The Cheviot Academy


The Cheviot Academy

By: Misty Crump


Chapter 1 Moving far from home

“I’m Cana, I’m a gray wolf from my father and white lion from my mother. I have white fur with light gray-blue underbelly, inside the ears, and on the tip of my tail. I lived with my father in Germany, but as he passed a month ago I came to America to live with my mother. I slipped on an aqua tank top with my blue pants and winter boots as I put a black camisole over the tank top. I tied my hair up as I walked out of the house looking back at it as tears were seeping down my face as I got in a taxi. It took me to the airport and I got on the plane as I came to my new home. I got off the plane as I met my mother. She hugged me as I stood there. We went to the car as we drove from the airport as I said nothing, but looked out side of the car at the sky. The clouds were so fluffy as we came to a road. My mother drove up it as there was a school on a hill. We came from the car as my mother went inside and I stood there as I was looking at the white buds of an apple tree as the petals were flowing in the air.” She said as a girl came to her.

“Hi, I’m Aria, I’ll take your bags to the girl dorm as you go look around the grounds.” She said taking the bags from Cana. She went walking around as she went into the school. She went up stairs as the other students were looking at her as she passed by. Cana walked further as she came to a room as she looked at the sign as it said, “Old Training room”. She walked in as she saw women being entertained by men like some kind of sick thing. Cana stood there as a boy came up to her as the others did as well and all the girls left smiling and giggling.

“Welcome, lovely lady.” Once said coming to her grabbing her hand as she looked down and then back up at him. “You are as beautiful as the sun rise, your hair is like caramel in the light. Your eyes are as blue as a morning storm as the sun picks through the clouds.” He said coming close to her face as she fake smiled.

“You’re as handsome as the moon, your hair is like the sun as it rises over a mountain, your eyes are bright as morning grass as the dew hits it. You’re like a white wolf howling at the moon in the snow. Every man wants to be you and every girl wants to be with you, but you almost got this one.” Cana said snapping her finger as she laughed. “You manipulate girls and I can do the same.” She said laughing as he looked at her shocked.

“Your one clever girl, what’s your name?” One boy said coming up to her.

“Why, should I tell you?” She asked as another came to them.

“Your name is Cana, you were born here, but you lived in Germany and now you’re back.” He said holding a computer.

“That’s private info!” She shouted at them as she stormed out of the room. She came to a hallway as she was walking down it. A boy looked at her as he stuck out a foot as she tripped and was about to fall as a set of arms caught her.

“Are you ok?” He said in a low voice as Cana looked at him.

“I’m fine.” She said as she stood up.

“How are you here, you don’t looked like us, are you rich?” A girl said walking up to them.

“Not really, but my mother is a teacher here.”

“Oh, so you’re just a servant here.”

“No, I’m a student.” She said as the boy stood there.

“Well at least we have money and have a family to give us money.” The girl said as Cana made a fist as she shouted at the girl.

“At least I’m not snobby!”

“Well at least I have a family!” the girl said.

“I’m loved in my family!” Cana shouted as she turned and ran out of the school as it was raining. Cana sat there as she looked to the sky thinking of her father as she bowed her head and cried. She was setting there as a girl came walking through the yards as she came to Cana and knelt. Cana looked up as she saw the girl.

“Are you a boy?” She asked as the girl laughed.

“No, I’m a girl, I just dress like this. I’m Renema,” She said as they both stood. “Come on we should get to class.” She said as they went back to the school. They walked into Math.

“Do, you know of the room up stairs in the old training room.

“Oh, them, yeah, they’re the Cheviot Host Club. They entertain the girls. There are four boys in the club. They aren’t really bad boys it’s just that they want to see girls with a smile on their faces. Like after a long day of classes they come to the host club to relax.” She said as they sat in a class as two boys were setting to gather holding hands. “Hey, Eli, Damon, how are you two and the host club.” She said as they looked at her.

“Oh, there’s our little pet.” Eli said as they laughed.

“Oh, ha ha.” She said as Cana look at them.

“Who’s your friend, Renema?” A boy said coming up to them and grabbing Cana’s hand.

“Oh, this is Cana, this is Sinbad, one of the members of the host club, but he’s not like the others…” She said as he let go of Cana’s hand right when her eyes turned a darker storm blue.

“I’m don’t really come around them, I might be in the club, but I don’t act like them.” He said as he placed his hands on his hips as he looked at Cana. She looked at him as her eyes turned to a light storm blue.

“Your eyes are like dragons, and their a milky blue.” Cana said as Sinbad looked at her.

“Oh, do you know why?” He asked crossing his arms.

“Well, by the looks of you, I think you have some kind of dark blood flowing through your veins. Mmm, oh, I got it, you’re a vampire. Well, a vampire that can be in light.” She said smiling as he smiled at her.

“Right, good job. I’m a vampire, part angel.” He said as Cana smiled. The teacher came in as everyone sat.

“Ok, class I will be partnering you up. Cana, Renema, and Sinbad. Eli, Damon, and K.J” He said as he red off his list. Everyone sat at a desk with their partners as they were working out a group contract. The bell rang as everyone ran from the class and Cana was getting her stuff. Sinbad was about to leave as he looked back as he sat on the desk where Cana was getting her books and putting them in her bag.

“You know you didn’t have to wait for me.” She said as he nodded.

“I know, but I wanted to.” He said as she placed her bag on her back. They walked out of the class as they were walking down the hall. They came to music class as Sinbad stood at the front and song, “Angel”, by theory of a deadman. He finished as the teacher called Cana as she sang, “Turning Page”, by sleeping at last. She sang as Sinbad vision her in a dark room with one light shining on her as she was wearing a light blue corset blue dress as she was singing. The bell rang as Cana looked at everyone leaving as she was getting to her chair as she saw her bag was gone. She looked around as everyone left. She walked out of the class as she walked down the hall. She heard the voices outside as she saw three kids by the pond as they were laughing and through a bag into the water. Cana saw that it was her bag as she saw her book that her father gave her on her birthday as she ran down the hall, stairs, and out of the doors. She came to the pond as she rolled up her pants and took of her camisole as she stepped into the water. She came to the middle as she got her bag and her books, pins and other papers.

“Dam, where is it, where’s my picture of my father?” She asked to herself as Sinbad came to her. He took of his kimono off and rolled up his pants as he stepped into the water. Cana was searching as she saw Sinbad as she saw his chest and body as she looked back down. She slipped as she fell face first as Sinbad grabbed her and spun her around as she landed on his chest. At that moment the picture flew up as Sinbad grabbed it.

“You, ok?” He asked as they both pulled away as Cana was blushing as she nodded as she saw the picture in his hand as she took it from him. The picture was socked as it ripped in half. Cana gasped as she looked at the picture as tears were forming as Sinbad looked at her and the other part of the photo. “Hey, it’s ok, I can fix the photo, come on.” He said as she looked at him as tears were seeping down her face as he wiped them away with his other hand that was free. “You don’t need to cry, come on.” He said grabbing her hand as he gave her the other peace and he picked up his kimono as he put it around her and he picked up her bag. They walked into the school as everyone looked at them. Sinbad looked at everyone as his eyes turned red and everyone walked away. They went up stairs as they entered the Old training room. They walked in as Eli, Damon, and the Leader, Horowko looked at them.

“Sinbad, what happened?” Horowko asked coming to him.

“Some kids threw her bag in the water. So I helped her get her stuff. Here Cana, set here I’ll go fix your photo of your father.” He said patting her head as she was holding her father’s book as Eli came to her with a hair dryer.

“Here, this will dry the pages.” He said as he gave it to her.

“Thanks.” She said taking the dryer as she went to plug it into an outlet and she was drying the pages. She was setting there as a little boy came to her.

“Hi, I’m Lino, you want to play?” He said setting next to her as she looked at him.

“No, not right now.” She said as she was drying the last pages of her book. The boy sat there as his eyes became big as he was about to cry as Sinbad came out of a room.

“Lino.” He said coming to them as Cana looked at him as he gave her the photo as it looked good as new. He came to Lino as he patted his head as he whispered in his ear, “If you go I’ll let you have some ice cream.” He said as Cana stood as she came to him as he turned and she hugged him.

“Thank you, how did you fix it?” She said as he looked at her shock as he placed a hand on her head.

“My father was a photo graphic, he fixed photos and enveloped them.” He said as Lino looked at the two as he got mad as he started to throw a fit.

“No one’s paying attention, I want sweets!” He shouted as he stomped his feet as Cana looked at him and knelt to him.

“Here, I’ll play if you want.” She said as he looked at her as he smiled. He hugged her as she hugged him back. everyone looked at them as Sinbad smiled a little as he looked at the two. Eli and Damon looked at each other as they walked off and Horowko looked at them as he heard Renema come in he turned as he came to her.

“Whats happening?” She asked.

“Cana, has away with Lino, he was throwing a fit as she came to him as he didn’t even snap at her. You know how he only allows Sinbad near him, but it seems he likes Cana.” He said as they looked at Cana and Lino as she was giving him a piggy back ride as they were laughing and smiling.

“That’s good, I’m glad to see him letting other people into his circle.” Renema said as she went to the couch as she sat. “Man I had so much work, it’s so good to just come here and set on this comparable couch.” She said as she laid her head back on the couch as Horowko sat next to her.

“Come on Cana!” Lino said tugging on Cana’s arm as she was trying to catch her breath.

“Hold on, Lino.” She said as he looked at her.

“Lino, it’s time for you to get your homework done.” Sinbad said as Lino looked at him.

“Oh, come on Sinbad.” Lino said with sad eyes.

“Now, you don’t want to fail do you.” Sinbad said crossing his arms. Lino went to his room and got his homework as he saw Cana setting on the floor putting her book in her bag as she was looking at the photo of her and her father. Sinbad placed a hand on her shoulder as she looked at him and smiled.

“I do miss my father and Germany and my old friends, but I’m glad I came here. I met all of you.” She said as she placed the photo in her bag. “Well I better get to my dorm.” She said standing as Renema stood from the couch.

“I should go too, let’s go.”She said as they went to the door as Horowko came to them as did Sinbad.

“You are always welcome here.” Horowko said as Sinbad took Cana’s hand.

“You have a way with Lino that no one else has.” He said as he came to her ear as his warm breath touched her ear as she blushed. “Call me Senpai.” He said as he took his face away from hers and smiled. Renema waved at everyone as she took Cana’s hand as they walked to the girl dorm. Aria was waiting for them as she smiled to them. They walked to their rooms as Aria fell right to sleep and the other two fell asleep as well as Cana turned her music on.


Chapter 2 Newest Host Member

The three girls woke as Aria got her uniform of a white shirt and navy skirt with black tights. She slipped on her shoes as pinned her hair up and walked out of the dorm. Renema put on her uniform of the boys as it was a white shirt with a blue coat and pants with black shoes. She walked out as she pinned her boyish hair up. Cana sat up in her bed as she saw the pastel red dress lying on the bed as she got into her bag as she found her white shirt and got her black pants as she got her black camisole. She took off her PJs as she slipped on the clothing as she slipped on her brown boots. She walked down as the other girls were staring at her as she came to Renema. Renema and Aria looked at her as they smiled.

“Rebels!” Aria said placing her hands on her hips and smiled.

“I don’t wear dresses.” Cana said as all the other girls were wearing the dresses. They walked from the dorm as they came to their classes. They all walked in as they saw Eli, Damon, and Lino as he ran to Cana as he jumped as she caught him.

“You look like one of us.” He said smiling as he was wearing a white shirt with black pants and blue jacket. She looked at the host club members as they were wearing the same thing as the other boys were wearing the same as Renema.

“Everyone sit.” The teacher said as everyone sat. The teacher began his lesson as Cana’s mother came into the class.

“Sorry to interrupt, but may I speak to my daughter.” She said as Cana turned as the teacher nodded. Cana stood as she walked out of the class and followed her mother to the headmaster’s office. They walked in as they sat in a chair.

“Cana, why don’t you wear the dress like the other girls?” The headmaster asked as her mother sat there looking at her.

“As I told you all before, I don’t wear dresses.” Cana said crossing her arms.

“But it’s common for a girl to wear dresses here.”

“Oh, really, Renema and Aria don’t wear dresses!” Cana shouted at the headmaster as her mother stood.

“Cana, don’t raise your voice at the headmaster!” Her mother said as Cana’s eyes turned a dark storm blue.

“I’m not wearing a dress and that’s that. I didn’t wear one at my old school and that’s not going to change.” She said as the headmaster smiled.

“Very well, I won’t force you to wear a dress.” He said as he dismissed her as she went back to her class. The bell rang as they all went to their other classes. It came time for all the girls to go to the host club as Renema walked in as two girls came up to her. Renema smiled as she took their hands and told the that she was happy for them coming to day. Cana came to the doors as she walked in and a girl came to her.

“Are you a member of the host club?” She asked as Cana looked at her as she placed a hand on her neck.

“Oh, there you are Huns,” Sinbad came to Cana as he whispered to her. “Go with it.” He said as Cana smiled.

“Indeed, I’m a new member, I’m Huns, nice to meet you… Princess.” Cana said thinking of the name that Sinbad told her. She took the girl’s hand as they went to a table where there was tea. They sat as the girl smiled. “So tell me of your self.”

“Well, I’m a third year and my name is Hana. I lived in Japan as I moved with my father here, after my mother’s death.” She said as Cana grabbed her hands.

“I’m sorry for your lost…princess. I hope I can bring a smile to your pretty face.” She said as Hana smiled as she blushed.

“Tell me about yourself.” She said looking at Cana as she was thinking.

“Well as you know I’m Huns. I lived in Germany when my parents got a divorce and I went to live with my father, but when he died I move back here to live with my mother. This is my first year here and I’m enjoying being in the Host Club.” Cana said as she came to the girl’s face. The bell rang for the next course of classes as the girls left. Cana sat at the table as she placed her head on the table as everyone came to her.

“You were great.” Horowko said as Cana took off her German overcoat as she turned to see the boys.

“Well You called me Huns so I went with it.” Cana said as she took a drink of tea. She sat there as Lino came to her as he had a piece of cake as he sat there.

“You really brought that character to life.” Horowko said patting her back as she smiled.

“When I was in Germany many of my friends and I would act like people that we weren’t, it was fun when we did. I always was a German soldier as I got my fathers gun as we went to the woods. We had like a war scene as we were hunting at the same time.” She said as she dug through her bag as she found a photo of her and her friends dressed up as characters as Sinbad saw her in the back with the gun in a german hat and the same over-coat.

“You do look like a soldier.” He said as the others kids were dressed in peasant clothing as one boy was dressed as a girl. “Who’s this?” He asked as Cana looked at the boy he was pointing at.

“That’s my old buddy, Albert. He had an infenamen side.” She said as everyone looked at Eli and laughed.

“What?” He asked as Sinbad looked at him and then back at Cana.

“What do you mean “had”?” He asked as she looked at him then back at the photo.

“He was murdered. Many kids were murdered in the park by some creature, many people said it was a man, but I know it was a wolf.” She said as she stood from the table. She got her bag as she went out of the room as she came to the hall near the animal classes. She was walking as a girl came to her.

“Hey, Cana, what are we doing in animal science.” She asked as Cana looked at her.

“Well as you know we’re talking of the cow reproduction system. We get a worksheet as we have to label the squid.” She said as the girl nodded as Eli came up to the two.

“It’s the vagina.” He said as Cana stood there shock as she turned and slapped him.

“You idiot.” She said as she walked on as she went to the library and got a book. She went back to the host club as Damon was sitting eating cake as Lino had four slices of cake on his side of the table.

“Hey, you two, where is everyone.” She said as they looked at her.

“Their in the third library.” Damon said as he stood and went to the back room. Cana came to Lino as she sat as she drank some tea.

“Where’s Senpai?” She said as he looked at her.

“You called Sinbad Senpai.” He said as she sat there as she remembered that she did call him that.

“Oh, I did didn’t I.” She said as she smiled as the door swung open as Sinbad came storming in.

“Lino, where’s my ring!” He shouted as Lino hid behind Cana.

“Senpai, what’s wrong?” Cana asked as Sindbad came to her.

“Lino, where is it!” He said as his eyes were turning red and his nails were black.

“Senpai, what’s wrong?” Cana asked as Sinbad scratched her face as blood seeped from the scars. His eyes turned a darker red as she looked at him as she took her hand and touched her cheek as she gasped a the site of the blood and his eyes.

“Sinbad!” Lino said as Sinbad grabbed Cana’s arms as he shoved her to the wall. She was standing there as he came to her face and licked her cheek where the blood was. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth.

“Senpai, Senpai, what are you doing?” She asked as Horowko came in.

“Sinbad!” He shouted as Sinbad’s eyes turned back to a milky white as he saw Cana’s face.

“Cana, I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I didn’t think my father’s blood with rise to the top.” He said as Cana looked at him.

“Sen…Senpai.” She said as she fell to the ground as she sat there. “I was scared, I was afraid of what happened.” She said closing her eyes. He knelt to her as he placed a hand on her chin.

“I promise, I won’t do that again.” He said as she stood as she walked from the host club as she went to the bathroom. She cleaned her wound as she walked out as Aria was waiting for her.


Chapter 3 Living a secret life

Aria came to her as she was holding a book.

“Hey, you want to go study out in the courtyard?” She asked.

“I thought you were going to hang out with Rome, the security guard?” Cana asked.

“He was busy.” Aria said as a man came up to her as he hugged her and kissed her neck.

“There’s my Doberman.” He said as she turned to see Rome.

“I thought you had work?” She asked as she kissed him.

“No, I got off early, you want to go to the bar?” He asked as she nodded, not remembering Cana’s existence. Cana smiled as she walked down the hall. She came back to the host club and laid on the couch as she fell asleep. She was wearing her german coat as she slept there like a warm little puppy. Lino looked out of his room as he came to her and laid by her on the couch. He cuddled up to her as he fell asleep. They were sleeping as a girl walked in the see them sleeping as she giggled and Lino woke to see her. She smiled as she came to him.

“Where’s the others?” She asked as he smiled at her.

“Their, umm… oh, they’re in the library.” He said as she nodded and walked off. Lino turned to see Cana still sleeping as he got a blanket from Sinbad’s room. He took of her German coat as he sat it on the back of the chair and placed the blanket on her as he went to his room. Sinbad came in as the others did. Sinbad came to her as he picked her up taking her to his room as there were girls coming in as they were giggling. One girl seen Sinbad with Cana as she followed him to is room as he placed Cana down as she woke. Sinbad patted her head as he closed the door as the girl was at a table by his room. Sinbad gave Cana the host club uniform, and a ban.

“Here is your clothing Huns, put this on and I’ll help with your hair.” He said as Cana nodded and she went behind a curtain as she put the ban around her breasts, pulled on the white shirt, pulled the pants up, as she placed the blue jacket on. She came out as Sinbad had a wig as he fixed her hair as he placed the wig on. He fixed the wig once it was on her head. Cana went to the mirror.

“I look like I was back in Germany.” She said laughing as Sinbad opened the door as he walked out as he came to a girl.

“Where’s Huns?” Two girls asked coming to Sinbad.

“Oh, he just got up, he’s getting ready for you lovely girls.” He said as the door opened as Cana walked out. The girls turned to her as they ran to her.

“Huns, you cut your hair, it looks good!” They said as they came to her.

“Thank you ladies, I just thought you all would like it this way.” Cana said in the voice of Huns as she looked at them as she drove her fingers through her hair.

“Oh, we do, we love it this way.” They said as Cana smiled as she took their hands.

“You two are specially beautiful.” She said as they giggled. “Come.” She said as they came to a table as the girls were drinking tea.

“Huns, may we ask you something?” They asked as Cana nodded.

“Sure, anything.”

“Do you know a girl known as Cana?” They asked as Cana looked at them as she was thinking of a excuse.

“Yes, but I never talked to her. We were best buddies in Germany, but when I moved we stopped talking. I never seen her around here so, I haven’t talked to her.” Cana said as she took a breath of relief as the girls looked at her.

“Oh, well she is so quiet, we thought if you talked to her, since you both were from Germany, that she would open up more. We would love to be her friend.” They said as Cana looked at them as she took their hands.

“I bet Cana will open up to you two. She had many friends in Germany, but from her father’s death and her moving here, she’s just scared to be in a new place.” Cana said as the girls smiled at her.

“I hope so.” They said as Lino came to them.

“Hi ladies, you want some cake.” He asked as the girls smiled as they nodded.

“Lino, you don’t need to serve the cakes, here give them to me. I’ll take them to the snack table.” Cana said as Lino smiled as he gave one to her.

“The others are mine.” He said as he sat next to them with two cakes.

“Lino, if you’re not careful, you might get a sore tooth.” Cana said placing a hand on his head.

“Lino, you better listen to Huns, he did have a little sister that was the same as you.” Sinbad said as he took one of the cakes that Lino had.

“Sinbad, come on give me it back.” He said as his eyes became big as the girls looked at them saying, “Aww”. Sinbad looked at the girls then at Lino as he picked him up.

“I promised you mother I would keep an eye on you. Huns is trying to help me. If you do this I’ll give you some Ice cream.” Sinbad said as Lino smiled as he hugged him as Cana took the cake from Sinbad and placed it on the table.

“Awww.” The girls said giggling.

“So cute.” One said as they all were giggling. Sinbad placed Lino down as he skipped to the snack table. The bell rang for the last course of classes to begin. The girls waved as they left the room.

“Huns, I’m going to fine Cana and see if she would want to hang out with me. Bye.” She said as she ran from the room as Cana smiled.

“Cana, should you be getting to class?” Horowko asked as Cana looked at them.

“Oh, yeah.” She said running to Sinbad’s room were her clothing was as she took off her host club clothing as she tried to find her clothing, but there was a red pastel dress. “Where’s my clothing!?” She shouted.

“I laid you the dress, your mother came by and gave us your dress.” Horowko said as Cana sighed as she put the dress on as she took of the wig as her long hair flowed out of the wig and she walked out of the room as Sinbad and the others looked at her.

“You look amazing.” Sinbad said as she smiled as she got her bag and went to her class of zoology. She walked into the class as the as a girl came to her.

“Cana?” She asked as Cana turned to see the girl from the host club.


“I met your old friend Huns. I came here to asked if you wanted to hang out.” The girl said as Cana looked at her.

“Oh, sure.” Cana said as she sat down. The girl left as she went to biology.

“Ok, class we will be going to the zoo. If your parents would like to go let me know. We will be going the weak from now.” The teacher said as Horowko came in.

“Sorry I’m late.” He said as he sat next to Cana.

“I didn’t know you were in this class.” Cana said looking at him.

“I just got into this class.” He said as the teacher passed out a sheet.

“This is a permission slip for going.” The teacher said giving everyone a sheet. The bell rang as everyone headed to their dorms as Horowko grabbed Cana’s hand as Renema came to them. They walked up stairs to the Host Club room as they walked in.

“Welcome… Huns, we would love for you to join the Host Club.” Horowko said as Cana came through the door.

“What?” Cana asked as she looked at them.

“The girls grown found of your character Huns and I think it would be good for us if you join us.” Horowko said.

“You will be coming here after the classes end and the free time starts. You will come here as you go to Sinbad’s room as you turn into Huns.” Renema said. Cana and the others celebrated her new place as a host club member.


Chapter 4 Death’s hand inches close

They were eating as Cana stood to give a speech as she started to cough as she fell to her knees coughing as her eyes were turning from light storm to dark storm and going back and forth. She collapsed on the ground as she was breathing slowly.

“Cana!” Sinbad said kneeling to her.

“Bring her to my room, I have remedies that will help her.” Eli said as Sinbad picked her up. They took her to Eli’s room as Sinbad laid her on the bed. Eli got some warm water as he dipped a rag in the water. He placed the rag on her face. He got leaves as he dabbed them with Wolf Cane as he placed it on her throat. “these will help her. She will be fine, but in the meanwhile she will be resting.” Eli said as Horowko came to her.

“If any of the girls asked about Huns tell them that he’s sick and he didn’t want any of them to get sick as well.” He said as everyone nodded as they walked out of the room. The girls came in as two of them asked for Huns.

“He’s sick, he’s resting. He’ll be better soon, don’t worry.” Horowko said as the girls went to Lino. They were all enjoying their selves as there was a shout and groan from Eli’s room as Eli got Sinbad and Horowko. “Ladies, everything is fine, enjoy, we’ll be back.” He said as they went into the room as they came to Cana. Cana was groaning and kicking as she scratched her face. her eyes were turning back and forth as Eli told the two boys to hold her as Sinbad held her arms and Horowko grabbed her legs. Cana was moving her head as she was sounding like a zombie. She was trying to fight the boys as she was moving. Eli got a slender tube as he put some relaxer in it as he told the two boys to hold her. He got her shoulder as he stuck the tube into her arm. He injected it as he pulled it out putting a bandaid on her arm. Cana was still sounding like a zombie as she started to slow down as her body gave into the boy’s weight. She stopped groaning as she fell asleep. Sinbad robbed her head where the rag was as Eli took it off her head and dipped it back into the water as he placed it onto her head. He took the leaves off her neck as he placed another set of leaves on her neck that was dabbed in Love Dust. He placed the new leaves on her neck as they walked out. The girls left from the bell ringing as Sinbad went to Cana’s classes and told the teachers that she was sick.

Cana was sleeping as she woke in a meadow. She sat up as she found that her clothing were gone as her fur was flowing in the wind. She sat in the tall grass as a gray wolf and lion came to her. She laid in the grass. The two animals walked pass her as she stood. She walked as she came to a stream. She got some water as there was a anthropomorphic golden bird in the tree. The bird was swinging her legs as she watched Cana. Cana stood as she turned as she saw a gray lion standing there.

“Cana, I haven’t seen you since we were in America, before our parents got a divorce. You were my little sister and I will always be your big sister.” The lion said as Cana looked at her.

“What? I thought you were dead. I mean when father took me to Germany, I never heard anything else from mother.” Cana said as the two girls stared at each other as the golden bird flew down from the tree. She was a bird called a honey guide. Her feathers were a golden-rust color as she had a light gray underbelly and patch near her willows peak. She was wearing a light red shirt with golden design on the front as her skirt was the same gold. She wore arm sleeves as they were red as the bands were gold. She had a black belt and boots as her hair was a orange rust color as it was pinned in the back as the rest was down. Her wings folded up as she landed onto the ground.

“I’m Ava, from the spirit realm. What Ariella said was true she is your sister. I am your spirit guardian. Your mother took Ariella as your father took you as I stayed in the spirit realm watching both of you.” Ava said as the others looked at her.

“So, let me get this straight you’re a honey guide that is our guardian. You’re a little bird.” Ariella said crossing her arms as Ava smiled.

“I might look innocent, but I’m not. My ancestors are brave enough to guide a honey badger.” She said as Cana smiled.

“If you are brave then I will let it be so.” She said as she went walking. She came to a patch of blue roses as she laid in the patch. She fell asleep.

In the Host Club, the girls left as the boys sat eating cake and drinking tea. Eli went to his room as he came to Cana as he took the leaves off as he dabbed them with more Love Dust and placed them back on her neck as he warmed the rag again. He placed it on her head as the color returned back to her face as Eli left the room. Cana laid there as she slowly opened her eyes as she turned onto her side. She saw Sinbad with no shirt, but he held out his hand.

“I want all of you.” He said as Cana looked at him as she woke as she found herself in the room that was different.


Chapter 5 The illness dies

She sat up as she looked around. She stood up as she walked to the window as she saw woods and mountains. She heard her door open as she turned to see her father. She looked at him as he smiled.

“Father? But you were murdered.” She said as he came to her.

“I’m not dead.” He said laughing as Ariella came in as she hugged Cana. Her mother came from the hind as she kissed her father as Cana looked at them.

“What’s happening, you all were gone from my life. I was at a school as I was in the host club.” Cana said as her mother came to her and felt her head.

“You’re not sick, are you ok?” She said as Cana looked at them. She shoved the other away as she ran from her room to the hall as she went down the stairs and out the door as she turned to see her house that they lived in when they were in Germany, but her sister and mother was with her and her father. She went to the woods as she set in the meadow as the pack of wolves came to her. They sat next to her as a boy came through the trees. He was walking as Cana saw that it was….

“Eli, Eli!” She shouted as the boy turned and then ran. She ran after him as she came to a tree. She saw the door on the tree as she pushed it open. She walked in as a arm grabbed her. The figure took her out from the tree and they came to the stream. Cana looked too see…

“Ava, What’s happening?” She asked as Ava looked at her.

“Well, the spirits heard your cries and with my help we were able to bring you to Germany to be with your family. Your friends are here, but there are some that are elsewhere. They don’t remember you.” Ava said as she gave Cana a map of the places where her friends would be.

“So, let me get this straight, I was sent into a time where my family is happy together, but my friends don’t know who I am.” Cana said as Ava nodded. Cana looked at the map and then back at Ava. “So, this is like a quest to find my lost friends.” She said as Ava nodded once more and vanished into the spirit realm. Cana watched as Ava vanished as she stuffed the map into her bag. She ran to her room as she changed from a black shirt and pants to her black tank top, and camo pants. She went to her closet as she got her German coat. She tied her hair up in a ponytail as she slipped on her brown slip-ons. She climbed from her window so her parents didn’t see her. She walked to the woods. She didn’t look back as she came to the shed where she kept her gun and the shells. She grabbed them as she went out of the shed and locking it from behind. She walked through the woods as the gun strap was on her shoulder. She walked for hours till she found herself near a German base camp. She looked at the people, she saw one that had a white Doberman. She looked at it as the doberman turned into a girl as she remembered that it was Aria. She came from the camp and went to the hot springs. She socked into the water as Cana walked to her. She looked at her as she shifted into her dog form as she came out of the water.

“Who, are you?!” She asked as Cana looked at Aria.

“I’m Cana, I’m an old friend.” She said as Aria looked at her as she vanished. “I don’t want to live this life, I want to go home.” Cana shouted as she looked and everything went black. She sat up in a room. She let her eyes focus to the darkness as she found herself in Eli’s room. She stood as she went out from the room as she saw Lino setting eating five slices of cake. She sat next to him as she at him and them around the room.

“Where are the others?” She asked as he looked up at her as they was cream on his face.

“They’re, umm, I’m not sure.” He said as she nodded and stood. She walked out of the room as she came to the courtyard as she sat on the swings. She sat there as the memory of her with everyone in Germany brought back memories. She sat there as it began to rain. She sat there as Sinbad saw her from the window and came down to her. He placed a jacket over her as he picked her up as she was oblivion to what happened. He took her to the host club as he placed her on his lap as they sat on the couch. He brushed her hair out of her face as there was tears. Cana was in a daze as she didn’t even know where she was. For all she knew was that she was back in Germany with her friends and father. Sinbad looked at her as he felt her head as it felt cold. Eli came walking in with Damon as Eli saw Cana’s eyes as they were a white as her pupils were a faint black. She was setting there as Eli came to her as he knelt down to her.

“Cana, Cana, you ok?” He asked as she ignored him. Cana stood as Eli moved out of the way as Cana walked to her dorm as she sat on the bed. She took of her dress as she slipped on her red wolf shirt and her black sweats as she pulled the covers over her as she fell asleep. She woke as she dressed in her uniform. She walked out her room as she went to Zoology. She was setting in the class as the bell rang everyone left the room as there was a paper advertising the next ball they would have. The All Hallow’s Celebration. She looked at the paper as Aria and Rome came up to Cana  as they were kissing. Cana looked at them as she looked down at the paper trying not to notice them. She lowered the paper as Aria was standing there in her face as Cana shouted as she stepped back.

“What you doing?” She asked as Cana looked at her.

“It’s a paper about the ball.” She said as Aria looked the paper as She looked at the paper.

“Nice there’s a ball, the one thing we need to do is pick out your dress.” Aria said as Cana looked at her.

“I don’t even know if I’m going.” Cana said as Aria looked at her.

“You’re going.” Rome said as he came to them two as he pulled out two tickets.

“Theses are for the dance. I love being with a secretary guard.” Aria said as Rome gave her a ticket and Cana the other.

“I get in free.” He said as Cana looked at him then back at the ticket as she sticked it in her pocket. She turned at she walked down the hall as she went up stairs to the host club. She went in as she went to Sinbad’s room to get change. She entered the room as she saw no one and didn’t see Huns clothing. She walked further as she looked into the closet as she heard a sound. She turned to see Huns, we’ll Sinbad dressed as Huns.

“What are you doing?” She asked as Sinbad came to her.

“I just wanted to see how it felt to be huns.” He said as he came to Cana as he kissed her head.

“Here, I need that.” She said as he gave her the wig.

“Here, I need help with this. I’m going to be Huns while you stay as Cana.” He said as Cana looked at him and know that he was going to go through with it.

“Ok, turn around.” She said as he turned and she stepped onto the bed as she was helping him put on the wig. Cana placed the wig on him as he turned as she smiled at him. She was going to get down as he foot got stuck in the sheet as she fell. Sinbad caught her as he looked at her. She blushed as he took her out from his room as the girls were staring in “awww,” as the other host members stared at them. Sinbad placed her down as Cana looked at him as he smiled and walked off. He went to set with some girls as Cana stood there. She went to set as Aria ran into the host club grabbing Cana’s arm as they went out of the room.

“What are you doing in the host club, with those men.” She said as Cana ripped her arm away from Aria’s grasp.

“I’m fine, they didn’t hurt me, they’re my friends.” Cana said as Aria looked at her.

“Come on.”

“No, I’m going back to the host club.” Cana said as Rome came to Aria.

“Cana, had made her chose come my doberman let’s go.” He said as they turned and Cana went back to the host club. Cana sat as she got a cup of tea.

“So Huns are you going to the dance?” A girl asked as Sinbad shook his head.

“No, I have no reason to go. I’m going to be back in Germany all next week. I should already be on the flight to Germany. If you all excuse me, I’m going to get signed out to start heading home.” Sinbad said as Cana heard him as she had the teacup to her mouth, but wasn’t drinking. Sinbad left the room as he went to the bathroom as he changed from Huns clothing to his as he walked into the host club.

“Hey, Sinbad.” One girl said as Cana saw Sinbad.

“Hey ladies, oh, excuse me ladies.” He said as he saw Cana as he went over to her as Lino was setting there with six slices of cake. “Cana,” He started taking Cana’s hand as he knelt to his knee as the other girls stared in, “awww”. “Cana, the light in a dark room, would you love to go to the ball with me?” He said as the girls looked at them with impatience. Cana hesitated as she looked at the girls, then at Lino, and back at Sinbad. She looked at him as she smiled as her eyes turned a light sky blue.

“Yes, I would love to go with you Sinbad.” Cana said as the girls cheered and giggled as Sinbad stood and hugged her. Lino stood as he wanted Sinbad to help him as they both left as Sinbad picked Lino up placing him on his shoulder.

“Cana, I’m so happy for you. Your so lucky.” One girl said as they were surrounding her.


“We can help pick out your costume.” Another one said.

“What do you want to be?” One asked as Cana looked at them as they sat at the table.

“Hmmm, Let me think.” Cana began. “I do like the princess fighters.” She said as a the girls took Cana out of the room as they got in a car and went to a dress shop.


Chapter 6 The All Hallow’s Ball

They entered the dress shop as Cana saw so many dresses.

“We can do a forest princess with like daggers.” One girl said picking out a dark and light mint green dress that was short in the front and long in the back.

“We could do an elf princess fighter.” Another said getting a brown short dress that was chopped at the ends with a green cape. she had golden arm bands to go with it.

“Those are so cute, I like the elf princess fighter, but I like the mint green dress with the daggers.”Cana said as they gave her the dress as she went to try it on. She got it slipped on as she found elf princess arm bands that were a light mint as she put them on as she walked out of the dressing room. The girls stared in, “Awww,” as she walked out.

“So beautiful. Sinbad will love that.” One girl said as Cana looked at herself in the mirror.

“I love it.” She said as the girls saw a bow in the back where her tail was hanging out from the dress. Cana turned as she saw the bow.

“It’s so cute.” She said as the girls giggle and cheered.

“I think we found the dress.” One girls said as Cana went to get her clothing back on as the girl went to the front of the store. “Here put it on my father’s tab.” She said as Cana came from the dressing room holding the dress. They got in the car as Cana put the dress in the back and they went to a store for weapons. They walked in as they seen weapon from the smallest to the biggest. Cana looked around as she found a gun as a girl spotted two elf daggers.

“Cana, here, check these out.” She said as Cana took the daggers and looked at the design on them.

“Here, these look more like elf weapons.” One girl said bringing Cana two daggers that were light brown and silver as the blade had a swirl design on it.

“I like this one.” Cana said as they went to the cashier.

“Here, put it on my mother’s tab.” The girl said as they got in the car as they placed the daggers in the back. They went to a restaurant as they ate. They came back to the school as they helped Cana take her new things to her room as she placed them in her closet.

“Now don’t let anyone see them till the ball. Their going to be so jealous for you.” The girls said as they left Cana’s room and went to their classes. Cana sat in her room as she stood and walked out of the girls dorm. She walked to the host club as she sat at a table as she was drinking tea. She sat there as she soon fell asleep at the table. She was sleeping as Sinbad came in as he saw her as he came to her. He brushed Cana’s hair from her face as she opened her eyes to see him she sat up as her eyes shimmered a sky blue. Sinbad smiled as he looked at her eyes.

“Your eyes are a sky blue.” He said as she bowed her head.

“Well, I guess someone got me out of the darkness.” She said as she looked up at Sinbad as she smiled. He hugged her as she hugged him back.

“You don’t need to be in darkness while I’m around.” He said as Lino came in.

“Sinbad, come on everyone waiting for you…Oh hi Cana.” He said as Sinbad turned to see Lino as he nodded.

“I’m coming.” He said as he kissed Cana’s forehead as he left the room. She watched them leave as she sat there. Renema came in to her as she sat next to her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as Cana looked out of the window to where the boys were getting into the car.

“I soul my heart to a vampire.” She said as Renema smiled.

“I knew it would happen.” Renema said laughing. Cana stood as the sun was going do as they went to the girl dorm. Cana went to her room as she shut the door. She went to her closet as she was looking at the dress. She got her pink shirt and her blue pants as she took off the dress as she slipped the shirt and pants on as she went to her bed. She laid as she looked at the ceiling. She soon fell asleep as everyone in the school did.

Weeks went by as everyone was getting ready for the ball. They all got ready as the time came from the ball. The blood moon was high in the sky as Sinbad’s eyes were a perusing red. Cana sat up as she saw the moon shining in her room as she went to her closet and slipped her dress on as she got the daggers putting them in their holster on her back. She pulled her tail out from the hole in the back underneath the bow. She got her arm bands as she pulled them on as she curled her hair. She walked out of the room and dorm as she came to the doors to the ball. The door opened as two boys were standing there.

“Welcome to the All Hallow’s Ball.” They said bowing as Cana bowed and smiled they let her in a she walked in. She looked at round as there was a sound as everyone looked up at the boucheny as they saw the host club standing there. Horowko was dressed as a wizard as Eli was a mange and Damon was a hunter. Sinbad came from the shadows with Lino at everyone stood in, “Awww,” at them. Sinbad was dressed as Vampire prince as Lino was a hell dog. They walked down the stairs as they came to everyone. Cana was standing as she was fixing her dress. Lino ran to her as he hugged her. She hugged her back as Sinbad came from the crowd.

“Lino.” He said as Cana looked up to see Sinbad as she smiled. Rome was dressed as a ninja and Aria was dressed as a fallen angel as her wings were broken. They came in as Aria seen the vampire as she ran to Cana.

“Cana!” Aria shouted as she got in front of Cana.

“Aria, I’m fine, He didn’t hurt me.” Cana said as rome came to them.

“Aria lets go.” He said as he nodded at Cana as she smiled.

“Sinbad, you want to dance?” A girl said as he turned as he nodded and they went off as Cana stood there. She walked over to a table as she grabbed her daggers. She sat them on the table. She took one and was looking at it as she cut her finger. She dropped the dagger as she brought her finger to her mouth as Sinbad came from behind as he grabbed her hand as his lips met the tip of her finger. He licked up the blood as his eyes glowed a red.

“You should be more carful.” He said as Cana stood. “Come on, I protested you a dance.” He said as they went to the dance floor.


Chapter 7 Years to Remember

Weeks went by as everyone was getting ready for the end of the years. This was the last of the high schools and the end of the school from the rest of the days. The Host club members were getting packed, the girls were packing, and Cana was getting packed to head to her new home. Sinbad came to her room as she was packing her dress and daggers. He knocked on the door as Cana turned to see him as they smiled. Sinbad knew that she was leaving, but didn’t know that she was going back to Germany. On her 18th birthday her mother surprised her by buying them a house in Germany. Cana was happy, but sad for leaving her friends behind. Sinbad walked into further to her room as he hugged her as tears seeped from his face.

“Cana, I don’t want you to leave here, or me.” He said as she looked at him.

“You know?” She asked as he nodded.

“Yeah, but I didn’t tell anyone else.” He said as Cana hugged him.

“Senpai, I’m going home you all will never leave me.” She said as her mother came in.

“Sinbad.” She said as her turned to her. “Here, I know that your mother and father are gone, so you have no where to go. You are glad to stay with us and be near my daughter for your love.” He said holding out a paper. Sinbad looked at her, the paper, then Cana. Cana stood there shocked as Sinbad smiled as he turned to Cana as he picked her up as he spun her around the room. “You’ll make her happy.” She said as Cana looked at her.

“Mother, I thought you only had two passports?” Cana asked as her mother turned and smiled.

“I want you happy, I’m giving you what you wanted. I want be there, but you will have your new family.” She said as everyone came to Cana’s room as her mother left. Cana looked at her friends as they all smiled and hugged. They all walked down to the main hall as the headmaster was standing there.

“I know that this year was short and you all had more fun then learning, but the year has come for everyone to enjoy the rest of your lives. Many will moving far, some be going to another school, but where every you all go, you all were the only year class that we as teachers had no trouble with. We send you all off into this would like the parents that send their children into the world. We all pray and hope that you all will find the path and take it to worlds be on these grounds. Conglaguration class of 2083!” He said as everyone cheered as Aria and Rome kissed as there was an ring on Aira’s finger. Damon kissed Eli as they had a rainbow ring that was meant for a prank, but they used it for an engagement ring. Cana was crying with joy for her going to Germany and her friends were coming with her, her new family. Sinbad cheered as he looked at her as he took her to the side as he knelt to his knee.

“Cana, You are the light that brings me from darkness. You are my love, you are my wolf, and I’m your vampire prince, I will always love you from this world and next. I do age, so you I won’t be alone when we leave this land.” He said as he pulled out a ring as he opened it to revile a aquamarine diamond ring as Cana smiled and hugged him.

“Senpai, I love you, I will never leave your side. We will live and live a full life.” She said as Everyone came to them Aria smiled as the Damon and Eli smiled as Eli came to Cana.

“Let me help you pick out a dress.” He said as Cana smiled.

“Should we get going.” Cana said looking at the passport. They all looked at her as they all walked from school the turned and smiled at the memories that they all had make that years. They all walked to Rome’s car, Sinbad’s truck, and Damon’s car as they all got in. Cana was in Sinbad’s truck with Lino and Renema, Rome, Aria, got in their car, as Damon, Eli, and Horowko were in their car as they all drove to the airport. Cana was counting the money that her mother gave her as the came to the airport. They walked in as they went to the turban for Germany as they showed the Stewart the tickets and passports as they went one the plane as they all sat near each other. They sat as the plane was full of people as they took off. They were over the airport as Cana looked out of the window as the watched her home pass them by as Sinbad held her hand as she smiled at him.