a princess, mam.” Nakai said as the dog got closer to her and sniffed her.

“Down, mut!” Shoku said, but she said it in a deep voice of a man.

“um, mam?” Nakai said looking at her confused.

“Oh, you see I am one with my brother, Doku.” she said patting Nakai on the head and Doku shouted out from Shoku’s mouth,

“Now get out of here, kid, sick her!” he said as the dog was starting to pounce and Nakai started to run as she saw the glowing water of the fountain and she jumped into it before the dog could get her.

In the garden she layed on the concrete and thought,

“We can not tell anyone of this. This has to be a secret between me and you, Jeannine.”

“Of course,” Jeannine replied and then Alexander and Kekoa was out in the combat field.

She got up and then she found Alexander and Kekoa sparing and as she came to them Alexander stopped sparing and patted Nakai on the head and smiled at her with a sly smile and Kekoa hugged her.

Then they walked back to the main hall of the castle and they stopped at the garden and watched the fish

“Look out!” Nakai yelled as she remembered last time she looked at the fish.

“What are you doing?!” Alexander said spinning around as Nakai grabbed his arm and Kekoa was thinking that this was another game that they were playing and he left them and when to find the older twins.

“You’re going to fall in!” Nakia yelled

“I’m going to fall in if you keep trying to pull me away from my spot!” Alexander yelled and they went on like this for hours, till their mother called them to the dining room to eat.

The full moon was rising and all of the kids were in the dungeons telling ghost stories and Dakoda was the only one that was getting scared. After Kekoa told not a scary, but a funny story, it was Nakai’s turn.

“Ok. Once there lived an old man, who lived in the middle of the woods away from the townspeople. Some say he was mental, some say that he was doomed to hell, for the experiments that when on in that old broken down house where he used to live. Well, one day as that man was mixing two types of blood he took a slender type needle and pumped the two bloods into the tube and…” She said taking out from her satchel was that same slender tube and pointed to Dakoda and as she was about to grab his arm he let out a ear popping scream like a little girl, Nakai continued the story. “As the man took the needle full of the two bloods and injected it into him he stood up he could hear and feel his bones cracking in the silence of the room and then… ARRHHH, he fell back breaking the jars and then as he came to reach out his hand and touched a now broken vial of silver and burned himself to death. To this day on the anniversary of his death, some say that he still roams the earth looking for the next victim.” Nakai finished as Kekoa that was in the dark corner of the room and came up to Dakoda and touch him and Dakoda let out a scream and jumped up and everyone screamed and then laughed happily and if you saw Dakoda he would of been in tears.

“Nakai, you know that’s all true right?” Alexander said to her.

“I know its true, but it was mother that jumped up and broke that vile and she didn’t burn herself to death, she felt her bones cracking so she ran. You know that she told us that story of her childhood long ago.

“Wait, is it true, is that man still roaming the earth looking for its next victim?” Dakoda said.

“No, all that the townspeople said was that he died in that house.” Nakia said.

“We should visit that house to see if his ghost is still there.” Akela said to further scare her brother as everyone agreed, but Dakoda protested.

“Well, I’m not staying here I don’t want to meet a ghost.” he said getting up and going to his room and then It was Akela’s turn to tell a story.

She told them of a girl who was once innocent, sweet, gentle, and kind even though she got bullied constantly. But how one day the boy she was with that seemed so different turned out to be just like the rest who laughed at her, bullied her, and judged her for being herself. Blind by the hurt and sorrow she let a man who promised to take her away from the pain lead her to a new life. All he did though was give her more pain. He ended up creating the most fearsome monster of their time. One that killed without remorse, that reveled in others’ pain and sorrow, one that loved the blood she shed from innocents. She told them of the monster that parents only told their pups to scare them, the monster people would talk about for generations around the bonfires for scary stories similar to the ones they were telling, the one that even humans knew to fear. She told them of the monster who regained her humanity and found happiness once more and settled down with her mate and five children. She told them of her mother.

“But no matter how much bad she had in her life, she gave birth to me and I love my Mom. I am proud to be the daughter of a gentle monster.”

And with those words Akela rose taking Patch by the hand and went up to bed. The others were stunned into a silence that left them not wanting to talk so one by one they got up and followed Akela.  

Raven, Mason, Chitto, Kitsune, and Kishara were standing in front of the main stairwell to greet the children before bed. There were no words just respect. They smiled with respect and hugged Raven one by one. Akela and patch stood to the side as everyone else went to their rooms for bed. Raven was stunned as Akela and Patch slowly started to ascend the staircase.

“What went on down there?” Kishara spoke up with confusion.

Akela stopped and turned around slowly smiling with pride at her Mother.

“They learned the truth.”

Raven smiled with pride at her daughter as a stray tear fell from Raven’s eye. Akela bowed her head to her Mother and then went to her room with Patch.   



The next day some of the kids were sent into the town to get food for supper. But first they wanted to see the sights of their new home. As they walked through the beautiful town they met some lovely people. They heard a commotion and people started to gether in town square. Chitto and Alexander decided to go investigate. They pushed through the crowd to see two girls in the middle of a swarm of people.

“Bella, come over here!” One girl said trying to get Bella to a safe distance.

“Ahh, Nala!” Bella yelled as she was held back by a man with a camera. Chitto was angered by the sight and ran to save the gray tiger super star.

“Get your hands off of her you rat!” he yelled as he slapped the man’s hand off of Bella’s arm and pulled her flush against his chest. He growled threateningly at the men and they yelped scampering away with their tails between their legs. The girl known as Nala was stunned into silence. She then snapped out of her trance and walked over to the two and grabbed Bella’s hand. Chitto hesitated but reluctantly let got of Bella’s hand, staring at it as it continued to tingle. Nala’s eyes flashed from Chitto to Alexander and she bowed recognizing who they were. She then quickly pulled Bella and walked away whispering furiously to her. The crowd dissipated and went on about their business. Alexander came to Chitto and put a hand on his shoulder and was about to address him when he smelled the most pleasurable smell in the world. His head snapped up to the two famous cats walking away from them. Chitto and Alexander looked at each other and back at the girls and ran after them.

“Wait!” Chitto yelled.

The girls turned around as the guys stood face to face with them. With a sharp intake of breath they stared into each other’s eyes.


“If you want my sibling and I can escort you two lovely girls to safety.” he finished as the two man bowed to the two girls and everyone else was staring at them as the other siblings came up to them and made a path for them to get away from the crowd.

“Come with us,” Bella said getting in the car and Nala was dazzled by Alexander’s patches on his body and Alexander was the same to Nala’s patches as well.

“I’m sorry but we came here to get food for our parents and we must hurry. Take care you two.” Nakai said tugging on Alexander’s ear, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Sis, I can see that these two girls are meant for me and Chitto, let us go with them and protect them.” he whispered to Nakai and the others.

“Is this about you seeing the future?” Nakai said as Alexander nodded and said,

“Chitto and I will go with them to watch over them and the rest of you go get food and we’ll meet back up by the old church on the hill. Oh and Enapay and Koda are also going to meet someone and become mates. Trust me sis, I know what I’m doing.”

“That’s what I’m worried about, but I trust you. Be careful.” She said as the two boys went into the limo and, “Alright, lets go finish the grocery list.”

As they were doing the shopping Enapay had received a call from Raven and had to return to the castle. Nakai, Koda, and Kekoa split up and went to different sections of the store to get things from the list. Koda was in the fish section and went to reach for a fresh batch of salmon. His hand and a black hand touched it at the same time. Koda looked up to see a boy. This boy was a panda, he wore a light green shirt, with light brown pants, he had light blue hair. Koda looked up into the panda’s eyes and froze. Koda felt something click into place within him and suddenly everything felt right, like he would be content just staring into those breathtaking eyes.

“Hi, I’m sorry you can take the fish.” The panda boy said smiling at Koda.

“No, you can take it,” Koda said and they went like this for a couple minutes. Over the couple minutes they started to talk and get to know each other. It was only a matter of time before Koda fell head over paws for Jackson.

In the limo Alexander and Chitto were talking at the girls. Nala was talking about her abilities and Alexander had the same abilities and Chitto and Bella were talking about bows and arrows and seeing who was better. Alexander and Nala were fighting back and forth on who has the strangest patches. As Chitto and Bella was talking the limo came to a stop and they fell forward and Bella ran into Chotto and the same to Nala and Alexander.The four newcomers looked into each other eyes and saw that it was love and that was a new beginning of love.


Enapay met Raven back at the castle and Raven informed him that her old pack was close by and she wanted to go check up on them. They ran through the wolf territory and came to a stop at the river to take a drink. A rustle in the brush behind them made Raven and Enapay tense. Two wolves emerged from the brush and growled threateningly at them. Enapay slowly rose and turned to look at the two wolves. The wolves hesitated sensing Enapay’s Alpha status but held their ground. Raven then licked the water off of her jaw and turned around slowly. She stood to her full height and stared down at the two wolves, Enapay followed suit. The two wolves recognised who Raven was and immediately bowed to their former Alpha. The brown wolf took a step forward and said “Right this way, Alphas.”

“Thank you, James.” Raven replied and followed with Enapay by her side. When they got to the pack houses Raven instructed James and the other wolf, Allan, to summon their Alpha and Beta. Raven and Enapay then walked through the village and greeted old faces and met some new ones. Raven then took Enapay to the waterfall that was nearby where a very important memory took place. It wasn’t long until Raven and Enapay heard the sound of paws hitting the ground from behind them.



Three weeks went by and the new lovers were setting at the table eating and Nakai was outside with Kekoa and they were training for the end of the Black Jokers. As they all got ready to fight there was a rustle in the woods and the old wolves of the first generation came from the trees line and they came to the parents of the kids and told them that,

“The Black Jokers were forming an army and that they were ready to fight. They also have a secret weapon.” One of the wolves told Kishara and they shifted and ran to where the war was going to begin. As they came closer the Black Jokers were ready and call out, “charge!” the Jokers came down the hill and so did the pack and Nakai charge through the herd of Jokers and went to where the secret weapon was located and found that it was a giant wolf half owl, but was a monster and remember of the story that Kishara told her when she was little and she saw that the man was hideous. The monster came up to her and saw that he was as tall as a dragon and the only one to be a match to this monster would be Kishara. Nakai called for her mother and Kishara came to her and saw the man and shifted into the black beast and fought the monster. Ten hours went by and Raven and Mason was fighting with the scared-face man and as soon as he slashed his sword and missed Raven struck him in the neck and Mason stuck him in the ribs and his bone cracked as Mason pushed down on his bones and he instantly died from the blood flowing out of his neck and the ribs punchering his organs and all over the battlefield there was blood and died and none of the Black Jokers were standing any more.

They all were eating the leftovers on the Jokers and when they were done they went to their home.





One day as the new mates were laying in the cave in the living space watching TV. a portal appeared in front of them and a young 16 year old girl came from the portal.

“Come, I need your help,” the girl said staring at everyone then stopped at Nakai and Kekoa and if you saw her face you could see a glimpse of a tear.

“Who are you?” Enepay said as he held Ice in his arms.

“I’m… Alice… Desariams, I’m from the future, all of your children and me are endangered of being burned at the stake for… many people think that I’m the child of the devil, for I killed my mother when she was giving birth to me and my brothers.” she said still staring at her parents.

“wait, you’re saying that you’re our daughter and Nakai die giving birth. She can heal herself.” Kekoa says as Nakai growled in pain.

*Gasp,* “you see she’s in pain from me, she’s pregnant, with triplets, me and my brothers. She kept it a secret from all of you, but Alexander was the only one that knew.” Alice said as she came to Nakai and used her ability to stop the infant Alice from eating her mother.

“What are you doing?!” Kekoa said as Alexander held him back.

“I’m eating Nakai from the inside out, but I can stop that, I have the ability to control any kind of demon and to change someones freachers.” Alice said as Nakai’s pain went away. “You have to come with me to stop this threat and change the future for the best. More or likely you have to find your children and bring them back here. Oh there is one thing you all need to know once we all are together when we step through the portal the children and I will be come infants and if we do this and I show you to them I won’t be able to kill my mother.” Alice said as they all stepped through the portal. When they did they found themselves in a old broken down town. As walking Akela and Enapay saw a bar and went in.

“We don’t have time for this!” Alice said.

“Chill, Alice,” Akela said pouring everyone a glass of whisky.

“Fine we can stay for a little while, but no longer.” Alice said going upstairs. When night fell everyone went to sleep on the first floor and Alice slept upstairs on a cot. As everyone was sleeping a strange boy was running on the roof. He was running from two men that are Demon Hunters. The boy came to the old bar and went through Alice’s window.

“Who are you,” she said as the boy looked at her.

“I’m Kili, I need your help, I’m being chased, these men want to kill me.” He whisper yelled.

“Fine,” Alice said going to the boy and seeing that he had the feathers of a wolf and a snowy owl, but he had no wings, but had all wolf, he had no shirt, but he had blue pants, he had white hair, he was an ash color wolf, with blueish-green eyes, and he was as handsome as the night sky. As he heard the men on the roof he slipped into the covers with Alice.

“What are you doing!?” She said trying to flee from the cot.

“I’m hiding my self,” he said as he hugged Alice and hid under the covers.

“Stop, your tickling me!” She said as to men came in from the window and she acted asleep till one of them yelled at her.

“Get up!” he yelled coming to her.

“what!” Alice yelled looking at him.

“who’s that!” the man ordered as he saw Kili.

“That’s, umm my fiance.” Alice said as Kili heard her say that and blushed.

“Very well,” the man  said as the left the room and, “oh yeah,” he said turning around and getting ready to scan the room.  Alice jumped from the cot and took out her dagger and ran to the man and slit his throat and then slit the other’s throat.

From the distance she saw a herd of men that looked like demon hunters.

“From the deepest parts from the underworld, hear my cry and defend your land from these beasts!” She yelled out as from the ground skeletons appeared and ran towards the herd of hunters. When she was done casting the spell she fainted by the extreme powers and was about the full when Kili caught her in his arms.

“Alice, Alice!” he said as he carried her to the cot.

One day lying on a bench Alice wake and found a face that she didn’t want to see.

“What the hell do you want,” she said pushing Kili away and sat up and her back popped in protest.

“I saved you sorry but,” Kili said as he came to her and put his hand to her chest.

“What the hell are you doing!?” she said as Kili took out some healing roots and spread it across her chest and neck.

“I’m healing your wounds, its better to do it this way then to lick them, or should I do that instead?” he said as he leaned closer to her and was about to lick her wounds till Alice shoved his head away from her.

“Where am I?” She said looking around and Kili sat on the bench.

“We’re at the church, I told your family what happened and I carried you here and I think that your father likes me.” Kili said as he tried to stroke her cheek, but she nipped at his hand. As the two were staring at each other Nakai came in and,

“Come you two stop staring at each other like that. Kili I need to speak with my daughter.” She said as Kili want through the window of the church and sat on the roof. “Alice, I would love to get to know you better.”

“There’s nothing to know, well, I’m like you and father combine.” Alice said as Nakai came to her daughter and sat on the bench.

“That boy means a lot to you doesn’t he?” Nakai said.

“No, why!” Alice said.

“Your uncle saw the future and saw you and him together.” Nakai said as Alice wouldn’t take it anymore and went out of the window to set under the sky.


Two weeks went by and everyone was on the road even Kili. Then soon came to an old house in the woods far from the town. As they came closer Kili use blue heat vision to see inside and find where the others were. Alice came to the opening to the house and climbed all the way to the roof.

“Kili come with me and the rest of you find your children.” Alice said as she entered the house from the chimney. In the house the mates were searching and Alexander led them to the basement of the house.

On the second floor of the house Alice and Kili were looking around to find any sign of people or anything to help them find the kids. As they came to a desk Kili notest that the floor was different and as he pulled up the rug that covered the floor boards he found a secret door and opened it and they both heard sounds that were wolves, bears, tigers, and cats and they followed the sounds and found the rest of the siblings. When Alice called to her parents two men captured her and Kili.

“Very good, Hunter,” one men sad and the other one took Alice to a table and lied her on and took out a knife and…

“AHHH!” Alice screamed and the parents heard her cry and came running to where they were.

“Alice!” Kili said as he tried to free her but a the man that was a hold of Kili slapped him and Kili used his ability to freeze the building and the people that he chose to freeze. As everything when blue Kili broke the man’s arms and went to Alice and helped her from the table and she came to where her siblings were held up and broke the bars and they were free. When the parents saw their children safe they hugged them tightly.

“Come on we have to go before the building collapses.” Alice said as her older sister came to her and hugged her.


They escaped the house and were heading to where they first came to this world and they came to the old bar and spend some time there to get to know each other better. In the raptors of the bar Alice sat on a pace of wood and were looking at the others and seeing how happy they all were.

“What’s wrong, I would expect you to be with your mother?” Kili said coming to set next to Alice.

“How can I, knowing that I killed her.” She said looking down and starting to cry.

“I can tell that you want to talk to her, you’re just scared, I knew that when I first met you, you had so much darkness, but I thought that I could save you from the darkness.” Kili said putting his arms around her and this time she gave in and held his arms.

“Alice, come and see mother and father!” Her brother Barik said to where she sat with Kili. She soon came down from the raptors and came to her mother and father and bowed her head to them.

“Now, now, my child come here,” Kekoa said as he hugged her tightly and then Nakai hugged her and she felt a sharp pain in her heart and saw a glimpse of her mother Kishara.

“You have a glimpse of your grandmother inside of your soul, I love you Alice, My child.” She said hugging Alice tighter. From the corner of the bar Alice’s older sister, Seana came to them and hugged them all and told them that she was a lesbian and a vegetarian and she was dating a white stag. After they stopped hugging from Seana’s sentence and stared at her and then Alice went back to the raptors. Then from the satchel that was on Kili’s side her took out a sketchbook and showed Alice a bunch of animals that he sketched.

“I love that dove you drew,” Alice said as he looked at her with lovely eyes, but she didn’t see him. Then he gave Alice the book and asked her to draw something that meant a lot to her. She accepted the book and pinsel and she told Kili to not look. So he went to the bar and poured some whiskey. As Alice drew what meant a lot to her she was drawing the tallow that was on the figure’s neck. Then As night fell every one when to sleep and Alice went to the cot and stuck the book back into Kili’s bag and took it to him and went to sleep and then Kili saw the picture of himself that she drew and then his drew her as she slept like a child. When the sun was rising and shone into where Alice was sleeping she woke and saw Kili’s book and saw that it was on a page of her that he had drew and picked it up and blushed by its beauty and the many details of the sketch.

As everyone was waking up raven ordered that it was time to go back home and live free and save. They came to the portal and was about to go through the portal when Kili let go of Alice’s hand.

“Kili, what’s wrong?” She asked looking back at him.

“I can’t go,” he said.

“why not,” she said taking his hand.

“You see, I was made in a lad and if I go to the present I’ll turn to dust.” He said taking Alice in an embrace. She looked up at him with tears forming in her eyes and he wiped them away and said,

“Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you,”

“Kili, I don’t want to lose you, I…” She broke off when her brother told her it was time to go. Kili then took out his finger and on Alice’s wrist drew a dove.

“So you won’t for get me.” he said as he let go of her hand and she was grabbed by her brother and when through the portal.

“Kili, I-I Love…!” she shouted out to him, but she was already in the present and an infant, all of them were.