walking in Dark

Walking in Dark

By: Misty Crump


It’s been days, maybe. I’ve never been alone before. I’m walking in the dark trying to find my way out. I run into these Street zombies and I kill them with no hesitation. I use my phone as I try to call my sister, but there’s no answer. I thought that if my sister was gone so would be Mitrix and Kesha. I’ve been separated by my father from the beginning. Before all of this me and my family would watch films with these Street zombies. The people would call them Zombies, or Walkers, but I call them Street zombies. Their like the ones I dream of. Every night I dream of them as I wake screaming in my own sweat. I’ve traveled far now. I came to these beautiful places as I camp there and get cleaned up at the water. I feel like my life won’t end till I find my family and more people. I roamed the woods as come up to Street

zombies as I use them as camouflage. I kept walking as I couldn’t find my mother. She’s probably at her work. There is never a time where I go back to the past and think of my mother and father and how happy we were before all this. I’m 17, I know how to shoot, use a sword, and survive on my own. Before all of this there was a newscast of these people that had homemade drugs as the police called it Spice. It was like a innocent thing at the time, but it change into more. The victims that would take this drug would act different. One effect of this drug was that the victims felt like they had died. Then it went haywire from there. All the people that was affected by the drug turned different from they had. This is the 138th or so days that I had to kill Street zombies and people that would threatened me.


A girl known as Tempest wrote in her handmade journal. She closed it as she put it into her bag. She stood from the tree that she was setting at. She turned to see the water from behind as it was a sparkling blue. Tempest took one breath, closed her eyes as she opened to see the nasty lake water. She sighed as she turned and walked. She was dressed in a old torn tank top with old jeans. She had no shoes, but her hair was put up in a pony tail. Tempest walked as she came to a little town. She walked into the town as she looked around.

“This whole place went to hell.” She thought to herself as she came to the bar. She went up to the door as she saw a sign that said, “Leave if under 18”. She looked at the sign as she took it off the door. She walked in as she went behind the bar. She got a bottle of beer as there was a shot rang throughout the town. Tempest hunched down as she heard the door of the bar swing open and two men and a girl walked in laughing.

“Did you hear the cries of those men.” The girl said looking at the others.

“Oh, please don’t kill us.” One boy said.

“spare our lives!” The other boy said as they laughed. The girl sat at  a table as she put her black boots up on the table. She wore a black jacket with a white tank top and black pants. Her black hair was short, parted on the side, that was covering the left eye. She looked at the tallest boy that was wearing a red long sleeve shirt with jeans and boots. His hair was short with the same style to it as the girl. The other boy that was standing by the wall was wearing no shirt. He had jeans, brown boots, his faint dark brown hair was medium with a little ponytail by his face as the back was braided. He kind a looked like a native. He walked to the bar as he came behind it as he saw Tempest setting there.

“Sitka, what is it?” The boy asked as the other one known as Sitka pulled on Tempest’s arm. She raced as the two other stood fast as they drew their guns. Tempest put up her hands.

“I’m Tempest, Don’t kill me!” She said as the girl and boy looked at each other as Sitka looked at Tempest.

“You look like a girl that I hung out with as a child.” He said as he placed a hand on Tempest’s face brushing her hair back. She saw his hand and the wrap on it as she grabbed his hand.

“What happened?” She asked as Sitka looked at her them at his hand.

“I cut it.” He said as Tempest took the wraps off as she looked at the wound. She got in her bag as she got alcohol and new wraps. She wrapped his hand as she let go of his hand. “Thanks?” He said as she nodded.

“So, how long have you been out here?” The girl said.

“I’ve been out here since the beginning of this hell. I’m looking for my father.” Tempest said as the others came up to her.

“We have other people. How many dead have you killed?” The tallest boy said as Tempest looked at him.

“200 or more.” Tempest said.

“Have you killed any humans?”

“Yes, I’ve kill 10 humans.”

“Why?” The boy asked.

“They attacked me.” Tempest said as the boy nodded. “I’m Rollin, this is my girlfriend Kilesa, she’s the killer slash hunter, and you met Sitka, the mutt, the wolf.” He said as Tempest nodded.

“Come, we have homes, water, other people, and more. You may find your father.” Sitka said as Tempest grabbed her bag as they went to the door of the bar. There were gunshots ringing out as they were toward the bar.

“Get down, get down!” Rollin said as everyone hunched down. Tempest looked at a old chair as she crawled to it.

“Tempest, Tempest!” Sitka said as he went after her. She got to the chair as she ripped the chair apart as she ran from the back. Sitka tried to reach out his hand to grab her, but it was to late. He stood there at the back door a oblivion to the actions of the girl. A few minutes went by as the three heard shots then screams as the bar door swung open, to show Tempest standing there soaked in blood.

“Well, are we going or not.” She said as the other stood and went out from the bar.

“How did you do that?” Sitka asked looking at tempest.

“My father trained me on fighting with a staff.” She said as they came to a car and hopped in. They sat there as Rollin started the car and drove down the road. Tempest looked out of the window as she closed her eyes and took a breath as she opened to see sun shined, the field with flowers and intend of Street zombies

it was animals. She smiled as Sitka looked at her.

“Tempest, you ok?” He asked as she turned.

“Yes.” She said as she was pulled back to reality as she looked out of the window again to see the Street zombies and the dead plants. Tempest looked down as she was thinking of her father and the past time. They came to a community as the gates moved and they drove in. They stopped as they got out of the car.

“Sitka, Sitka, your home!” The little kids said running to him as he knelt to the ground. Tempest stepped from the car as the kids looked at her.

“Sitka, is that your girlfriend?” One little girl said as the others laughed.

“No, she’s a newcomer. Go on tell your father that we’re back.” Sitka said as he came to Tempest as they went to a house in the middle of the town. They walked in as they went up the stairs and opened a door. “Father.”

“Sitka, you’re back, you’re safe.” His father said as he came to sitka and hugged him. “I thought you were gone, after Nana brought me your buffalo totem I lost hope.” He said tears filling his eyes. “Where did you go!” He said angrily as he slapped Sitka’s head.

“Rollin, Kilesa, and I went out to get supplies. My totem got caught on the gate and I guess it ripped from my neck.” Sitka said as he saw Tempest standing there. “Oh dad, this is Tempest. We picked her up at a bar. She’s looking for her father.” Sitka said as his father came to Tempest.

“I’m Yosemite. I’m the one who formed this community.” He said as Tempest looked down at him. “What’s your father’s name?” He said looking at Tempest.

“His name is Jerraco Nelson Charge.” She said as Yosemite nodded.

“Come, I would like to show you around.” He said as him, Sitka, and Tempest walked out of the house. “This town was here since I was born and I’m going to keep it going. Resonantly we ran into these men that had a mark on there shoulder of a wolf snarling. They came into our town and killed many of our people.” He said as they walked past the wall that was being rebuild and the graves of the people that they had lost. “These people call themselves the Wolf Assassins. I’m afraid that your father is part of those people. He was with us till he seen his old buddy, Chuck. We haven’t seen him since.” Yosemite said as he gave her a totem of a dog.

“My father’s gone.” She said as she saw a watchtower. She climb up the tower as she took a deep breath as she saw the woods that were full of green leaves and the sun shining down on the woods. She sighed as everything went back to the grim forest. She stood there as she looked at the totem of the dog. She remembered of the little husky pup that she had found on her journey to find her father, but it was killed by a Street zombie. She clinched the totem as she yelled, “Father! Where are you!” Tears seeped from her face as she saw walkers. She climbed from the tower as she jumped down onto the Street zombie as she pulled a knife stabbing it in the head. She stood as she looked up at the wall of the town as she cut the corps of the walker as she smeared the blood on her clothing and body as she walked through the woods. She used her tracking skills as she tried to find the Wolf Assassin’s camp. She walked as she walked past the Street zombies as she came to a wall of spikes with a giant medal wall behind it. She came to the front of the wall as she saw the W symbol on the front with a wolf snarling on it. She looked at the wall as she saw a spotter as a gun was drawn to her head.

“Wait, I’m not dead!” She shouted as a Street zombie came up to her as she stabbed it in the head. She turned as she looked at the man in the lookout point as a Street zombie came from behind as she felt it’s hands on her back. She turned as it had it’s teeth showing as Tempest was fighting with it. She looked into it’s soulless eyes as there was a gunshot ring out as the blood of the walker smeared onto her face. The Street zombie fell as Tempest saw the head burst. Tempest looked at it as she felt sick as she fainted by the Street zombie. The man from the lookout saw he saw more Street zombies as she shouted to the people as two of them opened the gate as they ran to Tempest and picked her up. They took her to a house and laid her on the bed. There was a old lady that was known as the healer or grand elder as she sat on the bed as she was wiping the blood off of Tempest’s face and chest. A boy went to the closet as he found a pink purple and gray strapped shirt. He got a blue jean vest and pants with boots. as he sat it on the chest that was at the end of the bed.

“Granny, is she ok?” The boy asked.

“She’s going to be find. Leon go get chuck and the others. They all like to see this. Now!” The old woman said as Leon ran from the house as he came to Chuck’s house as they followed him to the house. They opened the door as they went up stairs to the room where the old lady and Tempest was. The men walked in as they saw the old lady, but no Tempest.

“Amelia, what is it?” The man known as Chuck said as the old woman placed her finger to her lips saying,

“Shh.” She pointed to the door where the bathroom was as Tempest stepped out as she saw the men. She stopped in her tracks as she saw the men standing looking like true wolves. “Come here little one.” Amelia said holding out her hand as Tempest came to the old lady. “Chuck this is Tempest. She traveled far and wide to find us. She says that her father, Jerraco is here.” Amelia said as a man came from the crowd. He came to Amelia as she stood and placing a hand on Tempest’s shoulders.

“Jerraco.” Amelia said as he looked at Tempest that was dressed in the clothing that was set out for her as she had hints of blood and dirt on her face.

“Father?” She questioned as Jerraco came to her as he hugged her.

“I’m sorry Temp. I’m sorry I didn’t stay at the house and wait for you, but I had to go.” He said as Tempest’s inner German shepherd spoke.

“You, left her. We were at the school and when it started we ran home to find it empty. No note nothing telling her where you were. She got her gun and sword as she got her bags full stuff so she could survive!” The spirit said as Tempest stood there.

“Temp. I’m sorry.” Jerraco said as Tempest looked at her father.

“No, I shouldn’t of come here.” She said as she ran from the house pushing and shoving the men out of the way as she came to the wall. She ran to the lookout point as a man tried to stop her as she pushed him off. She jumped from the wall onto a Street zombie as she killed it. She ran from the wolves camp back to the Totem’s town. Tempest walked as she came to a road as she found the sign for the town as she walked up to the gate to see Street zombies. She climbed a tree near the lookout point as she walked to the end of the tallest branch as she jumped. She caught the ledge of the lookout point as she climbed into the window. She stood there as she climbed down the tower as she saw Sitka. She walked past him as she went to a tree as she sat in it.

“Hurricane. You think that we’re going to make it?” Tempest said as the German Shepherd spoke.

“Of course. Our spirits will be one.” Hurricane said as Tempest closed her eyes. She opened them as she jumped from the tree and went to a house as she sat on a couch. She sat there as she took the totem of the dog off her neck as she looked at it. Hurricane came from Tempest as she laid on the couch beside Tempest. Tempest sat there as a woman came into the house. Tempest turned as the woman looked at Tempest.

“Tempest, Hurricane?” The woman asked as Tempest stood to see her big sister…

“Marnie!” Tempest said as they hugged.

“Where were you?” Marnie asked looking at her sister.

“I was at the school as I ran home to get my gun and things that I might need.” She said as Marnie sat at the table when Mitrix walked in. “Where’s Kesha?” Tempest said as she looked at the two.

“She was with her mother in Auslan.” Mitrix said as Tempest came to him.

“I’ll find her. I know how to take care of myself.” She said as Marnie came to her.

“No, your not going. I’m not going to lose you.” Marnie said as Tempest looked at her.

“I don’t need anyone to worry for me. I’ll be fine.” Tempest said as she went from the house as Hurricane followed her.

“I’ll be right by you all the way.” She said as Sitka came to her.

“You leaving?” He asked as she nodded.

“I need to find my niece and mother.” Tempest said as Kilesa came to her.

“Well we’re going to. Spirit siblings need to stick to gather.” Rollin said as Tempest looked at him and nodded at them all. Hurricane formed with Tempest’s soul as her eyes turned a bright blue. Kilesa’s eyes turned to a red as she smirked as her ears turned to wolf like and white as she grew a tail.

“Me and my wolf joined together along time ago.” She said as she was still human, but with wolf ears and tail.

“Hurricane. Join with me.” Tempest said as Hurricane did the same as the wolf of Kilesa. Tempest stood there as her ears turned to a faint black as she grew a tail that was brown and black on the top.

“Nice you look like a full German mutt now.” Rollin said as he showed his totem of an eagle. This is my spirit and Sitka’s is the buffalo.” He said as Sitka got a truck as they all got in. They drove to the gate as Rollin told the man that runs the gates as he nodded and opened the gate.

“Oh, tell my father that we went out to find two people.”Sitka said as the man nodded and they drove down the road. They came to a sign of a town called Zombieland. They drove through as there were Street zombies. They drove past as there was a woman that was shooting from a building as she shot the truck’s tires.

“We stop, why we stop?!” Sitka said as Tempest saw the woman. She closed her eyes and opened again to see the world different as she jumped out of the truck and ran to the building. She ran up stairs from opening the door and closing it. She ran up all the stairs as she came to the door to the roof. She got on the roof to see the woman dressed in black with a helmet as she had a gun and pointing to the truck. Sitka came from the car as the woman was shooting at him. Tempest ran to the woman as she attacked her.

“Leave my friends alone!” Tempest shouted as the woman turned.

“Tempest. Little temp?” The woman asked as she stood up.

“Who are you?” Tempest asked as the woman took off the helmet.

“Mother, Dalena!” Tempest said as she hugged her mother.

“Tempest!” Sitka said as Tempest looked from over the roof as she saw the Street zombies come to them.

“Sitka, get under the tuck!” Tempest shouted as Rollin and Kilesa lock the door of the truck. Sitka went under the car as he laid there as he watched the Street zombies walk by. Up on the roof Dalena and Tempest took their guns as they were shooting the zombies as more kept coming. Tempest ran from the roof down to the first floor of the building. She came from the building as she took out her katana as she cut the zombies down as she stood it front of the truck killing the zombies as she was soon joined by Rollin, Kilesa, and Sitka. They came to Tempest as they were killing  the zombies as they got in the truck.

“Mom, come on.” Tempest said as Dalena came from the roof to the truck. She sat in the back as Tempest and Sitka jumped into the bed of the truck and they drove off. Tempest stood as they drove out of the town. They dove down the high way passing cars and dead body with their throats ripped off, their guts smeared all over the road, and blood everywhere. They Drove past as tempest banged on the roof of the truck as she saw the sun setting.

“We need to make camp.” Rollin said as they stopped the truck. Sitka jumped from the truck as he fell to his knees as he threw up in the ditch.

“Sitka, are you ok?” Tempest asked as she placed a hand on Sitka’s back.

“I’m fine. Just seeing those dead bodies and thinking of their lives before this.” He said as Tempest got into her bag as she gave him a rag. He took it as he wrapped his mouth. He stood as Tempest did the same. She went to Kilesa that was setting by a fire as Rollin sat next to her. Dalena sat on the truck as she was cleaning her gun. Tempest looked around as she closed her eyes as everything was no longer grim. She stood there taking in the light as Sitka placed his hand on her holder. Everything went back to the grim world.

“Alright, let’s get some sleep.” Kilesa said as everyone got their blankets. Tempest went under the truck as she curled up and fell asleep. Sitka went to the bed of the truck as he fell asleep and the other three were in the car. Dalena was in the front and Rollin and Kilesa was in the back curled up together. They were sleeping as a herd of Street zombies came by. Many of them walked by as one tripped as it smelled Tempest. It was feeling around as Tempest turned toward the zombie as it clawed her in the face as she screamed out in pain. She covered her mouth and the scar was she moved away of the zombie. Sitka heard the scream as he sat up in the back of the truck as he saw the street zombies walking by as he looked to see the one by the truck where Tempest was as he took is knife, stabbing it in the head as it fell. The last zombie walked by as the sun was coming up. Sitka jumped from the truck as he called for Tempest. She stood from the other side of the truck holding her face as blood was seeping from the cracks in her fingers and her left eye was closed.

“Tempest, what happened?” He asked running to her.

“I was scratched. Am I going to turn?” She said as they heard a male voice from behind.

“No, your not. It only happens when you get bit.” He said as the two turned to see Leon.

“Who are you?” Sitka asked looking at the boy.

“Leon, what are you doing here.” Tempest asked angrily.

“I just here to help you all. As you see you do me a healers help.” He said as he came to Tempest. “Let me see.” He said as she stepped back. “It’s alright I’m gay.” He said looking at Sitka as he looked at Leon and held Tempest’s hand as he looked at Tempest’s scars. “There. That should be good.” He said cleaning the wound and putting a leave on it that was soaked in healing powder as he put a gaol over the leave.

“Leon.” Jerraco said coming up to them as he saw his daughter with Sitka.

“Dad, what are you doing here?” Tempest said coming up to him.

“I heard that you were out here.” Jerraco said as Dalena came from the car.

“Jerraco!” Dalena shouted running to her husband. She came to them as they kissed. “I thought you were dead.” She said as Tempest saw her parents as she turned.

“Let’s go. We need to find Kesha.” Tempest said as everyone looked at her. She jumped into the bed of the truck as she banged on the hood as Rollin and Kilesa woke.

What the hell do you want?” Kilesa said with anger building.

“Let’s go.” Tempest said as Jerraco and Dalena got in the back of the truck and the other two got in the front as they started the car and drove off. They stayed on the highway for a few hours as they came to Auslan. The place where this all started. They stopped the truck as they all got out. “Alright, we’re going to split up. Sitka and I with head the Kesha’s house and the rest of you go to the school and other homes. Oh, be careful and don’t use your guns.” Tempest said as she ran off and Sitka ran after her. They came to the house of Kesha’s mother as they kicked the door down as there was nothing there. They walked in as Tempest looked up stairs and Sitka looked down stairs. They looked through the house as they saw nothing but the corps of Kesha’s mother with the drug, Spice. They went from the house as they looked in the other houses and they killed many of them as they were looking for Kesha. They came to a house as they walked in. Sitka went up stairs as Tempest did the same. She went one way and he went to the other. She came out of a room as she heard a sound come from the other side of the hall way.

“Sitka, you there? Sitka?” She said as she came closer to the door as she opened it slowly as she saw the rotting flesh of hands come from the crack and pushing the door open. Tempest lost her balance as she fell. The zombie came to her as it’s flesh was rotting off with old dry blood covered it from head to toe.

“Sitka, Sitka!” Tempest shouted as she crawled back as she came to the stairs. She came to the stairs as she lost her handing as she fell down the stairs. The zombie came to the stairs as it fell. Tempest wasn’t moving as she laid there. There zombie fell as it was moving. Sitka ran to the zombie as he stabbed it’s head. He pulled it off as he came to Tempest and picked her up. He took her out of the house as he heard street zombies as he ran to a house that as he locked the door and laid Tempest on the couch. He brushed her hair as he looked out side to see the zombies walking by. He soon heard a sound from up stairs. He looks at the stairs then kissed Tempest’s head as he got her sword as he went up stairs. He came to a door were the sound was as he opened slowly to see a little girl attack him.

“Ahh, get off me!” He said as the girl got off of him as he stood.

“Who are you?” She asked in a little voice.

“I’m Sitka, how about you.” He said kneeling to her.

“I’m Kesha.” She said as Sitka looked at her.

“How long have you been here?” He asked looking at her torn clothing and dirty face.

“I’ve been on my own seen three days.” She said as they heard as scream as Sitka ran down the stairs as he jumped from the side of it to see Tempest setting up on the couch.

“Tempest?” He asked as she looked at him as her scar showed. “Tempest your scar.” He said as she felt her face.

“Sitka.” She siad tears filling her eyes as he came to her. He knelt to her  as he took his hand to her face as he whipped the tears from her eyes. They smiled as Kesha looked at them.

“You two are cute.” She said looking at them.

“Kesha, I’m taking you home lets go.”

“I don’t think we’re all going to fit in the truck.” Sitka said as Tempest nodded at him.

“Your right.” She said as she opened the door of the house and walked to a Chevy as she got in the driver side and hot wired the truck. They all got in the car as Tempest got in the passenger side and Sitka got in the driver side. Tempest turned around as she buckled Kesha in.

“We’re like a family.” Kesha said as Tempest turned setting back in her seat.

“No.” Tempest said as Sitka looked at her. They drove off to where the other truck was. They saw the others there as the stopped the truck and Kesha ran out of the truck. She ran to the others as Dalena hugged her. Sitka walked to them with Tempest by his side as he grabbed her hand as they walked up to the others.

“Tempest.” Jerraco said hugging his daughter as Tempest held Sitka’s hand tighter. Sitka looked at their hands then at Tempest as she looked at him.

“I’m fine. I survived so many days with out you or anyone.” Tempest said letting go of her father and stood next to Sitka. Tempest looked at him as she placed her head on his shoulder as Rollin and Kilesa came to them. They smiled at her as they walked to the chevy. They got in as Sitka sat in the driver side, Tempest got in the seat next to him, and the other two got in the back. They started the car as Jerraco started the truck as they all went down the road to the high way. They came to the town as they walked in. Tempest went to her sister’s home, Jerraco and Dalena got a new house from Sitka’s father, Sitka went to his house at the end of the road of the town. Rolin an Kilesa went to their home as they went up stairs as they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Two years went by as everyone lived in the town with no trouble from the Wolf Assassins or the Street zombies, thanks to Sitka’s father keeping the town standing. One day as Kilesa came out to let everyone know of her little gift. The other tree friends went out on a run. Tempest, Sitka, and Rollin when out to get surplice from the towns around them. They left the town of totem passed away as they came to the sign that said, “Welcome to Charles.” They went to the houses as they found food, books, pins, and other things that might need. They walked out of the houses when they stripped it to the bone. They went to other houses as they came back to the truck.

“How’s Kilesa?” Sitka asked as Tempest looked at the two.

“She’s fine. Really wish she was with us, but you know how it is.” Rollin said as they got in the truck.

“Yeah. She should be expecting soon. Right?” Sitka said as Tempest got in the bed of the truck.

“Yeah. She was post to go see Sandy to day.” Rollin said as he started the truck. They drove off as they past other cars with bodies laying on the ground. They came past one as there was a little baby setting in the car seat dead. Tempest looked at it as she passed by as tears build up.

“Tempest?” Sitka questioned as he turned around to see her.

“I’m find, it’s just that child in that car.” Tempest said as Sitka opened the back window as he crawled out of the truck as he sat next to Tempest.

“That child was unlucky. The world is cruel. Not everyone can be like that. When a child comes into this world it will never die. I promise to you.” Sitka said hugging Tempest. “If we have a little child, they will know of our strengths and will stay on this earth. They will never die.” He said as he kissed Tempest. They came to the town as they walked to their homes. Rollin went to see Kilesa as she was setting on the couch reading. Tempest went to her sister’s house as she went up stairs to her room. She took off her blue tank top and blue jeans as she went to her closet grabbing black leggings and a white T-shirt. She heard her sister and the others laughing as she was laying in her bed. She got up as she went out of her window and climbed down. She walked to the end of the town as she came to Sitka’s place. She walked in a she saw Sitka laying on the couch reading as he looked over at Tempest as she looked at him. He was in black pants and no shirt.

“My sister are having friends at the house.” She said shutting the door.

“You can stay her. You are feonsay.” He said standing up as he took his hand around her head as he bent down to her lips and kissed her. “Here go on up to the first room and get some sleep.” He said as she nodded. She went up stairs as she found the room as she went in. She went over to the bed and laid in it as she covered up. She soon fell asleep. He went up stairs as he went past Tempest’s room and went to his. He got his shorts. He took off his shirt and pants as he slipped his shorts on. He walked from his room and he opened Tempest’s door as the moon was shining on her as she slept there. He came to her and sat on the bed. He Brushed her hair from her face as he smiled down at her. He bend down to her as he kissed her. She felt Sitka’s lips as she wrapped her arms around him. They laid together in the bed for the rest of the night.

In Rollin and Kilesa’s house she were getting kicked by the children as she sat up in the bed. She placed her hands on her belly as she held it. Rollin woke as he looked at her then placed a hand on her belly as the child was kicking. They smiled at each other.


Five months went by with ease as Kilesa had healthy twin babies. They were know as Enapay and Wehindi. Over the mouths they grew into mischievous toddlers. Enapay looked like his father, but had the white ears and tail of his mother. Wehindi on the other hand had no ears or a tail. Tempest came into Kilesa’s house when the two boys went out as Kilesa saw Tempest’s belly.

“Tempest! You need to set.” Kilesa said running to her as she helped her to the stool.

“I’m fine.” Tempest said as they heard a truck pull up. Enapay and his sister ran from the house as Kilesa and Tempest turned.

“Wait you two.” Kilesa shouted to them as she ran after them as they went out of the door.

“Daddy!” They shouted as they ran to Rollin as Tempest stood at the door as she saw Sitka come from the truck holding something fluffy. He saw his wife as he came up to Tempest.

“You know how you said that you wanted a cat. Well here. I found this little guy in a pipe.” Sitka said as the little kittens head picked up as Tempest smiled.

“Sitka, It’s so cute and small.” She said taking the kitten holding it to her face and smiling. Sitka rapped his arms around her giving her a hug as he kissed her lips.

“Mommy, Uncle Sitka is kissing Aunty.” The two little kids said.

“Go on and play. Don’t get in trouble!” Kilesa said as they ran off to fine Kesha that was about 8 years old now. She was riding a bike that she had found as Enapay and Wehindi came up to her.

Back on the porch of Kilesa and Rollin’s place the four stood there talking.

“Here Rollin can you help me take these boxes to Sherry.” Sitka said as he picked up boxes of food. Kilesa and Tempest watched the two men walked off as they went into the house. They sat on the couch as Kilesa was feeling the baby kicks.

“So have you figure out the sex of it?” Kilesa asked as Tempest nodded.

“Yeah. One’s a girl and the other two are boys.” She said as Kilesa looked at her.

“Your having triplets?” She asked looking shocked.

“Yes, I found out two days ago.” Tempest said holding her belly.

“Have you told anyone?”

“Yeah, Sitka knows and my sister knows.”

“What about your parents?”

“No, you know how they are. My father didn’t even a prove of me marrying Sitka. How do you think he would feel of me having his children. My mother is supportive, but she just gets weird around babies.” Tempest said as they laughed. “Oh,” She said as she was kicked harder then normal.

“Huh, I guess they do want you to tell them.” Kilesa said as they laughed again. There soon was a knock on the door as Kilesa opened to see Dalena standing there.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” Tempest asked as she stood up.

“Oh, my little girl. You must be tired.” Dalena said coming to Tempest.

“I’m fine, I can handle it. These three aren’t going to kill me. I’m to strong to die.” She said as Dalena looked at Tempest.

“Three?” She questioned as Tempest nodded.

“I’m fine. what do you want?” Tempest said looking at Kilesa then at Dalena.

“Your sister came to me and your father, saying that you were expiating.” She said.

“Yeah, I’m expiating, I happy.” Tempest said as Dalena hugged her daughter.

“I’m so happy for you.” She said letting go of Tempest and turned to Kilesa. “Where are your two little ones?” She asked.

“Those two heathens are playing with Kesha.” She said as Dalena nodded. She soon walked from the house. “Well I better go check up on your father.” She said going back to her home.

In the yard of Marnie’s place Kesha and the twins were playing. They were playing hop scotch.

“Let’s play hide and seek.” Wehindi said as they nodded.

“Ok, but don’t go near the wall.” Kesha said as thy nodded. “Alright I’ll count you two hide.” She said as they ran off. They ran off as they heard a shout come from their home as they ran to their mother as they saw Tempest laying on the floor.

“Mommy?” They asked as Kilesa looked at them. Go get your father, Sitka, and Sandy. Tell them that Tempest is delivering.” She said as Enapay ran off to get Sandy as she ran to the house and Enapay went to get his father and Sitka.

“Tempest. You’re going to be fine.” Sandy said kneeling to her. “Wehindi go get a blanket, water, and a rag.” She said as Wehindi ran off. She came back with the things that Sandy said as it was time to deliver the three children.

“Where’s Sitka. He should be here with me.” Tempest said as Kilesa held her hand.

“He’s going to be here just breath.” Kilesa said as the door swung open as Sitka ran to Tempest’s side. Rollin soon came in as he told the twins to go to Kesha. The nodded and ran off.

“Alright, tempest their ready to come into this world. Give me one big push.” Sandy said as Sitka held tempest’s hand as she squeezed his and Kilesa’s hand. Tempest clinched her teeth as the first boy was born. “Your first son is here. Rollin take him and put him in the playpen for now till we can get to my office.” Sandy said as Tempest was breathing. “Alright, give me another push.” She said as Tempest pushed clinching Sitka’s hand as he nails were sinking into his hand. “Your other son is here. He looks a lot like you and has Sitka’s nose.” Sandy said as there was a set of legs stick out along with a tail. Sandy stared at the last one, “Okay, one more push.” She said as Tempest did as the last child was an ease to deliver. Sandy wrapped her up covering her tail. “Alright, since they were born so early they need to come with me so I can put them in a baby bed. Kilesa help Tempest to bed so she can gang her strength. Rollin come with me.” Sandy said as she had the girl and one of the boys as Rollin had another. They came to her office as she placed them in a baby bed. Kilesa got Tempest into bed as she fell right to sleep as Sitka sat next to her. He took a rag that was soaked in water as he whipped her face. Kilesa went down stairs as she went to the porch. Sandy got one of her nurses to watch the new members of the town and record their progress as she came to Kilesa.

“How are the two new parents?” She asked coming up to Kilesa.

“Their fine. Tempest is sleeping and Sitka is by her side.” Kilesa said as Sitka came down the stairs.

“Sandy, what is it?” He asked coming out of the house.

“It’s about the little girl. She… let me just show you.” Sandy said as they went to her office where the triplets were sleeping. They came to the girl as Sandy took off her blanket to reveal the tail.

“A tail or not she will be loved by everyone who meets her.” Sitka said as Sandy wrapped her up in the blanket as they walked out of the house. Sitka went back to his wife as she was sleeping. Kilesa was setting on her porch as her twins and Kesha came by on their bikes. The twins waved at their mother as they went around the corner. The sun was going down as everyone was getting to their homes for the night. There soon was a howling from the Wolf Assassins. They jumped from the trees as Chuck was in the front rank as Jerraco came from his house was Dalena followed him. Everyone was locking their doors as a few got their guns and came to the street. Sitka kissed his wife’s head as he ran down the stairs grabbing his gun and ran to the streets with Rollin.

“Chuck, what you doing here!?” Jerraco shouted to him as he laughed.

“Your funny. What do you think wolves do best.” Chuck said as he walked for worth.

“Stop, or I’ll shoot!” Jerraco shouted as he cocked his gun.

“Go on shoot me.” Chuck said as he put his arms out. “Charge!” He shouted as the wolves charged at the others as Jerraco was the first to shoot as everyone else joined in. They shot many down, but lost side of Chuck.

In the house The twins were hiding under the bed where Tempest was sleeping as she woke. She sat up as she heard gun shots. She stood as she felt Enapay’s hand.

“Stay here. Be quiet.” She said as they nodded. She looked to the window as she saw everyone fighting. She opened the window as she closed it behind her as Hurricane took over. Her ears grew to dogs and she grew a dog tail. She jumped from the roof to a tree. She jumped down as she ran to the crowd. She came to many wolves as she bite their necks peering vanes and she snaked their necks. She came to Sandy’s place as she turned. She stood there with her metal claws drawn and waiting for someone to come her way. She soon heard screaming coming from Sandy’s place as she charged in. She came to where the sound was as a man was standing over her children as Sandy was laying on the ground. Tempest’s motherly instincts kicked in as she ran to the man jumping onto him as he dropped one of the son’s down as they were fighting back and forth. Tempest clinched her claws into the man’s neck as the man was trying everything to get her off him as he slammed her against the wall. She gasped from air as she wrapped her legs around him as she clinched her claws deeper. She digger into the man’s neck as she finally hit an vane and the men fell to the ground. She got off him as she snapped his neck with a crack. She stood and went to her children’s side. She looked at them as she smiled down at them. She looked at her daughter as she saw a glimpse of a tail. Tempest smiled as she kissed their foreheads and walked out to find many dead laying on the ground. She walked through them stabbing them in the head. She walked as she heard Yosemite. She ran to him as he was fighting with Chuck.

“Father!” Sitka shouted as he ran to the two. Chuck took is claw like blades as he slit Yosemite’s throat. Sitka watched his father get murdered. He ran to his father’s side as he looked into soulless eyes. As he stared into the deepness of the eyes, he saw his reflection, his childhood, and time with his mother. Sitka sat there as Tempest came to his side and now to him she took out a blade and stabbed Sitka’s father in the head.

“Chuck, you need to leave before you die, many of us will not hesitate to kill you.” Tempest said as she stood. She drew her blade as she pointed to Chuck.

“Leave!” She shouted as Chuck clicked his fingers as the other wolves followed him to the gate. Jerraco ran to Chuck as he took his gun as he shot Chuck in the back of the head as he fell to the ground. Everyone  went around the town picking up the dead. Tempest wrapped her arms around Sitka and comfort him.

They went to their home. Years went by as the children of the last generation grew up as Tempest sat on the couch as she took out her journal and wrote.


The years went by so fast. My three children grew up to be strong as they left the town and looked for a cure alongside Leon. I’ve lived the rest of my life in this town watching the people I love die. I have got letter from my children of their life that their living and that they found many people. I can’t say much for my life will end. But I can said that the live that I lived and build was one of the best lives I’ve ever had. I’m so glad I got to spend it with the people of my past and present.


She wrote as she sat on the couch. There were the sound of Street zombies as she lied back on the couch. The zombies came barging in as there was a herd of them. She closed her eyes as her life flashed in front of her, from her childhood to the good and bad time to her meeting Sitka, having children.