Super Mammal

Super Mammal

Book 1

By: Misty Crump and Journey Kendall
















One stormy night, an old scientist, who wore a lab coat, with slick black hair with hints of gray in it. He was working on an experiment of fusing human blood and animal blood so he could help his son that was nearing death. Five minutes later he found the formula and took a slender tube like device and sucked up the two bloods and injected it into his son.

Out in the hall was Aqua, the family dog, saw what the man was doing his work and sat by the door waiting for her master to get done. He was setting in a chair that was right by his son. A few minutes later the blood was not settling in his son’s body and he soon died.

For the man, he was not affected by his son’s death and soon unplugged everything and turned out the lights. He came out of the room, saw Aqua and patted her on the head.

“I don’t want you going in here, now come pup,” he said as they both headed to his room to sleep. After the man fell asleep Aqua woke and went to the room that she wasn’t allowed in, but out of curiosity she walked in and saw the lifeless body of the boy and came closer to him.

Then there was a rustle sound coming from under the blanket and then a mouse jumped out and startled her. She yelped and leaped back and ran into the vials of blood and she became unconscious.

After she arose into conscious, she could feel her body changing at an extremely fast rate, but she didn’t know what was changing. Alarmed, she quickly ran out of the room and out of the doors of the house. Only the house was no more in the forest and her mind was pleasantly foggy, like a dream.

She dreamily wandered aimlessly until the sun was long past rising. When she thought she could go no farther, a large building loomed on a forest crowded hill. Upon reaching the edge of the clearing that surrounded the school’s entrance, she felt a surge of pain roll up her spine.

The pain extended down through her bones. They started to crack and shrink. Her jaw and her teeth started to collapse down creating a searing flash of pain that put her almost to unconsciousness. Her back started to straighten itself, creating a series of loud cracks down her vertebrae. Digging them into the earthy soil, her paws stretched into fingers and toes in one fluid movement.

The night grew into dawn as her fur began to fall away, leaving her clothed in a simple midnight blue day dress. Her long brown hair fell across her face, and she irritatedly brushed it back with her new fingers only for it to fall right back. Trying to get used to her new body, she tried a few steps, stumbling a little but doing fine.

Hesitantly she walked to the front door. A trio of girls blocked her way. Though her new senses weren’t as strong as her old ones she could tell they were triplets, who smelled strangely of cats. Just now noticing, she realized they all had matching uniforms that bore a crescent moon over the chest.

“Who are you?!” The girls demanded simultaneously, “We are the Night Guards.”

“It’s our job to know everyone here at Demon Academy.” The one on the right said.

“And we don’t know you,” the one on the left said.

“Leave her alone,” a boy said approaching from behind them, “she has to talk to the principle.” His black hair brushed his shoulders and long eagle feathers adorned his hair. His black leather boots clacked on the last step, and his uniform was untamed and very rebel like.

“What’s your name wolf girl, I am Jack, chief of security.” He said with a hint of pride.

“I’m… Buru, and how did you know I was a wolf?” she said hesitantly deciding on her new name.

“I could smell you a mile away, you she-wolf,” Jack said. “This is the Academy, come, I’ll show you around.”

“Jack, the counselor wants you for enforcements around the western side!” Said a girl with long golden hair and dark red horns that gradually lighted that curved around her cheekbones.

“Hi, I’m Shoku”, she said politely, her white wolf ears perking up at the newcomer.

“I’m Buru,” She replied, rather curious about her new acquaintance.

“I’ll show you around, I have been here longer than anyone really,” Shoku said merrily, heading down the hallways with scattered rooms.

“The Academy has five dorms, there’s the Lab Rats, the ones who experiment with science or have been tested on. The Wolves, who are like you and me. The Fighters, who usually are large titan-sized people who like to crush others. The Cute Fuzzies, pretty self explanatory, and then you have the Feathered. They are pretty much are any variety of bird hybrids. So to recap you’ve got your brains, jocks, cheerleaders, fighters, slackers, nerds, and the… others.” Shoku said breaking off, “Come let’s go to your dormitory, you’re in the Wolves dorm like me.”

“What about….” Buru broke off remembering she was supposed to see the principal.

“Oh yeah, the principal… here I’ll take you to him,” Shoku said leading her by the arm to the center of a long maze.


After a hour of filling out papers and figuring out schedules, Buru finally had an idea of what she was getting into. The Academy was a school for those who couldn’t attend normal schools or wanted a specific classed that no one else offered.

Liking the idea and realizing she knew little, she instantly applied for a majority of the simple classes. When the hassle of the extraordinary day had finally taken it toll on her, Shoku took her to her room where she collapsed upon the fluffy bed and fell fast asleep.


The early morning of the next day at the beginners combat class there was a boy named Thorin. He had golden hair with green highlights, he had no shirt – just black pants. He had wolf ears with green on the tips and evergreen flames trailing up his arms. He was assigned to a dummy station and was supposed to ‘kill’ them before the timer went off.

“What’s your weapon, Buru?” Shoku asked grabbing a silver bow and a quiver of dull training arrows.

“My weapon will be…. the dagger, I guess.” Buru said grabbing the double-edged dagger.

Shoku headed up to the ringed targets. Buru parted her and nervously approached the dummies. She gradually learned several varieties of combat positions and applied them to different stations according to the variety. The teacher, a high elf, stayed in the corner watching the progress of his students.

After class when Shoku and Buru joined up in the hallway, an echo of a high pitched scream echoed throughout the marble halls. Everyone from the nearby classes hustled out to see what it was. Zeana, a shy transfer student, was standing over a cat girl whose throat was torn open and surrounded in a pool of creeping blood.

Jack, charged into the scene, his face grim, he instantly started calling, “backup,” and blocking the area before anyone else could see it. Everyone was staring at the body in horror, but they were quickly swept away by a flood of black uniforms.

Buru was the only one who knew what happened, so before the teachers started questioning students, she ran to her room.

“Move, move, there’s nothing to see here, just go to your rooms so we can get this sorted out… ALL OF YOU GO!” bellowed the professor of advanced witchcraft to those who were frozen in place, resistant to all outside forces. They shook out of their stupor and reluctantly walked away.

As Shoku was walking back to her room, she noticed that her newfound friend wasn’t there. She headed to the dormitory to see if Buru was there, but she saw Thorin, the one from combat class, demanding Buru to tell him what was wrong. Taking this as an abusive relationship situation, she stalks up to him and before she can react, she puts a roundhouse punch to his face.



“These fools won’t leave me alone,” Buru thought aloud to herself, “Thorin left the dorm, I’m finally alone.”

Buru fell against the corner and slid to the floor and took a deep breath as her eyes shut. She let the pain out of the memories like a waterfall and immersed herself in them. The eldest memory showed itself first, one that showed her true colors.

I was four when I discover the beast  inside of me,” her thoughts begin, “One day my older brother, Airbin, was bothering me I told him to knock it off, but he wouldn’t.

The next thing I know was that I turned into the beast and almost killed him. Then to day out in the hall there was a cat-girl, you would think no one would care, but she was one of the guards, I couldn’t contain myself from….”

That moment Shoku’s brother, Doku came in.

“Hi, you’re Buru, right,” he said with a questioning look on his face and a curious expression.

“Yes, why?” she asked with a guarded expression and an irritated tone.

“I know your secret,” Doku whispered with a grin as big as his face and his head cocked sideways. He darted out like flash of lightning, cackling the whole way.

He slipped into his class and then a girl, name Lime, she had light green everywhere, even her hair; though today she wore a pale yellow uniform and a pair of green rain boots.

She walked in and stumbled over some books and plopped heavily into Doku’s lap. Doku regained his signature grin on his face and Lime covered her face with her hands to hide her blushing.

After the incident they all headed to lunch. Buru, Thorin, Lime, and Doku got their trays and sat down and ate. The cafeteria doors suddenly swung open to reveal a girl completely dressed in black and had separated handcuffs on her hands – a rather stylish fashion – with jet black hair and neon red eyes.

“Who is that?!” Buru asked to her spirit wolf. “That is Raven the juvenile delinquent of the academy. She has killed a lot of people in the past and unlucky for you she is in the Wolf dormitory with you.” The spirit wolf said in Buru’s head as she looked up and saw that Raven went and sat at a lonely table in the very back. By the way she walked, Buru could tell that this “Raven” girl radiated power and was not one to mess with. She looked like she could kill you with a look. But Buru noticed that she looked very sad and lonely. Maybe all she needs is a friend. She was interrupted when Doku stole everyone’s oranges and began to eat them. He started crying over the strange citrus fumes. Then Shoku came in and stared at him.

“Doku, why are you eating them if they burn your eyes?” Shoku said.


“I love them, I love the pain,” Doku said. Shoku went off to get her tray and Doku stuck his bright green forked tongue out at her. When she got back to the table she watched her brother make a fool of himself. Doku shoved all three of the oranges in his mouth. Buru looked over and saw Doku and let her mouth hang open in shock at his ridiculous .

“Jeez, Doku,” Buru said. Lime was laughing at him, Shoku was just staring at him, only mildly amused, and Thorin was looking at two new girls getting out of a limo on the other side of the windows. By the clothes they were rich and the older one, name Blue Lightning was snobbish and her younger sister was named Spark she was about nine years old, the same age as Lime. The four friends headed to their next class: Mythology. Mr. Dossler had assigned a Greek translation sheet the previous night. They turned in the worksheets on, “Pan, the god of nature,” in a bin near his desk.

“We’re going to learn about our ancestry. Each of you will receive a pamphlet on your personal ancestry and you will be creating a story on how you think they met. Due next week on Monday,’’ he said without much enthusiasm. And for the most part the class continued like this with the occasional snore from Doku that everyone ignored. The school bell awoke everyone from their stupors and a wide awake Doku, who had regained his sleep from class. He sat in his favorite corner of the hallway. If someone listened closely you can hear him chant,

‘’Tick, Tock, Goes Her Clock, Time Is Running Out. Tick, Tock, Goes The Clock, Winter’s Nearing.’’

Buru stalked her prey with relative ease. It was the newcomer Blue Lighting walking to her new dormitory. Buru inched closer and closer as she came upon her hiding spot, in a doorway. The door made an ominous creak as it opened to reveal the beast that once was Buru. Before the poor child could escape she was seized by Buru and pinned to the floor. She let out an air-shattering scream as her throat was viciously torn out in a frenzy of blood. As Buru shifted back to her normal looking self, there was footsteps sounding down the hallway. She looked frantically around but there wasn’t anywhere to hide, nothing had been brought in to fill the empty space. After a second of silence filled the hall, the corner Buru had admitted defeat in seemed to grow bigger as her relief filled her, or so she thought. Her quick exhale of breath had pinpointed exactly where she was to a certain someone. The small light that emitted from the hallway suddenly turned black as a figure seeped into the doorway, beside the corpse.

‘‘Oh no, what happened here?’’ the shadow cocked its head. ‘’Ahh, this one was hungry again. Tick Tock Went The Clock, She Has FED!!’’ The voice ended in a fit of uncontrolled giggles. Buru recognized the shadow and its voice, it was the mental Doku from before. She scowled as he reached down and stroked her cheek. She nipped him away. Doku stood up and ran towards his dormitory. When Doku slipped away, everyone was running to see what happened, that moment Buru stormed off and regrouped with the other children.

“Not again,” one kid said in the crowd with a cry of disbelief. On the other side everyone was just in shock. Doku came up behind Buru and tapped her on the shoulder and she whipped around.

“Here, this feather will help you contain the beast inside.” Doku said quietly. He stuck the feather in her tail and skipped, surprisingly merry, to Lime who blushed profusely.

Doku greeted her and then pulled Thorin over to a not-so-crowded corner and spoke to him in hurried notes explaining Buru’s situation from his intel from the spirits. Buru, oblivious to this conversation, was the only one that went to the dormitory, and laid curled up on her bed. Moments later Thorin came in and sat down on the bed.

“I know your pain of the past,” he began, “when I first saw you I knew something was up.”

“You don’t know my past!” Buru shouted, “get away from me, I’m a monster!” She swung her arm at him and curled up tighter. Thorin stood up and then hesitantly kissed her on the forehead. Buru just laid there as still as the stone statues that guarded the little academy.

That night Buru went walking out in the night and then she seen a winged figure in the night sky. Back in the closed section of the hall, Doku leaned over Blue Lightning and touched her forehead, then a flash of green light filled the dark halls as he brought her back.

“W-what happened, how did I get here,” Blue Lightning said looking down at her bloodied tattered robes. She got up and went to her dormitory.

Next day Raven and Buru were training in a room that had a simulator that allowed the surroundings look like a desert and as they were fighting a monster. Raven slashed it with a blood-slick sword which she placed back in it’s sheath. Then, with a large cracking sound, Doku flashed to existence, he took out his scythe and slashed at Buru, barely missing her neck.

However, the soft fabric of her shirt was easily sliced through and tore off of her body. She covered her breasts embarrassed as she turned into a wolf. Doku was about to finish her off when Thorin charged from behind and whacked Doku on the back of the head with a heavy watering bucket .

“Where the hell did you get that bucket!” Raven said right before a wave of sand swept her up and sent her tumbling.

“Raven!” Buru yelled as she tried to grab her arm but she was sucked halfway beneath the blistering sands.

“RUN NOW!” Raven screamed. Buru started running and was a few feet away when the ground shook as she stumbled and fell. She looked back to see what happened but Raven was no longer there but leering in her place was a huge hole in the ground and a deep growl rumbled through it. Terrified she would never see Raven again, she ran as tears streamed down her face.



Buru managed to get back to the academy in one piece. She collapsed heavily upon the soil and sat in silence. A winged figure swooped down with a flurry of autumn leaves and introduced himself to Buru.

“I’m Deshr,” he said taking a bow, “you must be Buru.” Taking her hand and kissing it. Buru pulled her hand away and slapped him.

“I don’t know who you are, but I will gladly kill you!” Buru said with her beast and uncontrolled emotions showing.

She ran to the school’s nearest entrance and ducked in. Deshr, behind her, trying to catch up to her stumbles and loses his pace. Buru lets out a big howl and then Shoku comes to her aid.

“Get away from her you freak!” Shoku bellows. Buru nipped at Deshr and ran to Shoku’s side. Then suddenly a blue winged figure swooped down from the heavens.

“Brother, leave these mortals and go back to Anubis,” the blue winged figure said.

“You’re Irtyu, the son of Horus,” Shoku said with some adoration. That moment Buru smelled fresh blood and ran to site of the smell. It was a deer-boy, Buru had never ate a deer-boy before, and her beast emerged from the body of Buru. What she didn’t know was that the school put cameras all over the halls. In the dormitory Doku was rocking back and forth on his feet in his favorite corner chanting.

“Tick, Tock, The Beast Has Killed,” He said with his big grin on his face.

Back in the hall Buru noticed the cameras and broke them a couple moments too late. After that the head of the school told everyone to come to the great halls to show the film. The crowd gasped and cried, but Thorin was the only one that knew who the culprit was. Thorin went into the woods and tried to find Buru, but what he didn’t know was that she turned into a wild wolf.

“Buru, where are you!” Thorin shouted and there were sounds of strange creatures.

“Stop your yelling or you’re going to get killed,” the wolf Buru said coming around from a tree.

“Buru, let’s get back to the school, we don’t know what’s in these woods.” Thorin said looking around the woods.

They were walking back saying nothing. Thorin took her hand and held it gently. Zeana, Shoku, Doku, and Lime saw them walking back and Zeana laughed, Lime and Doku smiled and then Buru jerked her hand away. Before Thorin left Buru he gave her a collar.

“This collar was made by the elf lords and it will cage the beast inside.” He said put the collar on her.

That night Thorin was walking to the dormitory and there were footsteps coming from behind. “Buru, if that’s you stop it, you’re freaking me out!” Thorin yelled trying to penetrate the shadows for movement.

“Why are you yelling into the darkness,” Buru said come up behind him.

“If you’re here who’s out there,” Thorin said looking down the dark halls. Buru smelled the air and took off the collar and starting to guard Thorin. A shadow was getting closer and closer. Buru was as brave as a bear and kept protecting a member from the pack. As the shadow got closer Buru recognized the stench of it.

“Deshr, why are you here why can’t you go to Anubis,” Buru said with a little of a growl in her voice. Buru started to run as her inner animal. She ran faster and faster and she was going to pounce till Thorin yelled at her to stop. Hades had called Deshr to come home.

“This isn’t over I will get what I want and you Buru,” he said. Buru went back to Thorin and snarled at Deshr. They both walked to the dormitory and Thorin was trying to hold her hand again.

“Thanks for helping me,” Thorin said smiling at Buru.

“Whatever,” Buru said closing her eyes and moved her hand from his.


The next day Buru was in the study working on a worksheet. Thorin was walking to the study when Deshr slashed him with Buru’s two sided dagger. Buru smelled the blood and ran to Thorin’s side.

“Thorin, what happened to you,” she said going down to him.

“Deshr, he staked me with your dagger,” Thorin said his voice strained and failing him.

“Thorin, don’t die,” she said, “Doku’s going to notice, just hold on,” she said trying to use her healing powers. In the dormitory Doku ran to Shoku.

“Tick Tock Goes The Clock, the heart beats deadlock!” Doku said

“What, I can’t understand you when you do riddles,” Shoku said

“Thorin is about to die!” Doku said cocking his head. They both ran down to where Thorin was and they saw Buru trying to heal him.

“Please, Thorin, if anything happened to you the Wolf leader would have my head.” She said yelling at him . Doku came up to both of them and leaned down and was about to touch Thorin. Then there was a green light that filled the halls and when the light faded Thorin woke in the west wing of the school, the hospital wing, and Blue Lighting was there.

“Thorin, when I first seen you I had dreams of you and me, but your with the wolf,” Blue Lightning said sitting on his bed. Deshr was hovering over the bed and hypnotized Thorin to fall in love with the first person he sees.

“When he wakes up he’ll see Blue Lightning and fall in love with her and Buru will be mine,” Deshr thought to himself. That night Thorin woke and saw Blue Lightning as she was walking with a friend in the hallway and fell instantly in love. Buru and Shoku were walking in the woods to see their wolves; the two girls with their keen hearing heard laughing coming from the school. Buru could see the school from where she was and it was Thorin and Blue Lightning.

“Huh, Thorin and Blue Lightning?” Buru said, shocked to see them both, her hands clenched in a tight fists.

“I sense something, like…,” a second later Shoku shrieked as Deshr appeared from the shadows of the woods.

“Garr, what do you want,” Buru said irritably.

“You!!” Deshr yelled pushing Shoku out of the way.

“Get away from me,” Buru yelled and screamed. Deshr pushed her up to a nearby tree and tried to kiss her. That moment Spark ran and shocked Deshr in the back and there was a black smoke and he was gone.

“Are you two okay?” Spark said helping Shoku up.

“Thorin’s dating your sister,” Buru said watching them.

“It was Deshr who hypnotized Thorin, and the first person he sees he falls in love with,” Spark said walking next to Buru.

The next day Buru went to the library to see if there were any books on witchcraft to see if she can lift the spell that Deshr caused. Doku came up to her,

“I heard what happened to Thorin,” he said putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Now, don’t go out and hurt yourself,” Doku said and went to the dormitory. That evening when they went to lunch Buru had a book in her hands.

“Buru, witchcraft do you really have to go there,” Shoku

“he‘s part of the wolf pack and if I don‘t do something the leader will have my head.” Buru said. Irtyu heard what happened and came right down and went to Thorin.

“May I speak to you,” he said going over to Thorin. “My brother hypnotized you and I know that your true love is Buru, but she doesn’t feel the same way. So figure it out.” Irtyu said putting his hand on Thorin’s forehead. That night Buru was with her wolves when Thorin came looking for her. Buru heard footsteps and smelled him coming closer.

“Shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend?” Buru said looking back at the wolves while one of them known by Aqua was growling at him.

“You’re the only one I would ever be with, Irtyu told me what happened so that’s why I’m here,” he said bending down and trying to hug her, but the wolves won’t allow it. Buru stood up and called the wolves off and she told a poem that the wolf Alpha told her,

“The past is the past and the present is now.

All it is, is nonsense.

Love comes and goes,

it is cancer waiting to kill.”


And looking at him she said,

“Let me make something clear to you, I DON’T LIKE YOU!” She yelled at him and shoved him to the ground.

She disappeared through the trees of the forest, so did the wolves and Thorin was left in the darkness. Thorin went to Doku who was in his corner.

“Why won’t Buru notice me?” Thorin said bending down by Doku.

“Well, the winter dance is come in three weeks, you could ask her to go with you,” Doku said rocking back and forth.



Three weeks before the dance and everyone’s getting ready, but Buru would rather be in limbo then there. When Thorin tried to ask Buru anything, all she did was walk away.

“Buru, why won’t you talk to me?” Thorin said putting his hand on Buru’s shoulder, but Aqua was growling at him when he got closer.

“The reason is that I don‘t like you, so stop pushing me and leave me alone!” Buru said petting Aqua and walking to the dormitory.

That night Buru and Shoku went hunting and turned into wild wolves. They smelled humans and Shoku was about to jump on one that she could see.

“Stop, their elves!” Buru yelled.

“Are they Thorin’s?” Shoku said looking back at Buru.

“No, I never seen them, we need to get back to the school,” Buru said. They both started to run and the elves were running after them, one of them tackled Buru and she was snapping at him.

“Buru, is that you?” the boy asked.

“Airbin, Bother?” Buru asked hugging him and the others and Shoku walked towards them, “You’re an elf fighter, what are you doing here.”

“I got better at fighting and I’m a dragon rider now,” Airbin said.

“We’re trying to find an orc that came here, we think that he is acting like one of the teachers.” One elf said rather bluntly.

“You can go ask the headmaster,” Shoku said guiding them to the school grounds. They all went to the school and Doku was yelling through the halls saying,

“Tick Tock Goes The Clock, I Am Going To Die!!” He yelled running from a teacher who was very ugly and someone they never seen before.

‘’ Over here!’’ Shoku managed to yell before the deranged creature behind him could grasp him in its grotesque fists. The orc came to a lumbering stop in front of the elves. The orc had drool coming down over its large jaws. That night Lime and Buru went to the woods to find berries. There was a flash of black smoke and on instinct Buru guarding Lime, then the shadow shoved Buru against a tree and went after Lime.

“Lime, hold on I’ll call Doku,” Buru yelled and she started to howl. Back in the dormitory Doku heard and went to the woods and slashed the shadow with his tail.

“Lime, you’re going to be alright, I promise,” Doku said taking her to the hospital wing.

“I’m afraid that she’s going to be in here till after the dance, the wounds are fatal,” the nurse said checking her heart beat. They all went to the dormitory were Buru was patching up her wounds.

“What happened to Lime,” Doku said not so mental.

“Deshr came through the shadows and he thought that Lime was me, she was wearing my jacket,” Buru said licking her wounds. When everyone left Thorin was the only one there.

“Are sure you should be licking the wounds?” Thorin said going over to Buru and held her hand.

“I’ll be fine, it’s not like I’m going to die,” Buru said still licking her wounds and pulling her hand away from Thorin. The next day Airbin went up to Buru before she went to class.

“Thorin is your half sibling from our mother,” Airbin said going up to her.

“I know, he told me when he thought it would be a bright idea to ask me out,” Buru said going to the lunch room. Airbin stared at her in shock to know that she knew.

It was two weeks before the dance. During lunch a black wolf named Blood Eye, a deer name Adam, and a nine tailed fox named Cadell guided by Doku.

Meanwhile, Buru was stuck in a rain storm and she was coming down with pneumonia. She came to the doors of the school and fainted of cold on her bones.

“Buru, it’s going to be alright,” Thorin said picking her up and heading to the hospital wing. Lime was getting better every day now they all thought that she wouldn’t be out by the time of the dance. Airbin shoved everyone out of the way to see Buru.

“You moron, you could of got yourself killed, being out there so long!” He said.

“Don’t talk to her that way, it wasn’t her fault, she didn’t know that it would rain like that!” Thorin said pushing Airbin to the ground. Everyone was yelling “Fight, fight, fight.”

“Everyone get out if you’re going to settle it out like this!” the nurse bellowed at the children. They both went in the halls and were about to fight.

“Stop fighting,” Buru hollered at them. She took a step off the stairs and lost her balance and almost fell, but Thorin was there to catch her.

“I told you to stay in bed,” Spark said going up to her.

“Let’s go put you in the bed,” Airbin said going over to them and taking her from Thorin. The new students looked like lost animals as Doku herded the away from the scene they made. Adam stared at Thorin, his gold eyes trying to recognize him as he helped Buru back into the infirmary.

One week before the dance, Buru was stalking Adam as her beast. She quickly lashed out at his exposed thigh. Thorin was walking from the library to his dorm. He heard a cry in the northwest wing. Fearing the worst he bolted towards the sound. The sight that he was faced with was depressing. Blood speckled the floor, and a silver stag, whose antlers knocked out the low hanging cameras, faced with Buru, who had shifted back into her beast form yet again.

Crusty red encircled a place on the back leg of the mighty stag, making it look weak from blood loss. Buru was about to kill when Thorin grabbed her and she cut him on the cheek. That moment Buru smelled the flesh blood and pulled away from Thorin’s arms and was going to attack the stag, but the stag cut Buru on the neck. Thorin who was on the floor saw more blood, but it was the smell of Buru’s, she was about to fall but the stag grabbed her and what looked like the stag was kissing her he said,

“When I cut you I gave you the power to shift back and forth to the beast whenever you want.” He said. Then Buru went to the woods to help Airbin and the other elves hunt. When they were coming back Buru was laughing and smiling at her brother and the other elves.

“Tick Tock Goes the Clock the Beast Has Been Tamed,” Doku said rocking back and forth with Lime on his lap. The dance was tonight and all the girls were getting their dresses, but Buru was making hers like she always made her clothing and Deshr was getting ready for Buru, he thought he would do what Hades did to Persephone: offer the fruit of the dead; the pomegranate. A knock on the door sounded throughout the room. Lime leapt up before anyone could do anything, and the door swung open to reveal a tall lean figure clad in a silver tux. Adam entered and there was another swung at the door, Thorin stormed in and tackled Adam.

“How dare you kiss my girlfriend,” Thorin yelled. At that movement when the two boys were fighting Buru came from up stars, in her belly shirt and skirt.

“Stop it, Thorin, how many times do i have to tell you I don‘t like you! And by the way Adam is gay.” Buru said standing between both of them. Since his secret was now exposed, Adam turned red-faced and leaned awkwardly against a wall.

“Then what was he doing,” Thorin said pointing at Adam.

“He was telling me that he gave the ability to shift into my beast when ever I want.” Buru said going back upstairs to put on her dress and Doku and Lime were mildly dazed at the sudden information intake. When they all were heading to the dance, Buru heard a scream and ran to the sound. Zeana was grabbed by a hooded figure and Buru ran faster than ever and slashed the hood figure on the leg as she ran across and stuck out her arm.

“Dang, Buru, did you have to do that, to your cousin,” the hood figure said taking the hood off.

“Orbin,” Buru said hugging him. They all headed to the dance and when they got there Cadell and Doku were on stage singing “Tick tock goes the clock and the party don’t start till we walk in”. Zeana found Buru and she introduced Orbin to her and to the wolf dorm members.

“This is my cousin, Orbin and he is in the Fighting dormitory,” Buru said as Airbin shoved his way through to give his cousin a bear hug. She handed them both a tux styled to their liking,

’’Well hurry up and slip them on otherwise you’ll miss all of the dance,’’ she said excited. In minutes they were on and they started to dance, then there was black smoke and all the guys were in front of the girls, but Buru was in front of everyone from the wolf dormitory.


CHAPTER 5 WAR!!!!!!!!!!!

The TVs turned on in the halls and they were talking about there was a war between animals and humans. All the wolves heard sounds coming from outside and Buru’s and Shoku’s wolves came from outside with scars all over them. Buru healed them and went outside, there were animals ran through the woods. Back in the halls everyone was talking about the war and Buru called the wolf members and went to the dormitory.

“We have to do something, we can’t let the people kill the animals,” Airbin said standing by the window.

“We can go down were their fighting and talk some sense into them all,” Buru said making a fist and hitting her hands together.

“Well, if we’re going to do this we’ll need to sneak out from the school,” Thorin said pointing to a secret passage.


They all got to the battle right when it was about to start. They all ran down in front of the people.

“Don’t kill, these animals,” Buru said growling at the humans and started to turn.

Back a the school Deshr came and was trying to find Buru.

“Deshr, get out before I kill you!” Spark said.

“You really think that Buru is going to fall for that like you mother did,” Spark said slapping the fruit out of his hand. Adam, oblivious to everything, saw the tempting pomegranate fruit and took a little nibble at it and then he saw Deshr and fell in love with him as the treacherous fruit pulled at his heart strings.

“Go back to the underworld where you belong,” Zeana said. There was black smoke and Deshr was gone once again. Adam was dancing and he was right under the disco ball. He jumped when a girl asked him to dance and he leapt high enough that he broke the glittering ball and swung back and forth since his antlers were stuck.

At the Battle field

“Go, get to the mountain and wait for me.” Buru said as the friends did as she said and left her there. She talk to the people, but they didn’t listen to her and commend to fighting, but Buru didn’t move and as they all were fighting Buru was trampled by people and animals. The wolf lord howled and there was a circle of light that surrounded Buru. The wolves that were on the mountain could see and they saw Buru laying there.

“Buru,” Thorin yelled rushing down to her. She didn’t make a move and Thorin picked her up and he and the others went back to the school.

Two weeks went by and in the hospital wing Buru woke, but she went blind in her left eye.

“We have to do something, we can’t just sit here and do nothing,” Thorin said.

“It’s up to Buru, she’s part of the pack too,” Orbin said. In the halls Buru was walking to the dormitory when Doku and Adam were coming back from the cafeteria and went up to Buru.

“Hey girl, what’s up,” Adam said.

“Nothing, I’m just heading to the dormitory,” Buru said.

“We know that your blind in the left eye and I told the wolf pack.” Doku said going to the dormitory. Doku put his hand on Buru’s left eye and turned the eye into a wolf’s eye to where she can still see, instead of a blind eye.

“Buru, your eye is like when you turn,” Thorin said hugging her.

“Doku changed my eye,” Buru said shoving him off of her and going up stairs. As she slept Red appeared and sat down on the end of her bed.

*Sniff, sniff,* “what do you want, are you going to try to take me away, or are you going to kill me, or are you finally going to give up on life,” Buru said setting up and staring Red in the eyes.

“No, I’m still going to have you, but not now,” Red said.

“Then why are you here, if I’m not mistaking you’re the one who freed Coronus from Tartars and almost killed your father,” Buru said.

“So, what about it,” Deshr said.

“Nothing,” Buru said and then as she turned around where Deshr was sitting was pitch black, he was gone. That morning Doku was standing in front of Buru and when she woke and gasped.

“What do you want,” Buru said.

“I don’t remember,” Doku said scratching his head trying to remember. Doku shuddered from a spasm that shook his so much he fell from his feet, then he quickly stood up again his eyes literally lighting up with ancient glowing fire.

As Doku lift the room Buru sat on the bed to meditate to contain the beast and think to herself. Then Adam came in with Orbin who had drawled on cat whiskers and going round saying,

“Meow,” he said putting his hands like paws.

“You’re a moron,” Buru said shaking her head. That evening when Buru was in the study Red appeared, with his claws ready to kill.

“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t kill you right now,” Red said putting his claws up to her neck.

“You really think that you’re going to kill something you care about.” She said, “Please, everyone knows you’re a wimp.”

“Shut-up, I will do it, and no one will hear you,” Deshr said clinching Buru’s neck as blood was sifting around his nails.

“Go ahead, slit my throat, let the blood gush out,” Buru said in a growling voice and leaning her head over. Then Airbin and Adam came in and Adam rammed Deshr into the wall , looking like Adam was about to kiss Deshr, but Deshr disappeared through the wall.

“What the hell were you thinking, he could have killed you,” Airbin said as Adam looked long fully after Deshr.

“He wasn’t going to kill me, he wouldn’t kill something he loves, that’s why he didn’t kill his father,” Buru said putting the books up as Adam was standing at the wall.

“I could use a hand,” Buru said giving him some books. As everyone was heading to lunch Buru was called to the headmaster (if you get called to the headmaster it either means that you’re in trouble or you’re going to be transported to another place.) When Buru got to the headmaster she was greeted by her mortal aunt, Mary, she had brown hair and green eyes and she was wearing a dress, and her uncle, Jerraco, who had black hair and blue eyes and he was wearing a T-shirt and pants.

“It been so long since we saw you in the photos your grandfather sent us,” said Jerraco as he picked her up and hugged her.

“What’s going on, did my grandfather die,” Buru said getting out of Jerraco’s arms.

“No, we’re here to take you home,” Mary said.

“This is my home,” Buru said.

“Buru we’re the grownups and you have to listen to us, now, be a good little girl and go get packed,” Mary said with a little bit of anger. Buru when up to get packed and then Thorin came in to see what was happening.

“What are you doing,” he said sitting on her bed.

“I’m leaving,” Buru said closing her bags.

“Why,” Thorin said.

“My aunt doesn’t want me here with demons and I know what you’re going to say, just don’t,” Buru said get up and leaving her old home. At her aunt and uncle’s house she didn’t say anything and she wasn’t allowed to leave the house, it’s like she was in a jail. Nine weeks went by and at the demon school the wolves were upset and they went to Doku to see if she was ever coming back, but he wouldn’t say.

At Jerraco’s cabin Buru and he was hunting big game deer.

“I know how you feel, I’m a werewolf,” He said.

“Then why did you marry that woman,” Buru said.

“I wasn’t always in love with her, I loved a vampire, her name was Dalena, but my pack wouldn’t allow it,” Jerraco said.

“You didn’t follow you heart, you followed the pack, if I were you I would of followed my heart not the pack, even if they shunned me.” Buru said shooting a deer through its heart.

“What am I going to do now,” Jerraco said.

“I might kill her or I could find the vampire and tell her you still love her,” Buru said.

“Find her and I’ll talk to Marry,” Jerraco said taking the guns and Buru went to the one place that any vampire would be. As she was running she saw Thorin and Shoku beside her and they might not have seemed like they missed each other but they did.

“We’re here to help you,” Shoku said.

“If we do this would you be able to come back to school?” Thorin asked hoping for the best.

“Yes, my uncle said if I find a vampire named Dalena, I would be able to come back,” Buru said. They found a cave and they started there, as they were sleeping three vampires came and took them to the Supernatural Church. One vampire gasped at them in astonishment.

“What is it Dalena,” another one questioned.

“This girl is kin to a boy I use to know,” she said. They led the pack and put them in a room of the church.



When the wolves were sleeping they heard bells ringing and went to the sound of the bells. The head vampire invited them to eat. The head vampire laid out deer for the wolves and blood for the vampires. All the vampire where coming from all round the church and sat down.

“Are any of you related to Jerraco,” Dalena said as the vampire were staring at the new comers.

“I am, my name is Buru,” She said staring at all of the vampires and making sure that they didn’t hurt her for saying that. After they ate Buru told Dalena that Jerraco still loved her and then a vampire name Sana went to Buru and told her about a book on demons, demigods, and gods.

“You can find this book through there and I shall give you this map and don’t tell no one or I’ll be shunned, but beware child knowledge is power,” She said.

“Thanks,” Buru said as she was going through the passage and almost collided into Thorin who was coming through the doors as they were closing.

“What are you doing here,” Buru said turning around.

“I’m going to help you,” Thorin said. As they were walking Buru smelled a troll and told Thorin to go ahead. She fought and turned the troll into a pulp and retrieved a crimson crystal from the chest. The next checkpoint was filled with angry marrows and then Buru and Thorin came from the narrow to avoid getting trapped and they fought themselves. Thorin shuddered and became a beast with glaring eyes.

“You’re not the only one with a dark side,” the dark Thorin said holding the other one down.

“We can’t fight ourselves, but we can fight each other, aim for the crystal’’, Buru declared. They got passed and went to the door.

“You made it this far,” said a sphinx perched up above the left side of the door, ‘’congratulations.’’

“What do we have to do to get pass,” Thorin said.

“My brother loves riddles so tell me what I am, I run but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks, I have no arms, but I have hands; lacks a head but has a face.” the other sphinx said on the right.

“A clock?’’ Buru asks. The sphinxes nod and let them pass. They got the ancient, battered book and went through the passage and got Shoku and went to the school. Before they left the church Buru changed into a tan top, collar, a longer shirt that was too big on her, she had a belt to hold it up, gray legends, and black boots.

That night Buru was taking a bath. She opened her eyes and saw darkness in one eye, and the other one looked into the water and saw blood. She fell to the ground crying and screaming. Then Buru forced her wolf spirit out of her and when she did the spirit put a towel around Buru and carried her out on her back. She didn’t open her eyes for nothing. The reason she is seeing blood and darkness, is that her human eye is turning wolf like. Shoku heard and went to find Doku, but he was nowhere to be seen. Shoku sent out a search party to find him. As Shoku was going around a tree she saw Doku, but he was stone statue that was curled into a meditating-like pose.

“Basilisk,” she muttered and fingered one of her horns. A crack shattered the silence behind her. She whipped around and screamed as she felt her body lock up and turn to stone.

At the school Buru had her own problems.

‘’Deshr, let me go, why can’t you just leave me alone!’’ she yelled infuriated. He grabbed her and took her the gates of Hell and when she was down there she saw Doku.

“Doku, what has Deshr done to you?” Buru asked, then Doku grabbed her and held her hands behind her back and whispered barely audible,

“He did nothing, you ignorant fool,’’ he hissed as Deshr was trying to get Buru to drink his blood from a crystal goblet.

Back in the woods when Shoku saw the Basilisk through her granite eyes, and struggled to move. Thorin snuck up behind the basilisk and saw an axe that mysterious appeared next to his leg. The axe was not a normal axe, it had elvish writing and the head of the axe was made by the metal of the black arrow. He heisted the axe and in one clean motion chopped of the basilisk’s head off. Shoku stood up as her normal stone-free self as the curse was lifted. She sobbed and threw her arms around Thorin and he stood stock still in surprise and slowly wrapped his arms around her.

‘’Doku, he…he led me here and used the Basilisk to trap me, and I don’t know where Buru is.” She said as tears streaked down her face. Thorin let go of Shoku and they ran to the east wing of the school, but when they got there Buru wasn’t there, but a shadow like wolf that if you saw it would seem to have golden-blue eyes that swam in the darkness of the halls. It started to snarl and it leaped to attack Shoku as Thorin shoved her out of the way and was attacked instead. The wolf was turned into a dark wolf-girl form and Thorin realized that it was Buru and grabbed her as she was about to slash him with her claws. As he held her Shoku came up from behind and stuck one of her wicked red horns through Buru’s back. Buru cried out and fell to the floor, Thorin backed up in disbelief as she changed into a pile of shattered glass. In the midst of the broken shards, Shoku withdrew a pale blue crystal and held it out to Thorin.

‘’We have to retrieve the rest of her soul fragments to get her back to normal,’’ Shoku said in grief, “I have only seen this once before, and if we don’t get them all, Buru will surely die.’’ Thorin bowed his head and said emotionless,

“Lead the way oh fearless master.” Shoku gave a slight smile and pulled a piece of torn paper from her pocket.

‘’I thought this might happen so here are a couple places I want to check,’’ she said handing the paper to him. Thorin unfolded it and was faced with a series of tunnels and red X’s.

“If I’m right the other pieces of her soul would be in beasts that will be waiting at these places.” Shoku said putting the crystal in a pouch that she had around her shoulders. They followed the marks on the map and lead them to a grave and went to the tombstone that lead them underground that smelled like an orc died and rotted.

“Visitors sisters,” a voice said with glowing eyes and four other glowing eyes appeared in front of Thorin and Shoku.

“Thorin, their eyes, there’s six parts of Buru’s soul as their eyes,” Shoku said.

“They remind me the three witch sisters,” Thorin said.

“You are looking for your friend, are we right?” one of them said.

“Yes, but you see is that you have our friends soul as your eyes, I’ll gladly trade you for these.” Shoku said pulling out embers and showed the witches. They didn’t like the idea but they agreed to the trade.

“Now, we got seven parts of Buru’s soul, now we have to keep going through here and then we should find the last parts of her soul and then we can take her soul to a witch so they can bring her back and I can talk to my brother.” Shoku said heading in the direction they needed to go. They came up to a room that looked like Buru. There were stone figures that chanted,

“She was born to kill, she was born in the family of Ra, her grandfather is the spirit beast inside that no one can kill,” they all said over and over till a figure came down. This figure looked like the devil himself, but as it stood up Shoku could see that it was a dark Buru. It started to run as blue fire was extending from its hands.

“The chest, it’s the souls!” Thorin yelled as he was about to grab his sword.

“Thorin stop,” Shoku yelled, “don’t kill her that’s the real Buru.” He heard and he took his hands and grabbed the souls from her chest. She fell, but before she dropped Shoku grabbed her and they took her to the witches and they brought her back from limbo. After Buru was resurrected and taken to her dorms she fell fast asleep. When she awoke she was confronted and challenged by a girl name Saske who then took her to the stadium. They fought and fought till Saske forced her spirit into Buru’s body.

“Saske, get out of here, I have dark shard that you can’t understand,” Buru’s spirit said grabbing Saske’s throat.

“Let me go,” Saske said gasping for air.

“Fool, you think you can take over my body, you’re wrong,” Buru said as she rejected Saske from her body.

“How, how do you have two spirits in you, what are you,” Saske said her voice wavering betraying her fear. Buru said nothing, but running from the stadium into the woods. She fled into the deep recesses of the black trees, and as she made her way she gradually became hopelessly lost. In frustration she sat heavily down on a log, and listened for any sounds of life. Buru stood up as she heard a faint chanting that grew louder and louder as she neared closer to the source. Clamping her hands firmly over her muzzle was the only thing that prevented her from crying out. The chanting had come from Doku who sat before a large pentagram with a sacrificed deer heart in his hand. Black smoke erupted from the center of the star and billowed upward as Red’s bestial god form took its place.

‘’One of the sacred deer hearts for you master,’’ Doku said in complete submission.

‘’Thank you my servant,’’ Deshr replied taking the heart in his hand and swallowing it whole.

Buru watched in complete horror as she watched it slide down his gullet into god knows where, and she stumbled away from the scene as fast as she could. A set of footsteps sounded behind her as she ran.

‘’Buru wait!’’ a voice called and seconds later a hand clamped firmly on her shoulder. She whirled around and came face to face with a startled silver stag-Adam, Buru let out a gasp of relief at the familiar face.

‘’Have you seen anyone, Cadell was right beside me and he disappeared, and the school is like a ghost town,’’ Adam added starting to panic.

“Cadell is in the basement and everyone is in their dormitories,” Buru said. “Shoku is corrupted by her brother.”

The next day Thorin was walking with Buru to the study and they heard a scream and headed to the yelling. When they got there they saw Shoku grab

a girl and was try to kill her. Then Buru attacked her in her wolf form and healed her down.

“Thorin do it,” Buru yelled as Thorin took his sword and stabbed Shoku in the chest.

Shoku stumbled back in shock as the cold steel punctured through her chest.

“She insulted you my lord, my….” She whispered as she faded away. Buru cried out and fell to her knees as her old friend passed on, whilst Thorin stood stock still with his jaw clenched in stony silence with such a sorrow and anger swirling inside that he did not realize he had.

A crack shattered the bleak silence that had fallen as Deshr in his semi-human walked in. Buru drew back in alarm and Thorin’s fur bristled, but he walked past them to Shoku’s limp form. He knelt down and whispered a few words to her as he picked her up into his arms. Deshr turned and glared at Thorin as he went back to his under-realm.



“Now what!” Thorin yelled at Buru.

“Don’t yell at me, let me think,” Buru said. “She’s not gone, she’s just in limbo,”

“So that means that we can go find her and bring her home,” Thorin said. They headed to the gates of the underworld.

“How can you enter?” Thorin said staring at her.

“I would tell you, but you wouldn’t understand my past,” Buru said as she turned into the beast. Thorin wrenching a torch from the wall of the cave.

That night Buru and Thorin went further into the underworld and came up to a humid cave that made the torches sputtered.

“It’s getting late, the torches are burning out, we’ll rest here then tomorrow we’ll go find Cronies and he can help us or so I hope.” Buru said sitting down to keep watch.

“I’ll keep watch, you need your rest,” Thorin said putting a blanket around her that he got from the bag that he was carrying. As Buru slept a little goblin was tugging on her leg trying to take her as food. When she woke she put her armor on and turned into a wolf and started to sniff out the goblin. As she was getting closer to its hiding place she bumped over a stone figure that shattered into many large stones, but it was still visible enough to tell it used to be stature of a man being tortured. She look up and heard an eerie noise that sounded remarkably like a scream. She screamed in return as a figure clad in black that came from the shadows grabbed her and drug her to Deshr, who was in charge of the underworld till his father returned.

“Good job, hellhounds, looks like she can’t stay away, don’t you say Doku and Shoku, my little friends?” Deshr said chuckling away perched upon his throne and at his side Doku was chuckling along with him and Shoku, who wasn’t so dead anymore, had her arms draped around him. The hellhounds ripped the armor off of Buru with their claws like knives, but she stayed defiant as the wolf. Shoku slunk towards, her eyes never leaving her, scanning for any signs of weakness.

‘’I never thought the high and mighty Buru, who obeyed no one, would ever bother to look for her lost queen,’’ Shoku declared with a malicious smile that showed her teeth.

At the cave Thorin woke at a smell of burning flesh and saw that the armor was gone.

“Buru, Buru where are you,” he said as the goblin came up to him and said in a high voice,

“You are looking for the wolf?”

“Yes, where is she,” Thorin said.

“Follow me,” the goblin said showing him the armor that was thrown far away from the throne that Deshr was at. At the throne Shoku was setting by him as the other goblins entertained them.

In a dark hole in the center of the throne room where Buru was sleeping. She woke, got up and as her vision was returning she snuck out of the throne room and went to find Thorin. She came to the different rooms and smelled out Thorin. She followed the scent of him and was led to the exit of the realm. As Buru found Cronus to help her, Shoku was thinking about going to train at the school, after all she followed Deshr everywhere he went.

“Shoku is going to the school to train,” Cronus said petting Buru on the head. After he was done Buru found Thorin and they went to the school training room for the groups.

“You all will have to show us one move that you are good at,” one of the instructors said. First Buru who turned into a wild wolf, then Thorin who did the same, and then Orbin who turned into Buru. Buru came over to him and said,

“Why did you do that,” she said yelling at him.

“It’s the only thing I could think of,” Orbin said. As she sat down the instructors came in and told them all of the groups.

“Here are the groups, group 1, Buru, Orbin, and Thorin, group 2, Shoku, Deshr, and Pippin, who is a Spanish speaking bird about the size of a chicken with long stilt like legs, and group 3, Spark, Cadell, and Adam.”

At lunch Kitty, a younger furry, joined Buru, Thorin, Spark, Doku, and Shoku. Deshr decided to set between his slaves. As they were eating Deshr said some kind of remark at Kitty and she was fed up with, so she took the closest food that was on her tray and threw it at him. It went on like this till Buru stood up and told them to stop, but Deshr threw ketchup at her and she said,

“That’s it, you going to die!”

“Buru sit down, it will be ok,” Thorin said.

“Master, sit down,” Doku said as he and Shoku was holding his arms trying to get him to sit down. Deshr broke away from them and stood at the center of the cafeteria and vanished. Everyone stood up alarmed, and darted to the nearest classroom. To their immense surprise they stumbled into a class for younger girls and they were in the middle of a zumba class.

“Okay, girls, make sure you feel the burn,” said Cadell as the upset classmates from the cafeteria entered.

“Hey girls,” he said as turning and showing his belly.

“Cadell, you’re pregnant, but how?” said Spark as the others gaped with their mouths open.

“I can’t tell my secrets to kids,” Cadell said returning to the class. One day went and they all went to a battle between devils and angels. Where Deshr was in control of the devils and Shoku was by his side. As Deshr saw the wolf pack coming near, Deshr  bind down and kissed Shoku and told her to kill Buru. She smiled with glee of the thought and charged to the front of the line. Buru saw Shoku and lead her away from the troops. Shoku shifted into her furry-like form, bearing a large demon bow and arrow and lightly stepped over the building corpses and followed at ease. Buru hid behind a tree and grabbed a rock. Shoku got closer and Buru whacked Shoku with the rock and Shoku fell heavily to the ground.

Shoku clutched her head and said with some strain, “Buru… is that you, what am I doing here?”

“Red hypnotized you,” Buru said going down to her and hugging her, not knowing what was coming. Shoku took out her hidden dagger from her hip and stabbed Buru in the back.

“Shoku, why,” Buru said in a faint voice and dropped slowly to the ground. Thorin saw the reflection from Buru’s armor and hurried to her, but was stopped by Shoku.

“Awe, you really missed out didn’t you’’, she whispered into his ear. Thorin looked down into her eyes and was dumbfounded when a pair of soft lips found his. Shoku took a step back and was whisked away by a chariot of shadows. When Thorin regained focus he ran to Buru who was breathing slowly about to die. He knelt down beside her and attempted to tend to the wounds, but was abruptly stopped when a spear head forced itself into his side. He collapsed into a pit of agony as he wrenched it from his ribs. As he laid he dragged himself to Buru and then everything around them when black.



Buru opened her eyes with a start and looked around and saw that the battle hasn’t begun. She saw Shoku kneel to Deshr. Buru took her samurai sword and was ready to attack, but Thorin stopped her before she did something to regret in the future. She led Shoku away from the pack and when they were far away, Buru slashed, but missed they went back and forth as the real battle was in process. Shoku’s wolf Decay and Buru’s wolf Glassier came to them from opposite sides and when they saw each other they growled and started to fight. Then Glassier’s younger sister, Ice was fighting with Decay’s younger brother, Rot. Glassier saw that Rot was about to kill Ice, till Thorin’s wolf, Leaf attacked Rot. They were going till Buru haul to the wolves to get out of there and fight the devils. The angels were getting defeated, they had no more of their powers and the devils were trained by Deshr, so they got stronger over time. The wolves saw that the angles were falling so they stayed to fight Deshr and the minions. It went on till Irtyu head and saw the angles were falling he came down and fought Deshr and the angel-wolves were taking care of the devils. Buru, Spark and Thorin were fighting Shoku and her minions. Buru’s, Shoku’s, and Thorin’s wolves were fighting each other.

“I can’t keep the force field up, hurry!” Spark said as Buru and Thorin was turning into their wolves. The two wolves fought with mighty force, but they couldn’t take the queen.

“What’s the point of this, she’s not our queen,” Thorin said getting up from falling to the ground.

“She’s in there, under the mask she’s our queen,” Buru said coming to him.

“She’s under Deshr’s control, we have to take charge and care for the pack,” Thorin said staring at Shoku as she was ordering the minions to kill everyone on the battlefield. Deshr called the devils and the minions to the gates of hell.

“It’s not the end it just begun,” Buru said tending to the wounded. They stayed at the battle field till the second day they headed to the school.

“We’re home,” Spark said going to her dormitory. The wolf pack went to their dormitory, but Buru went to the woods to see Glassier and Ice.

“Buru, you’re alright,’ Ice said in a high voice running up to her.

“I thought you were going to stay with the wolf dorm,” Glassier said in a growling voice.

“You to talk, you feel in love with that hellhound,” Buru said getting on the back of Ice. “Now, do you want to go hunt or not.”

The two wolves growled and howled and they all went to hunt. Ice looked over and saw Leaf and on the back of Leaf was Thorin.

“Need help?” Thorin said smiling at Buru.

“I guess, we’re going to Middle Earth,” Buru said as a portal appeared.

“Our home, we’re home,” Thorin said.

“Don’t go off and have a spasm,” Buru said laughing. They went to the dark woods, were once one person goes in they don’t come back.

“We can’t,” Thorin said grabbing Buru.

“It’s all right” she said turning into a wolf, “my grandfather roams these woods, now turn. Glassier you know what to do.” They walked in the woods and when they came to a tree Buru smelled Hellhounds and saw Shoku as one. She was trying to get some deer that a leopard put in a tree. Buru throw her small dagger and cut the tree to knock the deer out. There was an eerie sound coming from the trees.

“Spiders!” Thorin said staring up in the trees. Shoku came to her old friends and helped them fight the spiders off, but there were too many. Then coming down from the web was the elf warriors, that Airbin was part of. They helped kill the spiders, but they were coming from every side of the forest.

“Where’s Buru,” Airbin yelled fighting two spiders.

“Ahh!” Buru yelled as a spider was about to bite her. Then Thorin throw his knife and killed the spider, but as it fell one of the fangs punched into Buru’s leg.

“That’s it,” Shoku said as red fire came from her and killed all the spiders. After the spiders were dead they all went to the elf lord’s carders to let them help Buru’s leg. When she got better the wolves ate deer, chicken, and stack, but the elves ate greens and leaves, they didn’t eat meat.

“So you been with Deshr for a month now, when are you going to turn?” Thorin said tarring the leg from the deer.

“Thorin, she’ll still be our queen, won’t you?” Buru said taking a bite from the deer leg and then looking over at Shoku as Thorin was looking at Buru for taking a bite from the leg.

“I’m no longer your queen, you two are in conman now,” Shoku said getting some more wine.

“I told you Buru,” Thorin said getting another leg from the deer. That night as Buru and Thorin were sleeping Shoku called her hellhounds to take them to the underworld. When they woke they were in Deshr’s dungeon and Buru felt a breeze from and little hole in the wall of the dungeon. Doku came in and grabbed Buru and took her to Deshr as Shoku handed him a daemon sword. A flash of red light field the throne room as the sword touched Buru.

At the school Spark was seeing visions of the future.

“What do you see spark?” Lime said.

“I see everyone in cages and two weddings and a child,” Spark said holding her head in agony. That moment Zeana walked in and yelled at the two girls to get out so she could be alone. Doku appeared in the hall where Lime and Spark were standing.

“What do you want Doku,” Spark said with lightning coming from her hands.

“I want to see my old friends,” he said going between them both and putting his arms around them. Back at Deshr’s throne room the red flash faded and Buru was in her wolf form, but she was in black armor and not in her aqua armor. As Buru and Shoku were sleeping Deshr did the unspeakable, he transported them and Thorin to the model word. Buru opened her eyes and saw that she was in a cage with other kids that were from the school. As she looked around she saw Thorin and beside him was Shoku.

“Shoku, where are we?” Buru said going over to them.

“Red, he trick me, he waited till we fell asleep and he took us here to be slaves,” Shoku said with tears rolling down her face and hugging Buru.

“Yeah, but you still love him,” Thorin said getting up slowly.

“Thorin, easy you’re still week,” Buru said helping him up.

“We can’t stay here, Buru use your powers and get all of us out and back to the school.” Thorin said as Buru broke the door and then broke the others. When they were all out Shoku made a portal and they all went through, but there were men trying to capture them so Buru stayed behind to keep the men from getting to the portal.

“Buru!” Thorin and Shoku shouted.

“Go, I’ll be fine!” She said turning in the wolf and ran toads the men to lead them away. As she went to the forest she was ambushed and captured. When Shoku and Thorin came to the school Spark told them that Buru was captured and was about to be sold. They went back, but they were too late Buru was sold to a man who was young and he wore a fox furred hat, a button up shirt with brown pants, and black boots. As Buru was leaving she turned to see Shoku and Thorin wearing hoods to hide their ears. When she got to the man’s place she was post to feed the animals. She did the orders as Thorin came into the barn as Shoku was keeping watch. The next minute the man saw three wolves leave the barn and run to the woods. When they were out of site Shoku made a portal and they walked in, but Thorin and Buru were sent to a place where the people were the opposite. They both walked to see what was there then Thorin spotted a girl who resemble himself, she was wearing a dark green jacket, a light green dress, brown legends, and black boots. When Thorin spotted her she ran and found a boy who looked like Buru.

“Buru!” Thorin yelled running up to her.

“What,” she said turning round and saw the boy and girl coming to them. “Who are you?”

“I’m Blue and this is Thea,” the boy said.

“It’s like looking in a Mirror,” Thea said staring at Thorin.

“Are you staying long?” Blue said staring at Buru.

“No, we’re going to find a way out of here,” Thorin said.

“We’ll stay a night if you’ll have us?” Buru said.

“Of course,” Blue said, “Thea show Buru to where she’ll stay.’’ Thea nodded her head and took Buru’s hand and lead her through the town.

“Thea,” a boy named Rieku said. He looked remarkably like Shoku. Thea bowed and told about the two newcomers. As they walked away a girl came up to Rieku and said,

“Newcomers, what shall we do my king.”

“If they stay longer then needed we’ll, kill them,” he said going to the castle.

“So you and the boy, are you two?” Thea said

“Together, no, why?” Buru said looking at Thea.

“nothing then,” Thea said looking down at the ground.

That night Buru went to find Thorin. She found where he was sleeping and went through the window.

“Thorin, Thorin wake up,” she said.

“What?” Thorin said.

“Let’s go, I overheard the king say if we stay any longer he’ll kill us,” Buru said. They left but they still didn’t know how to get out of that world. Then one of Blues wolves came and made a portal and they went through not knowing where they would end up.



They ended up in zumba class where Cadell was at his desk and then he looked over at them, but he saw Doku and not them.

“Why doesn’t he see us?” Thorin said looking at Buru.

“I think when we went through the portal we were sent here where we’re invisible, but the wolves can see us,” She said. Doku went to Cadell and got on one knee and opposed to Cadell as Buru and Thorin’s mouth dropped open to hear Cadell say yes. As they were walking out of the class they went to the east wing.

“Buru!” Thorin yelled as a shadow threw her to the wall and shoved Thorin up to a wall and bit him. He fell to the ground and as Buru opened her eyes she saw blood seeping from marks from the wound spreading like limbs.

“Thorin, come on we need to get to normal,” she said going to his side. He could smelled the blood that was on her legs (when she skinned them) and tried to strike her, but Buru scratched him. She put his arm around her and put him on her back and ran to the wolves and the wolf boss made a portal to their home at the school. As she walked through the wolf pack was waiting to tell them the news about Doku and Cadell.

“Thorin, is he going to die?” Lime said looking at the bite.

“He’s not going to die,” Buru said going to the west wing. In the underworld Shoku heard what happen, but she didn’t do anything, she was in love with Deshr.

“What are you doing?” she said putting her arms around Deshr.

“Looking over these plans,” he said kissing her on the cheek and letting her to see her old friends. She kissed him and went to see them. At the hospital wing Buru was setting on the bed and was looking at Thorin’s marks, she knew that he was still a wolf, but he had vampire blood flowing through his veins. That night a pack of hybrids of werewolves and vampire took Thorin to be with his own kind. That morning Shoku and Buru went to see him and saw that he was gone. Buru smelled to see if anyone was there last night.

“Half-bloods,” she said looking at Shoku.

“We can’t interfere, my father’s pack was killed by half-bloods and his mortal was killed (this sent him back to Olympus) by the leader, when he was trying to protect the new generation of wolves,” Shoku said grabbing Buru’s arm. A creak from the ceiling attracted their attention as they scoured the small cell in search for clues. A silver cloak blinded them as a tall figured fell from the doorframe and landed lightly on his hooves. Shoku growled out,

“Who are you?’’

The figure cocked his head and said,

“You don’t recognize me?’’ as he withdrew his hood to reveal his face. The astonishment was immediately visible in the pairs’ faces as they exclaimed,

“Adam, what are you doing here?’’ they both said.

“It’s kind of a long story but I’m hunting for Thorin after I received word in this message of what the Council (of evil vampires) were doing.’’ He replied baring his long pointed fangs.

“Can I see this message,” Shoku demanded with authority. Adam blinked and pulled a worn letter from the depths of his reflective cloak.

That evening Buru went to hunt, as she was heading back to the school she was ambushed by the pack of hybrids. They all growled as a shadow appeared out of the darkness. Two of the taller hybrids grabbed Buru by the neck and the leader came closer and scratched her as blood was rolling down her body. She fell slowly to the ground and the hybrids surrounded her and one crouched down and said,

“You thought you could just dream it away…”

“Let’s go,” the leader yelled at the hybrids as Shoku was running to Buru.

At the dormitory in Buru’s room Shoku was tending the wounds. At the front doors outside Glassier, Ice, and Leaf were keeping watch for hybrids. Through the trees there was a hooded figure and the wolves were growling, but Leaf ran to the figure and the figure asked the wolves if he could see the girls.

“You think that we’ll let you through, Leaf get over here!” Glassier said growling and stomping her paw.

“No, it’s Thorin,” Leaf said. The boy revealed to them that Leaf was right.

“You’re a hybrid now, how do we know that you won’t hurt her?” Glassier said as Ice told that he can pass and shoved Glassier down. Thorin went in and Glassier started to snarl at Ice for letting him in. In Buru’s room Shoku smelled Thorin even before he came in. Shoku snarled clear and low as Thorin strolled through the doors with a knife in his hand at the exact moment Shoku let her clawed fist fly through the air into his face. Thorin grunted in surprise and fell against the wall for support as blood trickled from his swelling lip. Buru laid on the bed with blood seeping from her wounds covering her surrounding in a crusty layer of blood.

“Stop,” Buru moaned as she tossed the bed sheets onto the floor showing the wounds from head to toe. “Don’t hurt him…” Shoku slathered Thorin’s blood around Buru’s throat, for her healing powers to activate. A crack split the foreboding silence as Deshr appeared. He took Shoku’s hand and got on one knee and proposed to her as Thorin was on the opposite side of the room from Buru. Shoku surprised, “Yes,” and was whipped around by Deshr. As Buru was healing herself. Thorin made his way to her and sat on the bed.

“What the hell, he comes out of nowhere, gets on one knee and proposes. You’re lying here covered in blood. This is so fucked up!” Thorin said waving his arm.

“I don’t think I ever heard you say a curse word in your life,” Buru said as the blue light faded away and she was getting up. When everyone left to lunch Buru was the first person done with her lunch and went to her room and got packed to go to her aunt’s.

“You still going?” Shoku said coming in and saw Buru packing. “You don’t have to go with them.”

“You don’t understand,” Buru said.

“Do you know what Thorin will do if he hears that you’re leaving?” Shoku said sitting on the bed.

“I’m not leaving forever, it’s just for a week and I don’t care what he thinks,” Buru said getting shirts out of the chest at the end of the bed. Shoku shut the chest before Buru got the shirts.

“Listen, my father’s off on a journey and my uncle is the only one to watch me,” Buru said slapping Shoku’s hand off the chest.

“Your father side are wolves,” Shoku said her voice rising.

“Yes, but I’m going to spend more time with my uncle Jerraco, I hardly know about him.” Buru said closing her bag and heading to the front doors.

“Hey, just be back in time for the wedding,” Shoku said hugging her as Glassier came to them. “Oh, one more thing, are you going to tell anyone about you grandfather and the Eye of Ra?”

“No, do you think that I want everyone to know about my bloodline” Buru said getting on Glassier’s back and leaving.



The black décor of the room added an ominous shadow across the monastery. The bridesmaids wore skeleton dresses and the groomsmen wear red and dark black tuxes. The week that Buru came home she went to her room and was getting the dress on when Doku came in and tied her up with a black rope and turned into Buru and walked out. Doku walked in and stood by Thorin and,

“All these weddings are making me feel so romantic,” he said in Buru’s voice. Thorin looked at him and was about to kiss him. Back in the room where the real Buru was tied up she had her small dagger and broke the twine of dark ropes and ran through the two doors where Doku was about to kiss Thorin.

“Stop, Doku you son of a bitch, I’m going to kill you!” She bellowed as the halls echoed. She ran and as she ran she turned into the wolf and Doku turned too. They fought and Shoku stepped forward to stop them, but Deshr held her close. That moment Thorin drew his sword and was ready to strike. The two wolves stopped and stared at him,

“I’m the real Buru,” Doku said.

“No I am,” Buru said with the Eye of Ra glowing, but what she forgot was that she never told anyone that she had the Eye of Ra and when Thorin saw her eye and he stabbed her and Spark screamed and Buru fell and faded away.

“Master, it’s over she’s gone,” Doku said bowing and turning back into his normal self and Cadell saw and fainted as Adam was fanning him hectically.

“You’re a jackass Doku,” Thorin said shoving him and running outside.

“You knew, Deshr that’s low, but strangely alluring” Shoku said running a hand over his collarbone and swishing her crimson dress.

Outside Buru was in limbo and she was setting on the swing thinking to herself.

“Buru,” Spark said running to her. “What happened,” she continued and sat on the other swing beside her.

“He saw my eyes and thought that I was the imposter, but the good thing is that Anubis tells if I die or stay here, but the bad thing is that if I stay longer I start to fade away forever,” Buru said looking at the ground. She saw Thorin coming closer and she vanished to Anubis.

“Buru you died….again?” Anubis said his jackal face looking concerned and going to her and petting her.

“Yes, but the thing is that Thorin stabbed me, because Doku turned into me and Thorin saw the Eye of Ra.” She said looking at the basin where you can see what happens on earth.

“You still haven’t told anyone of your grandfather M…?” Cronus said coming in and putting his arms around her like she was his daughter.

“No, I haven’t told anyone except Spark and Shoku,” she said hugging him. At the swings Spark started to yell at Thorin,

“You don’t even tell the difference between Buru and Doku, Spark said slapping him.

“I saw the mark on her eye, I didn’t know,” he said rubbing his face.

“Buru never told you, but she’s the dissenter of Ra, and her grandfather is Mayrik,” Spark said going back to the monastery. As she walked in she saw that she had missed the entire ceremony and they were about kiss. Something was wrong, a silver streak plunged into Deshr’s chest. He cried out and fell to his knees his body slowly turning to stone.

“You thought you could escape unscathed did you, well, love, it is my turn to reign so you have to die.”

Deshr gasped and clutched desperately at his chest as the rest of his body turned into a deep gray stone. Purple blood seeped from his chest and slowly ran to the floor and pooled around Shoku’s feet and crept up her leg.

“What the hell, you killed him,” Spark said as Cronus and Buru watched closely from the basin. After all of that Shoku and Doku went to the underworld and the others went to the school. As Thorin was walking he saw a flash of white light go through the trees.

“Spark was that you?” he said looking at the trees.

“No, what do you mean?” she said going to his side.

“That flash of white light,” he said looking down the tree as the light went by and stopped between a roll of trees and stared at them with eyes brighter color of an ice blue that they ever saw before.

“Buru!?” Thorin said as the ghost wolf stared deep into his eyes and ran.

“After it!” Spark yelled grabbing Thorin’s arm and running. The wolf led them to the one place that they would never suspected.

“The stream, where we first met,” Thorin said looking around at the surroundings.

“Then that means, that we’re in middle earth,” Spark said looking at the stream were a little girl was sleeping in a tree. The girl was about to fall till Spark got Thorin’s attention and he caught her.

“Who… ar-are you,” she said looking up at him with fear in her eyes.

“I’m Thorin, who are you,” he said smiling at that moment the girl’s eyes got wide and she slapped him and ran to a hole in a tree.

“Are you ok,” Spark said laughing as Thorin was rubbing his face.

“She looked a lot like Buru,” Thorin said looking at Spark.

“But how, she’s in limbo,” she said.

“When we followed the wolf it might been her and she sent us here to bring her back.” Thorin said as the little girl ran in the tree. They came to the tree and Spark came to her and said,

“You don’t need to be scared, come on,” as the girl looked at Spark she nipped at her hand, “why you little…!” Spark continued as Thorin stopped her and he tried.

“It’s alright, no one’s going to hurt you,” he said in the calmest voice and stuck out his hand. The girl looked at him and back at his hand and firmly placed her hand on his. He pulled her out of the tree and put her on his back, she placed her head on his back and closed her eyes.

“Let us tell you a story to pass the time, and get your mind off of the darkness,” Spark said starting the story. “There once lived a girl who was the descendent of Ra and her grandfather was Mayrik. As she grow she knew that she couldn’t control a beast that fed on her fears. The girl tried so hard to, but she had the urge to kill every night.”

“Tell she met friends that cared about her, but she was sent to limbo,” Thorin said as they came to a cave.

“I remember now, I remember everything,” the girl said tears rolled down her face. They sat down and Spark started a fire and the girl laid to act asleep. The others fell asleep and she got up and ran to where the snow begun and the darkness ended.

“Buru, you’re a little, weak, wolf again,” said a figure in the shadows of the forest. Buru stopped and turned into the beast wolf and growled at the shadows. The others ran to the sound and saw Shoku and Thorin was going to help Buru, but she snapped her jaws at his leg as she looked up Shoku disappeared and went to Thorin,

“You see she attacks you, leave them and come with me,” she said with her beauty and voice taking over and Thorin hooked. That night when they got to the cave Spark and Buru fell asleep. Thorin leaned over Buru and committed her face to memory, when Buru clenched his throat with her claws.

“You thought I won’t know that you would betray us, Zeana was right; I can’t trust vampires,” she said throwing him away from her. Thorin curled his lip in disgust. Buru tensed ready to fight, but he turned and walked away and ignored her.


The end of the year is occurring in one day and everyone is getting ready. Buru and the other wolves are preparing for the Blood Moon dance tonight out in the forest. The other dorms are getting packed to leave this year. Raven burst through the doors to the wolf hall on a mission. She howled fiercely to call out to her friend who she hadn’t seen in 2 years. Buru heard the howl and vaguely recognized it. Buru snapped her head to the end of the hallway and heard footsteps coming and saw Raven round the corner. Raven stopped in her tracks. Buru was frozen in shock. Raven and Buru ran at each other at full speed and crashed into each other in a bear hug. Raven stepped back and smiled at her old friend.

“Buru are you ok? I felt your pain and confusion.” Raven said putting her hand on Buru’s shoulder and saw the eyes of the spirit wolf.

“It’s strange, I feel that a certain someone’s presents are here, But I can’t find him,” Buru said.

“ I knew the Oracle was right… Don’t worry about it you will know in time.” Raven said.

“Why do you think I’m throwing the dance for the wolves, Its meant for you so you can get over your man problems and for the end of the year,” Raven said as Spark came near them.

That night the wolves gathered in the woods underneath the blood moon and Buru’s uncle, Jerraco came and everyone was enjoying themselves except Buru. She still had the same feeling from when she was at the window.

Then she smelled a smoky ash in the air and turned into the wolf and ran to the smell. No one saw her leave the dance and she didn’t return till 10:00 Am the next morning and everyone was in the Great hall and the Head master was saying a few words and then Buru was post to say a speech that she wrote but she was still gone so Raven went up to recite the speech.

“Years gone by, from not really knowing anyone to the big family that we now know. We all worked hard and it pays off in the end. This year may be over, but next year is full of new opportunities.” Raven said as everyone was cheering her on. Then at seven o’clock on the dot, as the sky was tempered with purple, everyone was getting on the train and leaving the school, but Buru was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey Spark, have you seen Buru?” Raven said as Buru came from the woods and she looked lost and vacant like a zombie, “Buru, are all right?” Raven continued.

“I-I’m fine, there was a strange aura last night, I tried looking for it but I didn’t find anything,” Buru said getting on the train. They all sat cramped in the seats as the vessel chugged away from the school and disappeared in the morning fog, completely unaware of the new darkness that had been stirred…