Super Mammal 5

 Super Mammal     

Black coats

Book 5

By: Misty Crump and Alexis Lyons




















One day on an island in the middle of the arctic circle a group of people called the Black Coats made a building called Black Death Prison, where people are sent when they committed a murder. One day a girl was sent there and she was the daughter of Nakai and Kekoa Spenser. Over the years she came to the prison when she was 4 and watched people come and go day after day. One day she was in a game called the Killer Run, that occurs once a month, she waits for the race to start and one by one the people that she saw come into this place was murder in front of her face. She started running and saw one of the men that made fun of her and the brother of a girl called Chastade follow behind the man. Then the ground split in half and the man fell to his death and the boy was hanging by the tips of his fingers. She ran to the boy and pulled him up and they ran to the finish line, but the boy was struck by an arrow in his back and fell forward.

Hey, come on your sister is waiting for you, you can’t let her down now!” She said dragging him to the end of the race.

Running Wolf!” a boy said coming to her.

Tatanka, take him the infirmary,” she said.

Right,” he said taking him from Running Wolf and she went to Block 12.

One day she was heading to lunch when she saw new people that the Black Coats go out and find and bring them here. In the group was a young boy about her age,

He doesn’t look like a murderer, but they bring in kids that didn’t kill, but they were meant for science.” She thought to herself when the people were sent to lunch and she went to the corner where she sat to eat.

Are you Running Wolf?” The boy said that was at the Killer Run yesterday.

Yes, why,” she said looking up at him.

I wanted to tell you thanks, if you left me there to die I wouldn’t be able to see my sister, thank you. Oh my name is West,” he said shaking Running Wolf’s hand.

Hey West theres a new kid you need to show around” Tatanka said as West ran off and Tatanka came to Running Wolf.

Why did you tell him my name, you know I hate people.” She said eating her stake.

You saved him yesterday, so I thought that I…” he was broke off when Running Wolf’s eyes turned pure black.

I told you to never tell anyone about me!” She said going to Block 12.

Tatanka means well, but sometimes he gets on my nerves. His like a brother to me, But I have one brother, Barik.” She wrote in her notebook when she heard a big bang on her door. She opened the door when a rock came flying, when she caught it and the man who threw it looked at her. She looked around when she saw that boy that was in the hallway this morning on the ground.

What the hell is going on here!” she said going to the boy and helping him up.

This little kid Killed my Little sister!” he said.

No I didn’t, I didn’t kill anyone!” The boy that Running Wolf Was helping up said.

Oh, really, why I are you in this place then!” the man said holding a rock.

I swear If you throw that rock I will Kill you!” Running Wolf said turning into a wolf and growled at the man. The man dropped the rock and ran to his Block. Running Wolf took the boy to her room and laid him on her bed and started to heal his wounds.

Who are you,” The boy said.

I’m Alice, but everyone calls me Running Wolf.” She said.

I’m Kili, I didn’t kill anyone I was found laying on the ground of an alleyway and these people brought me here.” He said.

There your wounds are healed and if you tell anyone I helped you, I’ll hurt you.” She said getting Kili out of her room.



One day heading to lunch Kili sat next two boys that he met the day he arrived, West and Tatanka.

Hey could you two ask me why Running Wolf is like how she is?” he said sitting down.

I can, I knew her longer,” Tatanka said. “Ok, listen up you two. It all started when she was born. She was born in the village that I came from, she was delivered on one winter night and I saw her laying in a little wooden crib and she didn’t cry, but her siblings were. All she did was put her hand over her ears. As she grew she was always alone with a wolf that she called Mud Muzzle. One day I came up to her to play, but she went into a tree with a hole in it and sat there. I went to her and asked if she wanted to play and she knew that I wouldn’t give up so she came out of the hole and we played. Her mother saw that I was the only one that she let into her world and we became good friends. One day when she was 4 she went into the woods and I went with her. When we came back she saw several men walking through the woods. We got in a tree to hear,

The savages should be around here somewhere.” One man said as a young boy came from behind and heard the leaves above.

Father, there’s something in the tree.” he said as his father patted him on the head.

It’s nothing, son I need you to stay here, we’ll be back soon.” the boy’s father said and walked away, leaving him by the tree where we were. Alice went through the trees and came to the men that had stopped and saw that they were lighting torches and throwing them into the village. One by one over the wall of the village, flames and the smell of fire began. Alice sat in shock and watch as her grandfather’s village went up in flames and then she saw the boy come to where the flames begun and saw that he was involved in something that he didn’t know about and saw his father and family and ran. The men left and Alice jumped down and ran to the cabin where her family was and saw that everyone in the village was injured or dead. She ran fast and faster, then came to the hut where she saw her father and mother and came to them.

Father, Mother!” Alice screamed coming to them and trying to lift a log, Kekoa took Alice’s hand and…

Alice, I need you, to be brave, be safe, and strong.” He said and Barik and I came from the burning hut and took Alice away.

No, No, Mother, Father!” She yelled and yelled as the village was no longer in site. Over the years Alice was with me at my father’s village and she got a letter from her great grandmother.

Dear Alice,

I am upset at you, but I understand what happened. Your grandmother and grandfather are here with me and they are wanting to see you. They told me everything. I forgive you and I hope that you come home soon, your Brother and sister are worried about you. I pray for your safety every day and Your cousins are hoping that you come home. I don’t want you to forget who you are and you are special to me and your family.

  Love your grand aunt,


After Alice got done reading the letter she sent another one to Raven.

Dear Raven,

I know how mad you are at me, but I will not return. I know you told me not to show my black eyes, but I will no longer wear the patch. I see mother and father in the spirit world and every time I tell them how sorry I am. I’m writing this to tell you and everyone back home, that I’m staying with Tatanka and he will watch over me. I love you and everyone else dearly. I’m sorry.


  Alice Desaraims

After Alice was done she fold the letter and gave it to Mud Muzzle to go give Raven the latter. Then One night we were taken from the village and found our self here.” Tatanka said finishing the story. Running Wolf came to them three and gave Tatanka a note.

I heard everything, I don’t want everyone else to know so keep your mouth and don’t let them two tell anyone.



That night a boy from Block 13 came to Running Wolf’s Block and was roaming around like a ghost. As she was sleeping she heard a crash and came out of her room and saw the boy holding the scruff of Tatanka’s collar on his shirt.

Easy!” Running Wolf said trying to get the boy off of Tatanka. Then Kili came out of his room and helped Running wolf.

what’s happening?” He said helping Running Wolf.

Scar fang is sleep attacking, he done this before, but I never thought that he would come to Block 12.” Running wolf said slapping Scar fang in the face and he woke and let go of Tatanka.

What happened, Running Wolf, did you slap me?” Scar fang said robbing his face.

Yeah, your were choking Tatanka, now go back to your Block of cats.

Alice, want you make sure I get there safe,” Scar fang said.

You really think I’m going to fall for that you, cat. Just stay away from me. I don’t need a cat bothering me.” Running Wolf said folding her arms and taking Tatanka to his room and Kili was standing there then saw Scar fang staring at him and Kili went to Tatanka’s room.

Whats wrong with that guy?” Kili said sitting on the bed.

Well he came here before I did, but everyone said that he came here for killing the wrong person, they said he was on patrol one night and fell a sleep. The next thing he knew was that he killed an innocent person and then came here.” Running wolf said helping Tatanka. Then the intercom came on and everyone was woken.

Tonight’s the night of the Black Death Cage. Get prepared for the Badger and the Ghost Wolf show done to the death.” The voice said as the intercom went off.

What’s the Black Death Cage?” Kili said.

Its where you’re put to death, like the Killer Run, and Bloody Flag. You see the Black coats pick two out of all of the people here, mostly ones with skills and power like me, the village kids, and Scar fang. They always pick me, because, well they hate the living crap out of me and want me dead, but I can’t be killed. The village kids are weak so they don’t really fight in the Black Death Cage. There are some people in Block 266 and the Block forbidden to go into, they call it Block KG4.” Running Wolf said sitting on her bed.

They say, once you’re in you can’t leave till someone is dead, or after you’re down and don’t get back up you are sent to the infirmary and they take a body part by choice. Its really harsh. There was a older man that was sent to fight…” Tatanka said breaking off staring at Alice.

I was the one that blew him down to the ground and he was sent to the infirmary and once he was there, I heard that the doctor took off his arm, but they didn’t say anything about what part of body part they take.” Alice said scratching her neck where she had a scar from that day. “That’s where I got this scar, he cut me with his sword.”

They alway give you a weapon before entering the stadium, based on the person. When the two competitors are sent to the stadium everyone else is sent to the stadium to watch the fight. 1-KG4 blocks are going to be there, but KG4 are suppose to go to a part of the stadium and sit in a box like dom.” Tatanka said putting Alice war paint on and peaks in native tongue.

The Great Wolf Spirits hear my pray. Please watch over Running Wolf today and protect her through the fight, keep her safe and let her wolf spirit rise in battle.” Tatanka said as Kili sat there listening to the pray in Native tongue and sat next to Alice.



That night as the clock struck 12, The Ghost Wolf and the Badger were sent to a dark room and waited till the game started. The Black coats gave the Badger a tomahawk and Alice a staff with a dagger on the end. Everyone from Block 1 through Block KG4 went to the stadium. They all sat and then the lights went down and the intercom came on. Zachariah Stone spock and called out the Badger, Joe.

Joe? He’s the Badger, that Alice is suppose to fight.” Tatanka said as Alice came out with her war clothes on and got ready, but when she saw Joe, she got angry. Then the bell rang and the fight began.

Joe, your the badger?” Alice said standing still, but Joe was running tores her. Then she dropped her dagger and turned into a wolf. She jumped over Joe, cut him on the back and went to the big hanging cage where Zachariah was with Erninnguaq, one of the guards. She jumped up on the cage and broke it from the ceiling and the cage came down. Alice growled at the two men in the cage.

You think this is a big game to you don’t you, well you want someone dead, well!” Alice shouted in a deep growl and ripped the cage open and graded Erninnguaq, yanked him out of the cage and started tearing him to pieces, like he was a deer.

Ghost Wolf get off of him!” One of the guards said in armor suits and yanked Alice off of him and put a chain around her neck and sent her to Doru the second in command of the Black Death Prison. As she was getting sent off, the guards were getting Erninnguaq and Zachariah off of the stadium, when the kids from Block KG4 were making a big racket and was cracking the glass on the dome.

Someone controll the Block KG4 prisoners!” Zachariah shouted as Joe was sent off of the stadium.

In the main office of Zachariah Alice sat there waiting for him and she was getting yelled at Doru.

Sit!” Zachariah said coming in and the two girls sat down. “Ghost, I understand how frightened you are to be here, but you can’t attack the guards, we pick out your prey. Your lucky that Enr isn’t dead.”

You think I’m frightened, I’ve stopped being frightened from the first game I played when I was 4!” She yelled at Zachariah.

Sit down you infield child!” Doru yelled at Alice and she sat back down.

What shall we do with you Ghost.” Zach said.

We could, take one of her limbs.” Doru said.

No, we want her in good form.” Zach said.

If you don’t want me to kill any of the guards give me someone that I could have a challenge with, like you!” Alice shouted standing up and knocked her chair down.

Why you little!” Doru shouted and slapped Alice on the face.

Ah, Raven you’re here, Could you take Ghost to the courtyard?” Zach said as Raven took Alice to the Courtyard.

You’re just going to let her go without a punishment, Zachariah, you’re one stupid man!” Doru said slamming her fists on the desk and Zach sat there with his hands folded.

In the courtyard Raven took Alice to the ice cream shop and gave her a chocolate cone.

Why are you here?” Alice said taking the cone and eating it.

I came to see you and Zach pays me for his business at the castle.” Raven said eating her cone.

Running Wolf!” Tatanka said with Kili and Scar Fang following him.

Running Wolf!” Kili said hugging her. Scar Fang saw Raven and stayed his distance.

Oh, Raven this is Tatanka, his the boy I told you about in the letter and this is Kili, a kid I met here and that over there is Scar Fang.” Alice said As Raven saw Scar Fang and came up to him.

Your a cat, are you and my Grand Niece, friends?” She said in a discuss voice.

No Raven, we’re not, he just follows Tatanka, well actually he follows wildcat, a psychopath.” Alice said.

It’s nice to meet you, Raven.” Kili said.

Aanii,” Tatanka said.

Hello to you too,” Raven said with a smile. “Oh here this is why I came to give you this. And you have a visitor that will be saying with you. Zach is allow it.” She said as Mud Muzzle came from the corner of the ice cream shop.

Mud Muzzle!” Alice said giving Mud Muzzle a big hug.

I better be going, bye you all.” Raven said waving good bye.

Biwabamishinam Menawah,” Tatanka said.

Tatanka stop speaking in Native tongue.” Alice said.

My bad, I talk like that when I’m nervous. Bye Raven! I can’t believe the great Raven is you great grandaunt.”

Yeah, come on lets go.” Alice said as they went to Block 12 and went to sleep in Tatanka’s room. In the middle of night Alice had a nightmare and Kili came to her.

Alice?” He said, but she wouldn’t answer. So he laid next to her to comfort her.



Today everyone was getting ready for a game called Bloody Flag, it’s just like capture the flag. They all came out to the stadium where the Killer Run takes place every moth. Group one was Kili, Alice, and Tatanka, group two was Joe, West, and Torey, group three was V.J, Kyle, and Brandon. Group one headed to the bank of the lake and all the others headed to the hut that was in the middle of the stadium. Alice quickly went to the trees and ran to the top to see where the flags were.

What do you see!” Tatanka said was Alice came from the tree and ran to the first flag.

Alice wait, you’ll get seen, stop!” Kili yelled out to her, but she didn’t listen to him and Tatanka decided to go get the other flags and took Kili with him and they ran to the location.

Tatanka, if you can here me, there is one flag at the hut under ground, I think the groundhog will try to get it, so don’t get it, there is one in the hut’s gutter, no one will find it, but Kili can and her can get the ones in the water. there are three in the water and I’ll get the flags in the trees and you can get the flags on the ground and hidden deep in fallen trees. There are ten we need and I already have three so now we need seven, good luck. Oh, we’ll meet at the gates and don’t get seen.” Alice sent telepathic to Tatanka and he agreed to it and told Kili of the flags that he needed to get and told him to not get seen and they went on.

Three hours went by and group one joined up by the building gates and was about to go in till group three came to the end of the tree lines. Group one heard them coming and they all ran to where Erninnguaq was waiting for the groups. Group two came from nowhere, but they were spotted by the guns and shot dead. When group one saw they jumped to the roof of the building. Group three stayed on the ground and snuck through the guns. Alice told Kili to use eagle eyes to see where Erninnguaq was and where the guns were. He told them that it was clear and they head to Erninnguaq. when they landed on the ground and ran to Erninnguaq and saw that group three was nowhere to be seen. Then the bell rang and group one was the winner.



The night came to an end and morning brought a new day, but in Black Death Prison, you wouldn’t know day from night. As the alarm went off everyone headed to the cafeteria, but Alice was sent to Zachariah’s office.

Ghost you’re going to be sent to a quiet room to eat so you want harm anymore guards. I just want everything in good form.” He said as Alice got angry at him and slamming her fists on his desk.

You think that I’m going to be sent to a quiet room, you wrong, you only think of yourself I’m not doing it, go die in a hole.” Alice said turning around and leaving the room. Walking down the hall she found that the halls were flickering of light and she looked around and saw, The Black Reapers, who wore all black and were made by Doku.

What do you want!” Alice yelled into the darkness, but there was no answer.

Alice, over here, quick.” A voice said from a open door. Alice ran to the sound of the voice, but there was a ear crackling sound and it made alice fall to the floor rolling in pain. Then the source of the voice came out of the door and brought Alice to the room and closed the door.

Where is everyone?” Alice said setting up and looking around, but she could only see darkness.

Oh, my bad, I turned out the lights, here.” one girl voice said turning on the lights.

Alice, these are the kids from Block 2.” Scar Fang said as Alice looked at the kids.

Where’s Kili and Tatanka?”

I don’t know after the lights went out I ran to this room and these three came with me. I didn’t see them.” Scar fang said.

I need to find them.” Alice said heading to the door.

You can’t go out there we don’t even know if the Reapers are still out there.” One boy said grabbing Alice’s arm.

Let me go!” She said pulling her arm away.

Alice, this is T.J, Kelly, and that is Jake.” Scar fang said as they heard a crackling scream fill the room. As everyone was overwhelmed with the scream alice snuck out of the room and made her way to Block 12. Alice went through the halls smelling for something that could tell her anything about Tatanka’s and Kili’s wellbeing. She was walking when she saw the lights flickering and saw the darkness filling the halls.

Stay away!” Alice yelled and stepped away from the darkness and ran. She ran through Block 12, but the darkness surrounded her. Then a Black Reaper came from the dark smoke,

There’s no excepting the dark.” the Reaper said.

Get a away!” Alice said swinging her arm at the Reaper, but there was no effect.

You can’t hurt me.” the Reaper said as Alice ran. “You can’t hide from the Black Reapers, we’ll always find you.”

Alice ran as fast as she could, but the Reapers were everywhere. She looked around for away out, but there was no way out. She thought this was the end of her, but then, the floor beneath her crumbled and she fell in.

“Alice, you’re safe.” a voice said as she was in embrace.

Tatanka! you’re all right.” She said hugging him.

Come on we can’t stay here.” He said as they walked on and one of the boys with him lit a light.

Alice, this is joe, Wildcat, Safire, and Jumping Jack. their form Block 11.”Tatanka said.

Where’s Kili?” Alice said.

He got separated, I seen him with Viperes, the Rebel of the Black Reapers from Block KG4. Don’t worry he’ll be fine, they’re probably in block 18.”Joe said putting a hand on Alice’s shoddier.

So what, does Zach think this is an other game to him?” Alice said taking Joe’s hand off of her.

I don’t know.” Tatanka said.

Well, the Black Reapers do work for him.” Wildcat said as her little sister repeats it to her stuff rabwolf, that she took the ears and tail of a stuff rabbit and put it on a body of a wolf.

What is wrong with her?” Alice whispered to Tatanka.

She’s a nutcase and being here for so long she just lost it. She is just a little kid.” Tatanka said.

Footsteps, someone’s coming!”Jumping Jack said and he ran to a hatch that goes straight to Block KG4.

“Wait, you hear that?” Alice said as she listened to the sound of voices.

Black Reapers, Erninnguaq want you back now, you play with your prey ladder.” Doru said as they walked away.

I think we’re good now, let’s go.”Alice said as they went back to Block 12. The six friends were heading back when the Black Reaper called Viperes came up to them and Kili was following from behind.



She handed Alice a dress with a dark tan to it, with feathers that were a powder blue, with light tan strings hanging down on the end of the dress, and tan moxecans.

What do you want, reaper.” Wildcat said as Alice took the dress, saw Kili and ran to him.

I’m here to help you all. As you know the Killer Run is coming up, but first Zach wants everyone to relax, so he is throwing a dance for everyone.” Viperes said.

Why would we let you help us.” Tatanka said getting Alice and Kili over to him.

I’m no longer one of Zach’s sponds, I’m free to do whatever I want, and you can use my help for the next Killer Run, its going to be more deadly and more blood shed than ever.” Viperes said taking her hood off. “See I was in the Killer Run and I got my skull burned and my hair burned off. I’m no longer under Zach’s control. Now, lets go to Block 12 and prepare for the dance.”

Sorry, but who are you, telling us what to do.” Alice said turning into her wolf.

Running Wolf, lets go.” Tatanka said as they left Viperes and went to block 12.

The next time the alarm went off everyone went to the cafeteria to eat. Since the Reapers stopped them from eating yesterday, they weren’t allowed to eat after that alarm went off. So this was going to be a big feast for the seven friends.

As they sat with their food everyone was glowing for the upcoming dance.

Good Lord, Everyones so gubble.” Alice said putting her head on the table.

Come on you got to be happy about this week.” Tatanka said patting Alice on the head. Alice went up to the vending machines when Scar Fang came up to her and as she turned he took her hand and kissed it.

Alice will you go to the dance with me?” Scar fang said as Kili and Tatanka saw and Kili got mad at the tiger and left the room.

Umm, sorry Scar Fang, but I’m looking for someone, excuse me.” Alice said as Mud Muzzle came up to them and growled at Scar Fang. Alice went to her table and was looking for Kili.

Where’s Kili?” she said looking around.

He saw Scar Fang and heard everything he said and he got upset and went to his room.” Viperes said petting Mud Muzzle on the head.

Come on, Mud Muzzle.” Alice said going to block 12. She walked through Block 12 and smelled Kili, but the stench was that of someone who doesn’t want to be bothered.

Kili, where are you?” Alice said coming to his room and opening the door and saw Kili sitting on the bed and Mud Muzzle ran to him and started licking him.

Mud Muzzle, I’m glad its you. I don’t really care any more of this life. I mean from the first time I seen Alice, I wanted to tell her, but I could never get the courage to tell her how I feel. Now that Scar Fang asked her to the dance it just broke me. Now I’m nothing but another kid in this hell.” Kili said hugging Mud Muzzle. Alice heard everything, but she didn’t want Kili to know so she stepped away from the door and she tripped over a can that was left in the hallway.

Alice?” Kili heard her fall and came out to her, but went back into his room.

Well, I guess, he doesn’t care anymore about me.” Alice said to Mud Muzzle as she helped Alice up. Alice went into Kili’s room and sat on a stool next to Kili’s bed and as he sat there she put her hand on his head.

Kili, I didn’t agree to Scar Fangs offer, I was actually trying to find you, when I heard that you left, I came straight here to speak with you.” Alice said as Kili didn’t make eye contact. “Fine be that way, if you won’t talk to me ask Tatanka and Viperes, they’ll tell you everything, I’m done trying to show my feelings. Come on Mud Muzzle.” Alice said going to her room.

Three days went by and it was the day of the dance. Alice got her dress on and went to Wildcats and Safire’s room to see them.

Alice you’re so beautiful.” Wildcat said and Safire said it to her rabwolf.

Are you ready?” Alice said helping Safire with her hair.

Yeah, lets go.” Wildcat said as Safire stayed with Alice. “So are you and Kili together?”

No, he thinks that Scar Fang is with me.” Alice said.

Scar Fang, his with me.” Wildcat said as they went to the stadium for the dance. As Alice came to the room Kili, Tatanka, and Joe were talking together and Alice came to the boys and Joe was dazzled by her dress and Kili was dumbstruck. Five minutes went by and they played a slow song for all the couples. Alice was the one to asked Kili to dance and he agreed and they went to the dance floor and they saw Scar Fang dancing with Wildcat and Safire was dancing with Tatanka. Everyone was so happy and Alice was over her madness and she laid her head on Kili’s shoulder, closed her eyes, and felt safe more than ever. Kili saw how happy she was and he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek.



One Night Alice was staying with Wildcat and Safire. Safire was restless and she went out of the room. She was walking and came to Block 12. Then Tatanka seen Safire and went up to her.

Hi there little one.” He said patting her on the head. “What are you doing out here at this time a night?”

I can’t find my stuff rabwolf.” Safire said.

Where’s your sister and Alice?” Tatanka said.

Their sleeping,” she said going through the halls and went to the next block.

*Bark!* Mud Muzzle came into the room where Alice was and woke her up.

What is it?” She said as she saw that Safire was gone.

Wildcat, your sister’s gone.” Alice said getting up and went to the hall and shifted into her wolf. Mud Muzzle, Wildcat, and Alice went looking for Safire. They followed her scent and found themselves in the main hallway.

Safire, where are you!” Wildcat said as Mud Muzzle started barking and the others came to her and saw Safire in a corner with her head down.

Safire, what are you doing?” Alice said going up to her.

I can’t find Fire, my rabwolf.” Safire said.

Can’t you sleep with any other stuff animals.” Alice said.

No, they don’t like me and Fire keeps me safe from them.” Safire said as she stood up and ran.

Safire wait!” Wildcat said and they both followed her. They followed her for a couple minutes and they came to the end of all blocks and Safire stopped in front of a door.

Safire,” Alice said coming to her when she ran through the door and they ran after her again. Safire came to a the end of the dark room. Then there was a grown and Safire picked up something and came to Alice and Wildcat.

This is Fire.” Safire said rubbing her face on its fur.

*sniff,* “Come on we need to get out of here.” Alice said sniffing the air and smelling a threatening smell. Before they could live the room a dark shadow swiped at Alice and she went flying at the wall and she laid still. Then Wildcat joined her and Safire covered her face in the back of the rabwolf and she whispered to it. As Alice was trying to open her eyes and she saw the rabwolf turn into a giant stuffed animal and was fighting with the shadow.

Safire, we need to get out of here!” Alice said helping Wildcat and grabbing Safire and leaving the dark room. They came to Block 19 and sat in the hall when Tatanka came to see what happened to them.

Alice, what happened to you all.” He said going to Safire and petting her head and helping Alice up. Then there was a big sound and the rabwolf came from the room and turned into the stuffed animal.

What was that?” Tatanka said as a boy, wearing a bright blue shirt and pants, he had a dirty blonde color hair, coming  from the dark room and he was about the same age as Safire.

Mountain Cat, I thought you got lost.” Tatanka said coming to him.

No, I was minding my own business and I found that stuffed creature in my room and then them three came in and I had no choice, but to defend myself.” he said robbing a spot on his shoulder where the Rabwolf scratched him.

Everyone this is Mountain Cat, this is Alice, Safire, and Wildcat.” Tatanka said.

Why have I never seen you in the games?” Alice said with her wolf spirit present and Mud Muzzle was next to Alice.

I was in the shadows, that’s why I never died in them.” Mountain Cat said.

Come on, you can stay with me, lets go back to Black 13 and get some rest.” Tatanka said taking Mountain Cat with him and Alice turned into her wolf and Safire climbed onto her back and the three girls went to the block and went to sleep. Mud Muzzle came to Alice and put her head under her arm and fell asleep.



That morning everyone was resting when Viperes came into the room and gave a letter to everyone of an upcoming game.

Dear everyone,

As you all know, the Killer Run is coming up. You all know that I pick random kids form a hat and put them in the Killer Run and fight to the death. Here are the contestants. Tyler, Sam, Kyle, Royen, Lemon, the Kids from Block KG4, Kili, and Safire.


After they all saw that Safire was in the Run, wildcat was contestants and sat on the bed saying nothing.

I’ll go in her place.” Alice said sitting on the bed next to Wildcat.

Alice you don’t need to do that.” Safire said.

Safire I don’t want you to die, Alice I thank you.” Wildcat said as Alice went out of the room to speak with Zachariah Stone about the Run.

Zachariah, I need to speak with you, now!” Alice yelled as she bursted into the room.

Oh, Alice, how can I help you.” He said with a big grin on his face.

Take Safire out of the Run and put me in her place.” Alice said as Zachariah offered her a seat. “She’s a little child, you can’t put a young kid in the games if they can’t fight. Zachariah, what if it was your child in her shoes and you couldn’t do anything about it, what would you do?” Alice said.

Well, I would do is the same thing you’re doing right now.” He said looking at a photo of his wife and sons. “Ok, I’ll let you go in her place.”

Thank you Sir. You’re not as rude as I thought.” Alice said giving him and nod and leaving the room. Alice came to block 12 and everyone was with Kili, who that was petting Mud Muzzle.

Kili what’s wrong?” Alice said coming into his room.

Alice, I don’t want you to go into the Run, I don’t want you to die, I-I love you with the deepest of my heart. Please, Alice.” He said running up to her and hugging her.

Kili, I’ll be fine, trust me everything will be fine.” Alice said closing her eyes and hugging him back.

That night everyone stayed in block 12 and picked rooms to sleep and waited for the Killer Run tomorrow. The girls went to Alice’s room, the boys went to Tatanka’s room, but Alice and Kili stayed in his room and went to sleep.

The following morning Zachariah called out to everyone on the intercom to come to the stadium for the Killer Run. Everyone made their way to the court. Alice and Kili saw Scar Fang with a uniform on and was standing at the starting line.

Scar Fang what are you doing?” Alice said going up to him as Scar Fang saw Alice and her clothing, she was wearing a dress that was violet and sky blue, it looked like it was stitched.

Alice, I took the place of Sam, and you.”

I took the place for Safire.” She said as he wouldn’t stop looking at her.

Come on Alice,” Kili said taking Alice’s hand and went to the other side of the court.

Zachariah sounded the gun and everyone ran. One by one the kids from Block KG4 took the missiles that were hooked into the ground and shot everyone from behind, but Scar Fang, Alice, and Kili dodged the missiles and ran past the kids. Alice turned into her wolf and Kili turned into his snowy owl and they both went to the next checkpoint. Two of the kids from Block KG4 came to the checkpoint and Scar fang came through the doors and he was all wounded, but he was as well and a old man. The two kids started to attack the three remaining contested. They all fought, but Scar Fang was done when one kid took the arrow that was in his chest and stuck it deeper into his chest. Kili came up to the one of them and struck him down, but there was one more and she went to the final checkpoint. Alice and Kili came to the last checkpoint and they had to stay on a tile for 5 minutes and get to the other side without falling and the tile would adamantly disappear without stepping on it. The tree were making their way when all hell broke lose and half of the tiles were falling and Alice came to Kili and they made their way to the finish line when the girl from Block KG4 came from behind and saw that the tile underneath her was disappearing she grabbed Alice and they fell, but Alice grabbed onto the tile where she was with her legs and was hanging and the other girl fell to her death.

Alice!” Kili yelled as he ran to her and then the tile started to fade.

Kili, just go I’ll be fine, go!” She said as the tile disappeared and she fell.

Alice!” Kili yelled and everyone in the crowd stood up and saw that she fell into the darkness.



Heading back to Block 12 everyone was miserable.

It’s all my fault, If I didn’t let her go this wouldn’t of happened.” Wildcat said as Safire came up to her and gave her a hug.

It’s no ones fault, no one made her join the run, she wanted to protect Safire.” Tatanka said as Joe, Viperes, Kili, and Jumping Jack came to the three and they all went to Block 12. They saw Mountain Cat setting on Alice’s bed and they came to see what he was doing. Kili came to him and saw Alice sleeping like a little pup.

How long have I been falling? I can’t tell if I’m falling of floating. I should’ve hit the spikes by now. I should be dead.” Alice thought as she slept and smelled a cat.

Don’t worry, you’re alright now.” A voice said petting Alice’s head.

Mountain Cat what happened?” Tatanka said.

When she was falling I came through the darkness and brought her here.” Mountain cat said. “Oh and I must tell you all something. When she wakes she will not know anyone. Well, I mean anyone that she has met here, and she will know why she’s here and her past but from the first day she met Kili and the others will be gone from her memory.”

So she will be known as Rozene, meaning rose.” Tatanka said going to alice and petting her head.

Yes, we did call her that along time before, and that was her birth name, we just called her Alice for a nickname, for her being mischievous.” Wildcat said.

That fall really got her, well before I got her I saw her body like curved around the spikes that were at the bottom of the pit.

Lets go everyone, she needs to sleep.” Tatanka said kissing her on the head and Kili kissed her on the cheek.

Remember me, I love you.” He whispered and they left the room and Sefire and wildcat slept in the room to make sure she was ok and be there if she wakes.

I been falling for longer than I thought. I would expect to hit the spikes by now. It’s so dark I can’t see anything. If I’m falling why do I smell cats, Tatanka, and Kili.” Alice slept and then her memory went back to when she was a little pup.

A long time ago Alice, now known as Rozene was being sent to the Black Death Prison for a crime that she didn’t do over the years she came there she found Tatanka and the rest of the village kids.

As she slept she felt a different feeling that she didn’t know what it was.

This feeling is strange,” she thought as she concentrated on the feeling and felt a hand and a kiss. As she opened her eyes in the dream she saw a face that she saw before, but didn’t know where. She stared at the face and heard it say,

Remember me,” It said as it faded. Alice was staring in shock and remembering the face, smell, and voice.

Mongwau, where are you!” Alice yelled as she woke and sat upright in her bed.

Rozene, why did you call out for an owl.” Wildcat said coming to her.

I’m not sure.” She said rubbing her head as the Alarm went off and they headed to the cafeteria. “All I can remember is a face and it said, “remember me.” I can’t tell where I had heard that before.” Rozene said walking to the cafeteria when Tatanka came up from behind and hugged her. “Tatanka!”

Come on lets eat,” Kili said petting Mud Muzzle on the head as Rozene saw him, but all she did is smile. They came to sit at a table and Kili sat next to Rozene and Sefire.

Hey, Alice,” he said as Sefire ate her potatoes.

Micaje Rozene, Aniish na?” she said as Kili gave her an odd look.

I’m Kili,” he said.

Rozene, stop talking in Native tongue.” Tatanka said as they all ate.

His the owl you called out for back in the room.” Sefire said hugging her rabwolf.

You’re an owl?” Rozene said looking at Kili.

Well, yeah, but I’m also a wolf,” he said eating some chicken.

Could he be the Mongwau that I saw in the dream?” she thought as Tatanka watched her.

Rozene, what are you doing?” Tatanka said.

I seen an owl in my dream, but it’s nothing.” Rozene said eating her food saying nothing else.

Do you think that when Kili kissed her on the forehead that made a shield where that he would stay in her memory?” Wildcat said to Tatanka.

It’s possible.” he said looking at Rozene glancing at Kili and then turning back to her plate.

The next day Rozene was laying in her bed when she dreamt of the owl.

What do you want, leave me alone!” She yelled at the owl, but it wouldn’t leave.

Alice, I want to stay with you, I want to protect you, I love you.” the owl said as Rozene turned and growled at the owl.

I don’t need anyone protecting me leave me alone!” She yelled turning a round and sat on the ground. The owl went to Rozene and came from behind and hugged her as she tried to get away, but she felt a refreshing feeling in her heart.



She bit the arm of the owl and ran to a safe distance.

Leave!” She yelled as she woke when she heard Kili yell in pain. She went to his room and saw him holding his arm as blood seeped from a bite mark that was very deep. Rozene came up to him and chanted a healing curse in Native tongue and the bleeding stopped, but there was a bite scar. Rozene sat of the end of the bed when Kili hugged her and,

Thanks, Maengun.” Kili said as Rozene turned to look at him.

How do you know the word wolf?” She asked him.

An old friend taught me.” He said holding her handing showing a dove that he drew on her rest when she was laying on the bed from the fall.

You are the Mongwau.” Rozene said as Safire came into the room and gave Rozene a bell on a necklace and Kili put it around her neck.  

What’s this?” Rozene asked.

It’s from the chief of the bison clan.” Safire said.

Why is he giving it to me.” Rozene said as the bell jingled.

The chief was murdered last night by a tiger.” Tatanka said coming into the room and Rozene ran to him as he fell.

Tatanka!” she said came to him and sat him to the bed.

What happened to you.” Kili said getting a warm rag and Rozene patted his wounds.

I was at the clan to guard the border.” Tatanka started, “I was standing there with my gun. I was ordered to make sure that no tigers would go into the gate. I stood there and then Bang, Boom, Crash, tigers came from everywhere and they attacked me and I nearly came out alive.” He finished as he passed out.

Tatanka!” Rozene yelled as she went to him,

Rozene, he’s sleeping relax.” Kili said as they let him rest and they went into the hall and Rozene headed to Block 13 that was full of cats and found Scar Fang that was not dead, but he lost his left eye and his tail and he looked like crap.

Tiger, you dare go across the border and Killed the chief of the bison clan, you’re going to die!” Rozene said turning and growled at the tiger. “I’m supposed to protect the clan from anyone who would ever hurt them!” She yelled at him as He ran to her and pinned her to the wall and she was snapping at him trying to escape, but he was too strong.

Get off me!” she yelled as she turned back.

I told you I would have you and make you mine, you, she-wolf.” Scar Fang said as Kili came running in and tackled Scar Fang, but he was thrown at the wall.

“Scar fang get off!” Rozene yelled and bit him on the neck and sunk her teeth deep into his flesh.

*Growl* Scar Fang yanked back and Rozene kicked him between his legs.

I told you not to touch me and now you’re as weak as a wounded deer.” Rozene said as Mud Muzzle helped Kili from the floor and Rozene growled at the other cats and went to block 12. That following evening Zachariah came to Block 12 to wish Rozene a happy birthday.

You’re 16 and I wish you a good birthday.” He said giving her a present.

I might be 16, but how is it a good birthday if I have to stay in this hell?” Rozene said taking the envelope.

Well open the envelope and read it.” Zach said as Rozene opened the envelope and saw that it was a card for anything that she wishes for.

What I wish is to see Raven and the pack again and to see my grandparents and the clans.” Rosen said as the card glowed with bright red light and everyone in block 12 went to Raven’s castle.

I’m going to the bison clan see yall ladder.” Tatanka said waving bye and disappeared over the hill.

Come on lets go see Raven.” Rozene said as they went into the den and found a new face.



Who are you?” Rozene said as a coywolf came to the group of kids.

You must be Rozene or more known as Alice.” The coywolf said. “I’m Sam, nice to meet you all.”

This is Kili, Safire, Jumping Jack, Wildcat, and there’s a bison with us, but he went to see the bison clan, his name is Tatanka.” Rozene said as Raven came from her study and saw Rozene.

Alice, your home, I see that Zach gave you the cards.” She said hugging Alice. “I see you all met Sam the new bata.”

Yeh, Oh Tatanka wanted me to tell you that he’ll be here soon, he had to check on the bison clan first.” Rozene said.

Ok, come everyone wants to see you.” Raven said as they went to the main room of the castle. Sitting at the bar was Akela, Patch, Enapay, and the other brothers. Cooking in the kitchen was Mason and Bella, Chitto’s mate. Ice and and her children were playing cards, but Snow was sleeping by Ice’s feet in her wolf form.

Where’s Kishara and Kitsune?” Rozene said as everyone went to the bar and met everyone, but Kili and Safire stayed with Rozene.

They’re in the spirit world visiting Nakai, Kekoa, Myarik, and Shoku. Kishara is trying to bring her daughter and son-in-law back to life.” Raven said as the three friends went to Kishara’s room, came the bed and Rozene told them to stay as she went into the spirit world. Rozene came to a mountain and found Kishara, Kitsune, Nakai, and Kekoa.

Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather!” Rozene said running to them and hugging them all.

Rozene! You haven’t come and seen us for so long.” Kekoa said.

I couldn’t I had the games at Black Dead Prison.” Rozene said.

What kind of games?” Nakai said

They have games to the death, like Black Death Cage, Killer Run, and Bloody Flag.” Rozene said sitting on the ground.

How could they do that, dose Zach know?” Kishara said.

Zach is in charge of the prison. They don’t give a crap to what happens to anyone in the prison. So far I’m the one on their hate list, but I’m too smart and I have friends that care for me.” Rozene said as she went to Nakia’s room where Kili was and she tripped over the chest that was in the middle of the room sending a vibration throughout the castle.

In the room Kili was holding Rozene as Cana came in and tackled Kili making him fall to the ground. As Rozene felt Cana licking her on the face she woke in Kili’s arm. As she opened her eyes and she saw that Kili was passed-out and Safire was trying to get Cana off of them.

Cana, off!” Rozene said as Cana sat down. Rozene and Safire was helping Kili when Kishara and Kitsune came back from the spirit world and saw Kili laying in the floor and Kitsune helped him and Kishara got a cold rag and put it on his head.



As Kili slept Tatanka came and gave Kishara a hug and casted a curse to bring people back from the dead. When the full moon came high into the sky Tatanka brought Nakai and Kekoa back to the present.

Nakai, Kekoa welcome back.” Tatanka said as Kishara and Kitsune hugged them and everyone else welcomed them back.

Where’s Alice?” Nakai asked as Kishara took her hand and went to her room where Rozene was.

Alice.” Nakai said coming to her and hugging her.

Mother, you’re here, I mean in the flesh.” Rozene said hugging Nakai back. In Nakai’s room Kili was getting up and went downstairs where he met Kekoa and was getting judged by the two men. As they all were having a face off Alice and her mothers came from the upstairs and,

Introducing the Grand Niece of The Wolf Chief.” Kishara said as Alice came done and Kili was dumbstruck and Kekoa was proud of his daughter and discussed by Kili’s remark, but he could tell the same in Kili  and Alice as it did for him and Nakai a long time ago.

Three days went by and one of the Raven Clan messengers came to Raven’s pack and told her that the Great Raven had died. They all came to the ceremony, but the Wolf Chief didn’t go anywhere near the funeral, so Rozene went to set with him. As the day went by they all went to the Raven Clan to share their grief and the loving times they had. As Rozene was taking some food to the chief one of the kids in the clan came running to Rozene and ran into her.

Rozene, its the chief of the Wolf Clan, he’s drinking out of control!” The kid said as tears came from her eyes.

Ok, ok, I’ll see what I can do.” Rozene said going off to look for the chief.

Grandfather, where are you!” She said looking for the chief. Then  she found him at the river. “Grandfather!” She ran to him but it was too late, he jumped from the cliff. “Grandfather!” She ran to the cliff and saw that there was nothing as the water hit the rocks and all she could do is set there still and do nothing.

*Rusle Rusle*, Rozene turned and saw Tatanka come from the bushes.

What are you doing?” he said going to Rozene’s side.

The Wolf Chief jumped from the cliff.” She said.

No he didn’t look,” Tatanka said as the chief was eating a deer carcass.

What, but I saw him,” Rozene said as Tatanka turned into a bison and Rozene got on his back and they went back to the clan.

When they came Wildcat and Kili was standing there for them.

Hey baby, hows our baby?” Tatanka said hugging wildcat and put his hand on her belly.

He’s fine,” She said as Kili and Rozene stared in shock.

Wait, what, you’re Pregnant?!” She said.

Yeah, with a little boy.” Wildcat said as Kili had his jaw dropped opened.

How are you going to take care of it when its born if we’re in the prison?” Rozene said as Nakai came up to them with her father-in-law at her side.

I’ll be taking care of him till they get out.” she said taking the chief to the healing elder. “See you all ladder.”

Ladder mom,” Rozene said as she went to the hot springs to relax in the nice hot water. As she was relaxing Wildcat came to the hot spring and soaked.

How are you pregnant?” Rozene said.

Well, you see when two people love each other they…” Wildcat said as she was broke off.

No, I don’t need to hear that!” Rozene said as she started to sink deeper into the water and started to fall asleep in the warmness. Two hours went by, Kili came to Rozene and sat next to her just staring at her.

You’re as beautiful as a rose,” Kili said as he sat at the bank of the spring and petted the one he loves. He leaned down and kissed her as she woke,

What are you doing?” She said opening her eyes.

I just want to spend time with the one I love.” Kili said as he picked her out of the water in his arms.

Kili, put me down!” Rozene said trying to get down.

How I’m I going to get you to be quiet?” he said as he kissed her once more and she gave into the warmness of his body. As the time suck away the moon came up and shone down on the two couple. Then Mud Muzzle came to them and tackled them and they fell to the ground. As Rozene sat on the ground with kili behind her she turned into her wolf and went to the village to get some clean clothes.



That night the chiefs of the village had a meeting. As the kids were getting ready to go to the prison Kishara sent Canna’s pup Crescent with Alice to send word to them about the prison. Rozene Put the pup into her bag and Mud Muzzle was by her side as they ripped a card that said, Time to go back to the Black Hell Summer Camp. As Alice ripped the card they were transported to the prison in the courtyard, where they found Rave, the daughter of Akela, that they thought was dead when she was born and they sent her to an orphanage.

Ghost!” She said hugging her cousin.

Rave, but you were at the orphanage, how did you get here.” Rozene said.

I killed all the people in charge just to see you, my little dark one.” Rave said petting Alice on the head as Kili came up to them. “Oh, I see you got yourself an owl-wolf.”

Rave this is…” Alice started, but she was broke off.

Kili, Tatanka, Wildcat, and Safire.” Rave said as she came up to Safire and scratched her neck.

How, do you know Rozene?” Kili asked.

Oh, you call Alice, Rozene, I never called her that, I called her Alice or little Dark One, but now I call her Ghost. Anyway, I’m the daughter of Akela, but I look more like my grandmother, I was born, but I didn’t move, I was in a state where I was like dead so they thought that I wouldn’t make it so they put me in the orphanage, but I killed the people and now I’m here.” Rave said petting Alice.

So you nevered told them that you’re alive?” Alice Asked.

I told Kishara, so she probably told the others.” she said as Tatanka gave her a letter that Raven wrote.

Raven told me to give this to a girl that was dead, so I guess that’s you.

Dear Rave,

It gave me great pleasure to learn of your existence. I would like you to know that I will offer you a place to call home if and when you need it.You will always have a place in my house and my heart. I have missed watching you grow and thrive. I would love to be able to meet you if you wish the same. Reply with a time and place and I shall be there.

                                           Love your Grandmother,


P.S. You aren’t as dark as they say you are?


Rave read the letter and said her goodbyes and went to write her back. The others went to the blocks and Alice let Crescent out of the bag and took report on the prison. Kili, Alice, and  Tatanka went to the gym. when they came there they saw that all the Block 13 cats were there and they went to the gym at Block KG4.


Rave wrote her grandmother a letter.


Dear Raven,

I would love to meet the one that everyone says I resemble. For your question I am as dark as they say, I killed all the people at the orphanage. I would like to spend time with you and everyone Alice told me a lot  of our family.





In the gym of Block KG4 alice was training with Vipers and the boys were at the weights.

Little Dark One.” Rave said coming to Alice and petting her on the head.

What?” Alice said as a kid name Eric came to the gym. He was a white-gray wolf with gray hands that looked like gloves. He has black hair, he wore black pants, no shirt, and boots.

Hey Ghost, Kili.” he said petting Alice on the head. “Oh you to, Red Eyes.” he said as he went to the punching bag.

Hey, Eric.” Rave said as she watched him. As he left Vipers was training with Alice and she slammed her in the wall, but Alice got back up and scratched her on the face. They both fought and it ended when Alice pushed Rave into the back of Eric and they fell.

Sorry Eric.” Rave said standing up.

It’s ok Red Eyes.” He said standing and patting her back as she blushed.

Haha, hey Kili they would be cute together, huh?” Alice whispered to Kili and they both laughed.

Whats so funny?” Rave said going to the punching bag.

Nothing…… Hahahaha!” Alice said as calm as she could, but she bursted out laughing as Vipers tried to attack Alice, but she grabbed her arm and flung her to the wall. Rave smelled Joe, but she was too busy talking to Eric, so he  came in and put his hand on Alice’s shoulder when she grabbed his arm, flipped him, holding his arm slams him on the ground and stepping on his chest.

Try that again I’ll blast you!” She shouted at him and stretched out her hand as a wolf like mark came onto her hand with veins showing.

Dark one easy!” Rave said coming to Alice and taking her to her room.

Joe, I would leave and stay at your block and stay away from her for now.” Tatanka said taking Kili with him and went to Block 11.

Here,” Rave told Alice as she  gave her gloves to hide that marks. “How the hell did you get these marks?” Rave said looking at Alice’s hand as she was putting the gloves on.

When I was little I was in the woods hunting with my father. I got angry when I let a rabbit slip and the marks appeared on my hands, but it wasn’t strong enough, but now it is and my temper is more out of control then when I was little.” Alice said sitting on the bed. Alice and Rave went to the courtyard where Eric was setting on a bench and Alice went to a tree in the middle of the courtyard.

Ghost what are you doing.” Eric said as Rave sat under the tree and wrote in her book.

Nothing,” Alice said smiling. Alice jumped from the tree and went to the gym were the cat were and when she came she took off one of her gloves that showed the mark.

You all better leave before I blast you!” She shouted as she aimed at them and they all scatter except Scar Fang. “Leave!”

No, we have a right for being here and you’re not going to scare me!” he said as Alice aimed at him as a purple lighting came from her hand and she stood still, till Scar Fang ran to her and tied to grab her, but she shot the lightning and he went flying into the wall as it crumbled. Then the guards came to the gym and saw Alice that had the mark showing an then putting her glove back on as Doru came in and took her by the arm and dragging her to Zach’s office.

What is it now, you jerk.” Rozene said walking into the office as Doru slapped her on the head.

Sit,” Zach said. “This is about Wildcat. I need you to keep an eye on her and tell us when she is expecting.” he said as Alice broke him off.

Why would I tell you, how do I know that you might take that child and kill it, I know you, you murder.” Alice said as Doru slapped her on the head again.

You do know me better then you know. Everywell, but I do want you to keep your eye on her. You can go back now.” Zach said as Alice stood and shifted into her wolf and ran to Block 12.

Alice, what are you doing.” Wildcat said coming into her room as Alice was writing a letter that Crescent can take to  Raven and the others.

Dear Family,

Zach wants the baby and that once that child is born we need you to take that child before Zach dose.

Love, Alice


As Alice finished writing she tied it to Crescent’s collar. Crescent ran out of the prison to the castle.

Wildcat, Zach is wanting you child once he is born, but I’m not going to let him take it. I’ll going to keep and eye on you so I’m going to shift into my wolf.” she said shifting and they went to Block 11. Wildcat went to Tatanka and Alice went to Safire’s room.

Tatanka, I’m not so sure of this anymore. I mean we need to get out of here before Running bird is born.” Wildcat said as she started crying when Tatanka wrapped his arms around her and told her that everything is going to be ok, for they have Alice.



As night fell everyone went to bed, but Alice stayed up keeping watch on Block 11 and 12. As she was scouting she heard a sound that made her ears shake in pain. She kept ramming her head into the wall when Kili came to the sound of her and held her in his arms trying to get her to calm down.

Its ok,” he said as the ringing stopped and Alice fell asleep from the sound, for it had and solving soft sound that will relax the ears of an animal and make them fall asleep. Kili took alice to her room and he kept an eye on her as Mud Muzzle, that Kili put his headphones on her so she wouldn’t be able to hear the sound that Alice heard. She was walking through the hall keeping an eye on Wildcat when a robot came through the doors of Block 12 and sent an acid called Hydrofluoric flying in the air straight at Mud Muzzle, but she dodged the acid and broke that robot and went back to the room.

As the bell rang for lunch everyone went to the cafeteria and saw that Alice and kili wasn’t there. In Kili’s room Alice was waking up. She smelled an odd smell coming from Wildcat and Tatanka’s room. She came to the room and saw that the child known as Running Bird was laying on the bed and its mother was no where in site. Alice went up to the child and saw that he had the ears and tail of Wildcat and the fur and horns as Tatanka. The baby was as quiet as a mouse. He was wrapped up in Tatankas old baby blanket. Alice laid with the infant and sang a song that her grandmother sang to her when she was an infant.

This is me, this is you, you are a golden angel that fell done to this world to bring good and harmony. You are strong, you are mighty, for you have me, here with you little one. I will stay as long as the end of time I will protect you from harm, I will see you grow as tall as a tree. You are a golden angel the fell to this world.” she finished as Kili came into the room and hugged her.

That was beautiful, I hope that you could sing that to our child one day.” He said as he kissed her and she kissed him back.

We need to get this child to safety.” Alice said taking the child in her arms and using telepathic she told Wildcat that she’s going to take that child to Kishara from the spirit world.

Few minutes went by and Alice went to the spirit world with Running bird as Kili stood watch. Once in the spirit world Alice found her mother and gave Running Bird to her and they hugged and went their separate ways.

Four years went by and everyone are grown and Wildcat and Tatanka went to the bison clan to see Running Bird. Kili and Alice are now married and are expecting a child. They both are excited and yet afraid of what will happen, for they are first parents and they’re living in hell.



Few months went by and the child was born, but Alice and Kili couldn’t see their child, for that Doru had her drones sink out the infant and she took her to Zach. He abandoned the infant in the woods outside the prison. As she was laying in the forest a pack of wolves found her and the female alpha of the pack pleaded to her mate and she soon took the child into the pack.

Over the months the infant grew and her wolf brothers called her Tala, meaning wolf. One day Tala was dressed in a dark samisen color, with black lace and black designs on the dress and a black belt. She had white hair with light blue tips. Her brothers and her went to the forest line as they ran up the hill and they came to the prison. As they were about to go closer to the prison, their mother called them back. One day When she was alone and the pack went to hunt she went to investigate the new building.

Why, I would never thought that I would ever see you again and all grown up.” A voice said coming from the shadows.

Who are you!” Tala shouted at the man.

I’m Zach the instructor of  this camp.” He said trying to be sly.

A camp? It looks more like a prison!” She shouted as Doru slapped her on the head.

You’re a lot like your mother, always back talking.” she said as Tala fell to the floor and Doru took her into the prison and Zach watched the forest as two timber wolves stared at him.

Give us our sister you half-witted human.” The elder wolf said in a low growl voice. He was a light brown-gray timber wolf and he was known as Adahy.

If not we will sink our fangs in you human.” the youngest said with a growl voice, but it was not as deep as Adahy. He was a scarlet color with mud splattered on the fur. He was known as Enyeto, meaning walks as a bear. Zach stared at the two and then they ran into the deepest parts of the forest.

In the prison Doru took the girl to the quiet room to have Zach to take control of her. Doru left and Tala started to wake and as she did she found out that she was chained up. She started to growl and howl for her mother.

Now, now little one you don’t have to be scared.” A figure said coming from smoke in the middle of the room.

Who are you!” She growled at the figure.

I’m Doku and I’m Shoku,” Doku said turning into Shoku. “We are one.”

What do you want?” Tala said with her growl going down.

We are here to tell you that your parents are here an they are wanting to see you.” Shoku said going to Tala and patting her head. At the moment Zach came in and Shoku and Doku vanished from the room. Tala growled and snarled at Zach and once he took the chain off she rushed out of the room to the blocks.

All guards on deck, there is a wolf child lose in the prison.” Zach said on the intercom and Kili went to Alice and told her everything. Running through the halls and blocks, Tala came to a room and turned on the lights and saw that it was a room for meats everywhere there was skinned and brutally murdered animals. Tala screamed and ran out of the room right into a boy that was walking to his block. This boy was a spirit dhole, but he didn’t look like a spirit. He had a red rust to the fur, had Black hair with scarlet high-lights, he had a gray T-shirt and black pants. His eyes glowed an amber color. He was beautiful.

Grrrrr!” Tala snarled at the boy.

Easy, names Keba and you.” He said holding his hand out to her. She pozzed and then said taking his hand, “Tala. Why are you helping me, aren’t you with Zach?” She said as they went to his block in the deepest parts of the prison.

I hate Zach, I help the spirits, who help the ones like you.” Keba said as they went to a room that was bigger than the others. In the room there was spirits of all kinds.

Follow me.” Keba said taking Tala’s hand and taking her to her mother that was talking to one of the spirit antelopes.

Alice, I found your daughter.” Keba said as Alice looked at him and Tala.

What? Thats not my mother.” Tala said snapping at Keba’s hand and going out of the room. As she left the guards were waiting for her and they grabbed her, but she attacked them and she ran out of the halls and came to the stadium where Kili and one of the snakes from Block KG4 were fighting. She ran as one of the guards was running after her and she came to Kili and hid behind him.

What, huh?” Kili said as he looked shock.

Give us the wolf-child.” The guard said as Kili protected Tala.

Go back to your boss and leave us or do I need to call my wife.” he said as he growled and turned into his wolf and chased the guard off and came back to Tala.

What’s your name kid.” He said kneeling to her.

I’m Tala, nice to meet you sir.” Tala said as she smelled a warming smell.

I’m Kili, you are a wonderful young girl, where’s your mother.” He said.

My mother is Hehewuti, the mother of the wolf pups in the forest, my brothers and me call her the great spirit wolf. You look like me when I turn into my wolf.” She said as she turned and showed Kili her wolf.

You do look like me and you look like my wife.” Kili said as Vipers and Alice came to where Kili was.

See, that’s your daughter.” Vipers said as Alice looked at Tala and she growled at her.

Your not my mother! My mother is the great wolf spirit, Hehewuti.” Tala said as Keba came in and showed Tala a glass ball that held the memory of Tata and her parents.

Here look into this.” Keba said as Tala saw her true parents.

Zach took you away from them when you were born and Hehewuti raced you and treated you like her daughter.

Over the weeks Tala grew fond of her true parents, but she missed her Wolf Mother and Brothers. Raven haired of all the things that went on in the prison and to know that her great great niece was in the prison and at a young age that was the last straw. Her, the spirits and the animals were planning a war to destroy the prison.



Three weeks went and they all went down to the battlefield and the war started, but the spirits had not arrived yet. Zach was mighty, but the animals are much stronger. Raven’s pack and the animals of the forest fought strong and many lost their lives, but the Wolf Mother fought stronger than any of Zach’s solders. She,her pup, and including Tala went forward and fought harder than they ever did before. Raven and her pack soon joined in and they fought till and spirits arrived. Keba came to Tala and helped fight.

Hours went by and the spirits arrived on the battlefield and Raven went to the spirit captain and they sent for Spark, the magic girl that married a vampire. She came and blasted fire balls and everything went up in flames. As the smoke settled Alice and Kili went to find Tala and they found her laying on the ground holding a little dhole pup in her arms. Her parents picked her up and told Hehewuti,

Take care of her and she belongs with her wolf family that can teach her that ways of the forest and spirits. She can come to Raven’s place when ever she wants. Hehewuti agreed and the two parents kissed their daughter on the head and left the forest.

Three months went by and the three kids of Zach went to where the Black Death Prison once stood. They came to the wreckage and were looking for any sign of their father and any memories of him. They stepped over the fallen beams and came to the stadium where the games were held once a month. Passing the stadium they went past the cafeteria where they all ate and laughed. Pass that was the office of Zach, but it was no more. They went to where the door once stood and they came upon an unexpected site. It was the remains of their father, the twins kneeled and prayed that he’ll rest in peace. They went to were the desk used to be and looked for the records of their father. After finding it they decided to leave this place and never return, but the brother wanted to rebuild the prison like his father, the twins wanted to leave and let the forest rebuild itself. As they were arguing the great spirits of the forest that once stood before the prison was built. The spirits were rebuilding the forest, but the bother of the twins tried to stop the spirits, he was stopped by the timber wolf pack and Hehewuti. When the twin’s brother got through the wolves to the spirits. Tala saw him and put her Silver fox head on. She ran to the boy and struck him in the shoulder with her iron claws that she had made from Arrow heads and leather from a bison hide. She kept attacking him when her wolf mother called her off and her wolf brothers came to her.

The wolf pack helped the spirits regrow the forest and Zach’s kids let the forest spirits and animals at peace. Everyone left and everyone lived in harmony.